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Five steps to receive more comments

JuzaPhoto gives many ways to show your photos: read this short tutorial to find useful suggestions to give more visibility to your photos!

1) Upload and categorize your photos

The first step is to upload the photos in your personal page. Click on your username and then on GALLERIES. Open one or more galleries and upload the photos! In the upload page, it is essential to fill the category box in the info of every photo, otherwise your photo won't appear in the main galleries of the website and you won't be able to post them in the COMMENT AREA and in other areas of the website.

2) Comment Area

When the photos are uploaded in your personal galleries, they appear automatically also in the main galleries of the forum. Nevertheless, since there are thoushands of photos, they may be unnoticed. To receive more views and comments, use the COMMENT AREA!  
Example: COMMENT AREA of Landscapes gallery  
The comment area is a special area of every gallery where every member can show a limited number of photos (1 photo every 24 or 72 hours, depending by the gallery). The number of photos is much more limited so it is easier to receive comments; moreover, the photos published in this area are explicitely proposed for comment.  
To submit a photo on comment area, visit the gallery where you want to submit the photo (e.g. LANDSCAPES, PORTRAITS, MACRO, etc.), click on COMMENT AREA, and then click on [SEND A PHOTO TO COMMENT AREA]

3) Techs, location and title

Adding the info about camera, lens, shutter speed, etc helps a lot who view the photo and it gives much more visibility to the images! When you select these info in the upload page, your photo will appear also in the REVIEWS page, in the page of the camera and the lens that you have used. Example: Page of Canon 24-105  
Moreover, if the photo has been taken in one of the places described in the LOCATIONS page, select it from the Locations menu in the photo info, this way the photo will appear between the photos taken in a particular locations. Example: Eastern Bay of Plenty.  
Last but not least, if you add the techs, title and other info you have more possibilities to appear in the results when someone uses the search engine.

4) Advertise yourself!

Your page can be reached from a short url like "www.juzaphoto.com/p/YourName", you can see your url near the title of your Personal Page. For example the personal page of Juza is  
This short url is easy to remember and easy to share: you can link it in your Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, etc. If you get more visits to your page, you have more possibilities to receive comments; other than that, the most visited pages appear in the Top Ten pages of the page TOOLS.

5) Comment the photos of other members!

The last point is the most important: comment the photos of other members! It is very useful for two reasons: first, it helps to improve your eye for photography, second, if you participate actively to the forum you have more visibility. If you comment often the photos of other members, it is more likely that someone will comment your photos! Try to write useful and in-depth comments.  

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