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Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA Sonnar T* : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on May 12, 2019

Pros: Remarkable sharpness from F2, really good from f2.8; Weight and small size, good off of the tops

Cons: Focus (Eye-AF) is not always accurate. Price on the new no promotions and discounts exaggerated. Important chromatic aberrations.

Opinion: Accomplice a good offer on Amazon and the cashback, after using the Sony 50 FE F 1.8 I decided to move on to the older brother. The difference in sharpness between the two in the range F2-F 2.8 is remarkable: it is already seen by zooming the 24mpx to 50%. The 55 is a good lens; In my opinion, however, is not better than the Sony 85 FE F 1.8 so much in terms of sharpness that speed/accuracy of the autofocus. A TA 85 is sharper and even the Samyang 35mm f1.4 AF FE is slightly sharper (while open to 1.4). The detachment of the tops is very good, the fuzzy is pleasant and progressive (but only as long as it does not have thin foliage too close by). The color rendition is great, pretty cool. The autofocus is super quiet and fast enough. It is really compact and weighs little and for this I preferred it to other lenses, as it is ideal for Sony's mirrorless philosophy.

sent on May 04, 2019

Pros: sharpness, color, blurred, weight, AF

Cons: Slight vignetting and distortion at the edges

Opinion: Sorry, but I write my first review here on the forum because I do not understand certain criticisms. I've had this lens on the Sony A7, it's one of the best lenses I've ever tried, and after being switched to Nikon and Fuji is one of the reasons I would go back to Sony. The portraits taken on the fly with this lens are pure magic for colors, sharpness, boke, and this in every light condition (indoors with poor or mixed lighting for example). The issue AF, ie the loss of fire in some cases, I think depends on the machine rather than the goal. Never used with the lens hood, never had any flare problems I believe for antireflective treatment. The price is high, of course, but some lenses cost more and if you look at the pictures you understand why

sent on May 03, 2019

Pros: Excellent sharpness

Cons: Unwatchable lens hood, prohibitive price, optically far from relying €900

Opinion: If the Zeiss 35mm f2.8 I reviewed it very badly, this I must directly destroy it. I do not quite understand the mechanism for which a company thinks to propose a 50mm f 1.8 to over €900, also offering a lens far from being able to feel perfect. I do not talk about AC, sharpness and trivialities similar, because they are objective data that between exemplary and exemplary can have an uncertainty of 5%, and I find it superfluous to talk about it again being the web full of reviews. I would rather talk about the embarrassing construction of a €900 lens. Do you see photos of this lens with the hood mounted? Few, because it is horrendous and most unnecessary. If the graft is passable, inwardly does not have any velvet, knurling, and laterally it is reduced to a negligible size so as not to be able to perform its function. What's the point of a lens hood like that? By the way it is just ugly to look, enlaring compared to the central barrel like a mushroom (not to be vulgar). Zeiss confirms itself once again unfit to produce lenses with AF. So much I like manual lenses, how much I despise those with AF (of this House you mean). The bayonet is also plasticose, and does not transmit a feeling of quality. All of this would have been permissible for a lens as it can be a Nikon 50 1.8 G from €150, not for a "Zeiss" from over €900. No one denies that it is a compact lens and more or less metal, but to that figure is a crazy and reckless purchase. By the way we are not talking about a Zeiss of future historical interest, but a "consumer" object. To make comparisons already a Samyang 50 1.4 (which we do not forget costs half) would guarantee significantly higher performance. Also because objectively it is not a "pancake" lens, although some reviews might imply, and the dimensions are almost identical to the Samyang (for now single-term comparison in the mirrorless world except the Zeiss 50 1.4). Unfortunately many reviews here on Juza are written by customers who have handsomely paid for what they are reviewing, and therefore inevitably can not be objective. This lens is a clear example. By the way I read about a user who talks about the lens hood inwardly, something that my absolutely is not, and looking for online I had confirmation. Just search on google Sony sh131 (lens Hood Code of this lense) to realize that such a knurling does not exist.

sent on January 05, 2019

Pros: dimenisions, weight, anti-reflective treatment

Cons: nothing blatant

Opinion: I bought it at 500 degrees used about a year ago. I really like it, especially for the size. The quality of the materials is excellent. Paired with my a7R II is really unwieldy. In fact, I take them every day with me. To make street is ideal. It has a very good definition and ad f/4 is almost moving. But it also has a very pleasant blur. The af is not foolproof. But how much depends on the lens and how much does it depend on the camera? Boh, I don't know. However, it happened (rarely have to say) that some shots taken on the fly missed them greatly. In short, 9 times out of 10 focuses perfectly. I'm always talking about shots taken on the fly, mind you, because if you have time to focus, 1 or 2 seconds, don't miss a shot. The lack of sharpness at the edges I did not upset. It depends on the genre you do, probably. And I didn't test myself, like photographing a newspaper page in full frame. Of course, if the issue of size had not been my priority, I would surely have also considered a Sigma Art. But this is it! If you do street with 50mm, if size matters to you and you also want autofocus you have no alternative. It's the top. There's little to do! I'm literally in love with it. I will only sell it if I change brands. Update to February 15, 2020: I've been using it for a couple of months mounted on a9. Formidable pairing. And autofocus, with shots on the fly, doesn't miss a beat.

sent on November 04, 2018

Pros: Record size and weight.

Cons: Not a monster in terms of pure optical rendering.

Opinion: If you are looking for a fixed bright good performance for your "itinerant" photographic set-up then this sonnar is the mandatory choice because for size and weight you can't beat it. It looks like a lens for smaller sizes, like the ones for micro 4/3. But if you are looking for a fixed luminous with the highest optical performance then better look elsewhere, not necessarily more expensive, for example the Sigma Art 50 mm. By pulling the sums of all aspects concerning optical performance, I summarize with a vote of 7.5. What you read around the Web is in good substance all true: a moderate longitudinal CA not always completely recoverable in post and a vignetting a little ' greater than other fixed 1.8, while recovering votes for the absence of other defects such as astigmatism and The lateral CA. AF silent and fast enough. Precise too, but it depends mainly on the machine. The sharpness is great in the middle and falls to the edges. How much? Here it seems that there is a problem because you read everything and the opposite of everything. On the edges of this 55 one reads that "They are pity" or that "they are good". At this point it is thought that there is or existed a manufacturing problem. My specimen however did not suffer from particular problems, I do not know how to quantify the difference between center and edges, I say that you only notice to monitor 100% but nothing that makes think of a flaw. I've seen worse in more expensive lenses. Even the benchmarks of the newspapers disagree on the edges. However, as well as the mathematical measures, the lens is good, but not stratospheric as someone wants to believe. For me it is in line with the other 50 1.8 coupons, and so this Zeiss being sold between 800 and 1000 euros, I would say it costs too much. However if you look for comfort there are no alternatives. I changed it for the Sigma 50 Art because I do not use this type of lens to walk and therefore I can sacrifice handling and portability but gaining a little something in terms of pure optical performance. PS: I do not know why they consider it a sonnar, if you look at the original optical patterns, it seems to me there is little in common.

sent on July 07, 2018

Pros: Construction, weight

Cons: Minimum distance of MAF, outrageous price on the new, edges, AF sometimes hesitant

Opinion: I purchased this lens used as the very first lens for my Sony A7R III, the lens looks built very well and with size and compactness to which I was not accustomed (before I owned D800 and Sigma Art 50). The ring nuts have a nice endless excursion with a good feedback, the hood is very well built and equipped with a knurled internal coating to avoid "bounces" of light. As for the photographic compartment this lens has convinced me less, we clarify right from the start: about sharpness nothing to say, but with regard to the homogeneity of the frame, accuracy of the MAF and the minimum distance of MAF is not for nothing well. It has a distance of huge MAF and the AF shows itself too many times hesitant, not to mention the price that for me is the real sore note of this lens. I do not doubt that many people may like and/or excite the fact that "mirrors the mirrorless philosophy" etc, but a lens before being light/beautiful to see/What you want must be efficient and this alas is not. The Sigma Art 50 costs €300 in less (weighs even almost half a kilo more) but returns a blurry and the files that this unfortunately if you dream them. I think I will sell it to resume the 50 Art in configuration with the MC-11 or with more FE attack in the

sent on March 21, 2017

Pros: Construction - AF - Sharpness - Compactness

Cons: Price?

Opinion: The question mark next to the counter I put it because some think 700 euros and broken to have a diaphragm 1.8 cinquantino may seem exaggerated, but in reality to me, after trying it for good, not sono.rnLa construction impeccable and satisfies touch, including lens hood (metal), af lightning and really "smooth" nuts, as would say crazy inglesi.rnNitidezza the center also 1.8, falls slightly at the edges, but is still very good, compact and handy, for me that I love that I found really a focal trusty traveling companion in this little friend! rn

sent on August 19, 2016

Pros: Impeccable construction, fast Af, sharpness in the center

Cons: Little uniformity between center and edges, exaggerated price for a 55 1.8

Opinion: A lens that would be amazing if it were not that the difference in yield between edge and center is really excessive. I do not know if it was a problem of my exemplary fact is that I also sent in assistance and I was told that it is normal. If you use the blur in the TA and the colors are very beautiful but if you want to use for some detail, even diaphragm af // 8, you notice a sharp drop in sharpness up to about 15/20% from the edge. For a 55 1.8 from almost € 900 I would sincerely expect a lot more. The votes here are always too high! It is 10 to even good lenses but if you give 10 to this to an Otus what do we give ?? rnrnEdit: I bought a second copy after a year, which is much more uniform between the edges and the center. It should therefore be noted that there is a lack of uniformity between specimens.

sent on May 05, 2016

Pros: Sharpness, Yield BW, weight and shape, materials, blurred.

Cons: sferocromatismo, af be improved, made little of character colors.

Opinion: It is now a year that I do photography and is a year that use the fixed 50cc, initially this seemed too realistic than the Nikon lenses, but once taken hand with lightroom and learned how to change the colors properly and correct the sferocromatismo (very more complicated aberrations which instead are absent), then it becomes a lens can give unforgettable moments with great satisfaction especially in BN, which has a yield that does not envy anything to a monochrome. AF only thing not very fast, especially if it is not mounted on a a7RII.

sent on April 22, 2016

Pros: Sharpness, building materials, overall performance

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: And 'one of those lenses for full frame Sony E-Mount is a must have !! The quality of the images returned is impressive sharpness even at TA is disarming, then on A7RII it is a show. The engine is quiet and fast AF, the focus ring to focus the fluid flows so, the bayonet mates perfectly with the camera's flange (zero games). Bello also the lens hood coated within a material, rubber-like, opaque to decrease further reflection.

sent on July 09, 2015

Pros: High quality, soft and smooth bezel, construction, weather sealing.

Cons: not having it.

Opinion: lens exceptional final yield excellent construction and weather sealing as you should have with lenses'm level, AF is quick short remains one ZEISS with a hat. SONY is churning out slow in my opinion exceptional and the park is increasing slowly but quality and as we know the quality you pay for. recommended for all.

sent on April 25, 2015

Pros: very high quality (more for the resolution for the bokeh or colors)

Cons: price

Opinion: I've had it, I used it and I rivenduto.rnMolto valid, nothing to say, but nothing more (except autofocus but I feel useless and even harmful for my photography) of contax zeiss-50 f 1.4, or homonymous 1.7.rnUso then with equal or greater satisfaction on my A7 and A7r the Leica Summicron-R 50 (which also total for my taste is not inferior) and others, but sometimes less interesting and evocative: helios 50, 50 and Trioplan Mamiya 55 f / 1.4. For landscape photos or close-up autofocus is a useless and often harmful shortcut, especially by providing a convenient magnification that allows even a blind man like me to focus carefully and bring home the desired result (it was NOT so, for me, with the camera that I used, even with good viewfinders as the alpha 900; yes there that helped me autofocus ....). rnCiao at all, rnsandro

sent on April 24, 2015

Pros: Made out of the ordinary, in all situations, on all occasions, lightweight construction, although I really like autofocus to manual focus

Cons: Price perhaps size I would have liked a bit 'more compact

Opinion: Truly extraordinary. I come from canon 50 L and sigma art, then 50 good quality I maneggiati.rnQuesto little guy, even if he was even more compact than I would have appreciated, pulls out a cleaning almost commovente.rnSicuramente a 1.8 is simpler to implement than lenses brighter but they did a job grandioso.rnLa ring focus is convenient and intelligent, responds very well, the autofocus works dovere.rnAberrazioni do not see, the lights in the out of focus areas are very beautiful, if you closes is to have more depth of field because of sharpness if he has to sell even at full apertura.rnInsomma had cost a little 'less and were more little one would have taken the standing ovation.

sent on April 16, 2015

Pros: build quality, sharpness, focus ring soft

Cons: size slightly excessive for a 50ino, but it's just finding the hair in the egg ...

Opinion: This Sony Zeiss was definitely one of my best purchases in photography! The price for a F1.8 lens is very high, but the cost in my opinion is rewarded by truly exceptional quality of this lens. Let's go step by step. The build quality is really top notch. Barrel absolutely solid with no moving parts outside, except of course the ring focus, soft and with the race "without end." An important factor is that depending on how you use the dial also changes the sensitivity of the latter, allowing a focus super accurate. Let me give an example to explain. If you turn the wheel with a quick movement will go from minimum distance of focus to infinity in 3 or 4 cm of displacement of the ring. If the move slowly, those 3 or 4 cm of rotation we will make a correction much smaller. You have to get used to, but after a while 'the system will become irreplaceable, especially when shooting video. Even the lente front is particular, not with a convex shape as usually happens, but with a concave shape, this to reduce chromatic aberrations (if I remember correctly). Another small detail that makes us understand the high quality of this Zeiss is the fact that inside the box, in addition to the small instruction manual and warranty, there is also a card with the serial number and the name of the technician which tested the lens before it goes on sale! It seems right to point this out because I had never happened before, it aims to do for bodies macchina.rnInfine as not to mention the performance. There is little to say, I feel just wonderful! High sharpness even at full aperture, absolutely awesome closed one or two stops. Yield of blurred delicate and very pleasant. Chromatic aberrations and distortions virtually absent. Quiet and fast autofocus, both of AF-single or AF-continuous (tested on Sony a7II). Dimensions and weight absolutely dignitose.rnIn conclusion: lens extraordinary !!! Per me it was love at first sight.

sent on March 13, 2015

Pros: Sharpness Blurry Construction

Cons: Cap lens cap platicoso

Opinion: Use this view for a few months and I have to say, I did not believe that Sony could pull off such a good result. Even at full aperture is an impressive sharpness, further closing the aperture are obtained exceptional results, even we risk "an excessive definition" At the same time restiuisce fuzzy delicate and smooth. Good construction, compact and gives solid feel, with Hood fixed size may seem excessive, but on a7 (I use the smooth first version) I can guarantee you that there is really good, the cap lens cap is perhaps the only one who sinned feedback in his clear set, really poor and not always well established, we need to be careful when you put it and make sure it is aggangiato well. Last note, comes with soft bag x transport, particularly from non trascurare.rnIn ultimately a great lens that will give you a lot of satisfaction.

sent on June 09, 2014

Pros: Sharpness, overall yield, blurred, building, silent AF, lightness.

Cons: Not extremely compact size, high price for the category.

Opinion: I use this lens on the Sony TA A7R ... the sharpness is impressive; Optically is truly exceptional. The 'AF is fast, accurate and very quiet and the building is quite impeccable. It is not as compact as other 50mm but the performance is really incredible. 50mm definitely the best I've ever had.


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