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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Albertof

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manfrotto_mt190goManfrotto 190 GO!

Pros: tipper column; maximum height; minimum height;

Cons: lack of shirt (although it takes little to get a generic online); slight instability with the column tipped; size from closed

Opinion: I bought this tripod about a year ago and although I did not use it frequently I think I can already express my impressions. I preferred it to other models like the befree advance for the greater diameter of the legs and I think I made center. My version is aluminum with twist locks, which require half a turn or a little more to be open, to give you an idea I open them without problems all three with a single movement, but here a strange thing that I noticed, and that will definitely depend on me , is that to close them i feel like I always turn them a little more. The fully extended legs flex a little, especially if placed in the lower conformation, while with the last section withdrawn they do not give particular signs of flexion. I used it mainly extended to the maximum (without extending the column however) and I did not have the slightest problem, with exposures of 30' I had no trace of micromove. Honestly I never had to use it with the three sections extended to ground satin height, at most with two, as I never felt the need to ballast it, so I can not tell you how it behaves in such cases. The central column is a nice plus, considering that not only allows you to reach heights of only 6 cm but is a macro aid. The column if tipped negatively affects stability, but nevertheless if well tightened not by problems (tried with moderate wind). Overall I felt very good, I was looking for a travel tripod and although the size from closed I have to say that without a head I can put it in the backpack. Once extended it manages to reach more or less the height of my eye (of course should also be considered the height of the head and camera) and it is not too heavy, considering that with the head (genesis bh40) reaches two kilos. The mechanisms for changing the angle of the legs convey a feeling of solidity, due to the fact that they resist and have never loosened anything. If I had to give an overall rating, I'd say 9. To give you an even clearer idea, I used it with a setup of a maximum weight of 1.2 kilos and a maximum focal length equivalent of 450mm (although normally when using tripods I use wide angles) and strong wind conditions. I reserve the right to update in case of developments the review.

sent on July 06, 2019

manfrotto_pixi_evoManfrotto Pixi EVO

Pros: Size - weight

Cons: Not as stable as you might see from certain reviews - The only metal parts are the screws and the sphere of the head - It lowers a bit once put on the ground (it is always better to put the timer at 2 seconds)

Opinion: I've been using this little tripod for just over a year with medium light equipment (1/1.2 kg). I took it just before I left to have a tripod, I was gorillapod oriented but I didn't have time to order one and in the shops of my city I could not find any. Thinking that you can use it to replace the gorillapod was a mistake, the pixi evo needs a generous base of support, which makes it quite inconvenient to use on the go unless you want to rest it on the ground. Actually this is not a real problem when you consider that this is a table tripod (don't make my own mistake). The biggest flaw I noticed is the tightness of the head that in the tightening tends to go down a bit (it does not affect the stability of the shot, but I do not recommend exposures of 30 seconds or more). As for the construction leaves a little to be desired being predominantly plastic, but I had no problems of ruptures or various defects (I just faded the writing on the leg, but nothing serious). Overall I found it quite comfortable, you can safely tuck it into your pocket or belt and carry it without the slightest annoyance/clutter, of course (there shouldn't even be the need to specify it, but you never know) can't replace a real tripod, you have to take it for what it is, a table tripod.

sent on July 07, 2018

canon_85_f1-8Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM

Pros: Brightness and nice blur, fast AF, size and weight

Cons: You feel the lack of a stabilizer (but at that price you can not ask too much), AC not indifferent, minimum focusing distance

Opinion: I bought this lens about three years ago. I start immediately by saying that at 1.8 is difficult to use because of the AC, that closing a bit ' the diaphragm are felt less, idem for the sharpness not excellent to 1.8 but already "average/good" to 2.8 (unfortunately never comes to be decidedly sharp). The focus is pretty fast and I haven't found any dust or the like between the lenses so far. The construction in my opinion is definitely good considering that during a trip (alas!) I knocked him to the ground violently and came out with just a scratch (not on the lens fortunately) and working perfectly. Overall I recommend it to anyone looking for a lens for closeups and can't spend big digits, but don't expect a super sharp optics as you might get out of certain reviews. P.S. I do not have the lens hood but I never missed it. EDIT. I use it on APSC.

sent on April 07, 2018

canon_24-70_f4isCanon EF 24-70mm f/4 L IS USM

Pros: Sharpness already from f4, stabilization, macro (even if only 0.70x), rapid focus, solid, tropicalized and light

Cons: slight vignetting at 24 (completely resolved in a click), if very close to the subject suffers from back focus

Opinion: I use this 8 month objective on aps-c as a handyman. I used it mainly during travels with great satisfaction, it proved very versatile. Very clear already at f4 reaches its peak af 5.6. But let's go by order. Speaking of STABILIZATION I have to say that it was the factor that made me prefer it to a 24-70 2.8 (first series), definitely does its job and allows otherwise impossible shots. FOCUS very fast. The only real flaw of this lens is that it suffers from back focus at close range (but if you are already aware of this defect you can take some precautions and avoid soft photos). The TROPICALIZZAZIONE does not seem so poor as we read around. I do not own the lens from who knows how much but has no dust under the front lens and even with a light rain did not give me problems. MACRO is difficult to use, it must be very close to the subject, but still gives shots (mainly to inanimate objects) that the brothers do not allow. For the VIGNETTATURA I must say that even if shooting on aps-c is present, but it is so light that I realized only inserting the profile of the lens in pp. The CONSTRUCTION is solid (even if in plastic) and I had no problems of any kind with the hood that I find extremely easy to assemble and disassemble .Small little lock the button to not make it stretch unintentionally (although I've never had problems of kind). Resistance to the FLARE very good, I thought it excellent but in the shots of my last trip I noticed two photos (in very unfavorable conditions) that have this defect. rnTo conclude I consider it an excellent goal, especially for those like me who does not like to travel with many lenses and find themselves having to change them between one shot and the other. The only thing that could have made the perfect all-rounder would have been the opening at 2.8 but at this price certainly can not have everything.

sent on December 08, 2017


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