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Manfrotto Pixi : Specifications and Opinions

Manfrotto Pixi

The Manfrotto Pixi is a tripod for smartphones and compact cameras. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 35 €;
112 users have given it an average vote of 9.2 out of 10.

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 Minimum height   13 cm
 Maximum height (no column)   13 cm
 Maximum height (column extended)   13 cm
 Max payload   1 kg
 Legs sections   1
 Legs tube diameter  
 Lenght (closed)   18 cm
 Weight   0.19 kg
 Material   Aluminium
 Tripod head   Fixed


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sent on November 22, 2020

Pros: Compact, economical, versatile robust

Cons: No one saw the price.... just don't ask him the impossible

Opinion: Bought two years ago for a trip to Paris. Very useful as a table tripod or for photos on the ground. I also used it with a compact Sony to shoot videos and keep it more comfortably. Today it causes bad weather I did tests to test its scope, always placing the lens in parallel with a leg of the Pixi. I used a Nikon d750 with, Nikon 24-120 f/4, Sigma 105 macro and Tamron SP 70-300 always with mounted lampshed. Now I noticed a slide of the head tilted down only with the zooms once extended from 110mm to rise. Not bad since I will never use it in such extreme situations. It is useful instead if you want to make macros or landscapes by positioning yourself a few centimeters above the ground, just remember not to exceed 1.6 kg or you risk the frontal lens banging on the ground.

sent on September 12, 2020

Pros: Compact, durable, well-built, easy handle, beautiful to see.

Cons: For now I can not find them, also purchased used. Perhaps the only small flaw (I do not think at that price can be required) is the absence of an rod to level and modulate the position of the head of the trepod.

Opinion: At this price really a bargain. Manfrotto never denies it. A small tripod sturdy, and usable with reflex and mirrorles. I use my A6300, and previously I used my Nikon D3300. It always worked. Great for interior portraits and outdoor views. I absolutely recommend the purchase, it is to be kept in the sector.

sent on May 01, 2020

Pros: Compact, durable and well-crafted

Cons: For the price none. If we really wanted to look for the hair in the egg, the lack of a level

Opinion: Let's not make fun of each other. For about 25 euros it is absolutely the best product that is on the market. Even when you pick it up for the first time, you feel like you're not wearing a Chinese plastic. Manfrotto proves to be a leader in the tripod industry thanks to products like this. I still have to try it with the SLR, but for now with the phone it's proving almost flawless. You can also pull the hand grenades and this little tripod stands still. Also comfortable to hold in your hand thanks to the slightly blunt shapes of the various feet. Well, maybe if there had been space a small level would have been convenient. For the rest, well congratulations to Manfrotto. Small note for those who also buy the smartphone clamp: it's quite hard, it can be synonymous with solidity but it's still nice hard.

sent on April 22, 2020

Pros: Pocket (almost), practical, well built

Cons: nobody to be a mini

Opinion: I've had it for 3 or 4 years and I find it essential to have it. It is robust, beautiful and built with great materials. It keeps my Sony A9 with 55mm or 28mm without hesitation. Of course, with a more unbalanced lens I've never tried it but I don't think it can go against the laws of physics! However, I think it is very versatile. In this period of the c***o, for example, I am using it a lot because I keep mounted the Neewer support for the mobile phone and use it daily to make the countless video calls without having to support the mobile phone. A well-made expense, for what it costs.

sent on March 02, 2020

Pros: Tough, light, small, stable, strong.

Cons: He doesn't have any.

Opinion: I have owned this mini tripod for years now, and Still consider it the best accessory I have ever bought. It is very stable, and manages to keep camera-lens even quite heavy, when compared to its size. This means that it holds a standard lens reflex quietly, or, in my case, a mirrorless aps-c with telephoto lens (not exaggerated, of course: SEL55-210). This is thanks to the head locking mechanism which is very strong. As mentioned it is light and unwieldy; so much so that I often keep it attached to the camera hanging around my neck. As already mentioned by some, you can not put the camera upright. but for the price and its context, I don't put it among the flaws.

sent on March 02, 2020

Pros: lightweight, robust, stable, instantaneous

Cons: lack vertical position

Opinion: Initially I was doubtful about the actual use being very low and small, convinced by an offer, now I always carry it with me on impromptu trips or little charges in which I do not want to bring me an extra bag for the easel at man height, surely recommended, it also seems very resistant, too pity they did not put the notch to place the room vertically. I have not tried it with challenging telephoto lenses, I use it with a 12-40 pro olympus, not really light and small especially at maximum extent and does its own.

sent on August 19, 2019

Pros: Robust, reliable,

Cons: Nothing

Opinion: I used it to make the video "The wonderful world of insects" and not just that video. However, in that video I also used a normal tripod about a meter high. This small tripod has kept quite well the weight of the Sony FDR AX 53 4K to make the video. I recommend it because it is reliable, robust, stable and will not disappoint you to make your photos or videos.

sent on September 02, 2018

Pros: Compact, light weight, load capacity (higher than that indicated by specifications), price.

Cons: Without a L-plate, the vertical use of the reflex.

Opinion: The Pixi is always present in my bag, it is an accessory that I have behind at any time even if it could not serve, its compactness and usefulness that has made it really an indispensable accessory. I have also used it for long exposures and has not missed a shot, of course it is a mini tripod and you have to find the spot where to place it, otherwise you need a larger tripod. True you can not tilt the head for the shots vertically, but this would adversely affect the stability with the tipping almost certain of the equipment. I mount the Canon 6d with the 24-70 F4 and it holds smoothly, for any vertical shots I have no problems, since on the body of the 6d I have mounted an L plate and on both sides there is an additional hole from 1/4 "like the Pixi thread. Absolutely to have and I would buy it back with my eyes closed

sent on August 17, 2018

Pros: Comfortable, portable, solid, stable, light, sturdy. All.

Cons: Too small for certain situations (but in those cases the larger stands are needed)

Opinion: Purchased on offer from Mediaworld at €19 to be able to shoot with long exposures and can take it anywhere with comfort, has now become a loyal ally in all exits. I was in New York in June and pretty much attacked him as soon as I arrived and detached him back home. It didn't bother me even hanging around my neck.

sent on July 18, 2018

Pros: Small, pocketable, light, economical, you can support it everywhere, allows alternstive perspectives

Cons: Nothing

Opinion: Used with both an Olympus OM-D e-M10, as well as with the action cam and the phone. Really comfortable as you can always have it behind, as it is also in your pocket and comfortable to be able to support everywhere tables, walls and also allows shooting from below. I have never used it with larger and heavier machine bodies, but from what I understand it also behaves in that case in an egregious way, although it probably also shows its limits

sent on August 31, 2017

Pros: Price, stability, low weight versatility

Cons: nothing

Opinion: Great tripod to ride on mountain excursions where traditional photographic stands can not be taken due to weight.rnEasy with Sony Alpha + tele 55-210. The weight then turns out to be extremely low.rnData the use destination at that price is hard to find something better. I feel strongly recommend it.

sent on August 31, 2017

Pros: Small stable, excellent lychee materials, beautiful,

Cons: You can't rotate the camera vertically, not suitable for cameras and lenses that exceed 800g, for example XT-3 with 16-55 tends to rotate down 100%

Opinion: Great mini easel, enters everywhere, I used it with my Fuji XE2-18-55 f2.8-4, on several occasions between the rocks, sand etc... it has a great stability obviously we are talking about a mini easel , purchased for less than 30 euros on amazon, so I do not know how it can behave with other weights. The unlock button is really done right is locks safely. You can't take photos vertically because the spherical joint doesn't allow rotation along the vertical axis, but given the size I'd say it's not a defect as the camera would probably touch on the ground or bounce back due to the unbalanced weight on 2 legs that are very short. I recommend buying unsuccessful , it is a great product to keep in your pocket or wherever you want.

sent on August 31, 2017

Pros: Small, lightweight, rugged

Cons: I did not find anything negative

Opinion: I use it with my small OMD 10 Mark ii, no problem of use, easy, convenient and always ready to use, surely its size makes it a master, portable wherever you want even without having any different backpacks or bags. Well done and great price.rn I recommend to anyone with a Mirrorless, for those who use standard reflexes it would be good before they could try it !!!!

sent on July 21, 2017

Pros: Price, robustness, size, defective quality

Cons: Absolutely nothing

Opinion: It's an incredible photographic / video stand, perfect for travel vlogs, is very stable and the head (not interchangeable) is fantastic for photography. You always carry it with you, you will never leave it to the world, put it in the pockets of the Trousers.rnIf you are looking for a small tripod for video It is the best one because it can also be used as a convenient pole for photos to match a larger one.rnIf you're paired with a camcorder or a gopro you are comfortable

sent on June 30, 2017

Pros: Price, Construction, Portability

Cons: nobody

Opinion: He has become an irreplaceable companion for many months. For my mirrorless it's perfect, very stable. The most interesting thing is definitely portability: it's perfectly in my camera bag. Now I use it more than the older brother. I think that at this price there is nothing better. Sometimes I do not even want to carry my purse, but it's so compact that I'm in my jacket.

sent on May 23, 2017

Pros: Nice, compact, lightweight.

Cons: The head is very cautious and with a 500g lens it is not stopping, it tends to lower itself away: photos are often and willingly moved.

Opinion: Purchased by low pricing and positive reviews, I was not very happy with it. With Canon 1200d and Sigma 17-50, it's not already up to you. Maybe it's because the lens is pretty heavy with the camera but the head tends to lower itself with such ease as to leave it very perplexed. More than one night photo was turned on. So now, I think Pixi is almost useless. It is best to point to a mini tripod.

sent on April 10, 2017

Pros: Weight, price, capacity

Cons: difficulties in orienting the camera (DSLR), for the reduced dimensions forces to assume uncomfortable positions in the ground shots.

Opinion: Taken during my honeymoon to avoid the tripod transportation. Used with d5100 also equipped with 55-300: used wisely in the position it holds but perhaps could fail over time, not knowing the durability of fermo.rnOttimo compromised system to perform souvenir photo, I would not trust to give him a sequence of shots by one startrail.rnSicuramente great for compact cars, there are also adapters for use with smartphones.

sent on April 10, 2017

Pros: Dimensions, mass, quality and price

Cons: little fluid head, missing the vertical position

Opinion: Great price, bought in a physical store. Pleasant to see regarding design, it is also well balanced and planted thanks to the rubber pads placed under the tips of the legs. Flow declared well suited to me, seeing that at most I would use with OM-D EM-10 MkII + 12-40 f2.8 PRO for a total of less than 900g ... but I am sure that also succeeds with heavier optical type the PRO 7-14 f2.8 zoom and super tele standards Olympus and Panasonic ... Obviously nOT seem able to withstand optical type the 40-150 f2.8 PRO Olympus (unless you buy the Panasonic 35-100 f2 .8) ... the only drawback, the head is a little too hard and not smooth ...

sent on April 06, 2017

Pros: Compactness, construction and price.

Cons: Nobody.

Opinion: Used with either compact, which is exceptional, and both with the d3100 + 18-105 where it clearly performs bene.rnGrazie to its size it is easy to use and the ball head with release button I find it very intuitiva.rnSe you have the precaution to align a tripod leg, with the aim of holding far more 1kg dichiarato.rnQuindi for Sunday outputs read is straconsigliato.rnTornassi back perhaps would take the evo version that has a higher maximum flow rate and size, however, reduced.

sent on March 19, 2017

Pros: well built and good looking

Cons: none

Opinion: I use it for several months and has resolved several problemi.Uno of these is that when the tripod is used ... it is usually at home! Do not comparable to a standard tripod but there is a bag near the Amazon Basic fotocamera.rnLa capacity declared by the manufacturer is too conservative (tried to 1.5 kg and is flawless) rnTutto this at a nominal price, as they say "so much stuff"!

sent on March 19, 2017

Pros: Ergonomics and practicality

Cons: At the moment no

Opinion: I have a few days and I could not do many tests; from what I have seen, however, I believe proves robust and well balanced ... I tried it with a Nikon D610 with a 24-120, and with a nice weight to carry on. Result? Well balanced, even with the machine inclined downwards held very well; the only precaution that I took was to balance the machine on one of three feet, putting them in line, but I think the minimum. I always carried in his backpack, he has great ergonomics and can return always useful. Recommended

sent on January 28, 2017

Pros: Compactness, stability, materials.

Cons: Head a little hard to navigate.

Opinion: It 's always in your bag with me, on every occasion I fotografica.Struttura the sturdy machine, stable rubber feet under the foot and ottimi.Ovviamente material does not have the versatility of gorillapod and the head is a little' inaccurate in the rotation, especially if you do not press the button at the bottom: nothing inaspettato.rnConsiglio purchase.

sent on January 24, 2017

Pros: Rubusto, versatile with an eye for design. Small attentions that make the difference.

Cons: Nobody.

Opinion: To take anywhere. It holds no problems my D500 with standard size lenses such as Nikon 35mm or Sigma 8-16mm. If you have the foresight to orient the lens in the direction of a leg, it can even be used with the Nikon 18-300mm (as long as not fully extended). For this price a bargain. I'm curious to try the brother PIXIE EVO with extendable legs and greater reach ...

sent on January 23, 2017

Pros: Small portable lightweight well done

Cons: Yet I do not find

Opinion: I got to do some shooting in Venice at low heights, at the time of purchase I was a bit 'hesitant for the scope given by Manfrotto. I must say I was surprised a Nixon D300S with my Sigma 10-20 I thought that by tilting the tripod head SLR beyond the flip over and rather a lot and holds up very well since I took it to me I do not have the most must-have separated . Even just for laziness at times it us rather than reverse the center column of my tripod. I recommend everyone

sent on December 28, 2016

Pros: Small, well-made, precise, economical

Cons: no vertical shot.

Opinion: Bought Black Friday really little, I did not imagine it was so 'well-made and solid with such a' good head for class prezzo.rnViaggia always with me if I bring a little as RX100 or sigma Merrill .. and has always done his work in a manner also egregia.rnProvato with 6d + 16 35 .. and ... REGGE.rnrnUnico precisely .. but basically there and 'a true fact, it would be great to tiltare head for vertical compositions.

sent on December 27, 2016

Pros: Lightweight, small and always ready to use

Cons: Unstable with heavy targets

Opinion: I am taken xche I heard good ex affordability has proved to live up to expectation. Convenient, is inside the small bag of AmazonBasics along with reflex without ruining it, the head is oriented by pressing the button on the side, legs are rubber plugs that allows you to place it almost anywhere then all metal. I use it with canon 1200, 10 18:35 Fixed no stability problem but with 28 135 and its 500 grams weight head holds malappena. Highly recommended x bring with it at any occasion and have a tripod ready for use simply by screwing it to the SLR

sent on August 29, 2016

Pros: It adapts to any type of camera, but most perfectly holds the weight in favor of a maximum stability.

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: Bought to go on vacation and be able more easily to do some self-portraits with my Nikon D5500 and its lens Sigma 17-70.rnLa its quite robust (in fact, if you wanted to be picky, only drawback may be the weight and bulk . But nothing so serious and problematic), as well as with non-slip rubber feet, allowing you to place your camera on every surface. rnMa not only !! If you place the camera on a surface is not perfectly flat, you can align it in no time guaranteeing maximum stability. rnHo tried to mount and use it with the Tamron 70-300 and holds up very well (only care is to align the lens with one foot) .rnConsigliatissimo for those going on holiday and those who want to always have a tripod ready for use

sent on July 20, 2016

Pros: Price, construction, versatility, size, design.

Cons: None (in relation to intended use and price).

Opinion: I was given a few months ago from a friend's birthday, and since then I carry it with me always in photographic output. Despite its small size it offers a high load capacity (in my view greater than that declared 1Kg) and the ball head, once blocked, offers a great deal of resistance and improve stability; I have already had occasion to use it with montandogli satisfaction over Canon 7d + Sigma 10-20 (1.330g) and did not even blink. Also ideal for those circumstances in which you want to shoot without a backpack, maybe just with the camera hanging around his neck, but without giving up a paperback but stable support for long exposures. Highly recommended.

sent on June 02, 2016

Pros: Small, robust, quality manfrotto

Cons: rarely becomes unbalanced

Opinion: Taken as a joke for self-portraits or long exposures ... surprised me! I said in rnCome against rarely with 6D + 24-105 is cautious, but just align a leg objective and the problem disappears. I also used with other fixed targets (28-50-100) and are increasingly pleased with this small but effective aid it would replace only if you had with extendable legs up to a meter but equally compact when folded, but obviously with these features would never be the same!

sent on June 01, 2016

Pros: Weight, compactness, quality, brand, effective range, price

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: Purchased for an upcoming trip to Scotland. maximum flow rate 1kg. I did some tests with 70D and Sigma 105 macro or 24-105L canon. perfect seal, the ball head keeps the machine perfectly stable albeit very unbalanced with these obiettivi.rnOvviamente with a compact from its best! Given the price straconsiglio purchase. Must have.

sent on May 07, 2016

Pros: Construction Brand, strength, size

Cons: At the time nessuno..forse the jerky head

Opinion: Purchased by the dearth of main tripod in some situations: resting on the ground or against a wall offers a good alternative when you leave "light" (perhaps during a visit to a city of art). Bears the weight of D3200 with BG and Tamron VC 70300 .... So for 20 euro I could not ask for more. I recommend it as a ubiquitous accessory in zainoborsa.

sent on February 26, 2016

Pros: Extremely compact and lightweight

Cons: For what it costs how do you find

Opinion: I took it as a whim, to have a lightweight tripod to take me around because I go to visit the town for a few days with my girlfriend (so when I can devote myself to photography). I expected more heavy, and the ball head is not very fluid. The rubber feet are removed almost immediately, and then I had to re-attach with a bit of super glue. For the remainder with 20 euro I brought home a minitreppiede that manages to hold up my 5D and a 14mm Samyang. I recommend it, with a price so we might as well have it than not to have it.

sent on February 24, 2016

Pros: Portbilità, Weight, Design, Practicality, price.

Cons: Not for all Reflex (weighing more than 900 grams), only on flat, non adjustable feet.

Opinion: It sure is not the top of the mini tripod but for design and robustness does not fight. The PIXI after 2 years of use is always reliable if not for pictures in the horizontal plane. With Reflex weighing more than 900gr suffers tightness slightly biased (above all on the side of the lens). With D90 is very good, for a D810 you have difficulty in the correct position. I recommend buying.

sent on February 08, 2016

Pros: Ultra-portable, sturdy, lightweight

Cons: no vertical framing

Opinion: A pocket tripod, in the true sense of the word, from the feeling of stability and reliability, and is not afraid of the inclined planes. The pads of my little were glued but I proceeded myself to fix them. For a figure that is around € 20 it is really a good buy for those who go around and do not want to bring a large tripod.

sent on February 08, 2016

Pros: Trasportabilissimo, solid, quality materials.

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: Great, perfect for travel is light but very solid, with the arm in the optical manning 1.5 Kg. Without any problem, I always carry with me, and sometimes replaces me a real tripod because the support for my car or a bench, wall, anything happens to me easily risolvendomi shoot the problem. With their feet closed you put it in your pocket. I would say it is a perfect item to always carry. Highly recommended.

sent on January 26, 2016

Pros: Compact, lightweight, economical rn

Cons: It does not allow you to use the vertical framing

Opinion: Excellent tripod travel, combined with a compact or slightly mirrorless allows to take long exposures in almost precarious positions. The more you use the more you discover situations where a compact tripod has something to say. It does not have the articulation of a gorillapod, but if you study the situation well, you can place it in unorthodox ways to walls, parapets etc. I could also use it vertically, holding it with his hand on a wall. It 's not yet been designed for this type of shot, and this remains its largest extent.

sent on January 26, 2016

Pros: solid, easy to use,

Cons: nobody

Opinion: excellent space saving, of course you need a base to place it somewhere but if one needs more carries other equipment even more bulky;) The only fault I have is my color ... they have trimmed the rose but I needed it ... :( RNI materials are top quality but the thing that surprised me the most was the key for unlocking and locking the swinging ball, really excellent !!! rnTOP RNE think I was going to buy one Chinese 12 € that compared to this, would be the worst spent 12 Euros, with only 10 euro more you find a product quality great price

sent on November 27, 2015

Pros: Price, Handiness, Construction.

Cons: What it costs to None.

Opinion: Apparently seems not very solid, but it goes far beyond the declared weights, I loaded my 6D and the 70-200 f / 2.8 without batting an eyelid, some precision is not that of a ball head bigger though me left-handed, of course, must rest on a straight plane, however overall I would buy back with my eyes closed, I always keep in my backpack as weight and dimensions ....

sent on November 24, 2015

Pros: .... All exceptional value for money. Help for taking practical, lightweight, pocket-sized. I carry it with me always.

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: Excellent in every sense! The swivel head puts into place the camera in a quick and precise. The stability is exceptional for a featherweight. I was amazed at the low cost compared to the excellent product quality. So small, so useful, it is always with me. To buy absolutely must not fail "in photographs of every day".

sent on September 13, 2015

Pros: Price weight materials

Cons: hardly wish for more '

Opinion: carry it in your pocket and with the stratagem of the leg below the optical hold anymore 'than expected and even d4 Zeiss 15mm left me astonished but it works! Really pleased with the I after reading here' reviews I realized that 1,51,8 kg He kept them however I can say that is beyond helpful ... in those trips where you need to keep you light and instead smite without breathing into a wall or a railing pull out of his pocket the microbe ...

sent on May 29, 2015

Pros: compact, made of solid materials, price

Cons: in my experience, nothing

Opinion: Discovered by chance this treppiedino ultra compact and affordable, after a while, I decided to take it and I must say it works great! I use a Canon G1X and keep it very stable without any problem, the materials give an impression of great solidity. The button to unlock the head is perhaps a little hard, but it is nitpicking! RnrnProbabilmente not suitable to carry heavy SLR, but I've got to try.

sent on March 22, 2015

Pros: Small, lightweight, portable, beautifully designed, easy to adjust, economic

Cons: Maybe a little 'hard button that adjusts the head, but other than that nothing!

Opinion: Just perfect, especially if you use a mirrorless. Inconspicuous and professional guarantees stability. Nice to see, light, convenient adjustment of the head with the button even if the button is hard to press. In any case it is a tripod to take with him, sold at a price that often buy tripods Chinese. Manfrotto Brava!

sent on March 19, 2015

Pros: Price, compactness, quality materials, resistance

Cons: No disadvantage. Whereas, for what it was designed, also makes more of what should

Opinion: I own the Pixi for a couple of years. Taken initially to match the G12, I tried it with amazement / happened several times to mount it under the 7D with 10-22 and ... I do not know how he manages to keep it, but the head remains still! Of course, one must be careful to balance the weight but all in all I can not tell me fully satisfied! Highly recommended!

sent on March 06, 2015

Pros: Stability, light weight, small, practical, immediate, material quality, price and scope

Cons: For what is absolutely none!

Opinion: I bought a little 'doubtful but I needed to be able to support a parapet of time to do some self-timer laspe and traveling ... I was ready to put in more support because I thought it was not stable ... but SURPRISE holds perfectly my lens reflex (1200g in all) in all positions of the ball head. Excellent materials, smaller and cheaper! Despite being declared 1Kg flow at the time I did not have any problem to push me over the 1500g! RnSoddisfatto!

sent on February 25, 2015

Pros: Small, lightweight, simple, cheap and quality

Cons: For amateur use against any

Opinion: Bought at 20 euro for almost always take it around, holding no problem my 70D with 10-22. Locking system very simple and functional, clearly not a professional tripod that plant in the ground in any circumstances, but for amateur use is more than valido.rnPer me is a must have!

sent on February 08, 2015

Pros: compact, lightweight, quality Manfrotto, reach beyond the stated kg

Cons: none at the moment

Opinion: a tripod useful, only 13 cm long, that everyone should have. ridiculously low price for a small object that overwhelmingly take a permanent place in your equipment. I also use it as a handle for the video, and associated with a small lever to the focus, I can zoom and blur without shake excessively reflex.rntenuta perfect, the rubber feet I have yet detached! rnconsigliato absolutely

sent on December 30, 2014

Pros: Compact

Cons: Perfect for ML and not too heavy Reflex mechanism for locking and releasing the ball, feramente impractical

Opinion: 70D + 650D + 24-105 or 70-300? O_O my already does not hold with the 6D 17-40 .... not suitable for reflex, perfect for compact;) With 20 € extra I had bought the older brother, who keeps very much;) I think this is not worth the candle .... de gustibus;) But for the compact or ML does its job, and the ball head favorably weight. Same system of locking and unlocking ball, really leave them alone)

sent on December 24, 2014

Pros: Cheap, light, solid, small but "great"

Cons: No One

Opinion: The Manfrotto Pixi in my opinion must be purchased together with the camera for 20 euro because it has a tripod ultra portable and solid. Tested with 70D and 24-105 L and is probably because I did not even tickle, even lowering the head forward (the 24-105 unbalances not just the 70D to its already). The ball head is not as fluid but after a while you use it is no longer a problem. Monstre!

sent on October 19, 2014

Pros: Rugged, lightweight and easy to handle, materials, price.

Cons: The first few times can be a bit difficult to fine tune the ball head, but after you get used to.

Opinion: Bought two weeks ago and tried it for a few hours in the house and for some video footage I feel satisfied with the results. The manfrotto pixi looks like a small tripod from a lot of potential. First of all, unable to hold up well a canon 650D with a Tamron 70-300 mounted above (1.3kg), even when it is at maximum focal length, which is not bad for a tripod built in order to hold and compact smartphone. Of course, in extreme cases it is always better to put one leg under the lens so it does not fall forward because of excessive weight, but only if you use wide angle lenses you can do without these devices. However, it is his tripod as functional character that impressed me the most (strange thing), but never its use as a support handle for shooting video, often holding his breath, if the lens is not equipped with stabilization is created the annoying effect of the rough, but with support like that I did not have so many problems in this regard. In short, a small tripod, light, rock-solid and compatto that you put it in your pocket and not even you know it, what more could you want? rnConsigliatissimo, rating: 9.75 / 10

sent on October 10, 2014

Pros: Weight, cost, scope (yes, I wrote extent ...)

Cons: requires broad support and plan to give my best, but it is not a true

Opinion: I still had a little time to test it thoroughly, but for my own curiosity, I did some tests of critical flow, like this: rnhttp: //www.juzaphoto.com/galleria.php? l = en & t = 6d + bg 1048709rncanon and tamron 70-200 2.8, deliberately attached to the bg to make it more critical the situation is clear ... I use the 190 for the exits, but to always have a tripod behind microscopic, light and sturdy for emergencies, I can not recommend it enough!

sent on September 02, 2014

Pros: Cost, light weight, functionality, portability

Cons: if you use it for the purposes for which 'was built I do not see no cons

Opinion: A purchase I made as a game, just to try and even if I had I would not have desperately disappointed because I paid 20 euro.rnInvece I was very satisfied and already from the very first use! RnIl locking system I find intuitive and practical. Lightweight and traspostabilissimo.rnSe you have the foresight to combine the axis of one of the three legs with the axis of the lens is then stable even with machines and goals that far exceed the load limits specified by the manufacturer (1 kg) .rnIo use it very often abinato to my Fuji X-T1 with the 23mm F1.4 and using the wi-fi system with the smart phone allows me to make shots to great effect with interesting prospects in perfect comfort. Maybe not as versatile as the Gorillapoz but nonetheless extremely valido.rnConsigliatissimo.rnMax

sent on August 28, 2014

Pros: practical cost-

Cons: stability

Opinion: just tried mounting the 50d + BG (without optics) --- I find the push-button system gestibilissimo although does not warrant a fine adjustment - I was afraid of tipping problems (with the bg raises the center of gravity), but in fact it is quite stable - always x the same reason, the high center of gravity, the machine, but not the tripod wobbles x a few seconds before stabilizing (and I would like to see given the weight and imbalance) then a cable remote shutter release would be appropriate, even with systems + light - unforgivable the impossibility of vertical shutter - convenient open it, place it in the chest ... and rediscovering an extraordinary stability in hand-held shots ... I think its best talent! In my example ... you are just low-cut rubber feet ... but who cares! --- In all, if you have provided a foothold and you do not charge excessively (not born this x), provides a good support when you need it --- but its quality is in my opinion the best it can be use as a handle or leaning on the chest x increase stability & agrave; --- Saw the price ... highly recommended!

sent on August 03, 2014

Pros: Size, portability and price

Cons: No one

Opinion: I took no trouble with a Canon 70D + Canon 24-105 F1 / 4 L. As mentioned just put one foot in the direction of aim for maximum stability on the horizontal plane. Useful in any situation, given the size and weight of the harbor forever. Thanks also to ergonomics have also used as a handle with legs together to make the video. Given the price I can not recommend it enough.

sent on August 01, 2014

Pros: useful in every situation, compact, lightweight, very affordable price, excellent material constitution, lightweight.

Cons: no, if you consider his size!

Opinion: Unbelievable but unable to sustain the weight of a 50 D + 18-200 without problems and without tipping over! I use it in almost any situation, especially on the road when I can not carry with me the other cavalletto.rnHa a solid constitution, but due to its size it is difficult to place in some casi.rnper nothing else to discuss: is a tripod mini-size, but with all the reliability that Manfrotto has to offer (obviously at that price range) rn

sent on July 31, 2014

Pros: Price, materials, compactness

Cons: The locking of the ball head has to be pulled out if you want a camera that takes a bit more objective and pesanti.rn

Opinion: Great to always carry around. Personally I use it for shots on the fly resting on the roof of the car. Once placed and remains firmly holding the camera pretty well. Tested with Canon 100D and Canon 55-250 Isii and 6d with Canon 24-105 F1: 4 L without problems as long as you have the foresight to put one of three feet towards the goal. Update: tested with 100D and Tamron 17-50 2.8 VC with whom I have made a close shot almost entirely by tilting the machine without any problem.

sent on July 31, 2014

Pros: Cost, excellent stability.

Cons: For the cost at which it is sold I have not found.

Opinion: Small, pocket-sized and convenient mini tripod. on a surface smooth laying of course one of the three legs in the direction of the lens takes no problems with a d7000 tamron 70 300.rn If you want to find some small failures could not be 'put the car into position for shots with vertical cut, the method to change the various positions consists of a "button" that unlocks a sphere, this system will not allow 'the fine adjustments but I guarantee that once released this "button" seal and' steadfast

sent on July 31, 2014

Pros: very compact and solid

Cons: must be placed on any support, only suitable for smartphones and compact

Opinion: I tried briefly Manfrotto Pixi to a friend and I made a good impression; obviously is a product quite limited, both for the flow rate of 1 kg for the small size, but it can be a good choice as a support "emergency" for compact or mobile phones. The built-in ball head is very simple and fast to use and has a good robustness.

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