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(i) On JuzaPhoto, please disable adblockers (let's see why!)

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Adblockers and JuzaPhoto

To navigate on JuzaPhoto, it is strongly recommended to disable the adblocker (if you use one): it is not necessary to remove it and disable it completely, it is sufficient to disable it selectively for www.juzaphoto.com, in other words you just need to put juzaphoto in "whitelist" or " exception list ".

Why use adblockers (and why not)

Most websites are free (including JuzaPhoto); to support themselves they therefore resort to advertising: in this way visitors have free content, and the site has its means of earning. It is a system that could work, but many sites let themselves be carried away and, driven by greed and the desire to disproportionately increase earnings, plague the pages with dozens of advertisements - some very annoying as pop-up, video, audio advertising, deceptive banners.

Some sites have gotten to the point where they are almost impossible to navigate as they are inundated with advertising.

Inevitably, this led visitors to look for countermeasures, and adblockers were born: these are browser extensions that eliminate most of the advertisements. Even though this is justified by the excessive advertising of many sites, an excessive use of adblockers can create serious problems even for those who manage websites with moderate, non-invasive advertising.

JuzaPhoto and advertising

Advertising is the main income for JuzaPhoto: however, an extremely moderate approach has always been adopted, with the priority of not creating disturbances for visitors and not slowing down navigation. On JuzaPhoto there are only three banners (and links to Amazon and Ebay); these take a little space on the page. JuzaPhoto will never use pop-up advertisements, audio or video advertisements or other types of deceptive or annoying advertisements.

Anyone can see how "soft" JuzaPhoto's approach to advertising is, comparing it with most other websites :-)

However, this (moderate) advertising is essential to have an economic return from the site and to ensure its continuation. I therefore ask you to exclude JuzaPhoto from adblockers.

Problems between adblocker and JuzaPhoto functionality

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, a very valid reason to disable adblockers on JuzaPhoto is that these programs can mistake page elements for advertising, even if they are not: I have received reports of visitors who have seen the "Login", " Like " and other buttons disappear, because their adblocker had mistakenly confused them for advertising.

This is not a deliberate "boycott" to discourage adblockers; in this case it is a malfunction of the adblocker that can occur both with JuzaPhoto and with other sites. However, if you have navigation problems on JuzaPhoto or the buttons do not appear correctly, first check that there is no adblocker activated for JuzaPhoto.

How to use the adblocker, excluding JuzaPhoto

There are many adblockers, and each one may have different methods for excluding a site from the adblocker action; however, in most cases you will have to look for an option called "Allowed Sites", or "Exceptions", or "Whitelist". If you don't know where to find it, just do a simple Google search, typing: "adblock allowed sites" or "adblock whitelist" (put the name of your adblocker in place of 'adblock').

Furthermore, on some adblockers there is the "Cosmetic Filtering" option: please disable it, as it often causes problems with the buttons on JuzaPhoto.

A big thank you to all those who will spend five minutes to disable the adblocker when browsing on JuzaPhoto! :-)


JuzaPhoto contains affiliate links from Amazon and Ebay and JuzaPhoto earn a commission in case of purchase through affiliate links.

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