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Opinion about the combo nikon d500 + sigma 150-600 sports

Forum » Discussion Forum » Opinion about the combo nikon d500 + sigma 150-600 sports

sent on December 04, 2018 (1:41)


I am a Portuguese amateur photographer and I have a Nikon D500 + Nikon 200-500mm combo and I am not pleased with the lack of sharpness of my photos on the longer distances (more than 10 mts away) and longer focal distances/FD (400mm to 500mm). I am considering replacing the Nikon 200-500mm by the Sigma 150-600mm Sports. What is your opinion and experience with this lens and with this combo? Is the Sigma 150-600mm Sports lens sharp at any FD and on longer distances (30 mts and more) from the object? Is the AF fast and accurate?
Thanks for your help.

sent on December 04, 2018 (20:51)


I have seen on this site a lot of very sharp pictures taken with this combination D500+nikkor 200-500mm vr. So, it is a little strange you are not pleased with this combination.

sent on December 04, 2018 (20:56)

A good exemple of the very good sharness of that combo

sent on December 04, 2018 (22:32)

The lack of sharpness on the Nikon 200-500mm it is only at longer distances (more than 10 mts away). The photo in your link seems to be closer. But I would like to have users'opinions. Do you have one 200-500mm?

sent on December 05, 2018 (4:31)

Dear Caiado,

It is far beyond me to want to argue with you. As you can see on my gear list, unfortunately I do not have such a lens. What I would like to stress is the nikkor 200-500mm is reported as a sharp lens and the problem could be with your particular exemplar. Saying this,

I wish you all the best and happy shootings,

sent on December 06, 2018 (1:04)


200-500 is a sharp lens. Are you sure your technique is correct?
Shutter speed well shorter than 1/1000 for example on D500
Why don't you post some pictures with exif parameters to help us understand what happens?

Ol G

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