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Reviews of cameras, lenses, tripods, heads and other accessories written by Macs92

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sony_fe100_stfSony FE 100mm f/2.8 STF GM OSS

Pros: Incredible sharpness, character, bokeh, feeling, made light points very very beautiful. For portraits it is exceptional

Cons: Limited brightness precisely for the apodized element. Optically it is a 2.8 (depth of field, ect..) but the light on the sensor reaches 5.6 so inside I recommend a flash

Opinion: I have waited several months of use to talk about it in a complete way. The first thing that pops up outside the box is the construction/feeling. I had not yet had a Gmaster, but I can now confirm what is good about their construction: solid, light (to be a medium canvas with a lot of glass), it balances very well with the machine, programmable keys, declick function for diaphragms, diaphragms on the ect. lens. In a top word for construction. But what do you buy for, what is its added value? The bokeh. Bokeh is just the characteristic element, it remains legible, it is very creamy but not distracting, difficult to define in words, which I would recommend to give us a try. Thanks to the bokeh I connect to the rendering of the light points (ball even in the corners), it is not obvious to be able to find the light points of the right size to create that particular effect, but when you understand the situation to create them, it is really fun. The downside, in my opinion the only one, is the limited brightness! If you take photos indoors the flash in my opinion becomes almost mandatory, outside towards late afternoon just raise the ISOs slightly or if you want to photograph static subjects (e.g. evening cityscape) then the stabilizer comes to your aid. For what I use it: landscape (excellent sharpness), portrait (yield and character), food (I didn't need a real macro, he manages to get to a good magnification ratio 1:4). I only advise against it if you are allergic to flash inside :) in that case it is better to point to very bright targets

sent on February 11, 2021

sony_fe28-70ossSony FE 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS

Pros: Cost together with the kit, made discreet but closed by a couple of stops is fine, light and versatile

Cons: For what is the concept of the lens I do not see any particular flaws... Don't get me wrong the yield even from closed is not comparable to more expensive goals but for what it costs and for its weight is more than good.

Opinion: As already written in both pros and cons, it is a discreet lens in the absolute sense, but if we look at it in relation to price and lightness it becomes a valid goal! In fact I read many negative reviews maybe exaggerated. In my opinion, if you want to stay ultra light and carefree this combined with a lightweight fixed can be a valid alternative. In the evening of course the limit of brightness comes out and there it becomes even more complicated to bring out something good but during the day it goes more than well (always compared to its target).

sent on July 24, 2020

zeiss_loxia21_f2-8Zeiss Loxia 21mm f/2.8

Pros: Crisp, manual, small, exif data in the car, light but the right, construction looks excellent, metal lampshed with inside with velvet or fabric and finally I left the colors last but no less important

Cons: I admit that I do not know, perhaps the cost from new (I took it used), here is an optics for aware, because 21 is not ultra wide angle like a 14 while compared to 24/28 you see that you have more breath; as I wrote it in the proposals I put it back here is manual (maybe someone may not like it I absolutely just wanted it manual)

Opinion: It's the first opinion I write, but this view is really nice! From the all-metal and glass construction to the small details such as a screw that makes the diaphragm ring decryptable (useful for video). The yield is what you would expect from a zeiss lens especially in the rendering of colors.. The sharpness is very good but for example in the center looking at the photo 300% is not equal to the sigma 24 art (monstrous sharpness of the latter). I come back to the color because opening the file has these beautiful vivid but very natural colors, so it is not as sharp as a 24 art in the center but has a beautiful yield. The construction seems to be very good, the end of the fire does not correspond voluntarily to infinity, but it is written on the booklet that is made on purpose in order to guarantee a little tolerance for the thermal expansion that it could undergo (this is a small detail but makes you understand the attention to the design and construction of the optics). Chapter weight, it is not in itself very light weighs just under 400 grams, but attached to the machine is perfectly balanced. You shoot quietly with one hand and do not tire in the least take it with you. Chapter scope of use, this perspective in my opinion is the top for both natural and urban landscapes, and very good for architecture where it seems to have a very good distortion correction. All this makes it an optics to gladly take out around even when you do not have a precise photographic destination or when you know that the trip involves many but many walks and lightness becomes an important factor.

sent on May 05, 2020


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