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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Mattfala

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lowepro_flipside_400awLowepro Flipside 400 AW

Pros: Materials, access from the back, with no ability to change optical remove completely backpack, liners

Cons: Space for photographic material very limited

Opinion: I had this backpack for a couple of years and I found there are very bene.rnE 'very comfortable to wear and the materials are great and the interior pads to protect the equipment well. In my opinion comfortable opening its back, which, in addition to preventing access to the photographic material attackers, allows you to use the backpack as a stand and change the lens without having to place the backpack itself to terra.rnIl biggest flaw It is definitely the very little space devoted to photographic material. Other small defects: When the tripod is anchored to the pack that crushes the objects in the non-photographic; the upper hooks to stabilize the tripod are not the massimo.rnIn synthesis: a great backpack that definitely recommend it, as long as you did not need much space photo (for outputs in the day is fine).

sent on June 29, 2015

yashica_28_f2-8Yashica ML 28mm f/2.8

Pros: Price, construction, focus, color, image quality.

Cons: Lack autofocus, exposure changes with aperture, a bit 'soft to 2.8

Opinion: Excellent optics in all the colors, contained aberrations, blur pleasant, excellent construction (all metal), good sharpness intermediate diaphragms. Used for what it costs (40 € in excellent condition) is worth the effort if you want to take a 28mm quality and you do not need autofocus. With the 40D I have encountered problems in relation to exposure: a 2.8 in Av the camera exposes correctly, but stopping down the lens tends to overexpose more and more, reaching almost two stops of overexposure to f11-16 (the error changes to changing light conditions). At 02.08 am missing a little 'detail, but the quality is still acceptable (provided you focus in the right place!). I would strongly recommend to buy an adapter with chip for focus confirmation.

sent on March 30, 2013

pentax_50_f1-7Pentax SMC M 50mm f/1.7

Pros: Sharpness, price, compactness

Cons: No

Opinion: I use this lens reversed on extension tubes for macro high magnification (3x). rnIl manual iris has the advantage of allowing adjustment also reversed (which is not possible with the new lenses without aperture ring). Sharpness and color are good, even at 3x, where it is safely usable also in diaphragms chiusti (f8-11). rnrnIl price is great in relation to the quality you can find (only used because it is out of production for years) to 30-40 €. rnrnL'unico against that is to mount it normally, with adapter, on a full frame DSLR, should be removed the protruding pin inside and the protective part of the same, that the film cameras were used to close the aperture when shooting. If the rear screws are not damaged (unfortunately two out of five of those in my lens you can not unscrew), this is not a problem: just unscrew and remove the two pezzi.rnrnIn conclusion: a perfect lens for high magnification macro, lightweight, inexpensive and crystal clear. Viable alternativeMP-65 and for those who can not spend so much.

sent on March 13, 2013

canon_75-300_v3Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III

Pros: Price, 300mm, weight, short distance of maf allows close-up.

Cons: Autofocus slow and noisy, poor quality 300 f5.6, poor build quality, lack internal focus, lack full time manual.

Opinion: It 'was my first telephoto and helped me to orient myself in the world of photography. rnrnL'obiettivo is lightweight and compact, but the build quality leaves much to be desired (surprisingly the bayonet is made of metal!). rnMancano the internal and the full time manual focus and autofocus is very slow and noisy (although quite accurate on close subjects). rnPregio of this lens is to offer a telephoto lens that reaches 300mm at a low price (130 € new). The minimum focus of 1.5 meters allows discrete close-up.rnrnIn conclusion: great start to navigate the world SLR saw the price, but for those who have quite clear ideas, I suggest you save a bit more and take the good, but cheap, Tamron 70-300 vc usd.

sent on March 02, 2013

sigma_10-20_f4-5Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM

Pros: Quality / price ratio, resistance to flare, construction, speed autofocus.

Cons: Dark.

Opinion: Great value prezzo.rnL 'objective is dark and therefore not one of the most suitable, for example, for night shots to the stars / Milky Way (it should still be usable!). RnCostruzione good and excellent resistance to flare and focus speed. rnParagonato objectives as the 10-22 has the disadvantage of being dark, but the advantage of costing almost half! rnObiettivo highly recommended if you are interested in broad perspectives such as landscape photographs.

sent on October 29, 2012

canon_100-400Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM

Pros: Versatility, speed autofocus limiter, autofocus, zoom pump, compact when closed, a minimum distance of focus.

Cons: Stabilization of only 2 stops.

Opinion: One of the most successful Canon, and maybe even one of those who has sold more! RnMolto versatile, can be used by the photographic safari to portrait from landscape to close up. The autofocus is very fast and accurate, especially with the limiter inserted, is more difficult when he has to engage in a subject close to minimum focusing distance (1.8 m). RnLo zoom pump I find it convenient, is quick, and allows a rapidly changing composition even during the course of an action dinamica.rnLo stabilizer has two faces: it is an advantage that there is, as it allows you to shoot static subjects also 2 stop under the safety limit, but it is a flaw that both only two stops and four stop as those of the latest generation (limit still acceptable given the price is not excessive, especially used, and the age of the project). rnrnOttica consigliatissima to all lovers of nature and / or sport.

sent on October 29, 2012

canon_efs_18-55is_v2Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS II

Pros: Very reasonable price, weight and size, stabilization.

Cons: Construction and brightness.

Opinion: Classic standard zoom kit. The construction is very plasticky (bayonet plastic) and the darker (3.5-5.6), but considering the price is great for those who want to start: sufficient clarity, good range of focal lengths to begin to orientate and stabilizer efficiente.rnConsigliato for beginners from zero as regards the world SLR and interchangeable lenses!

sent on October 29, 2012

sigma_17-70macro_osSigma 17-70mm f/2.8-4 DC OS HSM Macro

Pros: Stabilization, good range of focal lengths, good image quality, good value for money.

Cons: Af not fast, not constant aperture, focal ring with a non-regular flow, lack of full time manual.

Opinion: Bought used at € 280 and sold a little less than a few months, for inutilizzo.rnL 'I preferred to 17-50 for more focal length f and a faster. The autofocus is responsive enough, but not to the level of real engines usm; also is very uncomfortable lack of full time manual.rnBuon range of focal lengths and good image quality, which by tests seems equal to that of the Tamron 17 - 50 8.2 vc.rnBuono stabilizer, which comes to about 2.5-3 stop (certainly not 4!). rnIl my copy was perfect in terms of sharpness (within the limits of the price range of the lens), and precision of 'f, but the dial was focal in some places and in some hard too soft; taking the lens down, without entering the lock nut of the focal 17mm, this tended to lengthen, ie to vary the focale.rnPer conclude, considering the price I consider it a good goal, consider what you prefer between brightness (Tamron 17-50) or speed and focal length f.

sent on October 29, 2012

canon_40dCanon 40D

Pros: Strength of the body, good ergonomics, good burst, file not too heavy, good quality / price ratio.

Cons: Autofocus little customizable, low-resolution LCD.

Opinion: It is used at a great price (now under € 400) for what it offers: very robust and ergonomic body that includes all the features and quick setup of typical semi-professional. Good burst to 6.5 fps, surpassed only by the professional machines like 7D and 1D. The 10 megapixel raw files offer not too heavy that do not require too much space on the hard disk. Lcd little resolute and customizable are little af "cons" to accept if you want to have a body of quality at an easily affordable. Feeling the limits of a body such as the entry-level 450D, I looked for a model that concedesse a qualitative leap with spending almost nothing after the sale of the 450D and 40D I found in the body just right!

sent on January 20, 2012

canon_50_f1-8_v2Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Pros: Price, sharpness, brightness, compact and lightweight

Cons: Construction, manual focus ring, auto focus speed

Opinion: I own it for a few months, bought used, and I consider myself satisfied, the value for money is great, despite many shortcomings: made entirely of plastic (including barrel and bayonet), ring for maf small and uncomfortable, very slow autofocus. For the rest it's a great goal: good sharpness, excellent the f1, 8 and blurred, in my opinion, acceptable. The compact and lightweight (it is the lightest EF lens ever) make it a lens easily transportable. Do an 8 for value for money.

sent on December 15, 2011

canon_100_macroCanon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

Pros: Sharpness, construction, internal focus, usm, price is not an exaggeration

Cons: No

Opinion: Great lens in all: sharpness, blur, building. In my view, can also be used at f/2.8 for portraits. Compared to competitors from other manufacturers (Tamron 90, Tokina 100, Sigma 105) has the added usm motor and the internal focus. Thanks to these autofocus is fast and quiet and the lens does not extend during focusing. In addition to this, considering the quality of Canon's 70-90 € more worth it all!

sent on September 25, 2011

canon_450dCanon 450D

Pros: Price, ease of use, good RAW

Cons: iso only up to 1600 and lots of noise

Opinion: My first camera, bought just over a year ago, not long out of production. Since I started shooting in raw I found a great improvement compared to jpeg, raw files are very flexible and it is difficult to have sunk pixels. The only flaw (considering it is a entry level) the af a bit 'slow and difficult in low light and noise at high iso defends just as well, since the sensor is not "crowded" as well as in other machines.

sent on August 31, 2011


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