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Nikon D750 : Specifications and Opinions

Nikon D750, front

Nikon D750, back

Nikon D750, top

The Nikon D750 is a reflex camera with FF (1.0x) sensor and 24.3 megapixels manufactured from 2014 to 2020 (discontinued). The range of sensitivities, including ISO extension, is 50 - 51200 ISO and it has a continuous shooting (burst mode) of 6.5 FPS x 14 RAW, 40 JPEG. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 1336 €;
479 users have given it an average vote of 9.4 out of 10

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 Format   Fullframe, 36 x 24 mm (image ratio 3:2, crop factor 1.0x in comparison with FF)
 Resolution   24.3 megapixel
 ISO sensitivities   50 - 51200
 File formats   JPEG, RAW

 Shutter speeds   30" - 1/4000
 Exp. compensation   +/- 5 stops at 1/3 steps
 Exp. modes   M, S, A, P
 Metering modes   Multi-Area, Semi-Spot, Spot

 Mount   Nikon F (click here to view all compatible lenses)
 Stabilization   No
 Autofocus (AF areas)   51
 Continuos shooting (with autofocus)   6.5 FPS x 14 RAW, 40 JPEG
 Continuos shooting (without autofocus)   6.5 FPS x 14 RAW, 40 JPEG
 Pre-Burst   No
 Live View   Yes
 MLU/SS   Yes, Mirrok Lock Up
 Video mode   1920x1080p @ 60 FPS
 WiFi   Yes
 GPS   No
 USB   USB 2.0
 USB Charging   No

 Computing Features
 ND Long Exposure   No
 Pixel Shift   No
 Focus Stacking   No
 Startrail/Composite mode   No
 Astrotracer   No

 Camera body and built
 Touchscreen   No
 LCD   3.2", 720 x 480 pixels, articulated
 Viewfinder   Optical, coverage 100%, 0.70x
 Flash   Yes, guide number 12 meters
 Storage   SD, SDHC, SDXC (UHS-I)
 Storage, Slot 2   SD, SDHC, SDXC (UHS-I)
 Shutter   Mechanical
 Battery   Nikon EN-EL15c, 16.00 Wh
 Weather sealing   Yes
 Weight   750 g
 Dimensions   141 x 113 x 78 mm


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sent on August 19, 2015

Pros: Weight. Ergonomics, though coming from the Nikon D7000 and D7100 it's feels natural. High ISO Noise control and the quaility of the pixels when there is noise, is easier to smooth out while still retaining more detail that my D7100. Very fast auto-focus and especially excellent low light auto focus. Color rendition. Sharpness/detail more than satifisfying enough when mounted with very good to excellent glass. 6.5 FPS is good enough for birds in flight especially when this camera can get so many in focus.

Cons: Would be nice to have had a dedicated AF-On button though I have assigned AF-L for this action as per my D7100. Only 1/4000th max shutter speed though when I look at the metadata for my images there are only a few birds in flight shot that have exceeded this on my camera bodies that have 1/8000th capability.

Opinion: The cons are only minor and very minor when you compare them to the quality/price ratio for this camera. I use this mainly for bird/wildife photography and am over the moon with it's overall performance. Even when having to commit to a larger crop for bird photo's in PP compared the the Nikon D7100 this still produces higher quaility images. Both my zoom lenses were just plug and play, no adjustments necessary that I have noticed. Is there another camera body out there that I would swap my D750 for? All things considered not one! Love this camera!

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sent on June 08, 2023

Pros: Robustness, weight, ergonomics, controls, autofocus, iso, dynamic range, price, intuitive menu and controls.

Cons: Focus points too central, liveview autofocus, video compartment, low-light autofocus


sent on October 13, 2022

Pros: Construction, weight, ergonomics, flash pop up, iso

Cons: Slow AF, swivel monitor, video

Opinion: I took it as a replacement for my old D3. I thought it was a real upgrade of the legendary D700, which I still have with me, but I was wrong. Great value for money, one of the best deals maybe even today. But a machine with too many flaws, an all-rounder that in the end does not excel at anything. I would give between 7 and 8 to all the compacts but really I would have expected more. I just exchanged it for a Z6II hoping that this is worthy of expectations. However machine that abundantly exceeds the sufficiency.

sent on August 05, 2022

Pros: iso seal, not too heavy files, ergonomics, battery, file workability, bulk and weight, adjustable screen

Cons: a few more convenient configurable keys

Opinion: I have been using this machine for several years with great satisfaction, I must say that it has a lot of pros and behaves really well in many photographic genres, portraits, birdlife, dance essays, macro, street ... its excellent iso tightness allows you to take home excellent shots even in low light situations, ceremonies / evening parties for example (without added flashes), combining good optics you fly! now I switched to the D850 and I put it on sale even if I'm still not convinced, I already feel the weight of the files of the 850 ... :) However I would recommend it 100% worth much more than the price it currently has. Hello everyone

sent on August 05, 2022

Pros: Dynamic range, robustness, file development, easy handling

Cons: autofocus sometimes uncertain.... especially if you photograph in precarious light conditions, focus points too grouped in the center

Opinion: Excellent camera, so good, that it still makes sense to buy it in 2022. From the moment you grab it, it immediately gives you a sense of robustness. The dynamic range allows you to face many difficult situations coming out very well, Ergonomics are excellent. It is not suitable for sports photos , but still discreetly performs this task as well. Its 24.3 megapixels are enough for almost any type of photo.

Photos taken with Nikon D750

Apocalyptic picture in Praia a Mare
by Giusepperussofoto
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Autumn Play
by Dianna3
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Among The Ancients
by Bruno Pisani
152 comments, 39677 views  [editors pick]
Garfagnana Steam Train
by Alessi Girlando
164 comments, 15611 views  
HI RES 21.6 MP
 [editors pick]
Attentive to the sacred woodland creatures
by Alberto Ghizzi Panizza
147 comments, 48959 views  [editors pick]
Steam train
by Marcophotographer
224 comments, 27519 views  
HI RES 11.9 MP

Autumn Colors
by Alanmontesanto
117 comments, 39501 views  [editors pick]


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Books make me turn the head
by Fabrizio Sgrignuoli
116 comments, 24359 views  [editors pick]
The Giant and the Witch
by Bruno Pisani
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Wind painted
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Mt St Michel Bay
by Danny Vangenechten
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"Urban Portrait"
by -Eric Draven-
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by Commissario71
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by Pumabg
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Look at me ...
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by Giuseppe Pelusio
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by Alanmontesanto
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The Aurora at the Arctic Circle
by Yuliya Vassilyeva
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Amazing places. Unesco Dolomites
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Alba in Gavirate
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Misty Towers
by Bruno Pisani
118 comments, 14371 views  [editors pick]
Blue Hour Gaggiano
by Teogot
113 comments, 18486 views  
HI RES 10.0 MP
 [editors pick]
"Jump" to Burano
by Giuseppe Pelusio
87 comments, 40275 views  
HI RES 15.2 MP
 [editors pick]
Mom and son, into the wild
by Jonathan Giovannini
85 comments, 17391 views  [editors pick]
Nomad Life
by Il Vime
120 comments, 14865 views  
HI RES 24.2 MP
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Light & Fire
by Alberto Parolin
113 comments, 15883 views  
 [editors pick]
Heaven Gates
by Leonardo670sv
109 comments, 12008 views  [editors pick]
by Daniel Maran
120 comments, 19445 views  [editors pick]
Model Peugeot 203
by Chirita Daniel
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HI RES 24.2 MP
 [editors pick]
After the storm
by Marco Paradiso
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by Zdenek
78 comments, 26731 views  
 [editors pick]
by Marcocalandra89
94 comments, 15829 views  [editors pick]
Lunar sunrise on Lake Federa
by Alberto Parolin
110 comments, 18791 views  
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Scrum in a storm
by Gianca61
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 [editors pick]
by Pumabg
100 comments, 20916 views  [editors pick]
by Dianna3
110 comments, 13725 views  [editors pick]

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