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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Soapman

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samyang_135_f2Samyang 135mm f/2 ED UMC

Pros: Brightness, resolution, precision focus ring, F2!!, cost, build quality, solidity!

Cons: Weight... Executioner if he weighs..

Opinion: A brick! But a very nice brick:) It weighs a lot but what about... Just for this in the end you have well clear how solid and well "present" in the hands this magical and economical glass by Samyang bought on E-Infinity at 360 euros, a price from nothing... Although it is a MF and does not have anything electronic.. Definitely worth more! Recommended for those like me do not do problems to wink in the viewfinder to see if you're focusing or not.. :) But just use the highlight feature of the focus area and away.. I use it with Sony A7R2 but also on APSC a6000 which turns it into a 200F2!! Certainly lacks stabilization but for some shots is not a problem..

sent on June 04, 2019

sony_fe35_f2-8zaSony FE 35mm f/2.8 ZA Sonnar T*

Pros: Very light, compact, crisp, excellent coupled with A7R2

Cons: Non-stabilised

Opinion: In my opinion is not worth the price list, despite being a lens of Zeiss for what is in constructive terms I would see in Sales no more than 400 euros, personally bought new online to 450, but I would never take it to 700 compact and light , two notable merits combined with the great ability to capture colors and details.. I am not a great expert and I do not allow myself to write terms and words but... From the Amateur Council!

sent on August 02, 2018

tamron_1-4xTamron 1.4x AF

Pros: Great Brightness, price

Cons: On FF vignette at 600mm, overall sharpness loss

Opinion: With Sony A7R2 on the La-ea4 Adaptor as well as on the LA-ea3 fitted with the Tamron 150.600 SP the Automatisms remain all!!!! And what's more does not penalise some stop remains a F5/6.3 in my opinion to always use at least F8-F10 Certainly becomes challenging and I prefer it set to DMF so that the A7R2 focus but then I intervene to find what I want and although the combo to maximum Focal become really very challenging, in case you use it on tripod then you just need a finger to adjust it up.. Great Price! Personally bought used by American seller to only 100 euros I also had the Soligor 2x but this gave obvious loss of brightness thing that the 1.4 x does not absolutely giving great satisfaction in general! You notice a loss of sharpness but passable and that sometimes makes you regret having mounted:(:( At 600mm from a slight vignetting with FF sensor, while in APS-C everything stays OK

sent on January 02, 2018

sony_24_f2Sony 24mm f/2 SSM Carl Zeiss Distagon T*

Pros: Brightness, bokeh, robustness, color rendition, AF Lightning!!

Cons: Weight, maybe a flaw of my but incongruence between Blur preview and saved result

Opinion: The best lens had to date, captures the colors with an incredible rendition.. When about the shots I seem to still be there where I was going to get them.. Flash autofocus really ultra fast.. The minimum focus distance compared to use with a-mount mounting chamber remains a bit higher.. We talk about twenty inches unlike maybe 10cm probably because of the adapter a-mount/e-mount the-ea4 only real flaw is the weight.. Combined with the already substantial weight of the A7R2 plus La-EA4 becomes challenging to carry around.. The battery is literally drained and the percentage of charge unit scale in units under my eyes as the seconds go by... This threesome is very demanding.. Super recommend! I reported in the "cons" a flaw, I explain: I happened very often to focus on a subject and see the preview on both the monitor and viewfinder with a certain blurring and a nice bokeh but once taken the picture the result remained completely differ Ente maybe even almost without blurring as it was tripped with F very closed, this made me turn a lot of the bales because I never knew if I could trust what the a7r2 showed me, I tried both with adapter version 4 (with mirror) and version 3 , identical result..

sent on June 19, 2017

sony_fe90macroSony FE 90mm f/2.8 Macro G OSS

Pros: Lightweight (compared to samyang100) fast autofocus and precise build quality sublime

Cons: bho

Opinion: Tried several times .. Great sharpness, lightness, bright and pleasant to the touch .. sure costs a little and shell out nearly 1000 euro is a bang but worth it ... my Samyang 100macro is outstanding but MF and unregulated as well as some heavy are the features that have made me decide to buy this 90mm SonyrnrnSuper soddisfattornrnStraconsigliatornche heck is a sony!

sent on September 15, 2016

samyang_14Samyang 14mm f/2.8 IF ED UMC Aspherical

Pros: solidity construction brightness Price

Cons: Weight distortion at the edges accentuated

Opinion: a good lens from no exaggeration cost that allows to portray very sharp photos with landscapes in the central area, unfortunately if you have subjects in the scene at the edges quite close to you find yourself a distortion and blur that does not give a very good impressionernrncmq is if you make a picture landscapes were assured that the yield is among the best, I am very well and I feel I could recommend

sent on June 22, 2016

sony_a7r_iiSony A7r II

Pros: excelled sensor, rubostissima, stabilized, rescue extrafine, remote shutter release and control of smartphone

Cons: consumes battery heats up a bit, it weighs a lot

Opinion: I dreamed with a nice sacrifice came into my correto photo, taking the place of a6000 aps-crnrndevo say that has a resolution and an incredible definition of lenses as the SEL50f18f makes like I had on a Zeiss, the stabilizer helps but unfortunately is not performing as integrated optical version of aims, it must be said, however, that works well when combined with slow themselves stabilized by dividing the "work" on certain axles and then by mounting such a SEL2870OSS the result is quite extraordinary a person with Parkinson's could take pictures as if it was on a tripod:) rnrnla battery has a short life but just bring the escort and the problem is solved, I tried to take pictures with high iSO in particular situations, and I must say that not condivito these extreme values frankly to make decent pictures you should cmq never exceed 6400 because inevitably end up with photos "dirty" up to 3200 iSO, the result is eccezionalernrnconsaiglio to keep it offline and monitor theeggermente off to give 15 minutes of life in more than autonomiarnrnsebbene you can do I advise against the use of optical APS-C because the power of queso sensor 42mpx is cut just 19mpx !!!! and to make a comparison a simple and inexpensive a6000 makes it much, much piurnrnuso this sony with Tamron 150-600 and Samyang lenses macro as well as with some sony including precisely the new 50 1.8 yield macro thanks to 42mpx and sensitivity by results very soddisfacentirnrnper normal use I prefer automatic only on the timing and often in full manual (also because of the same lens Samyang MF) rnl'AF is ok but sometimes on tamron pissed me off because of the slowness and lost several fledglings here on the lake ...

sent on June 08, 2016

sony_fe50_f1-8Sony FE 50mm f/1.8

Pros: Small, light, very bright, economical

Cons: Noisy, unregulated, imprecise and slow response in manual focus

Opinion: in my opinion one of the best cheap Sony lenses I've had so far, but lacks stabilizer rncrea beautiful bokeh, great for making portraits lightweight and very bright, the AF engine feels a lot and is particularly slow but it is a diminished compared to to the merits of this lens that I allow myself to recommend to all those who have little money to invest:) rn

sent on June 07, 2016

samyang_300reflexSamyang Reflex 300mm f/6.3 ED UMC CS

Pros: light, solid, short

Cons: exaggerated vignetting !!! definitely not very bright

Opinion: bought to experience it, disappointed after 5 shots ... vignetting is too strong ... ok brightness there can be seen the cost is the type of lens being catadriottico ... but there is that with every shot looks a dark halo hateful .. do not recommend it ... sadly ... is the first hope is the last Samyang that disappoints me .. I also bought the 100 1: 2.8 which is the best macro ever had .. and also a fisheye 8mm 2.8 both really straconsigliati

sent on April 04, 2016

samyang_100macroSamyang 100mm f/2.8 ED UMC Macro

Pros: bright, crisp, robust, precise

Cons: heavy !! not stabilized, but cmq straconsigliato although quite expensive

Opinion: bought a few weeks ago ... I can not help but keep it mounted and try and try testing it every day .. well worth the money ... it is a great alternative to some super lens of the best known brands in short, very sharp lens, bright accurate well done and very rugged, I dare "massive", shade excellent, clean portraits and macro fantastic! not to be missed

sent on March 30, 2016


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