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Metropilitane Readings...


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Metropilitane Readings sent on July 26, 2018 (18:23) by Enrico Fermi. 76 comments, 7635 views. [retina]

1/13 f/5.0, ISO 1250, hand held.

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sent on July 29, 2018 (7:36) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

A wonderful capture, everything perfect deserves an editor's pick

sent on July 29, 2018 (10:30) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Very but very nice!
I agree with my friend Peppe Cancelieri, a photo really beautiful and rich in meanings.
A lot of compliments, a greeting

sent on July 29, 2018 (23:15) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Beautiful, Enrico, very iconic and immediate. Good!

sent on July 31, 2018 (18:01) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)


sent on August 12, 2018 (0:56) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Beautiful. Exciting.
Hello Massi

sent on August 14, 2018 (12:59) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Massi777 thank you so much, Have a nice day!

sent on January 25, 2019 (20:05) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Fabulous shot :-o :-o :-o

sent on January 26, 2019 (0:33) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Enrico I did the search for this your fantastic photo because I had liked a lot but not having reviewed I could not find it; After an announcement he helped me find her happy Ciorciari, which I thank, so I could remedy.
At this point I just have to say to be admired!
Hello, Fabio

sent on January 26, 2019 (20:21) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Felice and Fabio very kind! thank you so much, Good evening Enrico!;-)

sent on June 25, 2019 (12:28) | This comment has been translated


sent on June 27, 2019 (18:47) | This comment has been translated

Thank you!

sent on February 05, 2020 (9:31) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Interesting then is the reflection of the girl on the passing train, really great shot!

sent on February 06, 2020 (6:47) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Thank you, very kind! ;-)

sent on November 11, 2020 (11:26) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Absolutely fantastic, the girl reflected on the glass of the running train then it is a real gem !!

sent on November 11, 2020 (18:49) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Thanks Pino for your welcome comment!;-)

sent on October 14, 2021 (9:29) | This comment has been automatically translated (show/hide original)

Beautiful for the contrast between a healthy and "slow reading" opposed to the fast train, excellent realization

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