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Gian Carlo F

Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Gian Carlo F

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viltrox_af20_f2-8Viltrox AF 20mm f/2.8

Pros: Lightness, sharpness, construction, price

Cons: Field curvature

Opinion: Tiny but substantial optics, very light and decidedly compact, well built like all Viltroxes, ideal for itinerant use when you need to be light. It is very easy to update the firmware with a USB cable, which is obviously always recommended. Already very sharp at full aperture, excellent contrast and brilliance of the colors, f2.8 seems almost the best aperture, closing it improves only at the edges as these at t.a. are slightly out of focus due to curvature of field, nothing serious however, in practical use in my opinion it is almost not noticeable, if you then close a hair the out of focus disappears completely. Very close minimum focus with very good blur (when you can produce it), very good resistance to backlight. Finally an incredible price, also taking this into account this I would give a nice 10

sent on December 08, 2023

nikon_55micro_aisNikon 55mm f/2.8 Micro AI-s

Pros: Sharpness, neutral colours, good contrast, lightness and compactness

Cons: Danger of gluing diaphragm blades

Opinion: Currently I have two macros, this one and the 105mm/4 AI, they are both excellent and ideal for my needs. These Nikkor AI/AIS are beautiful and, in my humble opinion, have an exceptional level of build and optical quality. This 55mm can be used in full range, even for infinite shooting, for those who want an even more specialized 55mm for macro I also recommend the f3.5 version. A piece of advice for those who have it: the example I bought in the 80s gave me twice the problem of oil in the blades of the diaphragm, it is advisable to put it at rest with the front lens facing downwards, this does not give me problems.

sent on October 21, 2023

nikon_ais28_f2Nikon 28mm f/2.0 AI-s

Pros: Beautiful as all Nikkor AI AIS, sharp, blurred, CRC system.

Cons: I don't know....

Opinion: I had two, the first was an AIS and I used it on D700 and D800, the second (I took it again recently in Japan) is an AI. Almost always I prefer AI versions to AIS, they seem more robust and better built, then of course there are exceptions.... Also in this case I saw that AI is better, now I use it on Sony A7rII and it's a fairy tale! With ML all manual focus problems disappear and it's really nice to be able to use these jewels of the past. At full aperture it has the extreme corners not very clear, the center and median areas, however, are very usable, just close a stop and the lens makes the usual leap in quality, typical of these vintage. I think the maximum is obtained at f4 where it is really sharp. In short, it's nice and I really like it, even the blur is nice and the fact of being an f2 from that point of view is a nice advantage.

sent on April 05, 2023

samyang_af18_f2-8feSamyang AF 18mm f/2.8 FE

Pros: sharp, small and lightweight, price.

Cons: A ridiculous hood

Opinion: Just taken and immediately tried on Sony A7rII, I was amazed by the sharpness already high at full aperture, between f4 and f11 is excellent, has a very slight drop to f16, more perceptible to f22 due to diffraction (but what optics does not have any?). Beautiful colors, good contrast, I still have to try it in critical conditions, but the premises I would say are definitely positive. When I have used it a little, maybe I will update these impressions.

sent on April 05, 2023

viltrox_af35_f1-8Viltrox AF 35mm f/1.8

Pros: Construction, sharpness, blur, aperture ring, price

Cons: I don't see any

Opinion: I took this 35mm because it is the focal length that I have always preferred and I wanted to have it autofocus (I have always had a vintage Nikkor AI 35mm / 2 that I love), I use it on A7rII here on a nice dense sensor. This is my second lens of this emerging Chinese brand, I also have the 85mm/1.8 II. It is a very well built optics, all in metal, with a robust hood, its beautiful diaphragm ring, it is compact and quite light. The optics is definitely sharp starting from f2 (at f1.8 it is still very usable, but the 85mm seems to me to do a little better), however just close 1/3 stop, at f2 precisely, and you immediately understand that you are dealing with an excellent lens, even at full closure it is definitely performing. The blur is very pleasant, nice creamy, excellent backlight resistance, fast and precise AF, excellent general contrast, even the eye-af is really good, finally the color rendering is neutral. What more could you ask for? A low price, there is also that!!

sent on December 17, 2022

sony_fe50_f1-8Sony FE 50mm f/1.8

Pros: compact and light, sharp, good contrast, pleasant blurry.

Cons: Economic construction, a little slow and insecure to very closed diaphragms.

Opinion: Considering that it is less than 200 euros and that a 50mm "battle" always comes well I would say that it is an optics to have. Full-aperture sharpness is acceptable in the center and poor at the edges, improves significantly to f2.8, between f5.6 and 11 from the maximum and there shows great skills, not bad at f16 and acceptable at f22. Contrast (and microcontrasto) is always good, even blurry is not bad. Autofocus is a bit slow and a bit noisy, but not tragic (reading other reviews was the thing that worried me the most), with the A7rII struggling beyond f11. The optics are very compact and beautiful light, dowry not to be underestimated since it is mounted on an ML. In short, putting everything on the plate my judgment is positive, especially if it is related to the really attacking price.

sent on March 14, 2021

nikon_50f1-4aisNikon 50mm f/1.4 Ai-s

Pros: beautiful, like all AI-AIS, crisp, beautiful blurry, compact and light

Cons: what more could be expected?

Opinion: Optics just taken. I'm using it on Sony A7rII A nice 50mm very bright, manual focus hard to fault. Certainly an ART (which I had and appreciated very much, the best optics I have ever had) does better, especially at t.a. but this behaves very well and at 1.4 it is still very usable, let's consider then that it weighs 1/2 kg less and clutters half..... Its strength, at least for me, in addition to the mechanical and optical quality, is the charm it exerts, as well as all the Nikkors of the golden age ..... that I always regret a lot. For me they are real "creatures"

sent on March 04, 2021

viltrox_af85_f1-8fe_iiViltrox AF 85mm f/1.8 II

Pros: All

Cons: Nobody.

Opinion: Although I only have it for a few days I realized on the fly, taking some shots and my ritual caserecci tests, that this optics is excellent. If I had to synthesize I would say that I feel like I have an ART f1,8, both as a yield and as a construction. The use on Sony A7rII and produces spectacular images, I can not find defects, even in weight, which for an f1.8 is not very little, but that I see it necessary for it to produce such beautiful and flawless images. It is very sharp at all diaphragms and at all distances, produces clear and well contrasted images even at full opening, blurry decidedly pleasant, excellent in the backlight, silent autofocus and fast enough, has an impeccable construction, to update the firmware just a USB, even the packaging is excellent, finally very competitive price. What more could you want? For me the ring of the diaphragms, but unfortunately on that front is in good company, so you have to "settle". A nice 10 for me who love f1.8s

sent on January 10, 2021

sony_a7r_iiSony A7r II

Pros: Build quality, spectacular images thanks to the backlit and stabilized 42mp sensor, extreme ease of hand sealing, really remarkable value for money

Cons: For me widely forgivable given what it offers in relation to price, however we can say: battery life, single slot

Opinion: For now I use with adapted Sigma ART, Nikon AFS G + AI and Olympus OM lenses, then with manual and automatic maf using for those AF a Commilte adapter that works excellently. At first I was hesitant whether to take it or not, since rIIi and rIV have already come out (but at very different prices). I assure you that it took little to remove any doubts. With enormous pleasure I rediscovered the pleasure of being able to do well without autofocus. That alone would, of course, be enough for me to justify the expenditure. My old and beloved manual maf optics (Nikkor AI and Zuiko OM) are chirping to be able to return to say theirs. Autofocus with original optics (which I really don't care about at this point) I haven't tried it yet, when and if I take an original AF lens I'll update this review. The merits and defects read them above, needless to repeat. It is a machine of absolute substance, which will say its for many years to come, that 42mp sensor (in fact the same as the rIII) stabilized and backlit is its strength because it allows really remarkable performance in every situation

sent on October 20, 2020

nikon_20_f4aiNikon 20mm f/4 Ai

Pros: extremely compact and light, clear at the most closed diaphragms, absence of distortion

Cons: nothing special, maybe f4 could be sharper, but in short .....

Opinion: I have since 1976 and I use it even now with D800.rnOttica really tiny but very "powerful", produces beautiful images sharp and well contrasted, especially if you can close a bit ', also f22 without holding apparently diffrazione.rnGood resistance against the light, even if some beautiful Christmas tree produces it.rnThe fact of going unnoticed is a dote formidabilern

sent on December 02, 2017

nikon_35_f2aisNikon 35mm f/2 AI-s

Pros: extreme sharpness, constructive quality, fights the comparisons with his great-grandchildren without fear

Cons: a little 'soft at f2, resistance to the backlight in line with the optics of the past.

Opinion: Premise: rnil mio is the K version, then modified AI, but it does not change substantially anything in the following AI and AIS versions. I also had the AIS, identical performance, including anti-glare.rnThis 35mm / 2 I can talk about it for real "with good reason", I have since 1976, it was my first Nikkor purchased together with a beautiful Nikomat FT2.rnPoi I used it on F3, on D90, on D700 and now I mount it on D800.rnThe thing that has always amazed me is its sharpness, I compared it with a bag of 28mm 35mm 50mm 55mm 60mm and he has always come out of it well high and almost always winner.rnOra I also have the 35mm / 1.8 AFS G and I must say that from f2.8 keeps a bang! In short, a little 'for affection, a little' for its objective qualities, I adore.rnWe now come to criticism: rn- in the backlight is not at the level of the current optics, produces some tree of Natalern-the focus is discreet, but not creamy as today vorremmorn- a f2 is usable but a little 'soft rnpoca thing anyway since, from f2% 2C8, produces very clear and well-contrasted images, in short, crisp even with decidedly demanding sensors such as the 36mp of the D800rnFor these reasons and for affection I gave him a nice 10!

sent on December 02, 2017

nikon_80-200_f4aisNikon 80-200mm f/4 AI-s

Pros: Sharpness, focus, maneuverability

Cons: nobody

Opinion: I decided to review this Nikon masterpiece because I saw the review by Camillo Barca. Of course I can only confirm his opinion, so I write as a complement. I had other glorious AI-AIS lenses at the time (85mm / 1.8 105mm / 2.5 105mm / 2.8 micro 135mm / 2 , 8 (and 3,5) 200mm / 4 normal and micro) well this zoom was never less. In the end I only kept this.rnNei days I used it, on D800, to make portraits to my niece, all f4, they are fantastic.rnVa also said that in his time it cost a fortune and that was the first pro zoom of Nikon (born in the f4.5 AI version and then improved to f4) .rnWhoever wanted to try it, I would suggest looking for an intact specimen, there are several now by the fruit ...., the monogyrants should not be left standing he must not go down.

sent on November 30, 2017

samyang_14Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Aspherical

Pros: Really very clear to all the diafammi, to f22 obviously the diffraction is seen ...., light, compact, well built, excellent ring of the maf, economic

Cons: Whisper distortion but easily correctable.

Opinion: I state that this is a very first impression after making some test shots on the fly after the purchase, then I promise to make any other comments.rnA pair of points I think are useful to many: rn- I understand how to do to correct automatically the distortion in ACR, you have to set as default the profile of the Sammy. So I take it automatically rn- I also realized something VERY important: the green dot for the maf is not reliable, at least on my D800 (verified: it happens to others! So eye!). rnWhen focusing, starting from a short distance, it starts blinking and lighting up at the right distance, but continues to be fixed green for a lot of space (type from 1m to 2m), leading to the error of maf, especially if we start from infinite towards the minimum distance, (at ta and close he too has a pdc not exaggerated ...). I would not want this to be a feature of the super-wide-angles that, in some way, put in crisis the systems of help to focus the green ball (of which I, to be honest,I've never trusted too much). The doubt came to me positioning it to infinity, the dot flashed and appeared the green arrow .... it was not fixed. Instead the lens was perfectly in focus !! I have read from many parts that the scale of the maf is unreliable, in my case it is not so, is precise and how, the problem is the green ball that brings me into the hole! Made the first few shots of last night, at f2.8 I thought it was a bit 'soft, I was out of focus because I trusted the green ball, focusing without taking into account you see a very clear sharpness even ta! rnPeccato this thing because the electrical contacts allow you to focus even on the sides, but if the green dot works badly is in fact useless or better, to be taken with the pliers. rn Well, however, having the images in focus with this 14mm is not a problem, in fact I have 3 possibilities: rn- focus on frosted glass, rn- use the scale of the maf, rn- use the green dot, but with the warning of pmake good when the dot begins to flash at the lower distance. rnrnThis optic, however, is always decidedly sharp, even and perhaps especially in ta, except for f22 where the diffraction intervenes to mitigate our ambitions. The nose is appreciably better than the 16-35mm / 4 Nikkor I had (and that was not bad ..). rnrnUpdate: after having done a good number of shots in various situations, I can only confirm the remarkable qualities of this perspective. Sharpness to all diaphragms, backlighting, excellent contrast, natural tones, ensure that the images produced by this lens are always at the highest possible levels.

sent on November 29, 2017

sigma_24_f1-4artSigma 24mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

Pros: Especially sharpness, but also made great colors and focus, construction, auto focus (provided you use the dock)

Cons: weight (but if you want quality and brightness ....), not weather sealed

Opinion: I had to vex a little 'to calibrate it with the dock, with 50mm rnQui I had less problems you will find the discussion I opened the matter, however, I realized https://www.juzaphoto.com/topic2.php?l=it&t=2293821rnDopo fly to get your hands on something really special, I already gave the gifts in the Pro, for now it is too early to give an opinion as 10lode as the 50mm that has bewitched me, I have to two days. rnMi intend to give you more impressions in a month or two, long enough to figure it out meglio.rnL'unico ART trouble with these is that clutter and weigh a lot, although this 24mm is among the smallest and lightest of the group. The 50mm is more tosto.rnAggiornamento: in this Easter bridge I could try it for good, really excellent optics, crystal clear and rightly countered already at full aperture, excellent resistance to the light, clean colors and real, good focus, hard to think or imagine a something better! rnAcquisto recommended!

sent on April 14, 2017

nikon_d800Nikon D800

Pros: sharpness, dynamic range, construction

Cons: I don't see any

Opinion: I took it back a couple of years ago to replace the legendary D700, so mine is an end-of-series model. Compared to the D700 does exactly the same things, only it does them better (except the burst, which however I do not use). Definitely superior detail, remarkably superior dynamic range, resistance to ISO highs (strangely) better, quieter shot and plus makes the video. The ability to recover light and shadow is perhaps his greatest dowry. I am very happy and I believe that she will be my faithful companion for several years. To fully appreciate this machine, however, you need some precautions, in the sense that you can use it very well as a 12mp but, if you want to see the highest quality, you need to use more restrictive safety times, maf more precise, high quality optics. In short, exceptional machine. I did not take the E because paying 500 euros more for marginal differences I did not consider it sensible and I am glad to have decided so. Note of 15/05/2020 Nice to read again and be able to confirm in full what was written 5 years before. The D800 is really great, it has very little to envy to the DSRL released later.

sent on November 13, 2015

sigma_50_f1-4artSigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

Pros: Remarkable construction quality, exceptional clarity even at full opening, clarity of colors, creamy blurry, fast maf, balance with D800, very low cost in relation to the characteristics and quality of the optics.

Cons: weighs (but feels less than feared)

Opinion: I arrived today, I immediately tested it to see if docks were needed for the maf. In my opinion it needs the docks (or maybe the fine adjustment is enough...), immediately it seemed perfect but, checking with the manual maf in live view I noticed some inaccuracies. The first impact is, however, decidedly positive, it seems to me a very clear perspective at all openings. I was afraid for his abundant 8 etti, I have to say that I feel them up to a certain point, thanks to the balance he has on the D800. I reserve the right to update my judgment after using it a little and comparing it with the Nikkor 50mm/1.4 AFS G that I still have... Update No. 1 - I couldn't resist and I made some comparisons with the Nikkor: Close distance - at the opening they are not so different, a sigma hair prevails - at f2 f2,8 and f4 clearly prevails the Sigma, I thought I had something wrong ... but here you can see from the graphs that is so https://photographylife.com/reviews/sigma-50mm-f1-4-dg-hsm/4 At infinity they would seem equivalent, but it is raining and so I do not trust the results and then there is that inaccuracy of the af, in short I have to redo it. I will wait for a sunny day and repeat everything in live view. The Nikkor vignettes more at full opening. Blurry, I like Sigma more, but nikkor isn't bad at all. I mean, Sigma wins, but Nikkor, considering it weighs and costs half, gets better than I could have thought. Update n 2 - I have redone my tests and comparisons with the Nikkor 50mm/1.4 AFS G several times, from a distance in my opinion they are quite equivalent, the Sigma is more correct and sharper at the edges and vignette less, but in the center and mid-range areas are equivalent. The big difference is at close range, where the Sigma prevails sharply at the f2 to f5.6 diaphragms, there it has just one more gear. Update #3 - I used it a lot this weekend, when I looked at the pictures I was blown away. This lens is exceptional!! Very sharp, blurry beautiful, beautiful colors and very clean. Without a shadow of a doubt it is the best lens I have ever used in over 40 years of photography. I never thought I'd compliment Sigma like that again. Update No. 4 I purchased the Dock and made the adjustment on 4 points. Now it's perfect at all distances. Never seen such a high-performance lens! I thank my friend Lupaccio for having recommended it to me several times !! I am sorry for the disappointment of Peppe Cancellieri (I followed his tribulations in a discussion). There is nothing to be done: we are faced with a high-precision instrument that needs to be calibrated carefully, but then I assure you that we are faced with a masterpiece of optics. Update No 5 (23/11/2020) a few years later I am also using it with a simply spectacular Sony A7rII thanks to a Nikon F - Sony E adapter from Commilte (V06 Commlite CM-ENF-E1 AF) simply spectacular, I don't know what else could be said about this wonderful lens.

sent on October 28, 2015

nikon_24-120vr_f4Nikon AF-S 24-120mm f/4 G ED VR

Pros: sharpness that does not regret landlines. Blurred great. resistance against the light. VR efficient

Cons: Dimensions and weight

Opinion: As I said above I do not regret the fixed, except for the brightness not elevata.rnLo I purchased in 2010 and, while using it quite recently (I love landlines), each time I am surprised by his doti.rnRecentemente is also at prices from balance, given that there has been promoting with the D750, if you need a zoom handyman far as this is an opportunity not to be missed

sent on October 05, 2015

nikon_85_f1-8gNikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8 G

Pros: always crystal clear, great focus, resistance against the light, light

Cons: plasticky like all G, AF lightning

Opinion: 85mm This surprised me for its quality, always crystal clear, already at full aperture and, above all, at all distances. I say this because before I had a 85mm / 1.8 AI maf manual, a real gem, but this was only in the neighboring, infinity was just okay. Produces beautiful images, in both portrait in paesaggio.Assieme to 35mm / 1.8 G form a coupled formidable.

sent on October 05, 2015

nikon_50_f1-4gNikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G

Pros: lightweight, compact, very sharp at long distances (a little 'less in the nearby), great focus, good resistance to the light, great price (when compared to other Nikon F1.4).

Cons: AF slow, plasticky construction, lightweight slip fire near full aperture.

Opinion: I never really loved this focus, as normal "handyman" I prefer the 35mm, 50mm, however, this has its perché.rnE 'ideal for photographing children, half-length portraits and for paesaggio.rnLo I also compared AFS F1.8 G and did not see any appreciable difference in sharpness, but this has a better focus and 3/4 stop in più.rnDa report a slight focus shift close to wide open, I solved with a -5 ( both that of D700 D800) rn

sent on October 05, 2015

nikon_coolpix_p340Nikon Coolpix P340

Pros: - Tascabilern- bright 5x zoom (equivalent to 24-120mm in FX) rn- RAWrn- wi-firn- 12mp (right amount for a compact)

Cons: - Missing the optical viewfinder, however, so perhaps it lose the tascabilità

Opinion: The I purchased recently, than my Coolpix 7900 2005 fantascientifica.rnIdeale when you go on vacation and you want to (or must) be light without sacrificing a good qualità.rnEntro certain limits also it allows you to shoot in low light , thanks to the zoom F1.8 (wide position) and the effective VR.rnOltre 800 ISO produces noise though, if you shoot in RAW and you have a little 'familiarity with the PP, you can take home shots decent

sent on October 04, 2015

nikon_28_f1-8gNikon AF-S 28mm f/1.8 G

Pros: - Very low nitido- distorsione- good sfuocato- leggero- fast AF

Cons: - Construction plasticky (like all G), however, I think is more robust than you might think.

Opinion: Optical definitely valid, clear already at full aperture, ideal for street and landscape, it is probably also the best ever made by Nikon 28mm (I had the excellent 28mm / 2 AIS). It must be said, however, that, to F1.8, 35mm / 1.8 is a bit 'meglio.rnBei right colors and contrast. rnAltre qualities I have already written in the "pro" Ideal to be attached to a 50mm and a 20mm

sent on October 04, 2015

nikon_afs35gNikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8G

Pros: - Nitidissimorn- lightweight and compact enough

Cons: - Construction plasticky (like all G also)

Opinion: And 'undoubtedly one of the best optics of my kit, ideal to accompany all'85mm / 1.8 G.rnLeggo around which would have any blurred rough, I think is pretty good. I also have the 28mm / 1.8 G and 50mm / 1.4 G, as focus are slightly better (but only slightly), however this is more than the 35mm as sharpness, this gift, in my opinion, is fondamentale.rn

sent on October 04, 2015

nikon_105vr_microNikon AF-S 105mm f/2.8 G ED VR Micro

Pros: clarity, focus, flexibility, efficient VR

Cons: size and weight

Opinion: Use in all-optical field with his brother 60mm / 2.8 G.rnSecondo me is a canvas suitable for all: macro, far, portraits, ecc.rnHo had other 105mm, the f2.8 Micro AIS, 2, 5 AI, it can easily replace them entrambi.rnL'unico "negative" aspect is its size and weight, but on the other hand if you want quality optics, VR, strength, a price you have to pay well.

sent on November 10, 2014

nikon_16-35vrNikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4 G ED VR

Pros: Quite compact, very sharp, VR zoom range

Cons: Distortion at 16mm

Opinion: I have for over a year and use it on D800.rnE 'a great zoom, recommended for those who love grandangolari.rnTra the AFS G is one of the better ones built, made in Japan ..... I joined the equally rnLo valid 24-120mm / 4.rnMolto sharp at all focal lengths - the center and edges - even at full aperture, f5.6 to f8 and obviously improves ancora.rnIl VR is very efficient, shooting at 16mm to 1/4 second hand free, this allows, within certain limits, its own night-time use hand libera.rnUnico defect, but less problematic than it might seem, the barrel distortion at 16mm. To correct it, those times that really bothers you just a click.

sent on November 10, 2014

nikon_60g_microNikon AF-S 60mm f/2.8 G ED Micro

Pros: Construction robustaNitidezzaSfuocatoResistenza in backlight

Cons: It lacks the aperture ring

Opinion: One of the best goals that possiedo.rnE 'built really well, made in Japan, and has a light output notevole.rnLo really use full-field together with the 105mm / 2.8 VR.rnRispetto the 55mm / 2.8, which I had First, it is more pleasant in general shooting, thanks to an excellent focus and contrast less duro.rnSecondo me is also suitable for portraiture, I use it often alternating with the 50mm / 1.4 G and 85mm / 1.8 G.rn

sent on November 09, 2014


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