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Adriano G

Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Adriano G

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fujifilm_x100sFujifilm X100s

Pros: Construction quality; Quality of the images; Quality of the objective; Hot slide for external flash; Simulation of Fuji films.

Cons: Addictive

Opinion: She became my partner in my work as a photojournalist. I needed a discreet and light machine, to be combined with the SLRs, but now I use only this one because it has everything I need: Light, discreet, silent, a 35mm fixed equivalent of good quality, a good aperture, and a good apsc sensor. I prefer to shoot at low iso and use the flash, but this gem pushes to high iso which is a pleasure because the electronic noise is not unpleasant and is close to that of analog cameras. That's what makes it fantastic... it is an analog machine of the past combined with current technologies, so it has the quality that technological advancement offers, but the pleasure of photographing of the past using Fuji films. As soon as possible I will buy the fifth version, because by now I have decided with which camera I want to photograph for life. Update to the post: Today, the car slipped from my hands, fell violently on a sampietrino so strong as to bounce, I recovered it fearing the worst, and instead, in addition to working perfectly, it did not even make a scratch. I can add the phrase that a carabiniere present at the episode said: It's a small tank!"

sent on May 27, 2022

tamron_18-400vc_hldTamron 18-400mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC HLD

Pros: Value for money, light, tropicalized

Cons: For what it costs, I did not find any, however....

Opinion: I do not own it, but I have just tried it, about 10 pm on the street, so the worst light condition, on the 600D of my neighbor with this 100-400 mounted and frankly it seems to me that it has a more than dignified quality to be a cheap handyman. I also did a couple of portraits on the fly with the pop-up flash and the photos came out well. Plastic of course, but of sufficient workmanship to be scrambled, light and tropicalized. I liked it. There is a pero'.... given the price, on Canon, I would opt for the 70-200mm F4, which despite having half of the maximum focal length, but having higher quality lenses collects many more details allowing you to have a higher quality even enlarging and cutting the photo. Summarizing... if the priority is to have a 28.8-640mm on A-PSC, giving up quality, then the expense of 700/800 euros for an economic objective, is justified. Otherwise, published views and photos that mostly concern photographic hunting, if the priority is to have maximum excursion, then it is better to take a used 70-200 and get much better results even by cropping the image abundantly.

sent on March 04, 2022

canon_7dCanon 7D

Pros: A modified 5D II, therefore a robust and reliable tank, apsc sensor, dual processor, pop-up flash, burst, infinite battery. Still current and performing

Cons: Because of the type of photography I do, I can't find any

Opinion: Given away the kit 5D III, 70-200 f4 and 24-105, due to tendinitis in the shoulder, I switched to Sony A7II, given away immediately because I prefer to have a REFLEX in my hand. I tried a 7D with 18-135 kit enticed by the pop-up flash and since then I use only this, paid 300 euros including 18-135. Going from 5D III to this, is like going from a comfortable 2000CC sedan to a 1300CC prepared for the track, so you have to use it properly and take a little hand. I don't know how the hell they did it in Canon, but it captures light like an FF. The integrated flash, short, but also at medium distance, does not regret the sled flash. The crop factor for me is not a problem (on the contrary). I think I managed to find the right car for me. I still have to try it with L series lenses, but for the photography I do, without qualitative pretensions, at the moment it suits me.

sent on February 14, 2022

canon_efs_18-135_stmCanon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM

Pros: Handyman; practical; Lightweight; Quality lenses for decent photos (all in all); Plastic construction, but of good workmanship; Stabilized; Fast focus

Cons: If it had been tropicalized

Opinion: I keep it installed perpetually on a 7D, having 28.8-216mm available, and an overall human weight. The quality is not from the L series, but if you are looking for comfort, lightness and speed of focus, and a quality of dignified image, as an everyday lens is fine. A practical lens for everyday reportage, even at a professional level, thanks to the wide focal range and the speed of focus. Even if it is not a series L my vote is 9, if it had been tropicalized I would have given 10

sent on December 27, 2021

sony_nex_7Sony NEX-7

Pros: High quality, let's talk about a former flagship, current used price.

Cons: Video recording button positioned with male cynophile genital apparatus

Opinion: At the time it was the flagship Sony, therefore a high-end, which today is at derisory prices. Good image and video quality, light, small, which with the 18-55 in kit, also of excellent quality, once closed, transforms the machine almost into a compact. The wonder is also the three rings positioned so that you can easily control times, apertures and sensitivity with thumb, index and middle fingers, to shoot and film, while with the same fingers of the left hand you can easily adjust zoom and focus, offering the pleasure of the manual in all respects like the machines of the past. From her they created the subsequent FF,and she is the mother of the current high-end A-PSCs. They are located at derisory prices, mine I had paid 250 euros with Sony lens and flash and if you happen to find one, you should not let it get away. I gave it away because the video button was positioned badly and with my hands xxl every 10 shots I started three videos and the thing unnerved me.

sent on July 09, 2021

sony_e18-55Sony E 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS

Pros: Quality, cost, lightness

Cons: nobody

Opinion: I had it on a Sony Nex-7 that I used for the street, but I also did some photoshooting without regretting much more expensive professional lenses. Now that I'm back at Sony, I'm just sorry that this lens is only for the a-psc format, otherwise I would have bought it back immediately. When a lens gives you lightness, portability and quality, at a derisory price compared to what it offers, it's a lens that has everything you need.

sent on July 08, 2021

sony_fe28-70ossSony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS

Pros: Light, stabilized, price

Cons: Everything; It costs more than it's worth.

Opinion: It is not a kit lens, but a lens put in kits so as not to pay for waste disposal. With all this I keep it, because in the portrait, only in the range between one and a half meters and three meters away, thanks to its defects, starting from the aberration and the poor quality of the lenses, it churns out acceptable photos. To buy it would be crazy, because 'given the lower quality' of kit lenses of other companies, it should cost new less than 139 euros. Ok, having to put a lens in order to have a kit to offer, but if they put the 50mm fixed, which also costs less, those who buy the machine should not get away to immediately buy a decent lens. The proverb says that a caval donato does not look in the mouth, but this is just a pitcher.

sent on July 04, 2021

sony_a7iiSony A7 II

Pros: Full-frame; Image quality; High iso resistance; Light; Rechargeable with a power bank; Sensor; Paired processor sensor; Valid in 2021 and for several years to come. Light and not bulky.

Cons: One slot; He makes the videos.

Opinion: Just bought and took about thirty photos. As a first impression it seems to me that it is not really a lightning bolt in focus, but it remains a FF that churns out good quality files even at high iso, therefore suitable for contexts such as portraiture, fashion, still-life, landscapes, street. It would also be suitable for church ceremonies, but it does not have the double memory slot and is a serious shortcoming, which they solved with version III, where the machine becomes pro in all respects, both for the double slot and for the burst that makes it also suitable for sports photography. All in all, I think it's a good all do that in weight and size offers portability. The only thing I don't understand is why every four three photos are blurry, but I think it's up to me, maybe I'm still used to 5D III or maybe I have to sect it well.

sent on July 04, 2021

canon_5d2Canon 5D Mark II

Pros: Professional Canon, still current, market price, reliable.

Cons: It makes videos, and it's a flaw that almost all current cameras have; One slot.

Opinion: Full-frame, tropicalized, professional, is located around 400 euros in excellent condition. It is still relevant and allows not only to have fun but also to work and also for some time to be more, because it is indestructible. As the only flaw I find is the fact that it has only one memory slot, but CF-Cards, when they are about to leave, give some signs of failure. Flanked by two MarkIII and a Mark IV for ceremonies and attached events in the restaurant, until before the lockdown, she worked with dignitas without being outclassed by the others. Mark II with the 24-105 I used it, finding myself very well. Today my partner uses it every now and then, with results that I never imagined from those who shoot automatically and in jpeg. If you're looking for multiple focus points, extreme isos, burst shots, wifi and stuff, it's best to get on top of something else, but if you're looking for the necessary single-shot focus points, but very high quality, then the Mark II is the perfect machine. It even allows you to take sports photography, as long as you shoot without a burst. As a sensibilit, he thinks up to ISO 3200. I personally use flash and rarely go beyond 400/800 ISO, so it's not a problem. For those who use flash rarely because they prefer high isos, then it is good that they horizon on something else, admitted to finding something for the same figure. Certainly the Mark III offers a little more, but used is at twice the price and if you do not need to have double slots (a CF and an SD) and iso over 3200, you do not need to spend more, considering that they are tractors that easily reach 300 thousand shots without effort, therefore still usable for many years. The cards are so hard at saving the files, but I broke them from mark II It's the first camera that introduced the video world into cameras, and it's the only fault it has. I firmly believe that cameras only need to be photographed. Around I meet people with cameras put on supports that are not stabilizers, complete with microphone equipped with dead cat, who get fatigued unnecessarily because they could use handheld cameras, designed to make videos that activate and stop by opening and closing the door, and some of them have microphone and headphone inputs and even take great photos. It's no different from the photographer using the handheld camera instead of the camera to take pictures... what's the point? If anyone wonders who created these monsters, know that it was canon with 5D Mark II

sent on June 14, 2021

olympus_omd_em10Olympus OM-D E-M10

Pros: A professional entry-level

Cons: Addictive

Opinion: Having this, the EM-D5 and two EM-D1s and the EM-D10 was the only one I missed. After i gave her away, I felt like those men who leave a woman, seemingly more beautiful and charming, and understand that they love her after they no longer have her. Given away for the EM-D5, which did not satisfy me, and I resold for the EM-D1, which despite being a flagship, did not have the photographic rendering of the EM-10. Then, after the first one died, I took another EM-1, to which the upper ring had broken, after it had already been repaired and electrocuted the screen, turning pink striped white suddenly. Which is why I'm done with olympus, but another EM-D-10, plus in the fork I'll buy it back. We are still talking about machines designed, but that are assembled in China, that only have the pedigree of the brand and it is not clear why, the best successful ones are the entry-levels, which have nothing entry-level, because they are professional machines.

sent on June 13, 2021

olympus_m14-42_v2rOlympus M.Zuiko Digital 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 II R

Pros: Value for money

Cons: Not tropicalized

Opinion: Light, comfortable, well built and of amazing quality that you don't expect from a lens of this price range. The only lens I used with manual focus, which allowed me to shoot in hyperfocal at a speed almost equal to the shot in autofocus, this thanks to the lightness and size. Sharpness more than enough, almost pro (it is not the kit model of 129 euros), indeed I would say that it is a pro series, at a very low price because of the materials, which although economical, are of excellent quality. A good all do 28-84mm equivalent, which loves to make street. Equipped with a silent motor, therefore excellent lens also for shooting video, but that give the maximum to autofocus disabled. About 300 euros well spent, which make you regret the pro series only for materials, but in its favor it has the prerogative to be light as a feather, and even if it is not tropicalized, it is not afraid of light rain.

sent on June 13, 2021

olympus_m14-150iiOlympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 14-150mm f/4-5.6 II

Pros: Comfortable, all-rounder, tropicalized

Cons: If you assume that it is a Made in China kit quality, no one

Opinion: I kept it mounted on an OM-D-EM1, which certainly could not express image quality, but the results were still more than enough. I got to try it on an OM-EM10 first series, and the quality was much better. Scuretto, but not so much to be an equivalent 28-300, also considering that it is coupled with an M4/3 sensor. Noisy, not even that much, but this is the era in which the human race has fixed itself that the if the grain is obtained with analog is beautiful and vintage, while if obtained with digital it is ugly and bad. In conclusion, it is a good compromise, with a dignified quality, good workmanship, which resists the weather well (better to lift the cap when it rains, otherwise it tarnishes), which is purchased at an affordable price, which allows good fun. If you are fixated with noise, extreme brightness and other photographic physios, it is good not to buy it, but if you want to have fun photographing, waiting for the pro series, and changing lenses is a problem, then it is the perfect goal.

sent on June 13, 2021

olympus_omd_em1Olympus OM-D E-M1

Pros: Handy, well tropicalized

Cons: Made in China

Opinion: I had two: the first one died at 12 thousand shots; The second with the upper ring running empty, at the time repaired as a guarantee, but the defect is back. At 37,000 shots the screen started at any moment. Many photos, when used during services, even in jpeg were not saved on the card. I thought it was a board issue, but I still use it on 5D III today and I've never had a problem. I think it depended on me taking a lot of single shots in a matter of seconds, maybe using the burst, I would have solved, but I don't like burst shots. Raw light, but with little information, so much so that at one point I preferred to set it in jpeg. I don't know if I was unlucky, but from my experience I can say that they are good machines, but that they do not make work in peace because you always have the anxiety that you can break something, or that the photos are not saved. They are well-designed machines, which if they were built in Japan, would have split the market

sent on June 12, 2021

canon_24-105Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

Pros: Robust, tropicalized, reliable, good quality yield, L-Series F4 at all focal points, autofocus

Cons: For what it costs, no flaws.

Opinion: The only lens I always keep attached to the machine, because it's a reliable handyman. With this lens I made reports, ceremonies, events, streets, travel, portraits, and it never gave me any problems. I cannot call it an objective of excellent quality, but of good quality in all situations. L series lenses, autofocus quite precise and fast, tropicalized, robust, weighs the right and mounted on 5D becomes well balanced, has good ergonomics. I call it excellent, because it excels in nothing, but it performs well in all situations. Aberrant a little at 24mm, but I don't find it a flaw. He's my ideal companion because he's like me... I am not looking for a few excellent photos, but many good ones.

sent on June 12, 2021

sony_rx10ivSony RX10 Mark IV

Pros: Never used, so I don't express myself

Cons: One-inch sensor, otherwise I don't express myself

Opinion: I had RX100M3 and RX0II, which mount the same processor and didn't feel good. Surely it has the prerogative to have a good focal excursion and good lenses, therefore a valid handyman on the true meaning of the word. Around I see many photojournalists with reflex or mirrorless and targetses hanging everywhere like salami, but maybe life with a bridge like this, with an equivalent 24mm-600mm and a good burst, avoiding carrying weights and clutter, could smile at him.

sent on June 12, 2021


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