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Frequently Asked Questions

In this page you can find the answes to the most common questions about JuzaPhoto!  
QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS: Galleries and images - Photos in captivity, nests and places - Private Messages - Username - Login problems - Copyright and Privacy - Notifications and Bookmarks  
TUTORIAL: Main photo critique Galleries guidelines  
TUTORIAL: How to receive more comments in five steps


D: How can I upload photos in the galleries?  
R: You can find an in-depth tutorial in this page: How to upload photos in the JuzaPhoto galleries  

D: How can I sort the photos how I prefer?  
R: To sort the photos, you have to use the text field on the left of every thumbnail in the "Upload/Edito Photos" page. Write a number near every photo; the first photo will become the cover of the gallery, too.  

D: Can I replace a photo without losing the comments?  
R: It is not possible; the only way to replace a photo is to delete it and to upload the newer version.  

D: What does it happens when reach the limit of 420 photos?  
R: It is recommended to delete the worst photos and to replace them with better or more recent photos: this way you won't increase the number of photos but you will improve quality! Other than that, you can increase your space up to 2100 photos by upgrading to a supporter account.  

D: How does "Most Polular" photos work?  
R: The "Most Popular" section of every gallery shows the photos with the highest number of "Like". It is a more reliable way to measure the popularity of the photo than the number of comments.  

D: How does "Photos of the Week" work?  
R: Every week the administrator choose five photos between all the photos published in the galleries, without time limits. They are called "Photo of the Week" because they are chosen every week, but the choice is not limited between the photos of the previous week. The photos are chosen between all the galleries.  
D: Why my photos don't appear in AREA or TOOLS?  
R: You can upload photos directly in these sections. The ARENA shows all the topics and the photos from the members of international (English language) forum in a sigle page, ordered by last comment. The TOOLS shows the photos that receive and in-depth comment.  
D: Why my photos don't appear between most popular or most commented photos?  
R: By default, these sections shows only the photos upload during the previous month. You can change the time limit to previous week, previous years or always. If your photo has received a big number or likes or comments, you will see it when you set the time limit on "always", even if your photo has been posted a lot of time ago.  



D: Is is allowed to post photos taken in captivity?  
R: Absolutely YES! It just have to declare that the photo has been taken in captivity.  

D: ...what should I do if a photo seems to be taken in captivity, but the author as not declared it as such?  
R: If you are interested, you can politely ask to the author; of course you must avoid aggressive or unpolite tones.  

D: Is it allowed to post photos of nests?  
R: Yes; of course these subjects must be photographed with great care to avoid disturbing the animal (as for all nature subjects).  
D: Is it mandatory to declare the location of a photo?  
R: No, you are free to post info about location or to keep it secret. Of course people may ask info about locations, but the author is not obliged to reply.  



D: Is it possible to edit a message that has been sent?  
R: No. The private messages work exactly like e-mails: once sent, you can't change or delete them. You can delete your copy of the message from the "Sent Messages" folder, but the recipient copy won't be deleted.  

D: What does it happen when I delete a message?  
R: As for e-mails, when you delete a private message you delete your copy; the recipien won't lose his copy. Every reply to a private message shown in the history box embededd into every message. All messages that you write are saved in the "Sent Messages" folder; if you don't want to keep this copy you have to delete it manually. Once deleted, a message can not be recovered.  



D: Is is possible to change the username?  
R: Yes, you can change your username by asking to the administrator (Juza) at the e-mail juza.ea@gmail.com  
D: My username looks different from the username that I had chosen at registration, e.g. "pAuL" has become "Paul", why?  
R: All usernames are automatically formatted; the first letter of ever word is always uppercase, the other letters lowercase. It is not possible to change this.  



D: I have received the registration confirm e-mail, but I can't login!  
R: Be sure to digic correctly username and password, in particular pay attention in case of accents or spaces. If you still have problems, ask for a new password.  

D: I have forgot username or password.  
R: You can get a new password here.  

D: The login works, but every time that I close the browser I get disconnected.  
R: Be sure to have enabled cookies and javascript; other than that, the login is lost if you use the browser in "private mode".  

D: How to enable cookie ands javascript?  
R: Usally they are already enabled, but in case they have been disabled you can find tutorial to enable cookies and javascripts in the following links: Firefox (Cookie | Javascript), Chrome (Cookie | Javascript), Safari (Cookie | Javascript), Internet Explorer (Cookie | Javascript).  



D: What about Privacy?  
R: In "My Profile and Preferenced" you can add the info that you want to make public. You can chose to hide or to display the e-mail address; even if you chose to display it, it will appear only to users registered to juzaphoto. You can delete or edit your info in every moment! Other than that, the password is protected with criptography.  

D: When I upload the photo on JuzaPhoto, I keep the copyright?  
R: Of course! You have alwyas exclusive copyright on your photos; JuzaPhoto won't use it in any way. If you want to remove a photo, you can do it in every moment.  

D: How can I protect my images for unhautorized usages?  
R: JuzaPhoto don't use download blockers because they don't help to protect the images: a simple printscreen can "steal" every photo from web. I recommend to use TinEye to find website that have used your photos without permission.  



D: How can I be notified when a discussion where I have replied received new replies?  
R: Click on NOTIFICATIONS in the main menu of the website to see all your topics and the topic where you have replied, ordered by last reply.  


Copyright, Model Release, Artificial Intelligence

All images are copyright of their respective authors. Each user can only upload photos he took personally.  
In case of copyright violations (if you find that some user has uploaded your own pictures, claiming to be theirs) contact the administrator to email juza.ea@gmail.com; the photo will be removed as soon as possible.  
Each user is responsible for the photos that he upload and he must ensure that they are in full compliance with the law. In photos that portray people, the author of the photo must be in possession of the model release, in cases where this is required by law.  
Images generated through AI (Artificial Intelligence) softwares, as well as any other computer-generated image, can only be published in the "Digital artwork and montages" gallery, and in the caption they must clearly state that they are images generated via AI.

Category guidelines

Landscape (wilderness): natural, wild landscapes; the photos can include small human elements (e.g. persons, distant roads, trails), but these elements must not be the main subject of the photo, otherwise they must be posted in 'Landscape with human elements'.

Birds: only birds, all other animals must be posted in Wildlife. Photo taken in captivity can be posted here, but pets or breeding birds must be posted in "Pets".

Wildlife (no birds): mammals, reptiles and amphibians. Invertebrates must be posted in Macro, while birds have their own category. Fishes must be posted in Underwater photo. Horses are not included in this section, they must be posted in Pets. Photos taken in captivity can be posted here, but they must not portray pets, for example a tiger photographed in the zoo is ok, while your cat must be posted in Pets.

Macro and Flora: invertebrate animals, flora, close-up photos of natural subjects. (things created by man, e.g. jewelery, must be posted in still life)

Landscape with human elements: architecture photos, cities, urban landscapes. This section includes photos of landscapes with human elements as houses, momuments, buildings, roads and other man-made elements, if they are the main subject of the photo.

Travel Reportage: photos that document other cultures and all aspects of travel.

Portrait and Fashion: portrait, fashion photos and other photos of human subjects; photos with nude subject must be posted only in the Nude category.

Journalism/Street: photos taken at events and all photos that can be considered "photo journalism". This section included "Street" photography, too.

Artistic Nude: artistic nude photos.

Astrophotography: astrophotography (galaxies, planets, constellations, etc.). Night landscape photos shuld be posted in the landscape section, not in astrophotography.

Underwater Photo: fishes and all other photos taken underwater (except for photos taken in studio, still life, water drops).

Sport: atlets, competitions, and other photos of sport.

Wedding: wedding photos (of course you need the permission of the persons who are portraied!).

Still Life: still life subjects.

Digital artwork and montages: images with extreme post processing or artistic effects and photo montages.

Pets: dogs, horses, cats, cows, turkeys, and every other pet animal (or farm animals).


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