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Sigma 8-16mm f/4.5-5.6 DC HSM : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on December 02, 2016

Pros: Focal range of unique, very clear throughout the frame, af very good, durable and well-built barrel

Cons: very low maximum apertures, filters usable only 16mm

Opinion: I bought it on offer on Amazon and I was right. superb lens. The autofocus is very fast, quiet and precise. The range of focal lengths is very interessante.rnL'ottica is built in a very good. You can mount the filters on the ring of the plug adapter, but if the objective is mounted black cartoon except 16 mm. Only to that focal you can use filters. The lens has the disadvantage of being very dark, basically you should always use it between f / 5.6 and f / 8 except that you have no relations superiori.rnIl hood, integrated and non-removable, it is made of metal also to protect the lens that is sporgente.rnMi are very much amused to usaralo, I sold it because I switched to FF and I replaced it with the big brother 12-24 f / 4.5-5.6 II. Tame it is a pleasant intellectual effort as well by understanding how to use it, especially to 8mm, they learn a lot about photography and the geometries that lie behind. Perspective as there are few.

sent on September 13, 2016

Pros: Very noticeable field angle, chromatic fairness, sharpness

Cons: Vignetting, no sharp edges on the sides, only accepts specific and expensive filters

Opinion: My first true wide-angle, I have to say that I had a lot of difficulty using it correctly at the beginning but this is certainly not a goal for those who have just approached photography unless they are content to stop a wide landscape, looking for unusual and unusual perspectives Experimenting several times from different angles this lens offers truly original images and in some cases exhilarating especially at 8 mm. Good sharpness even though on the sides you notice a slight vignetting and a defeat definition that does not compromise however much the final result, I wanted to try it with a polarizer but the lens unfortunately does not accept filters unless some dedicated and very expensive models

sent on February 11, 2015

Pros: solid construction, complete set of everything, barrel does not extend, sharpness, angle of view, af fast and zero distortion

Cons: ridiculous front cap, does not mount filters, flare

Opinion: Goal very well made, solid and fun to use. The focal length of 8mm offers really a look at prospects impossible ensuring no distortion, fast and precise autofocus then dials give much sense of quality. Excellent sharpness entire frame provided you close enough, whereas at full aperture is shown on the edges of the clear limits of a corner so driven. But the thing that I do not tolerate is the insane system of the front cap, very easy to miss because it does not present any engagement, I had to put small pieces of electrical tape to block the exit from the barrel. Also reflected little resistance to flare in strong direct light, then view the front aspherical lens, you can not mount filtri.rnComunque with its 8mm, is the only of its kind, recommended.

sent on February 05, 2015

Pros: Sharpness, zoom range, excellent construction

Cons: nobody

Opinion: Bought used from a forum user, I am very satisfied, but I do not agree with those who consider optical handyman, for this purpose I am better with Nikon 16-85VR, however, be able to juggle between 8 and 16mm in some circumstances is a big help if you are not necessarily obliged to replace the ottica.rnGli 8mm tickle the imagination and allow you to capture entire rooms and expansive views at once solo.rnPrima to this point I had a Tokina 12-24, optical and robust well built, it was definitely more "all-rounder", but do not regret it, my humble opinion is that the Sigma is sharper and suffer less flare, 4mm less are just an added bonus. rnBeppe

sent on January 05, 2015

Pros: FIELD OF VIEW, made, construction, clarity, creativity and discreet versatilità.rn

Cons: Dark, no filters, flare at the slightest speck of dirt on the front lens, curvature of field, no use stacking astofoto, new price, zany cap.

Opinion: I spent six months searching for a wide-angle zoom, and after having studied them all I chose the 8-16 for its creativity. bought used in a Turin shop from the early hours has left me speechless, as I was already well accustomed with 15 mm of my 15-85.rnLo use routinely on my 7D for night landscapes and unfortunately excessive distortion makes almost impossible to use for pictures in a stacking (at least my copy because of a fairly pronounced curvature of field); whichever is incredibly creative, opens a new world of photos with his 8mm for instance allow vertical machine used to see each other's feet and at the same time where you stà andando.rnla construction is very sturdy and gives a great idea of ??solidity , since I took you in fact become my lens holder. rnAvendolo there are two possibilities to exploit the distortion for creative and almost fun effects or use it with great criterion to limit it and compose shots almost like paintings, especially the prosperous perspective26egrave; also happened to lose it and change much is the crazy amount of EUR 50 and passes ... rnih conclusion I would like to break a lance with regard to its practicality, in the research phase in fact I was very skeptical about it, but right now with the ' use I quickly changed my mind.

sent on October 29, 2014

Pros: Very crisp; angle of view; little or no chromatic aberration; more versatile than you might think

Cons: Ring to focus a little 'tough in the manual; not bright; inability to mount filters; resistance not exceptional flare, the Pentax cameras do not "read" the focal length below 10 mm

Opinion: In my opinion it is a very good lens, although it is clear that it can not be used as a normal zoom. In fact, with very short focal offers prospects really exaggerated and very specific, that can not be nice to see if the picture is composed with care, or if you do not keep the horizon diritto.rnL'ampio angle field but is also her trump card and allows impossible shots for other optical, especially indoors. Personally I also used to photograph the star trails and fared very well because it can take a large portion of the sky. Of course, the fact of being dim forces inevitably to rise with the ISO, but for sure you will never have the problem of the shallow depth of field. It is also clear almost always, at every opening and focale.rnLa the focus ring is a bit 'hard switching to manual focus, but it may be a defect in my copy. resistance to flare even notare the maximum, sometimes they notice annoying reflections even if the light source is in the frame, and in some cases can ruin a great picture. More important is the fact that the Pentax cameras (therefore also my K-3) do not "read" at the bottom of the 10 mm focal length that are not of proprietary optics, thus shortening under 10 mm, the focal length will not appear between the data EXIF. It is also not possible to make the correction in-room distortion, chromatic aberration and diffraction. Correction that will be done manually in Lightroom, ACR or other programma.rnInfine, it is good to bear in mind that the cap is composed of two parts: the round front cover and the plastic ring. If you use the lens to the focal maximum (16 mm) you can just remove the cover but if you want to shorten even then we must necessarily remove the ring because otherwise displayed immediately vignetting. In this case the front lens, very convex, is piuttosto protruding and being protected only by short fixed petal lens hood, if you are not careful you risk scratching it, then start again at least the ring when not in use. I always take off and put it all together, just to stay quiet ...

sent on July 08, 2014

Pros: I have it from one day to say that the most important pro is the summation of the pros of all of you ...!

Cons: I hope not, I can not for the same reason mentioned above.

Opinion: Can someone explain what is the cap consists of two separate pieces? If you remove only the cover but leave the ring of metal which fits the cover, the photo gives it the edge of the black circle (desired effect? ??Do not think!) So you have to remove both before shooting. But then there was no need to make a unique lid that of ISO Samyang 14mm which is a unique piece of pllastica? Still I did not understand something and someone can kindly speiegarmelo. Thank you

sent on May 29, 2014

Pros: Focal sharpness, weight

Cons: Dark and not weather sealed

Opinion: Port ALWAYS with me this lens (going steady with a 24-105); I use it almost exclusively to 8 mm (I have a 600d): I find it wonderful for landscapes and great fun for shooting in the city; architecture becomes magical and almost movimento.rnE 'a little dark but it does not matter: you can shoot at 1/8! not moved. Old world if you have a aps-c

sent on April 21, 2014

Pros: construction, sharpness and colors.

Cons: nothing more that has not already been said

Opinion: Tried and bought it after reading various recesioni I was struck by the sharpness and color rendering, so try it on the old Canon EOS 400 I was amazed by the performance so as to return it to lavoro.Costatando that reason Juza when he says to invest in optical and travel . I took pictures of my son and I did not expect to 16mm worked so well for me is 10.'m Thinking of buying a super telephoto are torn between the Sigma 50-500 or Tamron 150-600

sent on September 16, 2013

Pros: construction, sharpness, 8mm, AF speed, colors, ability to shoot at 1/8s without shake-

Cons: dark, flare particular

Opinion: bought for the game, now is the lens I use the most, great for landscapes and interior photography, since the angle of extreme .. it is well built, with the af velcissimo and wonderful colors, sharpness is a reference from corner to corner, a defect is that TA is f 4.5-5.6, irrelevant to the landscapes where I use f8 onwards .. resulting dark enough, however, for interior photography .. Already constant f3.5 would have been great but definitely price, construction and weight would have been others .. for the flare instead, with direct light (sun front) does not suffer but with bright lights at the ends of the lens creates a particular flare probably due to the curvature of the outer lens, what to take into consideration only in special cases .. ultimately the 8mm repay any defect

sent on July 03, 2013

Pros: Angle of view, focal range, sharpness, color rendition, AF, construction.

Cons: Front cap huge outer coating.

Opinion: An ultrawide unrivaled and without alternatives in terms of angle of view, the limited luminisità be assessed considering these caratteristiche.rnLa picture quality is at the highest level is second to none with the originals. Unlike other does not feel the need to apply filters but the front lens so aspherical constringe use of a front cap huge, uncomfortable and impractical. The construction is also her at the highest levels, with a precise assembly of robust materials and movements comparable to products with high crest. Some reserve for the known outer sigma.rnNonostante everything deserves the highest vote, the results make you forget the limited imperfections.

sent on February 13, 2013

Pros: Angle of enormous although not fish-eye, full time mf, f good

Cons: I would say only the diaphragm is not bright

Opinion: I believe that there is wide APSC better angle of view, build quality, af, image quality, all these things put together create a lens really super, super recommended! to 16 mm allows you to capture virtually any landscape, whether urban or natural, and 8 mm, the only thing you can do is create and sperimentare. only thing to be careful when you mount the camera on the tripod, not to enter the field tripod legs, something more than simple if you are distracted for a moment, given the disproportionate angle of the lens.

sent on January 28, 2013

Pros: Strong, sharp and 8 mm give a unique angle

Cons: not very bright, inability to montarci filters

Opinion: Good quality despite the focal length so impressive; suffers a little in low light but I exploited mostly for photos of paesaggi.rnNon easier to manage prospects coming to 8mm, surely a lens to take the mano.rnOttima construction and solidity , silent and precise autofocus quickly make it an excellent product qualità.rnrn

sent on September 16, 2012

Pros: Af, construction, 8mm. price of used.

Cons: TA aperture f4, 5

Opinion: Optical amazing, leaving the only factor of its 8mm I find it a stratospheric optical, very well defined and has nothing to envy to any other angle pushed. can not be mounted filters but it is not a problem as far as the polarizer, one can do very well without because it gives a quite a nice blue sky. with the sun in the frame of the flare is quite remarkable .... just keep the sun out of the frame to fix the problem. as regards the distortion it is very subjective, if it is perfectly in line with the subject distortion is very limited. but if you are not in line distortions begin to become very heavy if you exacerbate certain shots, but I think it's a positive side because it gives you the opportunity to make creative photos. the only flaw is the aperture f4, 5 which in normal situations is not a problem but at least one night in the photos f3.5 would have been useful. In conclusion, it is a perspective that I highly recommend (and I have tried a wide-angle lens than the sigma 10-20 canon 10-22), also saw the price of used. do not recommend it strongly to those who love night shots ... in this case, the tokina is definitely the best choice.

sent on September 08, 2012

Pros: Extreme angle, high sharpness and homogeneous color (especially as the sky returns) beautiful, intense but realistic. Despite wide extreme distortion effect is well contained. Focus (the few times that you really need) quick and silent. Building that conveys a sense of solidity.

Cons: The only real drawback (apart from the low light, but what is known already from the start) I think is the closure system (NOT actually closing) of the cap absolutely insane. You have to constantly focus otherwise the piece in front of slips and falls easily.

Opinion: In my perspective is exceptional. It offers beautiful outlook that "dramatize" the scene. E 'already razor sharp wide open even if the maximum homogeneity is achieved at f8. For more once diaphragmed to f8 you'll hardly need to worry about focus. Even otherwise mundane photos made with this lens become suggestive.

sent on August 28, 2012

Pros: 8mm on aps-c, clarity, body, flare, internal focus

Cons: certainly not bright, cartoon, Megillos sigma, only 16mm, no filters

Opinion: excellent lens. I can only quote the various reviews in the various reviews online. footer extreme WideZoom on the market (not the only 8mm fish, 12/13 equivalent) and is probably best for landscapes. very sharp, making test to different diaphragm loses One moment at room temperature, but it comes with no problems at f16. the body is solid, tough nuts to perfection (almost useless than the maf except in close-up), dimenisioni and optimal weight for aps-c and my hands, does not extend. I think stands up well to flare, especially in relation to the focal length and lens protruding. is not bright for indoor photos improvised, but exceptions better cmq a tripod. cartoon much to 8mm TA but I've always considered a characterization, partly because the edges are so 8mm strecciati (the effect may like it or not). dominant yellowish present, correctable in post, inconvenient for when you post-produce more pictures taken with canon and sigma goals together (laziness). to me in any case it did not bother and green landscapes liked the dominant. over time I've heard of limits coming only 16mm, 20 would be better but you can not have everything. not mount filters, a limit to who uses them and for those who would like to try them (one of the reasons why I'm selling), but it is actually on sale for planning a move to FF. Recommended! Absolutely yes (because there is no objective comparable in quality to FF)

sent on August 06, 2012

Pros: A quasi-fisheye accessible to (almost) everyone. It is no small thing! Construction "rocky" already the materials used are worth every penny spent. Remarkable optical quality, confirming all the tests and reviews available. Amazingly quiet and fast autofocus though, playing with the hyperfocal and apertures, is of little use. In short, a lens irreplaceable.

Cons: None (read my review)

Opinion: I was undecided between the Canon 10-22 and the Sigma. Photo from Sicily in Palermo were so kind to test me know about them both and I must say that the first reaction was "ease" of use and low distortion of the Canon and the Sigma the incredible viewing angle, with unexpected perspectives as fascinating . I purchased it after I documented enough and I have to say that, from fanatic paintings, a lens like this can not and must not be missing in the kit of a photographer evolved shots that gives you an 8 mm. you can not even imagine. Where all stop, retreat, curse ... you shots! And sometimes ... squeeze even at 10, 12 mm.! Of course, familiarize yourself with the natural distortion of this point is not a trivial matter - and I admit that at 8 mm. really push - but with a little 'attention nothing is impossible. Obviously, the battlefield of this superwide is landscape photography or urban although I must say that the report does not mind at all: it is easy to perform in environments angusti shots of great visual impact. The lens is too "dark"? Well, I have a 600D that even at ISO 3200 shows no trace of noise (and there is always the PP). Technology has made great strides, the light is no longer a problem, and remember that with this lens, even without stabilizer, we can shoot at 1/15 of a second freehand without any problems. The angle of view is "unsurpassed" except by optical class and category well above the reach of ordinary mortals, we would recommend it to all those who are undecided, and not even think about it any longer! I personally think that all the "against" that can be found for this purpose are set to zero with what you offer. Can not mount filters? There is a PP. The lens is exposed to shock and dust? Just the normal attention and the usual cleaning. And 'heavy? Even a 70-200 2.8 weighs, but we love it! There is no "against" remember that once you've used. Some might argue that 2 mm. do not changeano life? First try, then we'll talk!

sent on May 28, 2012

Pros: 8 mm - nitdezza - color-AF - solid construction

Cons: important dimensions - filters can not be used

Opinion: Spectacular this lens, 8mm wide .... I'm really one of the lenses funniest ever. Impresses the sharpness is at the center than at the edges, good AF and also the build quality. It is not a very bright lens but so far I have never felt the lack of more openness, not consider it a problem on a wide angle. Even not being able to use filters to me is not a problem.

sent on April 04, 2012

Pros: angle of view, price, af fast and quiet

Cons: no filters, aesthetic

Opinion: I appreciate the clarity and quality of the picture in general. Notable in the center and the edges. The inability to mount filters is a bit 'annoying in certain situations, this makes pp. indispensable, but for me it's not a big deal, and anyway you can get around this with ingenious solutions. It will never be as comfortable as a thread where to attach the filter, but it's worth a try. Add a lens that is quite dark, and may be essential to have a tripod at your mane for night shooting. Not for use in the direct flash unless you also get a light spread throughout the frame. All in all I consider fulfill purchase of this lens a superb investment.

sent on February 25, 2012

Pros: Focal "extreme" in DX-format, high sharpness and distortion well contained, compact size, solid construction, great price compared to what is offered

Cons: Minimum aperture a bit closed.

Opinion: I needed / wanted something shorter than my 12-24 f / 4 Nikkor, and having been able to try along the Sigma 10-20 f/3.5 I opted to push this point even more, in my opinion is superior in everything except that in the maximum aperture to 10-20. A lens that allows prospects exceptional in nature photography and "enter" the situation in the photographic reportage

sent on February 24, 2012

Pros: Angle of view, sharpness, construction, AF, internal zoom

Cons: Little bright flare, inability to mount filters

Opinion: After many doubts, I decided to buy this lens almost two months ago and I am very satisfied. My greatest fear was how clear and I was more than surprised by the quality of this objective: really sharp, an angle of view that allows creative interpretations and breathtaking views, a building for me with a good AF performance even if very often not used with these aims and the Full-Time MF which is very useful instead! We must take the hand with angles of field of this type in order to avoid that the distortion is excessive, with a little training think you can pull out masterpieces! The diaphragm dim certainly does not help for certain types of photography, especially inside if you want to shoot handheld! In conclusion I can say a lens absolutely recommended! Those who love the landscape will not be disappointed!

sent on November 17, 2011

Pros: 8 mm (and I've said it all!)

Cons: Can not be mounted filters - not exceptional resistance to flare

Opinion: An extreme wide-angle high quality. Well built, solid, sharp and with good color rendering. Standard equipment complete with hard case and built-in hood. Fast and silent AF, MF precise and well modulated. Low distortion if valuatata in relation to the angle of 114 ° is obtained. If you want to 8 mm on APS-C there is no alternative. Would highly recommend for landscapes. If someone will sooner or later a solution and mount filters will make it objectively the best wide angle for aps-c. (Canon is lagging behind this time!)

sent on October 15, 2011

Pros: Focal grandalgolare extreme - sharpness - autofocus - internal zoom

Cons: dimensions - front cap of unusual size - low light '

Opinion: Objective very versatile - almost the mountains and use it for almost any occasion (not recommended for portraits!). At last, the reflex sensor FF can enjoy a very wide lens angle shooting. The colors are nice and the sharpness remains constant even at the edges of the frame. Personally I have not noticed great loss of quality '(I am an amateur photographer for many years but recently with digital) and maximum aperture. Clearly diaphragm 8 or more 'results seem even more' effect. The front cap and 'overall dimensions and also the objective and' substance. Virtually no go "undetected", but the length does not vary with the zooming which remains inside. For me highly recommended.

sent on October 14, 2011

Pros: angle of view, sharpness, colors, materials, zoom, supplied

Cons: impossible to mount filters, excursion

Opinion: wide angle wider trade offers excellent imaging, excellent sharpness and warm colors. for certain compositions the 16mm can be short and compel a change of lens, also the impossibility to mount filters may prove to be restrictive in landscape photography, that is the one that employs more than all the filters. widely appreciated the zoom mechanism, which pushes back the front lens zooming, so that the built-in hood can be always effective (if not, as in almost majority of zoom on the market, it would work only in the focal more wide-angle). is equipped with an open housing and of a particular system cap that goes to wrap the built-in hood.

sent on September 27, 2011

Pros: Angle of view, sharpness (high to focal and for the price), very good construction and solid

Cons: limited focal length and distortion exaggerated.

Opinion: I sold l8-16 after a few scqtti because despite being as good as construction and sharpness has three major flaws :: rnrn1-L'escursione focal so limited forces you to make a strong focus on the choice to use, you need to focus on the corners of the field 8-16. Now it is true that the photograph is to be planned and prepared before (especially the landscape), but often you miss the excursion 16-22, which would avoid some changes of optical proprionelle right light situations where you can not lose time and maybe it requires a composition more stretta.rnrn2-filter now can be mounted even if the cost of the slabs lee 200 makes it a cost-allucinanternrn3 has an exaggerated distortion that makes it impossible to use (unless you get results as at least unrealistic) with close subjects both in terms of distance from the trigger point is at the edge of frame.rnrnPer the rest is solid, crisp and well done .... personalmento recommend it .... it survives everything is not sure the filter or the zoom range that prevents you from doing thephotos.

sent on September 25, 2011

Pros: Clear, strong, and not only 8mm fisheye in the world

Cons: Size a bit 'high aesthetics and bad

Opinion: It 'a big lens for Asp. Despite the extreme wide-angle, has a good quality, is sharp even at the edges, and also has a good autofocus, which is good. Better than that you could hope for. The cost is affordable. The only drawback is the shape a bit 'strange, very long and very convex lens, with the petals of the built-in lens hood and the inability to mount filters. The cover must then be coupled to a cylinder that looks like an extension cord, all very annoying and cumbersome. So the only thing that does not satisfy me is the appearance. If someone is not interested in this aspect, then this lens for him.

sent on September 24, 2011

Pros: Construction, AF very fast, price in relation to performance.

Cons: The maximum aperture and lens unusually long for the range of focal lengths.

Opinion: Lens definitely recommended because of excellent performance center edge at all focal lengths. Chromatic aberration is virtually absent (at least in my copy). Can not mount filters, but personally I do not think existential, however is its already quite "countered." Sometimes you have to be careful if you keep the cap inserted as slips off very easily.

sent on September 24, 2011

Pros: the sharpness 8mm ... ... excellent construction

Cons: dim ... no filters ...

Opinion: I took this lens mainly for the focal length .... is the true wide angle aps-c .... seemed impossible to achieve without compromising a 8mm sigma succeeds ... and great. The lens ... very aspherical does not allow the use of filters .... it's good to know because someone can be a problem .... I use Color Efex Pro 3, and the problem I do not have place ... The excursion is internal and externally the length does not change. A lens that I recommend to all .... between 8mm and 10mm on aps-c there is a world of opportunity in more

sent on September 23, 2011

Pros: Angle of view, sharpness, good price-performance ratio, AF and zoom internal

Cons: Diaphragm is not bright

Opinion: I used it for a long time 12-24 on fullframe, and now that I switched mainly to APS-C (Canon 7D), I am very satisfied with his equivalmente APS, Sigma 8-16mm. The image quality is slightly better than the 12-24 first version, thanks to the newer building, it has a good sharpness across the frame. A 8mm angle of field is really extreme, ideal for creative photos, while zooming towards the 16mm compositions can be made a little more restricted. The build quality is very good, the AF is fast and quiet. You can not mount filters, but I personally do not consider it a problem. Overall, I think it is the best available wide-angle for APS-C cameras!


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