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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Andy41sbk

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canon_17-40Canon EF 17-40mm f/4.0 L USM

Pros: Construction, weight, image quality, perfect for aps-c

Cons: FF on cartoon and distorts a bit '

Opinion: is a divine perspective, light and versatile, for those who want to have a series of L aps-c I would say this is a 17-40 must.rnSul FF you can enjoy the real wide angle, and since coming to 40mm can be used in different situations but nonetheless can never be an all-rounder as the 24-105 L but a great companion affiancare.rnAmate landscapes, pictures from minded, group photos, often taken at home or in situations with tight spaces, then you must have it rn !!

sent on June 20, 2015

canon_5dCanon 5D

Pros: Construction, FF, generous and ergonomic handle

Cons: none

Opinion: is a reflex with 10 years on his shoulders so we can not compare with those of the day d 'oggi.rnUna machine without frills made to take and just, nicknamed the old 5D, using returns in the past and it's a fun set iso shutter speed and aperture to try to build the picture, so if you want all those trinkets, automated, menu 'rich and configurations of all kinds know that this is not a machine for voi.rnMa if you want the simplicity, robustness, quality FF then this 5D "old" will offer even strong emotions and photo d 'art.

sent on June 20, 2015

nikon_85_f1-8gNikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8 G

Pros: Great Bokeh, light, crisp already in TA.

Cons: I can not find

Opinion: For mè is an 'excellent optics if we claim to then have to shell out more money for the series G f 1.4, the rest is a lightweight very clear already at full aperture, ideal for portraits and a nice bokeh, filters 67, bayonet metal. Discreet and well built it wouldnt without thinking twice.

sent on June 01, 2015

canon_5d2Canon 5D Mark II

Pros: is a FF, weight, strong, excellent ergonomics of 'handle

Cons: one CF card slot, and barrage AF lenses

Opinion: A great machine, sturdy and large, ergonomic grip good for those with large hands, of weight, for those who need to know that speed is slow in burst and AF, then good for landscapes and portraits, with only one slot CF card (it would have spoiled also SD). Excellent file and low noise up to ISO 6400

sent on June 01, 2015

canon_24-105Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

Pros: Series L, robust and fluid, stabilizer, focal length

Cons: vignetting, flare, weight, f4

Opinion: A great all-rounder given the 'focal length ranging from 24 to 105mm, the stabilizer has d' image that can always return useful, suffers from vignetting and flare in controluce.rnUn pesantino little worn around the neck a whole day, if you love as of optical light let me lose because his f4 limit will force you to sell it in a short time to go to the big brother io.rnSe 24-70 2.8 as I did have a camera with APS-C sensor would say that as a series L is preferable to the 17- 40 both for the opportunity to make panoramas and weight, but if you have a FF escape routes as there are few or zoom the 24-105 f4 or the 24-70 f4 (24 2.8 -70 to carry around a day whole is a nightmare) other alternative for focal length and weight would be the good old 28-135

sent on September 28, 2014

canon_24-70Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM

Pros: Image quality, fluidity of the L series, bright, a good focus

Cons: Heavy

Opinion: Optics nothing short of exceptional, taken in place of the 24-105 f4, I was afraid to miss the 35 mm but it was not like that, get the 2.8 instead of 4 is more important to me because I often take pictures also to 'internal and in situations of low luminosità.rnGrazie the focus of the TA 2.8 is also excellent portraits manage to steal, or to create images with an excellent three-dimensional, in some cases, I miss the stabilizer which never hurts, the rest are very soddisfatto.rnUna which limits the weight is enough .. if you take it with a full day is a nightmare.

sent on September 28, 2014

nikon_18-105dx_vrNikon AF-S DX 18-105mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED VR

Pros: lightweight, stabilized, zoom range, filter by 67

Cons: bayonet plastic

Opinion: He was despised by many .... I find instead that lens a great all-rounder, he was in a kit with the D7000, I bought other optical specifications for my kind of pictures but not the 18-105 l 'I never sold because it has never disappointed me , the only thing that can be negative is the 'bayonet in plastic for the rest has always been a great travel companion and will continue to esserlo.rnBuona light at all;-)

sent on September 23, 2014

canon_450dCanon 450D

Pros: Weight, display large 3 ", functionality and simple settings.

Cons: Plasticky, noise even at ISO 800

Opinion: I kept my 450D for about 2 years, it is a entry level machine so you can not ask too much, it has a good sensor and an AF system fast enough, it is very light and plasticky but not so much for the 'impression of robustness, presents a loud noise at high ISO, Canon has the classic menu and then scroll down and simple to interpret.

sent on September 22, 2014

canon_40dCanon 40D

Pros: Excellent machine robust and reliable, with typical features Canon quick access keys are.

Cons: Acceptable up to ISO 600/800 max, the interior colors are more natural because the white balance is in crisis

Opinion: If I went back I wouldnt, it was for me 'a' good macchina.rnUnica thing that has ever given me satisfaction were the pictures taken in low-light or artificial light also trying to set the WB is nothing to display fare.rnIl beautiful large 3 pollicirnIl camera body has the right weight to be able to mount optics too heavy "L series" then everything you put in balance rn

sent on September 19, 2014

nikon_d7000Nikon D7000

Pros: Reliable and robust machine, keep the good high ISO, white balance is always accurate and the photos are natural and lifelike colors

Cons: nothing special, only negative as reported by others, the sensor gets dirty easily

Opinion: I use this machine for about 2 years and I must say that I am satisfied in full, I like the AF system to 39 points shooting is always fast and accurate. I think it is a machine well designed and well built, the 18-105 kit is not the best for this body as a machine, but everything to do with shooting and walks away I'd say it can go, using optical higher performance machine brings out the best se.rnUsando of the machine for the 'whole day I find that the' handle is a bit small (you must consider that much use a 5D MkII which is bigger and the 'generous handle, then it is subjective) .rnSono surprised by excellent white balance always accurate in any condition of light source, taken with the D7000 is always a pleasure;-) rnBuona light tuttirn

sent on September 17, 2014


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