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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Stec81

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lowepro_magnum400awLowepro Magnum 400 AW

Pros: Quality, capacity, customization.

Cons: Magazine notebook / tablet.

Opinion: A well-made camera bag, moreover, the quality of Lowepro not discussed. Very roomy, customizable internally ... and if you wish, you can add external enclosures, the same Lowepro or other brands. It includes a rain cover, an opening for attaching to a trolley and a padded case for sd cards, and more. I would say that as a bag of large bulky equipment transport, it is perfect. Only thing missing one notebook suitable partition ... but it's not a problem, you can fit it on top of the equipment if desired, maybe (recommended) with a soft case. For a possible tablet, as the 10 "we are comfortably in the front pocket. A warning, when it is full, full full, it weighs a lot, so who has trouble back / legs / shoulders / neck, forget it, better a trolley or a backpack .

sent on April 30, 2016

lowepro_flipside_400awLowepro Flipside 400 AW

Pros: Construction, strength, comfort, anti-theft pocket, capacity, customizable.

Cons: Transportation of bulky tripod.

Opinion: Great bag, pocket theft on the back is perfect, you can rotate the backpack without disengage completely and extract the contents safely. Has other pockets for accessories, the capacity is good and it is also quite robust. Comodo also incorporated the rainfly that is extracted in a second and wraps around the backpack. Great for me for walks and trekking. Only negative, if we transport heavy and bulky tripod (type Manfrotto 055 XPROB) the holder is not the maximum, the tripod is not nice fitting backpack and swings a little in the long run, creating a little 'imbalance.

sent on July 27, 2015

hoya_pro1_circular_polarizerHoya Pro1 Circular Polarizer

Pros: Thin, overall quality, robustness.

Cons: Anything.

Opinion: In my opinion, a great polarizing filter which nowadays is also cheap. The result of polarization is great, does not create special color casts, does not create vignetting even at wide angles and pushed the construction is very good. I use it with satisfaction on a number of Canon L series lenses and did not notice the quality of the final special decays.

sent on July 27, 2015


Pros: Speed, capacity and reliability.

Cons: Anything.

Opinion: Excellent CF card use on the 5D Mk III with satisfaction, never slowing down ... and the buffer is emptied very quickly when shooting bursts Raw. The capacity is more than ample, calculated that there are more than 1,000 raw (in 100iso). A card which I highly recommend, the brand is reliable. I have never calculated how many shots after the barrage starts to slow down, for the work that I do, I would say that at most arriving in bursts of 15-20 shots on occasion, never slowing.

sent on July 26, 2015

manfrotto_498rc4Manfrotto 498 RC4

Pros: Construction, durability, friction, quick release.

Cons: Slight slip during tightening.

Opinion: Ball head strong, excellent construction and very versatile. The plate or quick release is just as robust. Coupled to 055XPROB you have a tripod solid, versatile and robust ... a rock with pro SLRs and lenses. Only flaw I noted at the time of tightening there is a slight slip, however is fairly easy to fix, just take into account when framing this slittameno ... and if we harden well for the clutch before the final tightening, the problem It is quite limited. In any case, apart from this little anomaly, a ball head that definitely recommend.

sent on July 26, 2015

manfrotto_055xprobManfrotto 055 X PROB

Pros: Sturdy, solid, versatile.

Cons: Weight, size.

Opinion: There is little to say, a good tripod, solid, sturdy and versatile. At a price that is now hard to find better and we even built excellent manfrotto. To keep matters in a few seconds you set for every need. The only drawback, the weight and bulk ... but you can not have everything. Definitely recommended, it is a rock! Mated to a good strong head very rewarding.

sent on July 26, 2015

canon_16-35_v2Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 L USM II

Pros: Clarity, versatility, contrast, color, construction, auto focus.

Cons: Edges apertures, distortion at short focal lengths.

Opinion: 16-35 This is a lens that I love, it has its flaws ... like some sharpness at the edges at the widest apertures and noticeable distortion with very short focal ... so definitely not a perfect lens, for those who love landscapes recommend the new f4 IS. On the other hand, however, also it has many strengths, excellent sharpness in the center and in the intermediate zones, focal very versatile, color rendering and contrast very good. The building is at the top, a tank ... and the auto focus is precise and immediate ... at last, a bright aperture. A goal born to reports and photojournalism sports and not, for these types is perfect without a doubt. I use it with satisfaction also during weddings and photographs style of architecture, interiors and landscapes, with a little 'of foresight and knowing the limits, you can take home excellent work in these fields, so I recommend it to big. When I needed to replace it, I was a bit 'undecided between this and the new f4 IS, I eventuallyI chose this again, mainly for the need of a diaphragm bright ... choice of which absolutely do not regret.

sent on July 26, 2015

canon_70-200_f2-8Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM

Pros: Sharpness, color, contrast, autofocus, built.

Cons: Anything.

Opinion: A 70-200 "historic", was the first L-series that I bought, I can only speak well. Excellent sharpness even at full aperture, a certain focal has a fabulous performance, a blade. The colors and contrast is excellent. Autofocus is a bomb, fast and accurate. I would say that the selling price of today is hard to find better, for those looking for stabilization can go on the SI II or search for an IS used. Here, if I have to find fault, I would rather say that maybe a tropicalization equal to the later models. For the rest, nothing to say the building remains at the top as we have become accustomed Canon.

sent on July 25, 2015

canon_100_macroCanon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

Pros: Sharpness, contrast, color, construction, light weight, price.

Cons: Anything.

Opinion: A 100mm mark great, I use it a lot and I can not find fault, the yield is good on FF and also on Aps-c. The 100mm focal have a ductile, can be used for different types of photography. The focus is internal, fast is very precise. The construction is good and all in all the lens is light enough. Goal that I can only recommend ... top! For those who in addition to all these positive features also want the stabilizer and weather sealing, the L series is ... point.

sent on July 25, 2015

canon_24-70Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM

Pros: Sharpness, color, contrast, brightness, construction, auto focus, aperture.

Cons: Ergonomics, hood, distortion at 24mm.

Opinion: Great lens handyman bright. In circulation there are defects in the specimens with precision and sharpness of focus. My fortunately does not have these problems, so I can not recommend it because it is a really good lens! Construction, sharpness, color rendition and excellent contrast, even very good speed focusing. Only negatives, the distortion at 24mm the lens hood and almost as big as that of the 70-200 f2.8. Lastly, the ergonomics, to 24mm, the weight is unbalanced forward due barrel completely outside, with small cars and light becomes a little 'uncomfortable, in this his successor has definitely improved. For everything else, as I said before, I can not recommend it enough!

sent on July 22, 2015

canon_5d3Canon 5D Mark III

Pros: Ergonomics, autofocus, image quality, dual memory slots.

Cons: II SD slot, viewfinder coverage uncomfortable.

Opinion: Definitely a great machine, as it always has been the series of 5 Canon, since the days of film. Construction and ergonomics at the top, an autofocus finally good of all, a sublime picture quality, which is maintained even at high sensitivities. A car is not perfect but it can be used in every field of photography with great satisfaction for those who can not afford (or want) the number 1, this is definitely the best alternative! The only two little things that personally I would have preferred, are the dual-slot CF and viewfinder cover equal to that of the first series, the rubber to be entered each time I always result uncomfortable and cumbersome. With these improvements and a burst of 8 shots would be perfect, in any case, as far as I'm concerned, I can only advise strongly!

sent on July 20, 2015


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