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Durability of the 7D

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sent on May 13, 2012 (12:18)

First of all: Thanks Juza! The new forum looks very promising!

So, let's start some discussion in the discussion section, shall we? I'll start with this link:

Amazing, that this 7D is still moving its shutter... I just wonder if it is still capable of taking real images...
I guess, every recent DSLR should be similar in terms of durability, so it is great to see what is possible!

What was the worst you have put your camera into?

sent on May 15, 2012 (12:36)

I dont think the that poor 7D would be good for much after all that abuse, but the fact that it still turned on and could shoot some sort of image is a great advert for Canon! The worst my 7D ever suffered was a bit of rain and a light bump into my tripod, which scuffed the top LCD a little. When I had my 40D and Sigma 50-500, they fell off a laundry basket onto the floor. No damage apart from the 50-500's zoom was a bit tight. Still worked fine though!

I'd also love to hear others stories (any camera) Sorriso

sent on May 17, 2012 (15:29)

I always take care my camera like a baby, never expect bad things happen to it. I always rely on a good tripod to hold, and a good bag to carry. MrGreen
A friend of mine got very very bad experience when his 7D was used for underwater photography using Chi** product of plastic cover - it was leaking, and his 7D is dead. The plastic cover killed his gear and his dream Triste


sent on May 23, 2012 (13:30)

Before I got my 7D, my poor 40D suffered a lot at my hands. I dropped it at least twice on the floor from waist height, and later it was on a tripod on a rock outcropping when high winds blew it over against a boulder. The worst was when I fell on ice, hit my head (7 stiches) and the camera smashed against the ice. The bottom of the camera cracked open near the tripod mount. Amazingly, none of these stopped the 40D from performing well. I hated to part with it, but when you have to worry about rain seeping through the crack in your camera, I guess it's time to buy something new. Hope the 7D leads a kinder life!

sent on May 25, 2012 (12:26)

Poor 40D indeed!
I have heard that there are some more improvements achived if one switches from a 40D to a 7D, but closing a crack was never mentioned before...
Again: It is amazing what those DSLRs can stand. I don't know about lenses but those mirror moving mechanisms with the DSLRs seem to be quite solid!

I exposed my 7D to a lot of salt water spray (living on an island...) and I ask myself everytime: When will the rust set in? But so far, everything is fine...

I hope your head injury healed well, John. Thanks for sharing this little gem of a story!

sent on May 28, 2012 (10:53)

My 7D has all kins of problems. Totally dead twice in the first 12 months. Now it wont read batteries. Videos look odd..... Maybe I should throw it around more.

sent on May 30, 2012 (10:33)

I am amazed after so much abused and hard beatings, it is still working!! That video will sure help boost 7D sale.

I love my 7D (if only its not so noisy at high ISO ) ...now it is permanently married to the MPE 65 with flash.

I used to have a 60D, which fell down about 12inches (knee height) onto the frozen ground (during the last europe's deep freeze) the mirror is stuck and the repair cost quoted to me was 600USD! ...which is almost half the price of buying a new unit.

sent on June 02, 2012 (9:47)

My 7D has lead a very adventurous life so far. It's survived temperatures of -45 degC, smashes against rocks and ice, a few drops (though my Tokina 11-16 took the brunt of the biggest fall, still works but doesn't seem as sharp as it once was :( ). The body still works great (I think), although I don't have much means of comparison since it's my first dSLR.

I've been really happy with it :)

sent on June 06, 2012 (9:35)

...still works but doesn't seem as sharp as it once was :(

I have the same feeling with my one! I guess, it is just a feeling, I can't find any differences if I start comparing images from the beginning and now. I might just demand more of my 7D than I did back then.
and even if there is some wear and tear, it is a tool. It is meant to be used. Being fortunate enough to be able to expose a DSLR to risky situations is a privilege! It is the best way to obtain amazing shots and have fun. The part with the amazing shots is what I always believe until I download the images from the camera...

sent on June 10, 2012 (20:17)

Regarding the 7D iso performance, at what point do you people find the 7D's ISO becomes unusable?

What do you think about this topic?

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