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Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED : Specifications and Opinions

Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED

The Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED is a standard lens for FF and APS-C, manufactured from 2007 to 2015 (discontinued). The focus is done by Ultrasonic AF Motor (Ring-USM), it does not have image stabilization. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 1682 €;
184 users have given it an average vote of 9.5 out of 10.

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This lens is available with the following mounts:

Nikon F: this lens is compatible with reflex fullframe and APS-C Nikon.

SpecificationsReviewsCompareBuySample Photos

 Focal lenght   24-70 mm
 Angle of view   84.1 - 34.4°
 Format   FF, APS-C
 Max. aperture   f/2.8
 Aperture blades   9
 Lenses/Groups   15 elements in 11 groups
 Min. focus distance   0.38 meters
 Reproduction ratio   0.27x

 Zoom type   Ring, external
 Stabilization   No
 Focus   Ultrasonic AF Motor (Ring-USM)
 Internal Focus   Yes

 Built and notes
 Tripod ring   No
 Extenders   No
 Filters   77 mm
 Lens hood   Yes, supplied
 Weather sealing   Yes
 Weight   900 g
 Dimensions   83 x 133 mm


Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED, buy on Ebay Ebay


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sent on July 28, 2021

Pros: Velocidad de AF, definición desde f/2,8, colores,construción, rango focal......

Cons: Precio nuevo

Opinion: Comprado nuevo en 2007, sigue funcionando como el primer día, bodas, deportes, paisaje...... Hay gente que se queja de falta de nitidez en las esquinas,yo no tengo ninguna queja, para mi rinde perfectamente en cámaras como la Nikon D3s, D800...., después de 14 años trabajando con el, sigue funcionando perfectamente,al precio que esta hoy de segunda mano es una autentica ganga.

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sent on November 25, 2021

Pros: Sharpness, Colors, excellent quality

Cons: Zoom chiera, weight

Opinion: Really very sharp lens even at 2.8 I made some fantastic close-ups. I bought the 24-70 Without VR because I think that such a sharp lens already at 2.8 so bright does not need stabilization, because the shutter speeds will always remain relatively high, in fact I did not regret the purchase. The zoom chiera is very delicate, you have to treat it with care, but nothing serious. The only thing that in my opinion can be a problem on certain occasions and the weight, in fact I do not consider it a travel lens. But in portraiture, landscaping, even in night photos I consider it excellent. absolutely recommended!

sent on May 09, 2021

Pros: Colors, sharpness,af

Cons: construction

Opinion: Very sharp lens with beautiful colors. Good blurry. Vignetting and distortion in the norm for the lens type, easily corrected in post production anyway. Flares and ghosts very well controlled. One thing I don't like is zoom motion, maximum extension to 24 mm and minimum to 50 mm.Unfortunately as others have said before it suffers from construction problems. I bought one used in the store and had to return it the next day as the focus ring that at the time did not seem to present any particular problems once we got home and took about twenty test shots began to become hard and almost unusable. Returned with another specimen equal to the new one. Too bad about this construction problem because the lens is of exceptional optical quality.

sent on April 15, 2021

Pros: overall quality, AF speed

Cons: flare, weight/size, quality reduction at the edges, zoom ring that has hardened over time, LACK OF VR

Opinion: Excellent optics in general. With machines like the D800 you start to notice the weight of the years, especially moving towards the edges of the image. In general, the exterior construction is excellent and robust, and the overall look of the image is more than great. As written in the cons, it suffers flare, weight and size are far from contained and in recent periods the zoom ring has hardened (a problem that seems to be present on this model).

sent on October 05, 2020

Pros: Sharpness, colors, AF

Cons: Weight

Opinion: After years of using Fujifilm for total use, I took this aim from my father's kit since he was undoing it. I attached it to my D610 that I had not yet sold and I was impressed by the optical quality. I can't find a real flaw. Maybe the only thing I don't like is the intrusive flare in the backlight photos even without having the sun directly in the frame. The vividness of the colors is magnificent and very natural. You have to pay a little attention to 24mm if you have architectural components in the image I have the impression that it distorts a bit but clearly it is not a defect since it is not born for that. The moral is that now I can't help it in the exits and after years of light outings with Fuji I put the big backpack on my shoulders to carry this jewel, as long as my shoulders hold. Although The 16-55 Fuji is an accelerating lens, this nikon lens in my opinion on a full frame sensor does a little bit more that makes me prefer in general for travel photos or reportage. Going home and looking at the photos taken with this optics is really a pleasure. On the wide angular side I'll like the 20mm f1.8 (even he hadn't had the courage to sell it yet) to have more field and for all those cases where the photos need strictly straight lines

Photos taken with Nikon AF-S 24-70mm f/2.8 G ED

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Last sun on Predarossa
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Also I love the Tuscan sunsets
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Dawn balloon
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HI RES 14.3 MP

Maria Giovanna ... 18 years!
by Afrikachiara
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