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False info

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sent on November 27, 2018 (20:22)

I read many many times the lens used on APS-C cameras have a magnification directly proportional with its crop factor. Totally false. The magnification of a lens is an intrinsic characteristics of the lens that does not depends on the sensor size (the formed image on the sensor has the same height on any sensor depending only on the focal length, the height of the photographed object and the distance to that object). But it is true that on FF and APS-C sensors with the same number of pixels and consequently with higher pixel density on the APS-C vs FF, the aparent magnification is higher on APS-C, simply because of the higher pixel density of the sensor. As a conclusion, magnification is function of relative pixel density of the sensor and not function of the crop factor. On sensors with the same pixel density the magnification will be the same with the same lens on different sensor sizes.

sent on December 05, 2018 (2:24)

People use words in many ways. Often how we use language is quite relaxed, non-technical. Sometimes this is only that we are lazy at other times we are not well technically educated. As long as we get the point across that a 35 on 1.5 crop sensor in some ways corresponds to 50mm on a ff ... we are basically talking the same thing.

What is still more interesting is that most photographers skip over the fact that an f 2.0 lens in a way becomes an equivalent of a f 3.0 lens on a ff camera ... ;-) And something is telling me there is a good reason no camera manufacturer puts this photographically significant fact straight!

Un abrazo,

sent on December 05, 2018 (5:01)

Hi Nico,

And thank you for reading my opinion. Unfortunately in spite of the fact my mother tongue is Latin I do not speak Italian (normally especially in writing I can understand what is about and probably more than 50% of the total meaning). I am saying this because I guess your text has been originally written in Italian and automatically translated to English (this is what I read). The aperture of a lens (as it is written on any setting dial) is the result of the division between the focal length and the intrinsic diameter of the diaphragm; so this number, the aperture is not linked in any way with the crop factor of a sensor and in general with any combination lens+sensor.

Happy shootings,

sent on December 05, 2018 (15:10)

I write in English. I am sorry that it translates to Italian, I cannot change this.

What I want to say is that everybody says a 35mm lens on cs is roughly an equivalent of 50mm on a ff sensor. But very few people mention that a f1.4 lens on cs is roughly an equivalent of a f2.1 lens on a ff sensor. Manufacturers never mention this. Because a 'darker' lens is quite universally considered the 'worse' lens.

I think there is a very technically oriented forum at dpreview where people will spend hours discussing such subjects. Here at Juza I think it is mostly like people show what they are doing and the techno jargon is kept at minimum, which is very good thing, in my opinion.


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