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Lorenzo P

Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Lorenzo P

Microsoft Translator  The following opinions have been automatically translated with Microsoft Translator.

sony_fe200-600Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS

Pros: Lightness. Portability. Optical rendering. Sharpness. Precision of the zzom ferrule: short excursion between 200 and 600, for those who work there it is a decisive thing. Zoom in. Speed in locking and focusing (even if less than 70-200 gm2), even in difficult light conditions and backlight (I don't know if it's thanks to the a9). Great materials for lens construction. Resistance to intense and professional use. Tropicalization. The price: at this price you don't buy anything like that (at least before the release of the almost twin Nikon which has 20mm less at the short focal length).

Cons: The ring that makes the lens rotate (to shoot vertically) is half jammed and you have to strain to turn it. Cheap lens hood that doesn't screw on properly after a while. Proprietary collar foot (not Arca Swiss) and short bracket. The 200mm short focal length for sports use is sometimes too much.

Opinion: I own it and use it for a year (bought used for 1200 euros) for work, taking thousands of photos a weekend and I can't find any fault with it as far as the optical part is concerned. Lens that has a higher performance than the Nikon 200-400 f4 (I compared them in parallel shots) and that is very fast (even if the 70-200 gm2 sony outclasses it). Well tropicalized, I happened to use it in adverse conditions, and well transportable (I keep it in a Lowepro 400AW backpack mounted on the A9, along with a 28-70 and a 70-200). The materials with which it is built are excellent and despite the battle use it has no visible marks on the body of the lens. The main flaw is that the ring with which you rotate the lens (when it's on a monopod) makes a lot of resistance and requires an effort that prevents you from shooting quickly. I haven't figured out if it's a problem with my sample, or with all of these lenses. Another small flaw is the lens hood, nice but cheap in the internal plastic threads, which after a while do not hook the lens well and require an extra strong clack to mount it. Often when I'm in the field I want the 20mm more (i.e. less) of the Nikon twin because I'm long in framing the subject. In any case, the lens is incredible for its value for money and for its versatility of use. A small masterpiece of the Sony market that with this cheap lens has found many new customers, including me. I wanted to vote 9.8 but I approximated the grade to 10 because there is no possibility to indicate decimals.

sent on March 26, 2024

patona_protect_npfz100Patona Protect NP-FZ100

Pros: Price (but still costs 50 euros)

Cons: Unreliability in reading the percentage of charge left.

Opinion: Driven by some positive reviews I took one ("protect") to use with an a9, affiacing it to two original batteries, the problem is that up to a certain point it marks a regular charge, then suddenly collapses the percentage, then marks zero but remains charged for a while. If there is a second battery in the battery grip, the problem is relative because you are covered by the other, but without a second battery, you do not know how long it lasts you. I would not repeat the experience, better to spend 40 euros more and take an original np-fz100.

sent on July 24, 2023

sony_a9Sony A9

Pros: Very fast autofocus, battery life, customizable menus, solid construction, resistance in extreme hot and cold conditions, lightness, number of buttons, tropicalization, stacked sensor. Image quality, and of course sony color science. Sealed at high ISO.

Cons: Ergonomics (you need the battery grip), evf resolution (it is still a 2017 model), it does not save additional presets (in addition to the 3 that can be recalled with the dial) in the car, you need a dedicated SD card. Good JPEGs, but not unforgettable (edit: it was my fault, not the fault of the camera that left the DRO on, and I got images too mixed with shadows: jpegs are really very good)

Opinion: I've been using it for a couple of months now and now it's a kind of glove, easy to use and very fast: compared to the d4s/d5 where I slightly anticipated the shot, here I shoot when I see what I want to be photographed. He doesn't miss a photo (this weekend I took 6 thousand, without bursts (which I don't use), those out of focus were 3/4). Used for 2 hours straight under the scorching sun at 35 degrees, shooting continuously in chase mode, it never got stuck (even if in those situations it increases battery consumption). The menus allow you to create shooting presets that contemplate everything, I really love the possibility of configuring compensations depending on the mode with which you expose (in the multiple I have more 1/6), but also the recording of shooting settings on a custom button that allows you to really do everything. Unfortunately, the ergonomics are sony (it seems that they do not consider it in the design phase, preferring the miniaturization of the camera to its usability) and without battery grip it is difficult to hold it in the hand. The electronic viewfinder is good but not great and in mediocre light conditions it does not return the quality of the photo that will come out. The stacked sensor allows you to forget about having the mechanical one with enormous advantages in terms of speed and silence. 24 megapixels is the ideal resolution for sports use, let's hope that in the Mark 3 they don't decide to increase it. The battery (with the camera intelligently configured, i.e. the rear screen turned off while shooting) allows you to face a day of 10 hours of continuous shooting (in tracking mode) with 2 batteries in the BG, keeping the third in your pocket. Tropicalization is also useful to prevent dirt from entering the sensor while changing lenses often (obviously being careful). As far as I understand the saving of other presets in addition to the 3 that can be physically recalled with the upper knob, is done only on an SD card and not in the car, too bad. Also to be praised is the sealing at high ISO, it does not add as many obvious digital artifacts as the d5. It weighs very little.

sent on June 19, 2023

samyang_fe35_f2-8Samyang FE 35mm f/2.8 AF

Pros: Weight, construction, packaging, optical quality, price, Focheggiatura

Cons: Vignetting

Opinion: I used it still little, but I noticed that on a FF as my a7rII vignette much, I will try to activate the shading compensation in the menu of the machine to see what happens, otherwise I will go to post, without one or the other at F8 there is a vignetting still in my Very obvious notice. Maybe this lens is better suited to an APS-C where I read that much less sticker. I will continue the tests, however, a beautiful optics.

sent on April 16, 2019


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