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Buying a "B-Ware" mirrorless camera body

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sent on September 07, 2016 (11:06)

Hi everyone, I'm interested in the Fujifilm X-M1 mirrorless camera. I know it's an old product but it's fine for me.
However I would like to have an advice from more experienced people (I'm a beginner and this is my first camera).
I saw on eBay a german shop selling only the body in "B-Ware" condition. As far as I understood, the camera comes from a "demo exhibition" but comes with full warranty.
Now, the problem is: given that it's fine for me if the body has some scratches or small imperfections on the plastic or other exterior parts, what about the sensor? I sent an email to the vendor asking for the sensor condition, but can I trust him if he says that it's untouched? I mean, I think it's possible that someone during the exhibition, while trying the camera, removed the sensor cap and touched or damaged the sensor (or just made the dust come in).
Do you think I can trust the vendor or I should look somewhere else? It would be nice, however, to buy this since I would save more than 100 euros.
By the way the vendor has 99,1% positive feedback, with almost 600 sales.

Thank you very much in advance, and sorry for any English mistake,

sent on September 08, 2016 (10:45)

I don't know how experienced you are , but bear in mind this is not a model suitable for learners, I would advise you to start with a simple point and shoot camera, there are plenty of choices at reasonable prices.

sent on September 09, 2016 (19:19)

Well... I'm not that inexperienced MrGreen
I'm able to work with aperture, exposure time and ISO. I often use a DSLR that a friend of mine lends me and I shoot in manual mode. I'm really sure it's the camera that I want.
By the way I wrote an email to the seller but he isn't answering... Looking at the feedbacks it seems like it's common for him to not respond to e-mails and messages, but I saw positive feedback from other people that bought that item (4/5 feedbacks), so I think I'm buying it.

sent on September 10, 2016 (3:46)

these Fuji mirrorless are great cameras in the right but have very complex menu and can be very frustrating to get the best out of them for beginners and they eat battery like nothing and if he will not answer before you buy how in hell will he respond if you get a issue with the camera you did ask for advice then not take it on board why did you want it in the first place

sent on September 12, 2016 (6:36)

I have just looked at the spec's and noticed there is no EVF, that for a start would put me right off, apparently it is very expensive too, anyway it's the photographer that makes the picture, not the camera. My advice still stands, leave it alone.

sent on February 21, 2017 (22:11)

Sale's made or not by now, but "the vendor has 99,1% positive feedback, with almost 600 sales" was NOT a good score on Ebay! Only 600 and already some unhappy customers? Anything below 99.6 is going to spell disappointment almost certainly.

sent on August 25, 2017 (15:52)

It's not quite a catch, i recommend something more recent; an Olympus E-M5 Mark I or if you like Fujifilm you cant buy the X-T10 Mark I.

sent on October 02, 2017 (0:32)

I bit the bullet and bought a Panasonic G2, Finding the learning curve a bit steep, getting some good shots but nothing to write home about.

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