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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by EmmeQuattroTre

Microsoft Translator  The following opinions have been automatically translated with Microsoft Translator.

olympus_m75-300_v2Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 75-300mm f/4.8-6.7 II

Pros: Compactness with respect to the focal lengths reached; Lightness; Fluidity of use; Yield compared to cost; Sharpness at TA and beyond;

Cons: Resistance of somewhat delicate materials (not the construction) Absence of tropicalization; Slightly dark towards the end (6.7); 75 or 150mm with MTF factor limits a little the use as a handyman;

Opinion: Taken new on offer + cashback, Polyphoto Italia, at a laughable price compared to any other 150-600mm on the market. Of course, we talk about equivalence and in itself the aperture values are not those of a PRO lens, but thanks to the stabilization of the Om-1 (and MFT) in general it is an excellent superzoom lens, with reduced size and weight, easy to wear in accompaniment to another main lens, perhaps in the range 12-60. Despite the relative "buiety", the photographic yield such as colors, sharpness and three-dimensionality is good, almost excellent if related to the cost. The autofocus is a slower hair than PRO lenses, but absolutely effective in catching, even at 300mm. Too bad there is a lack of tropicalization and, above all, that plastics are slightly fragile and are easily marked. Despite this, the construction and the mechanism seem very well done. Personal mark: 7/8

sent on August 01, 2023

sony_a7cSony A7C

Pros: Cost per FF quality, compactness, tropicalization, articulated display, build quality, sensor quality, responsive autofocus, low weight, video catalyst stabilization, performance kit optics, tiny and light (28-60), ergonomics that thanks to the decentralized viewfinder allows one-handed use, infinite battery

Cons: Viewfinder a bit sacrificed along with other marketing choices to make it "imperfect" (lack of double slot / sd, one ring less etc); medium grip (solvable with Smallrig 3212), inconvenience compared to lenses over 700g / 15cm without the Cage in freehand use, missing front ring and front wheel a bit hard (in rotating it you press the keys corresponding to the pad), some limitations in the menu, uncomfortable menu but above all unusable in Italian because of the size too large and continuous incomprehensible abbreviations (excellent in English and smaller)

Opinion: The A7C represents a "Balto" of photography, half "FF" and half "aps-c", it can be the perfect camera as well as an exercise in non-functional style. I lean more towards the first interpretation but I start from the second: such a compact body but FF paradoxically becomes uncomfortable with GM lenses for FF, not to mention the zooms, practically as heavy as the machine itself or more. This cancels the advantage given by the tiny size, while using only small lenses you lose a bit of quality given by the FF (or tropicalization). Even the aps-c and Crop lens game is not good, stopping at 24 excellent Mp that crop to 10.6mpx ... Even the small viewfinder does not help, especially if the front wheel, the one on the side of the touch, not the one above in metal, is difficult to use especially with gloves because in rotating it activates the directional pad and the keys (I solved with a precise redistribution of the keys, using compensation ring + recessed ring configurable for ISO / opening / speed (MY DIAL 1-2-3) by pressing the REC button with index and therefore being able to act with the same finger on a single ring very quickly). Also always because it was not perfect in addition to stripping it of the double slot and CF make it great for vlogs and videos but do not implement the 10 bit :D They insert a super autofocus, better than a7 III but in the recognition in the menu we only have human + animals. Old menu, endless in its poorly organized entries. Non-touch menu. The touch is there, it is also used for focusing or tracking using the viewfinder, but not to scroll through the menus. Grrr. And also the keys: we have fewer dedicated ones, but we can configure them. Not all, however, and not as we want: for example we can never delete the button to change the display, which however does not allow you to overlap for example the level with the shooting info (they are two separate views, mah). After the part of the criticism (more to Sony than to the a7c itself) step to complete the positive opinion A little more than 1500 euros, kit or no kit, you take home a quality FF, with a famous and excellent sensor, which behaves well with little light and makes sparks in the daytime. The collapsible 28-60 of the kit is the anthem of portability... Together they weigh nothing and fit in the pocket of a decathlon jacket, or they learn to the belt with a peak clip and weigh less together than many lenses that are not necessarily more performing. Coupled with more pro lenses, from 24-105 upwards, to some fixed FE 1.8 or 1.4 the files that the sensor returns are excellent, sharp, chromatically appealing. With the fixed you can literally carry in your pocket a lot of quality. the camera is then aesthetically appealing, the ergonomics (arranged the custom keys) leads you to always want it with you, the decentralized viewfinder is comfortable, in the horizontal Wide as well as shooting vertically. The stabilization is good and freehand you have excellent rates of perfect shots. The joystick is missing but you can use the touch. Infinite settings to configure our output, comfortable doors for microphone expansions and so on. associating a Cage then its "Baltic" nature goes from top video with mic, light, screen, grip (gimbal not necessary given the catalyst stabilization) to a very compact and ultralight street machine, to Full Frame that with the CAGE mentioned above with rubberized grip or additional handle allows you to buy a 28-70 GM II instead of I thanks to the money saved with the entry price so low. However, 24-70 and a7c make a bomb at less than 1200gr. The battery then really allows you to shoot a whole day without limits and go home with 30% still available. We are talking about more than 1500 shots if you do not flash continuously... It can also be recharged with a powerbank and is usb-c. Film for hours without overheating. Dedicated flash with shooting recognition and highsync. Fantastic!

sent on December 11, 2022


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