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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Umberto65

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canon_100dCanon 100D

Pros: Value for money, touch, small size.

Cons: Limited battery life, entry level material quality.

Opinion: I bought a new one at the end of production at the price of euro 379 in kit with 18 55 3.5-5.6 Stm as a second body, to be added to FF. Great for easy pancake outings, it's a canon project in my modest opinion very right. Without the need to buy a second kit, I take advantage of EF lenses and the advantages of the small format if necessary. Of course, it has its limits, which have already been widely highlighted but, as I always say, we must always compromise. Highly recommended spare battery.

sent on May 31, 2019

canon_85_f1-8Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

Pros: Value for money, autofocus, compactness.

Cons: AC, Lens hood coupling.

Opinion: It is one of the historical optics of Canon production, still in the catalogue after many years. As focal length 85 mm on FF I find they are perfect for portrait. Compared to the competition affected by the dated project but not even disfigured in 2019. And it costs really little for what it returns. The lens hood is for a fee and has a very bad graft.

sent on February 17, 2019

canon_50_f1-8stmCanon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM

Pros: Value for money

Cons: I am not completely convinced of the STM system

Opinion: There was a nice step forward compared to version 1.8 II. The plastic bayonet has finally been eliminated, it has been switched to 7 blades and even the focusing system is improved though. The price was only slightly retouched and with just over 100 you bring home an honest optics, exploitable both on Aps-C and FF. Brava Canon

sent on November 06, 2018

canon_40Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 STM

Pros: High value for money, portability.

Cons: Slow MAF

Opinion: I love pancakes. Lightness, compactness and value for money at the top. No optics are free from defects, an economical lens cannot fail to have. Really interesting focal length, excellent on FF for street (in which the compactness is a plus) but also good for portraits set. The full opening yield does not satisfy me, the autofocus is actually slow (for photos posing no problem) but overall, for an enthusiast like me, being able to buy Canon lenses at "human" prices and dignified quality is an opportunity not to be missed.

sent on October 27, 2018

samyang_14Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Aspherical

Pros: Price and image quality

Cons: Assembly and materials used (lens hood), distortion

Opinion: It is an excellent value for money, accessible also for fans. It is not a little thing in an area where the quality you pay and much. Just see the photos taken in the forum to understand the potential of this lens. The lens profiles for distortion correction (Adobe LR version 5) are not easily available and installable but are indispensable in post. For a first approach to the "Wide" World on FF is a valid purchase.

sent on October 16, 2018

canon_24-105Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

Pros: versatility, build quality, autofocus, stabilizer, Price Used.

Cons: Flare and AC in certain situations, missing block

Opinion: I call it the Toolbox Parrot. Everybody snub him up, but then when you're in a hurry, just look for Him. It is used at a reasonable price, it is a L-series, excellent materials, good autofocus, has its flaws as all optics covering a range that must meet in one shot only 80 percent of the needs of an average user. As first optics on FF is perfect, even after it comes back always useful.

sent on October 13, 2018

tamron_70-300vcTamron SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di VC USD

Pros: Excellent value for money, effective stabilization, good build quality always in relation to the price.

Cons: Over the 200 mm decreases the definition.

Opinion: The success of this optics is closely linked to the purchase price. In Casa Canon There are qualitatively superior solutions but you have to be available to spend more. The Canon offer is still interesting and, in my personal opinion, is to be preferred. That said, I love the wide angles and fixed focal lengths and I use it sporadical, I have not applied my theory and I bought it new to less than three hundred euros. The money is worth them all and knowing the limits you learn to minimize the flaws. The rest has already been widely said.

sent on October 13, 2018

sigma_12-24Sigma 12-24mm f/4.5-5.6 EX DG HSM

Pros: Almost absent distortion, good construction, price in very versatile used on FF for covered field angle.

Cons: Not very bright, the rubber of the nuts is easily Dirty.

Opinion: I like it very much and I am fully satisfied with it. In the used is now at low prices, if it happens in hand a good example my advice is not to let him escape. The Sigma optics of those years suffered from a certain variability in the production, you have to pay attention to the copy you want to Buy. Protruding lens, fixed metal hood with Two-part cap, as for Samyang 14 brighter but gentle. The Autofocus Works Fine. Be careful not to damage the optics, which has a well-solid structure.

sent on October 13, 2018

canon_24_f2-8Canon EF 24mm f/2.8

Pros: Lightweight, good quality materials, contained distortion, good yield at medium aperture.

Cons: "Old-fashioned" Autofocus, made at full aperture.

Opinion: Bought used by a forum user. My experience is mostly on FF but it remains optics widely usable even on Aps-C. It is a lens that from its best to medium aperture, at f 2.8 in little bright places does not satisfy me. Lens hood indispensable given the focal length. If you find in the used a good copy remains a good option even if you have to keep in mind in case of breakage the availability of spare parts. Light and very practical, the autofocus is that of those years.....

sent on October 13, 2018

canon_efs18-55stmCanon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM

Pros: Very quiet, effective stabilizer, light weight, very good value for money.

Cons: Plastic bayonet, used materials and usual absence of the lens hood.

Opinion: Bought in kit with Canon 100d, ridiculous additional expense. I was expecting a bottle bottom and instead I was surprised at positive. It is a more than discreet optics and for the price I paid I can not really talk about it badly, I also bought a compatible lens hood I thought I would resell it right away! I also like the colors and with the lens profile of Lightroom the distortion in good part corrects itself. Only pity for the materials usati....ma everything you can not have!

sent on October 12, 2018


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