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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Mattipia

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nikon_16-35vrNikon AF-S 16-35mm f/4 G ED VR

Pros: Focal excursion, 77mm filters, stabilizer

Cons: non-relevant

Opinion: Good morning, you read several conflicting opinions on this optics, I report my photo-amateur from excursions and trips. The optics are perfect for my needs: optimal focal excursion, VR doing its job, acceptable weight and above all 77mm filters so I can do long exposures without bleeding out with slab filters. The sharpness at F 4 is ok in the center and enough at the edges, diaphragm at 5.6 and 8 becomes homogeneous throughout the frame. The distortion for me is acceptable, just be careful when shooting and avoid several problems, also if you want to eliminate distortions you have to use the decentralizables, otherwise there are always... New costs a lot (too much), I took it used at a reasonable cost.

sent on August 25, 2020

nikon_afs35gNikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8G

Pros: Lightness, minimum maf distance, sharpness, bokeh.

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: I do not understand why on the network there are very few reviews on this lens, as if it had been snubbed. It's perfect: lightweight, fairly small, sharp, fast and precise, 58mm filters. The blur is pleasant, maybe if it had had 9 slats it would have been the icing on the cake to slightly soften the out of focus, but that's fine. Nothing more to add, a little gem. Use it on D600.

sent on January 18, 2020

nikon_50_f1-4gNikon AF-S 50mm f/1.4 G

Pros: size and bokeh

Cons: AF speed and cost

Opinion: I go against the current compared to previous reviews... honestly I find the 50 1.4 G quite sharp, it has a great bokeh and small size. Its big problem is its new cost: price-to-yield ratio all in favor of version 1.8 (which has very good performance) and costs much less. Version 1.4 makes sense used: it is about 200-220 euros and at that price I think it can stay. The autofocus is not quick but it does its own. The sharpness is more than enough for all uses (including prints), of course if a zoomma to 200% you will notice that it is not as sharp as other competitors. Compared to version 1.8 and sigma art (which I do not own but tried) it has a more personal yield and much less cold. - I wanted to add after a few months of use (especially food photos) that the optics is outstanding! It is described in some reviews as a bottle bottom (I'm not technical, so I don't doubt that technically there are 50mm built and designed better) but looking at the results the photos have a "magic" and a personality that the 50mm 1.8g and the 50 1.4 art do NOT have. I'm not going to sell it anymore!

sent on September 24, 2019

nikon_18-35Nikon AF 18-35mm f/3.5-4.5 D IF ED

Pros: Size, autofocus speed, performance, weight

Cons: sharpness at the edges at full open

Opinion: I needed a wide angle that would add screw filters and be used in hot and dusty conditions without too much fear. I opted for this 18-35 d series. Paid used 175, offers a good range of focals with size and derisory weights. The speed of the autofocus is remarkable (great for street), the ability to mount 77mm filters for me is crucial (yes my dream remains the 16-35 but currently out of budget). It loses sharpness at the edges at full opening, but diaphragm is great all over the frame. I preferred the D because the G-series is at twice the price of this and I don't think it offers twice the performance..... I use it on FF.

sent on September 19, 2019

nikon_d600Nikon D600

Pros: Sensor image quality

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: I also made the transition from D7000 to D600. Taken used with 7100 shots of which only 2000 made after the replacement of the shutter. It's my first FF, I have yet to know it of course, but the first impressions are: absent iso noise, colors, incredible image quality. The autofocus area is not large but is still usable. The body has perfect weight and size (for me) and with the battery grip becomes even firmer in the hand. For my use has everything, now I have to learn to master it.

sent on September 04, 2019

nikon_85_f1-8dNikon AF 85mm f/1.8 D

Pros: Image Quality

Cons: Lens Hood, AF Noisy

Opinion: I jumped back from the 85mm 1.8 G to this version D. I found everything I could not find in the G. Few chromatic aberrations, soft bokeh, open shadows, colors. I lost a flush of sharpness to 1.8 (irrelevant to both monitor and print). More accurate but noisy Autofocus. The Hood cannot be placed in the opposite direction. It is slightly heavier than the G but it is smaller, it seems to have attached a 50mm. I found what I was looking for, great.

sent on March 28, 2019

nikon_70-300vrNikon AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 G ED VR

Pros: Excursion footprint

Cons: None of the relief

Opinion: I own this zoom and the Nikon 80-200 f 2.8 Inevitable A comparison: The 70 300 has from its: 1) the stabilizer-which works fine (verified 2/3 stop). 2) The weight and the footprint-compared to 80 200 are 500 gr less (in the long run). 3) The excursion-300 mm. Compared to the bighiera obviously loses brightness, sharpness (not bad as I read in other reviews but obviously does not have the sharpness of 80 200). Other note the zoom is extendable, so dust hazard. Ultimately it is an excellent compromise to have a versatile and light tele for long hikes, in contrast you give up a little bit of sharpness and quality. I tried it even with a Kenko teleplus 300 1.4 x and it becomes a 420mm F8 where daylight in full light I have no problems to focus, of course as soon as the light is focused F8 becomes difficult. Promoted.

sent on February 16, 2019

nikon_80-200_f2-8dNikon AF 80-200 f/2.8 ED D

Pros: Image quality and build quality.

Cons: Nobody.

Opinion: I was looking for a bright teletarget within a certain budget, in the end I opted for the bivor and I do not regret it. The image quality is at the top, the mechanical robustness also. I preferred the bigot to the 80 200 afs version precisely because of the fragility of the autofocus while this is a tank. The autofocus will not have the performance of the afs but is much faster than they describe it, loses in the fast chase. The lampshade isn't beautiful, but it does its job. Level fluid and mechanical ghieres without uncertainty. The weight is referred to as cons, actually given to the hand weighs 100 grams less than the 80 200 afs and of all versions 7O 200. Each time at 2.8 it amazes me how the subject stands out. For my use I do not feel lack vr. Bokeh great. After a few months of use I can confirm the goodness of the optics (mine has an imperceptible correct back focus in the car), it gives me satisfactory photos. Update: I switched to FF and the optics are even sharper... the back focus is gone... on the D600 is stratospheric for my use.

sent on September 10, 2018

sigma_105macro_osSigma 105mm f/2.8 Macro DG OS HSM

Pros: value for money, sharpness

Cons: weight, stabilizer a little noisy

Opinion: Lente from surrender (in my opinion) exceptional. Sharp, soft bokeh and very beautiful colors. Complete equipment. The construction is very solid without games (even on the hood). The sense in hand is of a level viewpoint. Perfection does not exist in fact the feeling of solidity is paid in terms of weight, but it is obvious with the easel that in macro is a must. Moreover the stabilizer allows a recovery of 2 abundant stops, not the 4 promises, but it is noisy. Nothing compromising but it feels.

sent on February 22, 2018

nikon_d7000Nikon D7000

Pros: Sensor, body, controls

Cons: for my use none

Opinion: I went from D80 to D90 and now to D7000. The sensor has a very good yield and if you snap in 14 bit raw the colors are very deep. Many complain about the AF a little dancer for my use never gave me any problems! Large with 20 x 30 prints that can be used at 3200 without too much poppy. Semi-pro body with all controls in the right place. It arrives at 1/8000 which is definitely comfortable with f 1.8 / 1.4 lens. I recommend purchasing this used reflex (it is on the 350 with very few clicks) for amateur use and even more has everything, give it good optics and return it to level files. It also has fine AF adjustment in the room.

sent on September 06, 2017

nikon_85_f1-8gNikon AF-S 85mm f/1.8 G

Pros: Crisp, light and not too expensive

Cons: Chromatic Aberrations too strong and nervous bokeh

Opinion: Premise I'm a photo amateur not a professional. I decided to switch from the Samyang F 1.4 manual focus to this, precisely because of the need for autofocus. I lost 2/3 to stop but I gained in usability and weight. To focus with the Samyang at full aperture is difficult, and for the use I do it made me lose a few shots too. The sharpness is equal to the Samyang at the most open apers (which is very very sharp when it centers the fire), while at the more closed diaphragms it is better than the Samyang (I mean from F 8/11 up). The Nikon is lighter and this for me is only an advantage over the Samyang (as everyone says is plasticious but I sincerely prefer, so there is less weight). The Samy is a little softer in the bokeh than the Nikon is too nervous! The chromatic aberrations are too obvious. -Update I replaced it with the D version in which I found everything I was looking for: colors/bokeh/shadows Open, autofocus faster (although noisier) and chromatic aberrations significantly lower.

sent on November 14, 2016

samyang_85Samyang 85mm f/1.4 Aspherical IF

Pros: sharpness, quality, price

Cons: only manual focus

Opinion: I bought this lens for a short time but I can already say with certainty his qualities! A sharpness already from f 1.4 considerable, closing of 1 -2 stops it has a real blade. Have it in your hand you feel that it is quality a lens, it has a weight that makes you understand her .... quality! but at the same time balance the good reflex. I have the version that Nikon definitely has some comfort with respect to the Canon version: the famous chip with which the target machine communicates with the diaphragms and therefore can be set with the locking ring from the camera and have the shooting data. The only real flaw is the lack autofocus, the lens type is an incredible lack but certainly with the brighter apertures (f1.4 etc ..) focusing assisted only by rangefinder viewfinder is a little bit difficult ( not impossible) with the use of a tripod is all much easier. The lens hood and front cap are not up to dshe build quality of the lens but they do their job. Very nice to use the focus ring AA fire (very precise) and hard at the right point. Council aims for his surrender, allows you to make quality shots and fabulous (in my opinion). However, if the autofocus is critical for your needs you will have to look elsewhere paying out some euro more ... rnAggiornamento: after a few months of use I can say that I have taken the steps with manual focus and aperture shots thrown open out of focus are really very few now ... I confirm the objective qualities ... stunning clarity, color and focus are at the top!

sent on February 24, 2016

nikon_35dxNikon AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8 G

Pros: Sharpness, aperture

Cons: only the lack of the scale of focus

Opinion: After a handyman and a wide angle, I decided for the classic (corresponds to about 50mm effective). The first impression was WOW! Compared to a zoom is a whole new way to photograph! I think this lens as well as take pictures best (for sharpness, bokeh and overall quality) allows everyone to improve in creativity and composition. Today it is the lens that I use the most and I almost forgot the handyman with a thousand focal ... the photo quality of this 35mm hit me! E 'already utilizzabilissimo to f1.8, f2.8 but to become a blade for sharpness! I highly recommend it to all holders of APSC!

sent on June 30, 2015

tamron_10-24Tamron SP 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5 Di II LD

Pros: 10mm, saturated colors pleasant, value for money

Cons: sharpness wide open to the minimum focal

Opinion: Using this lens on Nikon cameras (percu my opinion evaluates the model with a special attack). I took this lens to experience the wide angle range and I was bewitched. I agree with those who say that a 10mm full aperture and is soft and not very sharp at the edges, but using it to f4 to f8 sharpness grows exponentially. Under 12mm distorts some perspective but I personally do not bother in fact I really like the prospects for "exasperated" that is able to give. The autofocus is a bit slow when compared to Nikon lenses and generates some noise (anything that compromises the photos). In the dark you need to check the fine focus. In conclusion I think for use by amateur and enthusiast go just fine! I find it very fun to use with the only compromise not to use it under 13mm at full aperture. I recommend it for those looking for a very wide angle and does not want to spend a fortune!

sent on June 30, 2015

nikon_18-135dxNikon AF-S DX 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED

Pros: Wide range of focal lengths, light, very practical

Cons: Vignetting, lack scale distances

Opinion: I took this in kit with the D80, it was my first lens and I value more than good. Great start to understand the focal most popular, great for holidays or tourist trips (allows switching from a modest wide angle 27mm equivalent to a great tele 202 mm equivalent). It allows good pictures with a more than good sharpness, closing at f8 you have the better. Perhaps it is a bit soft wide open especially to 18mm. I recommend it as a handyman, especially travel, for amateurs without photographic ambitions magazines. You'll be glad!

sent on June 30, 2015


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