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Camera selection

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sent on September 09, 2016 (17:22)

Hi all,
Which dslr camera is better image quality. Canon or nikon. And also give suggest for nikon D7200 vs canon 80D which should I buy.

sent on September 09, 2016 (20:07)

Hi Shrikant, IQ depends on particular camera, not on specific mark, some Canons are better than some Nikons and vice versa. If you dont have much experience, DONT buy brand new camera. Better go to Juza Reviews and look what pictures can be done with what camera. I myself spent weeeeeks when searching for new car! :-)

sent on September 09, 2016 (20:30)

I agree with above. Both Nikon and Canon can give you great image quality. You need to look at the reviews of both models to see which "appeal" most to you. Also, consider what lenses you might like to have, and whether Canon might be better, or Nikon. I think the Canon crop cameras are better than the Nikons, and the Nikon full frame cameras are currently better, but this depends on taste, and thats just my opinion.

Canon 80D here: www.juzaphoto.com/recensione.php?l=en&t=canon_80d

Nikon D7200 here: www.juzaphoto.com/recensione.php?l=en&t=nikon_d7200

Can't go wrong with either of those choices!

Happy shooting!


sent on September 12, 2016 (6:42)

thank you for reply and suggest

sent on September 12, 2016 (11:39)

Cameras does not make images with a wow effect. :) Lenses do.

sent on September 13, 2016 (15:42)

The choice is endless in today both of these have great camera cable of producing wonderful images my advice would be if you do not have any lens go to a camera store and see witch camera feels better in your hands and go from there and when you find the camera you like go home and look for a review on it and then try to find the best deal that fits your budget it will be a big learning curve but remember to have fun hope this helps you on your way to be a great shooter

sent on September 14, 2016 (19:27)

Yes, its a good point Alterav makes. You should spend more on the lenses rather than the camera. I'd rather have a cheaper camera with a nice lens, than a great camera with a crappy lens.

sent on September 15, 2016 (13:07)

thank you very much.i was confuse but now i'll take good camera

sent on August 25, 2017 (16:23)

Is' not about brand it's about sensor's dimensions; cameras are divided mainly in M4/3, APS-C and Full frame.

The Full frame one of the biggest sensor (36x24mm), it's equivalent to the old film cameras and give the best imagest interms of dinamic range and depth.

The APS-C (or H in Canon) is the typical average camera (23x15mm) like the D7200 or the D80.

The M4/3 (17x13mm) is smaller but gives you a more portability, bodies and lenses are smaller (Olympus or Panasonic).

I reccomend Pentax Dslr like the Pentax K-70, they have better bodies, tropicalisation, pentaprisme and sensor image stabilization.

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