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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Nerofumo

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fujifilm_xc50-230ois_iiFujifilm XC 50-230mm f/4.5-6.7 OIS II

Pros: Light, sharp, stabilized, excellent value for money

Cons: For what was designed nothing.

Opinion: We know it when we buy it that it is a dark optics and that probably at 230 mm drops a little in performance but nothing particularly serious. With its 345 mm equivalents it is a voyeur optics, in many surrounding it allows you to seize unexpected moments of life, on more than one occasion it saved my service, having left the heavy artillery at home. Because this is a really pocket optics, which is certainly plastic but which manages to amaze in terms of general yield, it is what you do not expect from 120 euros of optics bought used online, money that you thought was thrown away but that perhaps are among the best spent ever. If it lasted even just three years I do first to buy another one without worries.

sent on July 28, 2021

fujifilm_35mmFujifilm XF 35mm f/1.4 R

Pros: General yield, sharpness, three-dimensionality, stamp

Cons: Noisy AF

Opinion: An eye that excites, with a personality of its own. Being a 50 mm equivalent is not a focal point that amazes for the angle of field, practically similar to that of the human eye, I have always avoided the fifty and fifty for this reason but I wanted to take it for its original stamp and great quality at TA. The autofocus is not as fast as the last born but fulfills well to its purpose even if you feel a certain noise. It would be desirable to revise this model in a modern way with more high and tropicalized af, I think fuji sooner or later will put our hands but at a high price.

sent on October 02, 2020

nikon_24-70g_f2-8Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED

Pros: sharpness, colors, brightness, ideal focal range.

Cons: External tires, they say "the price"

Opinion: I bought one to replace a 28-70 AFS 2.8, an exceptional optics but which lacked the step at the bottom towards 24 mm. I used it for 4 years on D700 but then sold it to try other brands. After a fairly intense use, the external coating tires were dull, I think they are very sensitive to hand sweat and natural heat. Today after 5 years that I have remade a kit Nikon, because the first love never forget, I bought it again. My copy still has 4 months to live so I don't know if in the meantime mum Nikon has changed the quality of the rubber coatings, only time will tell me. For the rest I preferred this version not stabilized either because I knew her for a long time and in fact of reliability gave me security and because of the stabilized version in many argue is not really sharper than this version.

sent on May 07, 2019

zeiss_touit12Zeiss Touit 12mm f/2.8

Pros: Well-kept optical diagram, sharpness, no flare, beautiful colors, light and pocket (no lens hood)

Cons: For me the price

Opinion: A questionable counter, the price, which however is an individual component. The optics are light, well built even in its satin and non-slip finish. Aesthetically in my opinion is presented in a superb way only with the lens hood attached, without it seems something that has lost pieces but you know. I Think it was the subject of studies from the point of view of the designer otherwise I will not explain. The aperture ring is sensitive and by easy Click, this could be a problem for someone who expects a more assertive aperture setting. For me the sharpness is its strong point, unstoppable, even too much, a lens that cuts and that returns bright colors if we also want to countertrend compared to the usual Zeiss yield notoriously more neutral. Here However I could not tell if it depends on the sensor on which it is used. I have the Fuji version. I replaced it to the 14mm F2,8 because two more mm on the wide angles make the difference often.

sent on April 04, 2019

7artisans_7-5_f2-87artisans 7.5mm f/2.8 Fisheye

Pros: Price, compactness, quality

Cons: No one for what you spend

Opinion: I have included quality in the pros because the piece that came to my surprise is not exactly what I expected but much more. From the reviews found on the net I was expecting a something assembled to the least worse with plasticaccia front cap and optic coupling ring of blued scrap metal. Instead I was handed a specimen, probably the result of a recent restyling, with metallic cap, chrome optic coupling ring, which engages on the Fuji body without games, entirely of glass and metal with focus rings and fluid diaphragms and with the Right clutch (analog memory stuff). At full aperture is a soft hair but nothing ruinous that can not recover with a slight mask of contrast, closing already a stop improves considerably. I had read of the reviews in which it was argued that there was the danger of engaging it also on the contrary, with danger detachment, with the red opposite reference of 180 degrees but from my tests there is only one way to graft it, the correct one. In short it seems a matter of substance especially in the consistency, it is small but is cramed with glass, all in a barrel with the solidity of a manhole, I do not know which alloy but probably iron-steel vulgaris. Plastic is an unknown element in this perspective, at least from the outside. It is not a perspective that is used often, in the long tired but in a work of documentation one or two photos of together do not spoil and then there is the sensationalistic aspect typical of the fish. Apart from a 12mm Zeiss I don't use anything third party in my kit, especially manual focus but this piece for what it costs and what it offers should not really be lacking in the bag. The focus ring could also have been spared, in a quarter turn it goes from 10 cm to infinity.

sent on November 17, 2018

fujifilm_x-e3Fujifilm X-E3

Pros: sensor, compactness, price

Cons: nobody

Opinion: no counter that is not known before the purchase as a non-tilting monitor and lack of tropicalization. For the rest this is a machine that offering almost all the features of the big sister X-T2, I think it will sell a lot. Surely it should be used with the right eye in the viewfinder and the nose in plain sight in perfect rangefinger style. If someone finds difficult settings and settings I believe he has lived so far outside the fuji world since the menu follows in all respects a scheme tested for years. Of course if we pretend to read it in Chinese, it becomes difficult.

sent on December 15, 2017

fujifilm_14mmFujifilm XF 14mm f/2.8 R

Pros: sharpness, size, weight

Cons: hood plasticky but it does its job

Opinion: I found myself at the crossroads when between 10-24 and 14 mm chose the latter but not for the price slightly lower, and even for that quit more brightness, no, I immediately found closer to the mission system mirrorless on the containment of weights and volumes. Yet in the narrow spaces was me tight, I joined a 8 mm Samyang for a while ', but the idea of ??replacing optical and often bring along two goals did not like and so although I liked mol? I have to replaced with 10 -24 that for me today is the peace of mind.

sent on March 16, 2017

samyang_8fisheye_f3-5iiSamyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-eye CS II

Pros: good value for money, crystal clear

Cons: The manual focus if we want but it is a optical characteristic that is known at the time of purchase

Opinion: As for the exposure only add that being the optical frighteningly wide the reading area of ??the exposure difficult to distinguish the main subject in the foreground and if the edges are dark also enter in the calculation of exposure by making a sort of overexposure. Occorerebbe in these cases use the narrow spot metering to measure the light only where needed. In the landscapes and evenly lit photos you do not have problems. I have a fuji and use it only with great satisfaction that for me is sometimes too broad and account to change it with something less spectacular but more human.

sent on August 15, 2016

fujifilm_xt1Fujifilm X-T1

Pros: Performance SLR, compact, technology

Cons: Battery Life

Opinion: As for battery life I can say that used with use of the monitor, on a day trip out of the classic two batteries are not enough. To date I have solved only by setting the use dell'evf with eye sensor function, the machine starts to consume only when approaching the eye to the viewfinder, the monitor remains disabled and is only activated if the preview in the viewfinder does not satisfy us . For the rest I can only say well with a note of surprise at the quality of the file and for the immediate usability of the jpg, comfort not just for those who have no time to lose to the PC.

sent on August 20, 2015

nikon_18-70dxNikon AF-S DX 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5 G ED

Pros: Good zoom range, solid construction, the possibility of purchasing a bargain price in used.

Cons: Unclear at room temperature, the absence of stabilizer, very resistant to flare

Opinion: an optical certainly dated, born in a kit with the D70, 6 mpx camera, an instant bestseller in the early 2000s, which gives the best of himself. In my humble opinion can not resolve well on sensors up to 10 mpx, as well as become inadequate. I hope that no one will buy it at a good price for attaching it to a D7100 sensor with 24 megapixel or similar machines.

sent on September 05, 2014


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