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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Dados1

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ttartisan_af27_f2-8TTArtisan AF 27mm f/2.8

Pros: Compact, good value for money, af, optical quality

Cons: Slow diaphragm, with noticeable result flickering by pressing the shutter button, awkward aperture ghira.

Opinion: Lens with good optical quality and with appreciable characteristics compared to the original old and dated 27 mm Fuji. The only negative note, such as the brothers Viltrox 23 F1.4 presented by a "slow" diaphragm, such as to cause quite annoying flickering, but perhaps not everyone could bother, this effect disappears using the AF-C mode.

sent on January 16, 2023

sirui_traveler_7cSirui Traveler 7C

Pros: Lightweight and robust carbon fiber marete

Cons: It happened to me that the final section of one leg came off completely.

Opinion: Sturdy and relatively light tripod, let's say it has a very good value for money for the category of carbon fiber tripods . I used it little to tell the truth, but on one occasion it took off a leg, nothing serious for a non-professional tripod. The supplied head is not evil, certainly you can not expect absolute precision for a non-professional tripod and in any case acting on the various tightening you do not notice particular movements with respect to the laying position with free screws. Paid less than it costs now, about 120€ I can safely recommend it.

sent on December 22, 2022

viltrox_af23_f1-4Viltrox AF 23mm f/1.4

Pros: Cost , AF construction

Cons: Cool colors, marked flickering effect.

Opinion: I have owned this lens for about 5 months, used to say the least, let's say that it behaves well in terms of optical quality and does not regret the original Fuji in some respects, but ....... but..... but unfortunately no one talks about it!! or maybe some on youtube, this lens resulting from reverse engineering has an obvious problem according to my point of view. At closed apertures type F8 is evident a very heavy flichering effect to tell the truth even some old Fuji lens was affected but with the various firmware and new bodies has been attenuated, here we are at very serious levels, that is, in exposure preview mode and on single shot the aperture opens when the F1 shutter button is pressed, 4 to make the AF work better, releasing the button returns to F8 but this happens slowly and jerky producing a very evident display flickering effect, apparently it seems uncertain even the exposure reading of the scene. That said in AFC mode the problem seems almost solved and even pressing the only AF button released from the shutter button, I reported the problem to Viltrox even if I seem to hear around that it is a problem already known. Firmware 1.1.4 at the moment the latest, lens replaced under warranty but has the same problem. Very good optical quality, colors tending to cold easily corrected to those who do not bother flickering I can recommend it. Rating 6+

sent on June 22, 2022

sony_a7rSony A7r

Pros: Excellent image quality, price of used, decent body quality.

Cons: Delicate paint, battery ergonomics snap noise, buffer, AF, tethering without preview (with C1), important shutter vibrations

Opinion: Used in a photo architecture and interior session. So given the cost, I would say that currently with about 500-600 euros you take home a camera with a good 36 mp FF sensor, with all the limitations of the time, but I would say that for static/landscape photo and generic use on easel is really great. The quality of the native colors does not excite me, especially the rendering of reds, but the files are very workable and with little effort, it is to find a right lut for our case. The noise of the shot is really impressive and embarrassing, the viewfinder is dated , the camera is slow throughout AF buffer that to save a raw file with pose of 30 sec it takes even over 20 sec , which say everything surmountable, given the potential of a 36 Mp sensor that returns abundant details to make even large prints. The sony optics are expensive, the good ones, better in my opinion go on third-party optics, obviously from case to case, not being Sony user however I feel to recommend it for those who have to do special work, I used the camera for about 3 hours in a row.

sent on February 18, 2020

fujifilm_50-140wrFujifilm XF 50-140mm f/2.8 R LM OIS WR

Pros: Colrori Sharpness , AF, construction, three-dimensionality, blurred quality, stabilization

Cons: Minkion lampshade, weight, loud but normally declared engines af off.

Opinion: Excellent optics, for my tastes and uses, especially I use it for sports ceremonies and landscape,returns excellent colors and contrast, the bokeh is for my taste perfect, does not make me regret a 56 f1.2 at the bokeh level of fixed optics that would make my life difficult during the service, I would say promoted with flying colors and recommended for professional uses. For me it is even better than the 70-200 f2.8 is 2 that I used with the Canon, impeccable construction af even better than the canon and the bokeh at 140 very pasty similar to a fixed optics. The money spent is worth them all, the lampshade given the cost of purchase could be done better, the AF system is lightning but produces noise when not active due to the movement of some optical elements and piezoelectric engines , otherwise deserves a nice 10. Used initially on XT2 bodies and battery packs, with XT-3 even without battery expresses the best of its performances in terms of Af

sent on February 13, 2020

fujifilm_xt3Fujifilm X-T3

Pros: AF speed, image quality up to 6400iso, general reactivity and improved ring nuts, reliability, BT remote management, excellent viewfinder

Cons: Little to say, however, exposure mode not manageable from the menu (only ring on the RIGHT under the time) menu setting good but remained as XT-2 back to the beginning every time we leave the setting, low autonomy 400 shots max

Opinion: Every time I read the reviews on Juza of products I find poetry, philosophical cues like: "Touch her in the hand makes me happy" the not plus ultra of perfection, beauty, divine masterpiece of human science, and in some cases also hints of erotic poetry, Type the lens is big and heavy and long but feeling of safety beyond any limit of pleasure..... Etc.. :) Well let's get back to us after the honored XT-2 and still great camera, needed the XT-3, what to say: general performance improvement AF, shooting cadence, Chase faces with blind hooking on subjects placed at considerable distance, then no battery needed Pack for Boost mode, only if you need more balanced for heavy optics and autonomy, more accurate and precise rings. Technological detachment not noticeable from XT-2 to XT-3 compared to that perceived between XT1-XT-2. Video mode I do not use so I do not know what to say, the viewfinder is excellent, the ability to shoot vols at 10 fps without obvious blackout of the EVF, we are almost at the level of the Sony A9. Images in line with the XT-2, but at high ISO more rumosa, was corrected the noise of chrominance tends to gray without fringing to be more pleasant, this was done, for me the sensor BSI at the photo level did not make great improvements QI compared to the XT- 2. Personally I find it a great camera in line with the XT2, professional and well-designed, but as every project to strong points and weak, here we are at high levels that's why they have sold so many, without making emphasis of the brand just because I bought it myself For Mè is a good product at a very aggressive price maybe ML APS-C Best in the market, the Fuji color profiles are excellent and manageable from raw with C1, here's why I chose Fuji, but this is purely personal opinion, then there are thousands of FF's available of other The brands for those who need FF, but with the XT-3 is not mistaken choice if you do not need FF hot and friendly;) Pro camera setting, not recommended for beginners!!

sent on May 22, 2019

amazonbasics_zaino_fotocamera_accessoriAmazonBasics - Zaino per fotocamera e accessori

Pros: Very spacious, adjustable,

Cons: Fragile, materials unfit for common use not PRO

Opinion: Given about 3 years ago at the beginning I was enthusiastic about the apparent quality he offered, but after 1 year he brutally ceded a side seam, serious because he was exposing the equipment, sewn with needle and thread, all OK, but the various internal compartments tend to yield and Break away, other problem not just have flown the zippered streets what about? Bad!! No, terrible!! It is cheap but fragile, inside there was a 6d + BP with 70-200 f 2.8 + 24-70 f 2.8 + flash etc... Maybe the laptop model is better done??? Boo I recommend to buy another, because mine was not an intensive use, practically broke by pulling it out of the closet. I do not recommend the purchase, the expensive equipment requires a greater commitment also on these details, my Tamrac bags were of another category. There are many alternative products at reasonable prices, for non pro with about 60-80 € the K&concept sharply better, for the rest used backpacks or Pro bags.

sent on May 11, 2018

fujifilm_x-t20Fujifilm X-T20

Pros: files in line with the XT-2 I would say perfect, tilting display, touch, very beautiful aesthetic !!

Cons: too small even if I do not have big hands.

Opinion: My opinion is positive on the QI side because the camera has what it takes to be a great product and suitable for many uses, but I have not found myself very well, so just the time to try it and make a few shots to put it back immediately on sale on other channels, said and done already sold in a short time, it will be crazy but it is the first time that I did not find myself with the ergonomics of the camera, I had bought it as a second body to be added to the XT-2, maybe with a hand grip I would have solved, but I do not know if a single centimeter can make the difference, especially the 4-direction pad always fall under the thumb involuntarily changing the settings so logical solution is the pad lock by pressing 6 seconds ok, yes we are but when you need the pad ???, no, honestly I do not like pity that they do not make bodies like the XE-2 with a sensor of 24 Mp otherwise I would have preferred by far.rnPersonalization menu not perfect at the level of XT -2 in short, the difference in cost according to me is justified.rnFor whomit does not have problems of this type the camera proves to be an excellent purchase with advanced features that perhaps you will not find in some semi-pro SLR bodies. rating 8.8

sent on March 28, 2018

fujifilm_xe2Fujifilm X-E2

Pros: Layout of the controls, jpg quality, ergonomics, excellent compromise price quality, white balance, fuji film simulations, B & W etc ....

Cons: None in particular, EVF viewfinder sensor little sensitive with high lights, raw to be treated with irridient or c1

Opinion: Used as a second body to carry around, after the firmware update 4 has become an XE2S (the review refers to the updated product), do not list the features, since the electronic shutter at 1/32000 "to improve the f, face detection etc .... has become a great camera, no less disfigure the buttons well 4 side in addition to the pad and other fully customizable buttons allow a direct and immediate approach to the functions, in some cases better than higher models, I mistakenly took a XT20 selling this excellent travel companion, regretfully regret it, it is true the XT20 superior in everything from the sensor to the IQ but not in ergonomics, the pad is more distant from the thumb and you do not risk touching one of the 4 keys that instead happens in the XT20 , then the 4 side buttons excellent and direct there are not in the XT20.rnA camera snubbed and underestimated in many respects that instead has excellent potential for use in ambio reportage and street, with its jpg ready and well defined and B%26W as a masterpiece as tradition Fuji is certainly on a higher range, today is at ridiculous prices with about € 250-300 are bought some good used, new models XT20-XE3 do not have a body so well proggettata.rnThe battery life is in line with the other ML about 250-350 shots if deactivated LCD.rnQI: I printed up to 50x130cm on panel for me good prints with minimal post from raw, camera promoted 9+

sent on March 23, 2018

fujifilm_35mmFujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4 R

Pros: Construction, optical quality, blurred

Cons: AF painful for my taste, Metal hood with rubber cap.

Opinion: Used to do a service, I can say that it is a good lens with a certain character bokeh to f1.4, I would say pleasant, remember vintage optics.rnDistorsioni absent, so I find it great to do portraits half-length, but long for do portraits or other kind of ambient, I speak of course of personal opinion, of course is that it is a lens a few years ago..2012 that would require a proper upgrade.rnI've sold because the af I think it is very poor, but not for performaces but for vibrations that transmits awesome stuff !! (my considerations), it seemed a smartphone vibration, to tears, with various noises, for my needs it is not right !! it's just my opinion that I gave much more weight than the performance of optical performance.rnThe square-shaped metal hood have already talked about the others. vote for this view 8- I will go to the less performing 23 f2 WR.rnrn

sent on March 14, 2018

fujifilm_x-t2Fujifilm X-T2

Pros: Build quality, customization, image quality, white balance, EVF viewfinder, double slot, tropicalization.

Cons: Hard and unfunctional exposure ring, RAF to convert with Iridient Developer

Opinion: After several puzzles, I decided to take out my Canon FF kit, in favor of this great camera, overall I did a few jobs, but I have already found the right feeling. A feature of the X-T2, like other models of Fuji home, and the priceless utility, is undoubtedly the electronic viewfinder is something you get used to a lot but very quickly, and you hardly go back, bright, fast (up to 100fps in boost mode) , and by far more versatile than traditional optical viewlights. You have immediate control not only of the shooting parameters, but it is consultable the distribution of the brightness of the scene through the real-time histogram; The same applies to the management of the balance of the white evaluable without removing the eye from the viewfinder. Exposure estimation errors are reduced to almost zero, guaranteeing a perfect result from the first shot. The other thing that I find priceless is the rendition of Noise, which with Canon was actually noise, here instead we are at the level of the film, Grana you say well fine grain without the annoying balls multicolored, so pleasant for my taste. On the general ergonomics I immediately say that the style has its strengths, but also its flaws, I find the position of the shutter button uncomfortable compared to a reflex, but I would say that it is a minimal thing, the battery grip partly supperisce This lack but only for the Shooting vertically, but it is undeniable the fascination that conveys that desire to take it in hand even just to smannettarci a bit is unique. The latest firmware 3 versions are the clear example of how this brand is looking forward to customers ' requests, unlike Canon Nikon and Sony products that replace the shortcomings of old ones directly with other models. But it's all gold no, which I do not like in absolute, but it is my opinion is the light meter, hard small and difficult to move, I would in the future that the function could be delegated to another button or ring, already as happened for the ISO , which can be varied from the front roll using always the right hand. RaF management Yet a Neo let's say small but there, you have to use iridient Xtasformer to get the most from the Demosaic raw and work with LR, or alternatively C1 I think from version 10.1, for the rest I find it fantastic, and I can safely say That I do not feel the lack of FF, in the future probably will pass to the GF, but I will not go back with DSLRs. Attention not suitable for beginners or newbies!! Go back to the reflex if you don't understand the ML.

sent on December 01, 2017

manfrotto_pixiManfrotto Pixi

Pros: Small stable, excellent lychee materials, beautiful,

Cons: You can't rotate the camera vertically, not suitable for cameras and lenses that exceed 800g, for example XT-3 with 16-55 tends to rotate down 100%

Opinion: Great mini easel, enters everywhere, I used it with my Fuji XE2-18-55 f2.8-4, on several occasions between the rocks, sand etc... it has a great stability obviously we are talking about a mini easel , purchased for less than 30 euros on amazon, so I do not know how it can behave with other weights. The unlock button is really done right is locks safely. You can't take photos vertically because the spherical joint doesn't allow rotation along the vertical axis, but given the size I'd say it's not a defect as the camera would probably touch on the ground or bounce back due to the unbalanced weight on 2 legs that are very short. I recommend buying unsuccessful , it is a great product to keep in your pocket or wherever you want.

sent on August 31, 2017

fujifilm_18-55oisFujifilm XF 18-55 f/2.8-4R LM OIS

Pros: Great construction, not a plastic lens kit, sharpness and semi-pro performance.

Cons: The hood is to be trampled and thrown away, a real punch, 18 mm deformations, vignetting pronounced in TA

Opinion: Taken in kit with the xe-2, I find it a great companion to do everything, for my tastes short short, the 55 me enough to carry behind, sharpness and metal construction make this look fit In a semi-pro without any shadow, and the price is still not plastic. The possibility of using the diaphragm ring is a surplus not long ago and it helps a lot, for how the ML Fuji bodies are conceived. I really like the very pronounced barrel deformation from 18 to 22 mm, really ugly and therefore avoid group shots with people on the edges, what can be corrected on the room or with external programs but with lots of limits ... just for this reason I can give a rating of 8.7-9.rnOther details: Very fast Bokeh AF nice for a zoom, great tactile perception, very good flare resistance.rnWe recommend the purchase.

sent on May 19, 2017

canon_70-200_f4isCanon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS USM

Pros: Sharpness from f4, versatile weight and all those listed by other users.

Cons: Focus very serious problem slipping

Opinion: Great lens until I did not notice the focus slipping.Per the rest it is a great lens, lightweight high performance already f4.Deluso only by this problem. Do vote 8 because certain things should not happen to a lens professionale.rnPer who should buy one try it used vertically, do not buy it if it crashes .rnConsiglio purchase only the new or residua.rnL'ho used to guarantee a professional level excellent agile fellow traveler on the occasions that require speed.

sent on September 21, 2016

canon_efs_17-85Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Pros: no, maybe the wide range of focal lengths.

Cons: chromatic aberrations, reflected in quintals, deformations, made by zoom lens 80 etc etc ..

Opinion: One of the worst lenses used on Canon bodies, bought back in 2007, used, never satisfied me in terms of sharpness, the colors looked dull, vignetting on APS bodies to the minimum focal is a delusion is not acceptable in my opinion, the as well as against the hood Faulty are not included in the price, the crunch of bariolotto poor dustproof and the zoom movement in a vertical position, thankfully paid € 330 sold, after about 6 months to 290 €, I talk about my personal opinion the plasticcotto 18-55 for me was much better. Not recommended at all go on plasticotto species stm or II series.

sent on April 11, 2016

olympus_omd_em10Olympus OM-D E-M10

Pros: Small and packed with features,

Cons: evident already ISO low noise, battery life, overall, small keys menu, WB mistake tends to cool colors, green and bad.

Opinion: I bought this camera to avoid to take me behind my corrredo Canon full frame, ergonomics and functions complettezza struck me right away, but just as quickly disappointed me on some points: the battery life does not exceed 100/150 shots and it goes well I bought some batteries scorta..ed I solved by analyzing other details I found painful to the included Olympus software. Really leeeeentooooo with Lighroom they can not develop good raw, I could not seem to me little workable and noisy. Finally, by the white balance is not the best, tends to blue, and finally the icing on the cake: Olympus suffers from Nikon syndrome, model born in 2014 obsolete and replaced in 2015 ... However, all in all is done well "and me I keep it "for the fact that the other ML are not miracles, the new model also seems to me worse with the mode dial in the middle of the control dials and file quality is not better than what I could see on the web. I stand corrected, I sold the camera why not sono ever I succeeded in some conditions to eliminate the anti noise filter that builds planer faces out of focus areas and produces dots in shadow areas.

sent on September 19, 2015

olympus_omzuiko_50_f1-8Olympus 50mm f/1.8 OM F.Zuiko

Pros: Construction, fluidity ring focus, excellent yield and size

Cons: For me nobody

Opinion: It is built in a fifty jeep, very small, I used with Olympus OMD M10 and Canon 6D.Generalmente yield is great and the resistance to flare much buona.rnUtilizzato for macro images with tubes returns very defined almost similar to an optical macro.Lo advice to those who want a good fifty manual unobtrusive given the size.

sent on August 31, 2015

tamron_24-70_f2-8vcTamron 24-70mm f/2.8 Di VC USD

Pros: Excellent sharpness and construction Tropicalized-af stabilization,

Cons: Hood lousy, besides being misdemeanor if it engages well in rotation produces a pronounced vignetting at focal around 24-30 mm- rotating zoom ring in the opposite direction than the original

Opinion: I took this view it based only on the various tests and reviews that are on the internet, mainly for not spending hallucinatory figures for buying today after about 4000 shots I can talk very, very well. After a few shots we say the running, with dials and with various focal lengths, I would make a very positive opinion of the vast majority of situations. landscapes, ceremonies, reportage and portraits. Used with a 6D accompanied by battery pack to avoid causing imbalance everything turned ergonomically valuable, even if it is not af lightning hardly mistaken. Mainly I saw that many users preferred the original Canon 24-70 this goal, and if compared to the first series, the Tamron is clearly superior both technology and how to slow, after it's Canon 24-70 II then everything changes, but for a payment in euro tripled. The sharpness is good at F2.8 for portraits, to f4 is valuable. the straconsiglio

sent on July 14, 2015

canon_5d2Canon 5D Mark II

Pros: image quality and cleaning, construction, ergonomics, performance at high ISO, dynamic range, RAW

Cons: None to my esignze

Opinion: I bought this camera to replace the earlier 550D and a 40D, the leap in quality with the full frame is nothing short of fantastic, finally a viewfinder similar to old film cameras big and bright that returns the right perspective to composizione.rnL ' AF is his weak point, but only if you have to do sports photos, the rest is fine, I have to say that I always use the center point only to have full control of the fire and I must say that so far I can not complain I 99% of the photo in focus as I want, and the machine does not sbaglia.rnMi really like the performance at high iso and three-dimensionality that returns the FF sensor, I think I have guessed the choice, but then again the only thing on which I think there is a considerable advantage from the gearbox to the AF and 6d, the rest are only improvements that you can safely give up in accordance with your taste.

sent on February 08, 2014

tamron_28-75_f2-8Tamron 28-75mm F/2.8 XR Di LD

Pros: Good light blurred, minimum distance of excellent focus, AF, however, fast, excellent value for money.

Cons: Noisy AF, build quality improved but given the cost goes well

Opinion: Used for about 5000 shots on Canon 5DII I can only say that it is one of the best goals in the economy segment weight that makes it easier for excursions without sacrificing an f2.8 aperture, already if it seems soft to this opening does not matter as however, at f2.8 you will see a very bright image in the viewfinder that will help you a lot in composizione.rnVignettatura included: being, however, the minimum focal length 28 we could expect nothing more but to Flare male.rnResistenza good, I would say the best so noble canon 24 105.rnA part-whole, I found this lens a great traveling companion, at this price you just have to be proud of possederlo.rnConsiglio strongly diaphragm use f7, 1 -8 to get the best results easily comparable to the performance of lenses high range.

sent on December 31, 2013

canon_550dCanon 550D

Pros: Jpg file fine also without many compromises, excellent screen, bright viewfinder, five prong stop automatically.

Cons: Layout of the controls is not excellent for people using Canon to another level, every now and then burns the whites at high iso, max 1600 can be used with RAW, the body too plasticky.

Opinion: I used this camera as a second body Pairing a canon 40d, when I sold the glorious canon 40 I noticed that the files that produced the 550 erno best in every respect, but the body was always that of an entry level, I made about 4000 shots, sport and ceremony, I have to talk about it very well, a machine that has always worked very well, small adjustment settings can get out of high quality jpg, I have always preferred the raw jpg files but if you do not wants to waste time going well already così.rnSi is an entry level I have to say well done to the layout of some command, which by the way Canon has also reported on 6D, (and who does not like me) are missing about 4 pulsanti.rnIl sensor responds well, at least I felt good up to a max of +2 stops exposure at 800 iso, after the fraying of color took the soppravvento.rnChe say is optimal for travel photos qulsiasi type,

sent on April 16, 2013


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