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Ugo B

Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Ugo B

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om_system_om5OM System OM-5

Pros: size, weight, aesthetics, af, white balance, jpeg, extra features

Cons: micro USB (and not USB C), old menu, some avoidable software limitations

Opinion: The Om-5, on the contrary, has more than one reason of interest for any photography enthusiast. It is a complete 360° machine capable of excellent performance in all sectors, at a very interesting cost and with really negligible weight and size. It is a small jewel that paid, initially, the price of being underestimated and identified as a "software update" of the previous model. It is currently the machine that I use the most among those I own (OM1, OM5 and EM1X) also because it is a real pleasure to use. Too bad for some choices that can be revised (and I think can also be improved via software) such as the old type menu and not like that of the OM1 which should now be the new course, and the limitation of the ND filter to ND16 and not 32 as on the EM1.3 for the rest is beautiful to look at, fun to use and able to churn out fantastic photos. I was thinking of getting a second OM1 but in the end I think it will be the OM-5 to have a twin (silver). Even the autonomy, despite being the "usual" battery of all time is very good, a sign of better energy efficiency. VERY recommended and really suitable for anyone

sent on April 25, 2023

venus_laowa_argus25_f0-95mftVenus Laowa Argus 25mm f/0.95 MFT APO

Pros: Brightness, construction, image quality, optical quality

Cons: no exif

Opinion: the laowa Argus 25mm for Micro4/3 is an incredible lens. the image quality is crazy and the yield is truly unique in the Micro4/3 panorama. the lack of electronic contacts prevents the correct recording of EXIF but at the same time guarantees total compatibility (without electronic problems) and the total lack of automatic corrections: seeing the yield of pure vertro on the sensor is really impressive. A lens not for everyone but that knows how to give satisfaction and unique creative solutions. and the new 16mm is even better!!

sent on February 03, 2023

olympus_12-45_f4proOlympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-45mm f/4 Pro

Pros: Build quality, speed, size, excursion, price

Cons: manfa fn button and MF clutch

Opinion: A Zoom PRO very suitable for those who use non-professional M43 bodies that are a bit unbalanced with the 12-40 2.8... excellent construction and speed of the af, very good image quality. It is not a razor like the 12-40 pro, but more similar to the 12-60 Leica as a general feeling of the image. It behaves well in all situations, and is very usable at TA. Excellent close focus very very small. a beautiful lens, pro quality, at an affordable price

sent on December 29, 2021

olympus_em5_iiOlympus OM-D E-M5 II

Pros: aesthetically still at the top, revolutionary features, image quality, weight, dimensions, top construction

Cons: Continuous AF not very performing now

Opinion: If we consider the moment of release of the product, when the mirrorless competitors were still in prehistoric times the EM5 mark2 takes a nice 10. however, even today it is a lady camera, which can be purchased new at ridiculous prices, which knows how to give enormous satisfaction. It is the machine that best embodies the concept of the olympus philosophy able to adapt perfectly to amateur and professional uses. introduces the extraordinary Hi-RES shot mode and elevates every positive quality of the previous, revolutionary, model by smoothing out the imperfections on the keys and lag. Menus are complicated only for those who do not habitually use the Olympus system as the main body, so I find it an unfounded criticism of any product or brand now. Perfect for street, portrait, travel and all those, many, photographic experiences that do not require ultra-responsive Af and other features now taken for granted on newer models. the feeling that leaves the shooting reactivity is still unique, precise, fascinating. a truly evergreen product that I have recently and with satisfaction added to my main kit to have a lighter and more practical machine

sent on November 05, 2021

olympus_pen_ep7Olympus PEN E-P7

Pros: Aesthetically fabulous, handy, full of interesting features, Lack of viewfinder (!)

Cons: No viewfinder (!), shared sd slot with battery

Opinion: I have used the EP7 on several occasions, a particularly important one concerning a project shared with Olympus itself and I have always been enthusiastic about it. It is a camera, in full PEN philosophy, which is aimed not at the traditional photographer but at new generations accustomed to the "tip and chlick" who are looking for a modern, beautiful and powerful product to use with "lightness". the lack of the viewfinder, so criticized is at the same time a point of advantage and disadvantage of the small PEN because it forces its use in the specific mofalità wanted by its creators: it leaves no alternative. if you don't like this, bet on the E-M10 mark 4 which has the viewfinder and the same features (BN selector apart which is cool!!). QUality of the image excellent, good Af and many creative functions. ideal for small and light kits, with compact lenses. You pay for the design and refinement of the object and in my opinion the price is worth the ticket. I can't wait to own one of my own.

sent on November 05, 2021

olympus_em1xOlympus OM-D E-M1X

Pros: Construction, ergonomics, reliability, innovative features, IQ

Cons: not for everyone

Opinion: The OM-D E-M1X is a true professional, the first true uncompromising professional in the Micro43 world. It is a machine for those who want the best from this system and do not need to relax from their professional micro kit. ergonomics is fantastic, a glove in hand; even after hours and hours of use. The viewfinder is excellent, the best on the series and also compared to the direct competition: although I become "only" 2 million pixels the quality and fluidity and size make it perfect even for intensive and prolonged use. The file is the most beautiful and full-bodied in the OMD series and is the best IQ in the system. AF, speed, reliability and top of the category. at the current promotional market price is a real bargain for those looking for the best of the Micro43 world, and not only that, honestly.

sent on November 25, 2020

olympus_pen_ep5Olympus PEN E-P5

Pros: Construction, deisgn, operating speed and AF, stabilizer, rotatable display, responsiveness

Cons: nobody

Opinion: Wide vehicle. taken as a joke, it is now my companion of the road, always. He pushed aside the albeit excellent em5 with a quality and an operating speed fantastic. with 17mm Zuiko is a perfect combo. It is a smaller EM1, no viewfinder, but should not be seen as a limitation, is his philosophy (I own the optional viewfinder but I never use it). the price at which it is now is really a super deal and then is very beautiful, very elegant, very well built with all the pros commands (double ring, mode 1-2, stab 5 axes). Highly recommended.

sent on August 03, 2016

olympus_omd_em1Olympus OM-D E-M1

Pros: Ergonomics, colors, sight, size, stabilization on the sensor excellent, weather sealing, high quality Zuiko kit (also classic 4/3)

Cons: software clunky, battery management to fully review

Opinion: Almost perfect machine. For the second, and finally, I went back to Olympus. The image quality is fantastic, the operating speed and excellent ergonomics outstanding. And 'crazy hold a machine so compact and will hear, again, perfectly fitting with all the controls in the right place (with the additional handle, but so now is always free). The management of the two rings is perfect, and through the switch 1-2 is like having 4: Olympus as always trace the way, the others follow. As per tradition, the sensor is NOT dirty ever, stabilization is phenomenal. Certainly not the dynamic range of a D800, but honestly it does not matter, the files are nice, workable and take great high ISO. If you consider the shape of its lenses, used at maximum aperture due to the high DOF you can always exploit to their advantage all available light. The only thing that leaves a bad taste in the mouth is the management software of the double battery: it is impossible to know which of the two inserted refers the only icon displayed on the display (no chain two huh?) and that if combined with the use of more bodies at the same time, creates a lot of confusion. I solved the problem by using ONLY the battery in the handle, easier to extract and with the certainty that the indicator refers only to it. Autonomy, it is true, is not very high, but the batteries are small and compact. It does not mean it's bad to think a little more and take a little less. Great machine.

sent on November 24, 2015


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