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Die Katze in der Kohle

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Unboxing sent on February 12, 2014 (22:19) by Spartan. 75 comments, 13021 views. [retina]

, 1/40 f/1.4, ISO 200, hand held.

#magicosfocato #gatti #sguardi #bokeh #scottishfold

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249 persons like it: Afrikachiara, Alberto Gagliardi, AlbertoIal, Albertz79, Albieri Sergio, Alebombo, Alessandro Ceresole, Alessandro Ghurum Carini, Alessandro Laconi, Alessandro Mattiello, Alessandro Viarino, Alessio Palazzolo, Alex833, Alexcir, Altenmich, Andrea Fineschi, Andrea Giuliano, Angelodea, Angepì, Anguar, Antino, Antonella Mainardi, Antonio Marcello, Antonio Scarano, Argo Panoptes, Atomo_3, Bal, Balotts, Bibols, Bimba Betty, Biomeccanico, Bisconti Luca, Black Bear 77, Carlo Bassi, Carlo Giacomini, Carlo Ricci, Carlo5, Carmine Di Vito, Caterina D.M., Chiaramargaretacaccia, Ciocca Sergio, Clax54, Cobr3tti, Coolshot, Copernico, Cristina Giani, Daniela Agazzi, Daniele Pozzato, Daniele Quaranta, Danieleg, Danilo Lecis, Daniloraponi, Dantes, Dar_io, Davide Malavasi, Davide_Palmisano_cicciopettola, Diego Occhi, Doinavictory, Dom95, Don Zato, Donoterase, Duell, Eemac73, Elena Bass, Elias Piccioni, Elisa Gabbrielleschi, Emozionevisiva, Erbedo, Ermete Forloni, Fabiana, Fabio 79, Fabio Polidori, Fabio Usvardi, Fabiob72, Fabrizio Biancotti, Fede Jp, Fedebobo, FerMat77, Finco, Flumazenil, Francesco C, Francesco D'Ambrosio, Francesco Gelati, Francesco Iafelice, Francesco Jam, Francesco Sartori, Francescoc, Franco Marciandi, Francone, Fulvio Gioria, Fw190d, G.luca75, Gabriele Allegretti, Gabriele Mauri, Gaetano Perego, Gana, Garciamarquez, Giacomo Bischeri, Giacomo Simonini, Giallo63, Gianluca Mariani, Gianlucabasso, Giemmeelle, Giorgio Lo, Giovanni Serafini, GiovanniF, Giovannini Italo, Giuseppe Massa, Giuseppe Orlando, Gramilu, Guglielmo Toscano, Ivancosta, Izio58, Kappa400, Karateka, Kemposk, Kodinokids, Laurence Corbie, Legione, Leonardo F., Lillo81, Lorenzorouge, Lorenzo_mc, Lorenzo_rosa, Luca Costa, Luca Monego, Luca Tassi, Luca1964pr, Lucaluca, Lucanasigrosso, Lully, Lured60, Ma55imo, Macladin, Madame74, Magù, Magda69, Maracante, Marcellino Massimo, Marchese75, Marco Anfossi, Marco Marenco, Marco Martini, Marco Mazzari, Marco Orlandino, Marco Riccardi, Marcocontu1978, Marcofer81, Marcogina, Margherita, Maria Chiara, Marino24, Mariomultimedia, Mario_61, Marla, Martello, Martor, Massimiliano Montemagno, Massimo Strumia, Massimo Trabaldo, Massimoeos, Matteo Bertolaso, Matteo2191, Matteobelletti, Mattepanze, Mattiaorsili, Maurizio Junior Gabbi, Mauriziop, Mauropol, Maxbottax, Maxlaz66, Maxwolf64, Michele Morosini, MicheleS, Mnardell, Nadir Francesco Capoccia, Nemesi9191, Nesti Alessio, Nikcola, Ninuzzo, Noha, Nonnachecca, Novreg53, Om72, Orangerob, OsmErk, Otellopsr, P.a.t 62, Paogar, Paolo Fotoceschi, Pecorone87, Phoslight, Piermariopilloni, Pinscher 68, Piotr70, Pippo65, Pithos, Pivo Dugmetara, Quellolà, Retiger, Riccardoerre, Riki, Rino Orlandi, Rinorho, Robert.sgammeglia, Ruben.Reggiani, Runamok, S.Olivier, Sabbion, Satish Ranadive, Sbtutu, Scarlet, Shaula, Silvio Maccario, Simone Rossi, Simonethoth, Sixtynine, Snaik791, Someone, Soniax, Spaceman81, Spartan, Stefano Arrighi, Stefano6664, StefanoConti, Steff, Stex, Testadura65, TheBlackbird, Thejoker6594, Tiburonblanco, Tiroby, Tiziano Ferlanti, Tommaso.cecchini, Toni72, Trinita, Ultraviolet, Uomoragno, user42060, Vasile Gori, Viaggiatore, Viaggiatorenotturno, Vijay Naidu, Vinsss, Volo, Wdm79, Wells, Wolfman1908, Zentropa


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sent on July 09, 2014 (3:43) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)


sent on July 09, 2014 (18:16) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)


sent on November 26, 2014 (14:15) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

A marvel
hello, alberto

sent on November 26, 2014 (19:43) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

I, too, I have a big cat like that, it's adorable, but your picture is really nice and beautiful, beautiful eyes of this cat scemotto: who knows who has enjoyed the most: you photograph it or him to get into the box ?!

sent on November 29, 2014 (20:00) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

It is truly a meravigila that cat, Finco thanks:-D
Magu, he definitely has more fun with boxes that I photograph it

sent on December 06, 2014 (15:19) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

A Carthusian to be eaten with the eyes, beautiful shot !!!
Greetings, Marco.

sent on December 30, 2015 (20:54) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Dream atmosphere ...
Beautiful, congratulations ....

Andrea :-)

sent on November 08, 2016 (23:16) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Wonderful picture, the cat and also the title :-D

sent on December 23, 2018 (13:11) | This comment has been translated


sent on December 23, 2018 (13:35)

Spectacular image with beautiful colors and superb details. Nice pose, lights, background and composition. (I need one like this, however we don't get this type of cat in India...can you tell me where I can get ? ).Cool


sent on December 23, 2018 (14:48) | This comment has been translated


sent on March 16, 2019 (10:35) | This comment has been translated


sent on March 15, 2020 (19:57) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)


sent on September 05, 2020 (12:31) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Beautiful, my kittens do it with the Amazon box!! :-D :-D :-D

sent on June 23, 2022 (17:48) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

although late congratulations Spartan for the photo very nice

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