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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Maurizio85

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tamron_sp60-300Tamron SP 60-300mm f/3.8-5.4

Pros: All.

Cons: Nothing.

Opinion: Enrico in his review reminded me of one of the optical jewels in my possession for over 32 years. It gave me great satisfaction in slide film many years ago and I still use it every now and then on Pentax K5 and KS1 with satisfaction. The only drawback, on digital cameras with many Megapixels, is the Blue and Purple chromatic aberration that manifests itself when used at 300mm and F 5.4 (maximum aperture) with situations of strong light contrast. In slide film, even at strong magnifications (on 1.5-meter screens) the defect is invisible, but with modern sensors observed 100% on monitors it is very noticeable. Fortunately, it is easily corrected in post-production even with simpler Photoshop programs. However, if the photographic situation allows it, just close a stop to completely eliminate the problem for practical purposes. Good light and Happy 2022 to all.

sent on December 26, 2021

pentax_m-smc135Pentax M SMC 135mm f/3.5

Pros: Excellent even today after 41 years of use.

Cons: Absolutely nothing.

Opinion: Bought new on offer in a well-known photography store in Rome in 1980, to be used on the legendary Pentax ME super (bought a few months earlier in the same store with the Pentax M SMC 50mm F/1.7). He immediately gave me wonderful images (especially in portraits). I never stopped using it, not even when I switched to Pentax DSLRs in 2007. Mounted on Pentax K5 or KS 1 from still images that give great satisfaction (not only to me old nostalgic) even to young fans of today. The focus ring, soft and sliding to the right point even after 41 years of use, is truly physically dependent. The diaphragms ring also looks new, although it is still sliding and precise. And the legendary SMC lenses still churn out sharpness and wonderful colors (in those distant 70-80s only Zeiss knew how to do better, but at prices not even remotely comparable).

sent on October 10, 2021

tamron_70-300macroTamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6 Di LD Macro

Pros: Price and lightness.

Cons: Nothing (with such a performance/price ratio).

Opinion: Absolutely exceptional lens at such a price. Bought new with 5 years of original Polyphoto warranty and free UV filter, from Conti Supplies a few years ago to 109 euros. Very pleasant to use for its lightness and versatility also as a macro. It always gives more than dignified images in any context (as long as you are able to photograph it is obvious). Mounted on Pentax KS-1 (APS-C 20MP) gives a light and powerful set. I've printed 30x45 and 50x70 magnificagnions on ultralight material (Piuma) and classic 30x45 prints on truly spectacular Fuji photo paper, with minimal postproduction. Viva Tamron!!

sent on October 19, 2019

kodak_dx6490Kodak DX6490

Pros: Excellent image quality (for the compact category or bridge with similar sized sensors), versatile and robust, good viewfinder and monitors (for the time), size and weight appropriate to the product (compact and well balanced).

Cons: Grip a little sacrificed for hands as big as mine (much improved with the P850 a couple of years later) and huge operational slowness compared to digital or analog reflexes.

Opinion: The production date of the DX6490 has been since 2003 and not since 2007 as reported in the datasheet; I have owned one since May 2005 still fully functioning after more than 14 years and thousands of shots. It's the machine that made me want to photograph after a few years of break from analog reflexes, together with the younger sister DX6340 bought in February 2004. I remember the pleasant surprise of the image quality that came out of this "technological toy". It's not at the level of slides I was shooting with my SLRs, but it was outstanding considering the tiny sensor it mounts. On 20x30 prints it is impossible to see the difference even with the best reflex and the best film of the time. Not least the pleasure of traveling comfortable and light with a high-quality optical 10X zoom in a miniature-reflex-like. I took many beautiful photos with this machine and after a few years I returned to the sLRs in digital version with extreme satisfaction. Every now and then when I want comfort and lightness I still use it with satisfaction. After all, what matters is the fun and images that we can produce, beyond the tool used.

sent on August 26, 2019

pentax_k5Pentax K-5

Pros: Almost perfect tool.

Cons: No one for the price range to which it belonged.

Opinion: I bought it new several years ago when it was already out of production, replaced by K5II. Every time I use it gives me great satisfaction both on the physical level of the "riding" and in the quality of image it returns. I own and I have owned many SLR cameras and not, of almost all the main brands, with which I have always managed to bring home images that have given me pleasure over the decades spent by passionate amateur photographer. But the "physical" pleasure that I get from this machine I only try it when I still use my old and glorious Pentax MX that I have for almost 40 years now. I partially agree on the autofocus speech about the only two sibling machines of the time (Canon 7D and Nikon D300) but they cost both several hundred euros more and did not have the exceptional performance/price ratio of the K5. I conclude with a wish of good light to all fans of this wonderful hobby.

sent on May 05, 2019


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