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AmazonBasics - Zaino per fotocamera e accessori : Specifications and Opinions

AmazonBasics - Zaino per fotocamera e accessori

The AmazonBasics - Zaino per fotocamera e accessori is a camera backpack with space for up to 1-2 camera bodies and 3 small lenses. It measures 29 x 18 x 39 centimeters and it weights 1.1 kg; these dimensions are compatible with the hand luggage limits of most airlines.

It is made in nylon and polyester. It has flexible and modular dividers; there is an external tripod holder for small tripods. It has been in production from 2011 to 2022 (discontinued); the average price, when in production, was 38 €.
118 users have given it an average vote of 8.6 out of 10.

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sent on November 24, 2021

Pros: price, compactness

Cons: separators with little resistance, little rigidity

Opinion: although it is not a perfect backpack it is the only one I use for the comfort that I find in its compactness being able to store it in the undersaddle of the Tmax, it has a good capacity, contains an S1 with 85 and an s5 with 24-105 mounted, plus a 50, a tt 600 godox flash with trigger and six batteries,. I also had to reinforce it with a seam to the separators, once I found the configuration, to avoid the detachment of the same when it is not completely full. in the external pockets I store the cable, a power bank, charger and a small LED spotlight without problems. At the moment it has not given me any problem and for the price of about 25 euros I think it is an unbeatable product, with a little imagination you can overcome its criticalities, such as sewing a strip of velcro on the bottom and on the basis of the separators, like the most expensive backpacks (I also have a lovepro AWBP350), so that they remain anchored more stably.

sent on November 24, 2021

Pros: Price; finishes; interior space.

Cons: Separators; external pocket; lack of perimeter strap. Sagging handle?

Opinion: I would like to dwell above all on those that I consider to be defects, given that many previous interventions deal (rightly) with the many positive aspects. SEPARATORS the 6 "short" separators are all the same: this does not allow you to divide the interior spaces in a more flexible way. It would have been better, in my opinion, to equip the backpack with 3 short + 3 medium separators (in addition to the long one, of course). EXTERNAL POCKET as noted by other users, is too narrow and therefore practically unusable except for a (small) map or a slight blocnotes. It would have been enough to do it "bellows". Excellent, however, the intermediate pocket to store batteries / filters / etc. LACK OF EXTERNAL PERIMETER STRAP In my opinion, perhaps the main flaw. I have never trusted too much in some modern hinges and what happened to Robybob64 confirms it: if the hinge fails, all the contents fly to the ground, with potentially serious damage to machines and lenses (as well as to the wallet ...) Many photo backpacks have a perimeter strap that acts as a "security": this backpack instead is devoid of it. I made up for this problem by buying in a well-known DIY supermarket a meter of polyester tape (black, height about 5cm, thickness 2mm) and I accompanied it with a sturdy clips closure taken from an old backpack. I then inserted it, on the right side, into the loops of the straps for the tripod, closing it at about a third of the height of the backpack. Of course, to open it there is to do an extra maneuver but so I feel much safer especially walking in the mountains. CEDEVOLEZZA HANDLE ON THE SITE THAT PUTS IT ON SALE, There are some negative reviews about the tightness of the upper handle, which seems to have yielded and detached after a short period of use. To me it seems sufficiently robust, but I wait to use it intensively to check if what I have read is true.

sent on November 07, 2019

Pros: Cheap and spacious. Aesthetically appreciable and well-finished.

Cons: light padding, especially on the bottom of the backpack when it is upright. The Velcro detaches after repositioning. I recommend a light seam after finding the ideal configuration for your equipment.

Opinion: The backpack is aesthetically appreciative and well finished outwardly. It has enough space for different lenses and alarm sits. It has two overlapping compartments: one main for lenses, machine and accessories, the other smaller, pocket, for other (I put filters). It also has a small front pocket for any instruction booklets and guarantees (I put the bills to purchase the equipment for when I go to Livigno). The hinges open and close well also for indelicate use (as I am). I recommend using a single zipper to close the main compartment in full or to check the adherence in the closing of the two hinges as it happened to me that in the movement in carrying it on the shoulders came out a lens that fortunately is landed on the lawn without damage. Finally, the sore notes: after a period in which I used it in its factory configuration, I tried to reposition the compartments by moving the separators. Because of the weight of the lenses, the car and the vertical position on my shoulders, when I reopened the backpack after a half-hour walk in the mountains, I found a 'goal soup' with walking separators in the compartment. Although at the Velcro flaps of the separators known that they still have a tendency to detach, so I had to think about achieving a configuration of the lenses within the compartment according to the weight of the same and fix with a slight seam most solicited separators. Too bad.

sent on November 06, 2019

Pros: Cheap, spacious, practical

Cons: Light protection

Opinion: It costs little, has a lot of space, does its job as an expensive backpack in 90% of cases. In the remaining 10% it may not be sufficiently protective. Recommended for not particularly stressful use, where it definitely does not disappoint. The cost quality ratio is more than favorable, better than many other branded, obviously lower than the best. However of invoice more than acceptable

sent on November 06, 2019

Pros: Cost, lightness, extra compartments and straps, low price

Cons: Not suitable for heavy bodies

Opinion: Very practical for telecamerine, mirrorless, pancakes and small tripods. It has many practical compartments and is a real backpack for walking, street, urban environment, for situations not too rugged. It is built by a company outside Amazon and rebranded: the original, identical, is branded by that same company and costs maybe fifteen euros more. It is better to have several and already full for the different situations. I would avoid situations such as weddings, beach, mountain walks maybe in rainy areas (e.g. Tiber springs) because it does not have waterproofing, especially on zips, it does not offer passive resistance to major shocks. Save your back with its lightness, which should not be tested with reflexands and pro lenses, heavier. The two front pockets can accommodate a tablet and a small notebook. The price is unbeatable.

sent on November 06, 2019

Pros: Everything: price, robustness in relation to cost, excellent organization of spaces.

Cons: Nothing.. Maybe the tripod laces too short

Opinion: I find some really ridiculous bad reviews of a backpack that is on sale for 25 euros. How can you criticize a product at a similar price? The spaces are divided very intelligently, many internal separators, safety straps to prevent lenses or other objects from moving, double external front pocket of which a very deep and full of pockets and pockets. Inside front with two waterproof pockets. Good quality hinges. The only downside: the laces on the side to tie the stand maybe are a little too short, I can not fasten mine but I will replace them with those of an old backpack. Of course, it is not a 300 euro Manfrotto backpack but it is instead the cheapest photo backpack on the market and I wonder: how can you complain?

sent on October 09, 2018

Pros: economical, light, robust enough if compared to the price, aesthetically pleasing (but you know they are tastes)

Cons: Not waterproof, not very breathable though before you get to drenched it takes, top handle a bit WEAK. limited non-photographic Spaces. Arrangement of the stand can be improved

Opinion: This is the first backpack I bought and kept, 2 more I had them come through Amazon but then I returned them. The main advantage of this backpack is the Robustness/functionality/price mix which in my opinion is Unreachable. Considering the capacity and its robustness, I think it is a backpack suitable for those who own mirrorless and light Targets. I can stick everything I need for a photo tour, then Fuji XT10 with purse and fast shoulder strap and 16-50, The XC 50 230 and the Samyang 12 2.0, 3 Vintage lenses with adapters, macro tubes, complete set filters, intervalometer, macro slide, andoe Tripod R q666 in Outdoor. Bottle of water between the elastic, although I admit that the latter as it is is a bit precarious but with a little ingenuity you can fix. The tripod pocket is impractical, It is true that the tripod can still secure solidly with a single leg tucked in, but it would have been preferable if they had put a big pocket + with another strap in such a way that all three legs of the CA Footman were inside his pocket. The whole thing is a bit unbalanced but nothing transcendental, certainly depends on how much weighs the tripod. I remove the ball head to balance it better. In short, if you have an essential kit this could be your case. If there had been a pocket for a water bottle in the other side it would have been perfect.

sent on June 10, 2018

Pros: Adaptable interior spaces

Cons: Little solid. Awkward for the tripod. Inconvenient to store extra objects (non-photographic spaces "non-capacious"). Uncomfortable opening.

Opinion: Bought at the beginning, on the wave of the enthusiasm of my new camera, not yet aware of my choices. The interior spaces are good, well manageable with detachable "booth". On the other hand, the walls and the bottom are not sufficiently padded and solid, I am often afraid to open and find the damaged equipment (never happened so far). The hinge of the main pocket opens completely but it is not possible to access them in other ways. Result when you are traveling? Wait till I take my handkerchiefs. Wait until we stop that change objective (and stop, stretch the backpack on the ground, open it occupying immense spaces, block the traffic... An inconvenience!). Are we talking about the tripod mount? There is and holds well, but it is lateral, strongly unbalancing the weight of the backpack from the side to which you have hooked (back ache and bad humor guaranteed within five minutes). And the extra spaces? There are eh, there are. But they are more virtual than real spaces. A woman's purse (notoriously voluminous) already puts the front pocket in crisis. I saved up to have a backpack that I have used three times. Unlike what I read in the other reviews, I was never detached nor unstitched any piece (maybe even because I used little?!).

sent on May 11, 2018

Pros: Very spacious, adjustable,

Cons: Fragile, materials unfit for common use not PRO

Opinion: Given about 3 years ago at the beginning I was enthusiastic about the apparent quality he offered, but after 1 year he brutally ceded a side seam, serious because he was exposing the equipment, sewn with needle and thread, all OK, but the various internal compartments tend to yield and Break away, other problem not just have flown the zippered streets what about? Bad!! No, terrible!! It is cheap but fragile, inside there was a 6d + BP with 70-200 f 2.8 + 24-70 f 2.8 + flash etc... Maybe the laptop model is better done??? Boo I recommend to buy another, because mine was not an intensive use, practically broke by pulling it out of the closet. I do not recommend the purchase, the expensive equipment requires a greater commitment also on these details, my Tamrac bags were of another category. There are many alternative products at reasonable prices, for non pro with about 60-80 € the K&concept sharply better, for the rest used backpacks or Pro bags.

sent on December 30, 2017

Pros: Cost, Size, Modularity

Cons: Fragile upper handle, NOT waterproof, Not very robust at key points, Uncountable external ropes and hooks

Opinion: It performs its function worthily. If you are not too demanding, that's fine. Aesthetically not bad and does not give too much attention.rnInside I can contain everything you need (body, optics, charger, cleaning kit, filters, ...) and also a little extra (manual, tablet, mobile phones, keys , ...). rn- The upper handle broke after a few months but in this case Amazon is a monster to replace promptly (from the reviews was a widespread problem / defect) .rn- I bought an extra bag to make it waterproof (6/7 €) .rn- I reinforced the support points of the backpack / body machine doubling the dividers in critical points- Unrivaled external attachments and ropes: a little fragile ropes to support water bottles and hooks suitable for small trestles. rnConsigliatornrn

sent on December 05, 2017

Pros: Capacious, multipurpose, economical

Cons: Materials a bit "weak" and in summer it does not transpire anything and it gets your back drenched

Opinion: In general, if you do not go out too long there is a lot of stuff. Obviously not the 600mm but otherwise a d800 with 24-70 and a 70-200 vr2 there are also a spare 50ino and maybe a sandwich. The pockets are practical both inside and outside. Of course the dividers as they work well, after a while 'lose rigidity but for the price it costs I would say that it is more than excellent. Be careful to keep it for the straig if you load it too much, mine is ok but I have heard many who have broken ... eye! rnThe thing that I really do not like is the total lack of perspiration on the back. Basically you are very wet after a while. In the summer if I have to walk I do not use it anymore, otherwise I need a change ... and I sweat a little! For everything else I recommend it

sent on October 16, 2017

Pros: cost, modularity, pockets, silhouette that allows you to put everything

Cons: fabric, missing waterproof cloth, very small, and the fact that you try to be ergonomic, but it fails completely

Opinion: The backpack is made very well and costs little, but of course there are things that distinguish it from a 100 euro backpack, first it is not very comfortable, its size is that of a backpack and therefore also on the back feels more small of the usual backpacks; Also padding for less on the back is not well studied and not even well done! The hook for the tripod is not great, and always because of the size of the backpack, it often becomes very unbalanced if loaded too much. It does not have rigid areas, but it has only well-padded areas, and if you are well organized, you can make a flash drive and 2 or 3 targets, more cables, and more. Too bad that they did not have a pocket underneath to pull out a waterproof coat, it would have been useful since this is a backpack designed for some simple hike! in conclusion, the backpack is super good for what it costs, but of course it costs little and so it has several defects which obviously on higher band backpacks are not found!

sent on August 10, 2017

Pros: Cost, load capacity (I hold a FF with VG and lens mount, a flash with lambency diffuser, another 6 lenses, and (in the front pocket) cavities, triggers and domes of lambency in addition to flash backup batteries and triggers, While in the two inner pockets, the cleaning kit, the car charger and the backup cf cards.

Cons: Shoulder straps a little tight, after a while wearing it tired, especially if you do not tie your waist belt.

Opinion: I've been using it for more than two years and find it very comfortable. They put us almost all the kit, and I only find problems if I really have to keep it all day long. For the rest it is ok. It's not watertight, but I've been somewhat under normal rain and had no problems. I've never tried to take the horse for the truth.

sent on February 01, 2017

Pros: Large, light weight, cost, number of pockets, comfort

Cons: For the price nothing.

Opinion: I purchased this backpack a few years ago taking advantage of the discounts on Amazon. I immediately had a great time and I managed to put almost all my kit. The padding is satisfactory. Removing the targets enter both my cameras: Canon 1100D, Fuji X-e1 + also several long lenses as the Canon 55-250. For the price I could not ask for more. Very practical and comfortable.

sent on January 26, 2017

Pros: Lightness, comfort of the interior space, convenience, cost, pockets for filters

Cons: Impermeability, hooking to the stand

Opinion: Backpack, for my needs, has a great value for money. They 'very light, comfortable and easy to handle, internal pockets are roomy and can be well organized piacimento.rnMi has a little disappointed impermeability virtually nothing and docking for the tripod which is suitable only for small and light tripods, with other larger and heavier, "suffers" decisamente.rnNel Overall though, this figure, I would say that it is a good buy and I recommend it to me.

sent on April 23, 2016

Pros: Great value, good materials for the category, very practical

Cons: Backpack, not having the top opening, should be lying on a horizontal plane whenever needs to open it: it's not a big deal but it is right to report it. The attachment system for tripod is quite comfortable / well done / durable, but it would be improved.

Opinion: I bought this backpack to carry with me all optical long trips or on occasions where a shoulder bag can get in the way ... I was very pleased with the product, since both materials and design are good and the space inside is very (sometimes too). rnConsiglio still buying all colors require a backpack designed for photography and we do not have a very large budget, as to the amount spent, the product is really good.

sent on February 20, 2016

Pros: cost and handling

Cons: nothing!

Opinion: I was a bit 'dubious about this purchase, but reading your reviews I am convinced, are very happy with this bag, roomy and reasonable cost, good finishes and sufficient padding. I took it to replace another brand backpack, but in my opinion less practical. Amazon also about these accessories is confirmed Super. Recommended !

sent on December 15, 2015

Pros: cost, ease of handling, weight

Cons: very low load capacity, weight distribution / lenses inside, front pockets and internal impractical

Opinion: I tried a second rucksack 'walking' (I have an expedition 6), right to include a camera body D7000, a 17-50 f2.8, a 70-200 f2.8, a 50mm f2.8 and a flasher METZ.rnnon find a proper 'asetto' perhaps given by the maldistribution of the content and then the shoulder is not very comodo.rnperò I must say that the padding and straps are buone.rntutto added to its cost and how to use 'second backpack' is fine. rnsuggerirei eliminate an external zip pocket and give more space and interior to contain filters and memory cards

sent on November 23, 2015

Pros: Cost, management of internal space, space.

Cons: Not suitable for heavy weights.

Opinion: I own this backpack for almost 3 years and I am very satisfied. My canon 60d and 24 105 are very good inside, but when I walk a lot with a backpack and I do wince involuntarily various internal divisions are deformed by moving the camera in the backpack therefore advise against using it with heavy equipment. In general is a good backpack for those who do not require features pro

sent on September 19, 2015

Pros: Spezio internal pockets, shoulder strap, etc. etc.

Cons: small handle on not very durable, belts tripod, internal divisions, "attack this lily" true, under soft

Opinion: for me is a great backpack for the price that it costs, I made virtually enter the niko D7200 4 goals, 4 filters charger with containers, a lot of batteries, charging cables, flash SB700 all hood, cleaning patches for the self-timer to cable The flash bracket, the machine to the outside pockets accessories .... unfortunately I saw that the dividers are with, Velcro too small, the cintine to stand well below and I reinforced with foam, outwardly beautiful and full of pockets for me as the price is recommended.

sent on September 07, 2015

Pros: Price, capacity, size

Cons: Non-breathable, rain cover, door hangers tripod

Opinion: Exceptional value for money, backpack formidable ONLY photographic outputs (I want to clarify, unless you decide to bring very little equipment, space for other things outside of photographic material is almost non-existent). The hooks for external tripod I found them helpful and functional only when used with their tripod (the one with the ball head overview, for instance) in its casing. In that case it works well, otherwise, with the Manfrotto 190 for example, tend to slip off and get to the bottom of your bag stand in making perhaps banging on the legs. The capacity is excellent, we could try and fit 6d + 70-200 2.8 mounted, 1d mkII, 50 1/8, 24-105 and other 2 m42 lens, remote controls, spare batteries, cards for the WB and other little things. It makes you sweat a lot back, but with the harness, one abdominal and one on the chest, you can manage well the weight. I use it more as a second / third photo backpack, for outputs short and in days when no rain is expected, or maybe just for the curedo mirrorless. Replaced with a Kata 33n1 that, despite having paid six times as much, makes you sweat a lot and you can not make good balance weights. We say that is a great backpack for landscape outputs, less recommended for weddings and portraits (if you often change objectives). Amazon could produce, and maybe sell a part, a rain cover, although with this backpack I took light rain and has not infiltrated, it is best not to risk it!

sent on August 29, 2015

Pros: Interior space compared to the external dimensions, exceptional value for money! All! remember that it is a backpack from 25 €.

Cons: the rain cover? the fastening system of the stand? NO! for me it's okay!

Opinion: I think that for 25 € we can not expect anything more ... it is not true the rain cover, but you can fix with a trash bag economic and functional! The fastening system of the stand can be improved, but in any case with a little 'genius may change and make perfect! if you want more you also want to spend more! I think the value for money is unbeatable! RNLA thing that impressed me is the external dimensions than the carrying capacity! I see people who have backpacks larger than themselves, turn to New York as if they had to climb K2. I with this great little backpack that recently the eye can not go anywhere comfortably leading me everything and more of what I need!

sent on July 01, 2015

Pros: Price, space

Cons: Tripod, interior partitions, no rain cover

Opinion: Purchased from a year I use it for trips out of town or longer where I carry a little more stuff. His work makes him very well, only flaws I believe are engaging external to the tripod a little uncomfortable, the dividers in themes that deform easily (especially the central ones) and back, that spring to late September makes you The crash diet! rnAvrei enjoyed a possible cover for rain leggera.rnPer € 25 I find it a best buy for the amateur photographer.

sent on July 01, 2015

Pros: Price, ergonomic, padded shoulder straps and inner compartments

Cons: Hook for external tripod nonfunctional, rain cover

Opinion: I bought it about two years ago, brought much fun and has always behaved perfectly, fillings make that seem not to have even him. Currently it contains 1100D mounted with 24-105, 70-200 f4, 50 1.8, 18-55, extension tube 25mm and there is still room for another perspective on the size of 24-105! For the average photographer would say that in place there for sale! Also in the cubicles there are comfortably filters, cables and caricabatterie.rnPer 25 Euros is a bargain, keeps considerable weights without straining and does not give the slightest sign of abating after all this time.

sent on June 30, 2015

Pros: Qualitàprezzo, fabric, size

Cons: non-breathable back

Opinion: I am a happy owner of the backpack AmazonBasics and I can only speak well, good capacity at a nominal price. , Comfortable compartments in Stapp and the many pockets for filters. good quality fabrics, excellent stitching. The only downside is that if you meet a hot day your back will sweat like there was no tomorrow but otherwise all ok!

sent on June 30, 2015

Pros: Excellent quality for the price at which it is sold, plastic inserts for sd.

Cons: The tie holder are not the best glide and if not close properly, do not slam it violently because it is not rigid

Opinion: Backpack really very good, large and with many scomparti..nulla to say, highly recommended. rnIl my tripod hama star 61 closed and tied for good remains well attached to the backpack. rnPer the price at which it is sold dciamo that you throw him behind, but the quality is excellent and I would compare it to the brother that costs more. But with 25 euro backpack that you can find on the market that has a quality price del.genere ??

sent on June 26, 2015

Pros: Economic, amazon, capacious, robust

Cons: Not waterproofed and even impermeabilizzabile. No practical attachment for tripod or bottle. Elastic Front useless. No openings for extracting fast.

Opinion: I use it for two years for storing my kit and I carry around with everything to not stand to make selections. Did not have the slightest harm no point will it inside out. Worth three times the purchase price. Pull something requires removing it from his shoulders, put it down, open it, being careful not to drop something and take out the desired object. Do not do it so I do not say to change fast but even decent enough to fami want a smaller bag but more practical to switch from a view to another. But as a backpack carrier and 'a premium product. I adapted a plastic bag to cover in case of rain. Make you laugh but it works. The tripod has a dedicated slot well done, it's up tie with the straps side but not fix it properly. I never gave problems but it is not the ideal solution, especially if the tripod and 'heavy unbalanced to one side and could break the straps or seams. rn

sent on June 21, 2015

Pros: Robust, economical, roomy, easily configurable internally

Cons: It lacks a rigid support, rear canvas not breathable, waterproof cover missing, side hooks tripod insufficient

Opinion: Very cheap but definitely worth more than its price. Although I never mistreated, I've always filled as an egg and yet shows no sign of abating in the paintings or in the seams. Normally contains a camera body ff, 5 objectives laid a canvas, over flash, filters, batteries and Lens Cleaning Kit. Lacking a hard rubber base, you must always be careful when leaning on a hard surface. The canvas back in contact with the back is not breathable and therefore is easy, within a few hours of use, read the print on the shirt backpack with sweat. Although the painting is not very permeable, not completely waterproof, so a rain cover would be helpful. The side hooks fail to ensure stability to the tripod that ends up moving too if not to slip off.

sent on June 18, 2015

Pros: Robust, extremely customizable, convenient, cheap

Cons: The base a bit 'soft, careful not to place it too violently terra.rnLacci for tripod practically useless.

Opinion: I bought this bag a year ago now, conveniently it contains a 60D, three lenses of which a 70300 and a 105 macro, a flash turret plus all the accessories related to macchina.rnE 'extremely customizable and dividers once fastened with Velcro do not move più.rnMolto comfortable to hold in the shoulder, laces in waist and abdomen let go even streets impassable without the backpack oscilli.rnUna flaw is at the base, a barrier layer would add more serenity when handling it. Furthermore, it is impossible to tie a tripod side, unless you have an object leggerissimo.rnA this price has no competition, less than 30 euro is like a gift.

sent on June 17, 2015

Pros: Great, durable and roomy. Solid and interchangeable dividers, various pockets and hooks for the easel. Competitive price.

Cons: It has a net external side for water bottle.

Opinion: Great backpack sold at a price objectively honest. In general stores that price do not give you nearly niente.Lo backpack is sturdy and well built with various hooks in order to remain well-anchored in the back. Internally it has dividers Interchangeable objectives, possibly removable if you want to use it for another. Only lack I found is an outside pocket to insert a bottle of water handy for hiking.

sent on June 17, 2015

Pros: Price, interior space, organization

Cons: Upholstery, materials and construction

Opinion: I bought it to walk out style and to bring only kit. The interior space is so, you can organize well. In pockets and compartments outside there are a lot of accessories but the height of the compartment is limited and can be stowed in the foot only optical really small. The price is very low but the quality seems to me so well, the seams are what they are and I is already unraveling the handle. No protection against pioggia.rnSe were to recommend it to a friend, I'd be really in doubt. It is cheap and probably worth what it costs, little more. It's not a rip-off. but the good stuff is done differently (it also costs more digits ...). I think it's an honest product. As makeshift backpack, for outputs without special needs nor stress, maybe okay: it is light and for that money it pays to protect your backpack good ... you just keep expectations low, otherwise there are Tenba, Tamrac, Lowepro, Manfrotto, National Geographics ... just tovidere by two and add a zero ...

sent on June 17, 2015

Pros: Cost, material, pockets

Cons: Shoulder straps, not to challenging hikes

Opinion: I got this bag because I was looking for something compact and lightweight for excursions and day trips (so no need to bring along other than the camera) and I was pleasantly pleased. I have yet to take a stand traveling to test the full capabilities but so far has not given me problems. I used it with two camera bodies (1 mounted with tele), flash and two goals and there was tutto.rnVolendo in the outside pocket can also enter a tablet.

sent on June 17, 2015

Pros: Price, well padded and modular spaces comfortably

Cons: Lack of breathable fabric on the back dellimbottitura

Opinion: Good backpack also in relation to the cost. Spaces well managed and well positioned dividers once the tape is not moving well and shelter from shocks. Hinges and without jamming resistant. Tried in a downpour it has kept very well without any infiltration of water even in the absence of its cloth cover rain (I still recommend buying) .In front pocket I put my iPad without problems.

sent on June 17, 2015

Pros: Price, magazines changeable, light, excellent first backpack

Cons: Hooks for the tripod, not very padded shoulder straps uncomfortable

Opinion: Great entry level backpack, probably the best as price range, large enough, you can enter a body (with bg) mounted with tele, place for another 3-4 lenses and accessories. Shoulder straps and hip strap can become uncomfortable for long walks, the hooks for the tripod are not the best and seem very resistant tripod with heavy and long. As in many other backpacks is not any space to spare T-shirt / bere.rnrnConsigliato as first backpack for those who do not do long walks, or simply as a backpack to store the equipment in casa.rn

sent on June 16, 2015

Pros: Cost, rugged, the interior well manageable

Cons: I have not found anything

Opinion: Taken four years ago became inseparable, three trips to Dubai and Oman, a vacation in the mountains, many Venice Carnival, many hours on the shoulders no failure, inside I doing to stay: 2 D7000, one with 18-105 mounted, a 70 -300 85 / 1.8, 50 / 1.4, 16-85, Kenko 1.4 pro, various filters in the lid and a small cavalletto.Sempre past as hand luggage with Emirates.

sent on June 15, 2015

Pros: Price-material-comfort

Cons: hooks temporary workers for the stand

Opinion: I have this bag for about two years and I am fully satisfied, transport my 60d with battery grip, two lenses and a flash and is still the place, in the pockets are all accessories. only drawback unfortunately a stand size larger standard remains awkward to carry, but it's a forgivable flaw at this price


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