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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Giorgio80

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nikon_d750Nikon D750

Pros: Good iso hold, weight, used price, versatility.

Cons: Eyeball, slowness in various situations, improved ergonomics, focus points, controls.

Opinion: I have been using it for a couple of months with satisfaction, although there are many points that can be improved. On the scale the cons go almost on par with the pros, supported above all by the high iso seal and the fairly light and well manageable file. I do not agree with the choices of button layout and there are too many characteristics that make it un manageable in the professional field especially in situations where the moment must be caught on the fly. In general I appreciate both the low weight and the handy grip. Mounting heavy optics shows a lot of imbalance but you can't have full barrel and wife... Good compromise to spend little and still have a good quality product.

sent on June 09, 2021

nikon_24-120vr_f4Nikon AF-S 24-120mm f/4 G ED VR

Pros: Zoom all-rounder cheap, versatile and unwieldy. Precise autofocus.

Cons: General quality quite low, but adjusted to the price. F4

Opinion: Versatile lens, focus pretty fast and precise. Its small limit is the vignette that if you can not do post production is obvious and turns off a lot of the images. Fixed F4 is a limit but with such a hike it is difficult to get better results. A product with these features but f 2.8 I think would cost too much. But I hope sooner or later it will come. On the used is located at very affordable prices and therefore accessible to everyone. Blurring is what it is. whoever buys it has to put it into account. Recommended as the best unpretentious lens and handyman on the market. Not recommended to those who already have 24 70 2.8 and want a replacement: it is not worthy.

sent on October 21, 2019

nikon_14-24_f2-8Nikon AF-S 14-24mm f/2.8 G ED

Pros: Edge sharpness, incredible colors, focal range

Cons: Very pronounced flare, fixed lampshade, protruding front lens

Opinion: It is a very high-level lens, but at the moment, since they do it on less interesting lenses, it would require a makeover. I have never appreciated its fixed lampshade and its front lens, too exposed to scratches and weather conditions. Excellent in sharpness, it also has a low distortion, but I was always disappointed by the flares that in difficult conditions are seen and not little. More photos required heavy interventions with Photoshop and not always with positive results. I believe that when you learn to use it well, it will return images comparable only to the fixed (few). Overall, taking into account that it is an extreme zoom, which has incredible autofocus skills, which has high-level optical features, in my opinion it is time to take a step forward (although now everyone is pointing the headlights on the mirrorless). Nikon unfortunately struggles to update some products but this is the only one of the triad that has not yet been modernized (some consider it the holy grail). I am not asking for the vr which I consider useless, but rather a tweak to its nei. Undoubtedly a lens that has made its contribution to the history of digital photography. Cost of the new, in my opinion a little excessive. Weight appropriate to nikon standards.

sent on October 21, 2019

sigma_24_f1-4artSigma 24mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art

Pros: Sharpness, elegant blurry, three-dimensionality of images, price

Cons: Hard manual focus/autofocus button.

Opinion: It costs relatively little. It weighs, but because it's worth the quality. Great focus dial. High quality images. Beautiful blur. Obviously at f 1.4 on fx if you make mistakes do not forgive but it would be strange the opposite. I found it a bit soft at the top of the opening but that's what I wanted. Great and recommended for 24mm lovers with excellent value for money.

sent on October 20, 2019

nikon_d4sNikon D4s

Pros: Already described by everyone, I share.

Cons: Boh, if I'd said "it cost too much to new" , I would have discovered hot water... But quality pays off. Maybe a couple more megapixels, you know, would be convenient when you run like me, a stubborn donkey to use only fixed at weddings.

Opinion: I wanted to buy a used at all costs: mine has almost 190,000 (one million nine hundred thousand) shots, aesthetically flawless, shutter replaced at 160,000 the first time!!! I'd say almost a world record. However, the dials do not mention imperfections, tyres in excellent condition. Perfect buttons. Slightly uncertain the focus in low light and low contrast conditions, but it is an old woman, to be praised anyway. No, it's not a sales announcement, but just the description of how a reflex, which cost a bang, has its justification in shouting: put me to the test, I'm as expensive as palladium but indestructible!!! For those who have not yet understood my judgment is that if necessary I will certainly change the shutter once again, and one more, but until there is better at an honest price, will stay with me, indeed thinking about it, I think will always stay with me. As any high-end reflex will give you the maximum of emotions, only with excellent Nikon Pro lenses, I do not talk about super canvases, I do not use them; Sigma art are amazing in mate. In particular the D4S amazes me every time for the results in extreme conditions and has improved the way I work, never goes wrong; If he makes a mistake, it's your fault. I forgot, paid 1300.00 euros, obviously used. I suggest: don't buy compatible duracell batteries, they don't last anything. Better the originals even if they cost like the dro... So much! Using low-level lenses the result does not go crazy. But still interesting. Maybe as standard I would suggest to propose on the flagships, straps suitable for weights that are usually high, if you combine it then with pro optics. The original one hurts after a while. I recommend, try it!!

sent on July 20, 2019

nikon_d800Nikon D800

Pros: Sturdy body and neatly arranged controls. Very high resolution. Battery life. Good level screen.

Cons: Often encountered serious problems of F/b focus (2 models out of 3 possessed). Huge and heavy files, needs the fastest memory cards and many hard drives. High weight of the body alone.

Opinion: I state that I had 3 and twice I had to face the problems of F/b focus. On all my lenses both zoom and fixed, I had problems and often the photos were to be thrown. Also sometimes even the micro moved was noticeable and annoying. When there were no problems the files were great, amazing details in the macros and crop that did not regret the lack of pushed tele. Sold all three for all the above mentioned reasons. If I found one without those problems, I would buy it again.

sent on March 08, 2019

nikon_d7000Nikon D7000

Pros: Comfortable handle, excellent sharpness. Very comfortable double sd slot. Low noise at high ISO. Battery eternal !!!

Cons: The sensor is often dirty, autofocus is not always accurate.

Opinion: I owned two of these babies and I have repented twice to have them sold. I used them in nature and the crop factor has always been an ace in manica.rnLa better aps-c never proven. Set almost professional, excellent grip and feeling of solidity and lightness at the same time. Recommended for those who want to start without fainting.

sent on March 02, 2015


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