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Terms of Service and Privacy

By subscribing JuzaPhoto, you confirm that you have read and you agree to the terms of service and privacy that are listed inthis page.

Privacy Disclaimer

When you registed to JuzaPhoto, you provide the following details: username, email, password, sex. These data are required to complete the registration; once registered, you can enter, optionally, other data including work, photo equipment, interests, biography. All personal information entered by the user in the profile can be freely modified or deleted the user, with the exception of usernames. To change the username or to request the deletion of the account, please contact the administrator at the email  
Under Article. 13 of Legislative Decree 30 June 2003 n. 196 of Italian Law, JuzaPhoto will process the data provided in compliance with the legislation on protection of personal data.  
Personal data is collected nd treated directly and / or by third parties for the following purposes and methods:
- Purposes related to the execution of website services (registration is required to publish photos, post comments, submit votes and use all the features of JuzaPhoto)
- The username is always publicly visible; all other data can be hidden or removed by the user
- The mail is not made public, but is used to communicate the activation of the account and, at your request, to receive messages or notifications and alerts. You will not get advertisements by e-mail.
- The password is encrypted so that no one except the lawful owner can decipher it.
- The owner of the site is JuzaPhoto, that can be contacted by email at - P. IVA 01501900334 - REA 167997- PEC
The fulfillment of obligations under the law as well as provisions issued by the authorities or by the supervisory authorities and / or control.


The language of the forum is exclusively English. English is one of the most widespread languages of the world, and it is the only language that can be understood by all members: please avoid writing words in any other language. You are allowed to use other languages only in your username and in your signature.  
If your English is not that great, don't worry! :-) The majority of members are not native English speakers, so it is understandable that your English is not is not a problem!

Rules of Conduct

It is essential to be friendly and polite. Remember that this forum has members from all around the world, with different traditions and cultures: in your messages, try to be clear and to avoid expressions that may result offensive to someone.  
If you notice an incorrect behavior, you can report this by clicking on the button [!] in the upper right of each message. Never respond to any provocations, and avoid by all means that the discussions degenerate: if others make mistakes, do not respond in the same way, but try to give a good example. You can also block someone from commenting on your photos by clicking on the [x] button in the messages of the user that you want to block and ignore.  
Never write in CAPITAL LETTERS, nor within messages, nor in the titles. The titles must be as representative as possible of the content. For example, if you are unsure in choosing a lens, do not use a title as "Help! I do not know what to do!" but "Is it better the lens xxx or yyy?".  
On the forum you can speak freely of resellers and prices; users (provided they are not retailers or shops) can post links to commercial activities, to report very best deals or to compare prices. Retailers can not post links to their site nor advertise their products. Retailers can participate in the forum to clarify any doubts or misunderstandings, and to answer questions that concern them.

Prohibited activities

It is forbidden to advertise workshops, paid tours, photo contests and other paid activities.  
It is forbidden to write offensive, racist, defamatory, messages, or messages thata promote illegal activities or porn content.  
You can not use the forum to make purchasing groups.  
It is forbidden to use the forum for complaint discussions, both against the JuzaPhoto staff or against other users.  
You can not put advertising links to other forums about photography.  
Each person can have a single account; It is forbidden to have duplicate accounts (a double account may cause the ban).  
Discussions of politics are prohibited.


Each user is responsible for what he writes; the administrator and the moderators are not responsible for what users write.  
The content posted by the users may contain links to external websites; it is the duty and responsibility of the author of this content (the user, not the administrator of JuzaPhoto) to make sure that these links do not lead to illegal sites, porn or malicious sites.

Free participation

Participation JuzaPhoto is free (except for those who explicitly requires the supporter membership, a paid account with space for 10,000 photos instead of 400 free account picture).  
By registering to JuzaPhoto, you accept to participate for free; you will not get any compensation for participation to JuzaPhoto.  
The JuzaPhoto staff has the right to block or permanently delete any account at its sole discretion, without notice or notification. It is not possible to ask for compensation for the account deletion or any other compensation.


All images are copyright of their respective authors. Each user can only upload photos he took personally.  
In case of copyright violations (if you find that some user has uploaded your own pictures, claiming to be theirs) contact the administrator to email; the photo will be removed as soon as possible.


JuzaPhoto uses technical uses cookies and third party cookies to optimize navigation and to make possible the operation of most of the pages; for example, you need to use cookies to register for and log in. Continuing the navigation, you consent to the cookies.  
Specifically, JuzaPhoto uses the following technical cookies (i.e. cookies that enable the operation of the site, but do not store personal information): 1) cookies to log in (only for registered users, to allow access) 2) cookies for selecting the background (white text on a black background or black text on white background) 3) cookie for choosing between the desktop version and mobile version of the site  
Third-party cookies can also be installed (i.e. cookies installed from other sites), specifically:
1) Histats (see policy Histats for cookie)
2) Facebook (see policy Facebook for cookie)
3) Twitter (see policy Twitter for cookie)
4) Google+ (see policy Google+ for cookie)
5) Pinterest (see policy Pinterest for cookie)
6) YouTube (see policy Youtube for cookie)
7) Amazon (see policy for cookie)
8) Ebay (see policy Ebay for cookie)  
JuzaPhoto does not directly use any 'profiling cookies ', i.e. cookies that store preferences and sensitive data for commercial purposes or advertising.  
If you want to completely disable cookies, remove cookies installed by JuzaPhoto or remove only specific cookies, consult your browser's instructions.

Using Google Translate

This service may contain translations made by Google. Google does not provide any guarantee concerning the translations, express or implied, including any warranty of accuracy, reliability, and any implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

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