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Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM : Specifications and Opinions

Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM

The Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM is a tele lens for FF and APS-C, manufactured from 2008 to 2016 (discontinued). The focus is done by Ultrasonic AF Motor (Ring-USM), it has image stabilization. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 779 €;
119 users have given it an average vote of 8.4 out of 10.

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 Focal lenght   150-500 mm
 Angle of view   16.4 - 5°
 Format   FF, APS-C
 Max. aperture   f/5-6.3
 Aperture blades   9
 Lenses/Groups   21 elements in 15 groups
 Min. focus distance   2.20 meters
 Reproduction ratio   0.19x

 Zoom type   Ring, external
 Stabilization   Yes (built in lens)
 Focus   Ultrasonic AF Motor (Ring-USM)
 Internal Focus   Yes

 Built and notes
 Tripod ring   Yes
 Extenders   Yes
 Filters   86 mm
 Lens hood   Yes, supplied
 Weather sealing   No
 Weight   1910 g
 Dimensions   95 x 252 mm


Sigma 150-500mm f/5-6.3 DG OS HSM, buy on Ebay Ebay

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sent on July 18, 2015

Pros: Price/sharpness ratio; Amazing optical stabilisation, down to 1/20 sec at 500mm (or was I just very lucky!?); supplied carry case.

Cons: Unreliable and delicate; Size and weight; filter size; Uncomfortable handle that doubles up as the tripod mount; fiddly switch for the zoom lock, which can be difficult to engage.

Opinion: I traded in my old Nikkor D 80-400mm VR (Mk1) for this even bigger beast - because it performed much better where it mattered most, at the long end and wide open. And because it allowed an extra 100mm reach too, of course. But of course, from the 80-400mm which you could (just) take with you as your sole long zoom, the Big Sigma is very much a specialist lens that is so big and heavy that it seldom gets used. Not that my 150-500mm likes being used, along with every owner of one that I personally know, it needs a repair or a service, or something! When it does work, then the images can be excellent, a reason why so many enthusiast photographers have become bird and wildlife photographers of excellence - this lens can really produce professional looking results. I must be about the only owner of one though who doesn't use/didn't buy it for birds or wildlife - I love the flattened and layered perspective in the landscape allowed by such a focal length, which can be a mighty 750mm equivalent on my DX D7000. I now tend to use my excellent Tamron SP 70-300mm VC with a Sigma 1.4x Apo teleconverter when out and about that gives me equivalent to 560mm on DX and of surprising quality too. As I don't have a car and have to take buses/trains and walk everywhere, the 150-500mm is just TOO big. IF I had the money (I don't) I'd snap up Nikon's replacement 80-400mm VRII, which addresses all the issues that marred the original, yet giving that so useful focal length range yet still be portable and would replace the Tamron 70-300mm, which is severely lacking in not having a tripod mount as more of my shots are now done in near darkness. One issue I had with the 150-500 was the protector filter (massive 86mm) that I bought and not cheaply either, quite severely affected image quality. Some users have said that their lenses weren't sharp and for a while mine wasn't either and when I removed the filter (permanently) it was back to its sharp former self. And, the big case that is supplied makes for a big comfortable pillow (with lens inside) for when you need to take a short sleep after carrying it around! (I am not joking, either) Yes, I should and must use my Big Sigma more! Image quality/OS 10/10, Finish and build quality 6/10, overall 8/10

sent on December 03, 2012

Pros: Awesome OS, good IQ at sweet spot.

Cons: Sharpness @500mm

Opinion: Concidering price, it's a very good tele. I use it a lot, even at closer range. Sweet spot is around f8, where sharpness is at most. OS is so effective, that when I'm shooting airplanes with it, I can use 1/100sec at 500mm handheld. Autofocus could be better, but it's good enough. Weight and size doesn't matter me at all, but it may be critical for someone.

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sent on March 16, 2021

Pros: Weight not excessive stability

Cons: To understand

Opinion: So much criticized but if understood he does his job well if then you year money to spend surely he will have more like all telephotos you have to take certain diagrams and times and light right to get the best and always the same speech if you do it by profession at its limits but to make beautiful photos you do not have to have the top of the top

sent on July 27, 2020

Pros: Price, weight

Cons: Sharpness, noise, stabilizer

Opinion: I bought this lens because I needed something inexpensive and versatile to use. After 1 month of continuous tests and updates I brought it back to where I took it and sold it right away. On the other hand for such a low price you can not expect much but in the face of a sharpness non-existent to any f put it and a noise in the photos even to iso 100 I gave up immediately. I forgot... Every time the stabilizer starts it looks like the water heater comes on :-) Not recommended, if you really do not have economic availability then you are satisfied but with a few hundred euros more you can find it much better!!! Hellooooo.....

sent on July 24, 2020

Pros: Weight, low cost (being a dated model)

Cons: Satisfying with so much light and subject close, tripod bracket comfortable to grip, beautiful semi-rigid case

Opinion: Approaching the birdlife I chose to buy used this lens (about 500 euros) used by giving a Tamron 70-300 "base" and thinking to take a step forward. nothing more wrong. My disappointment was very much from the start, I thought my nikond500 had problems since every shot even at ISO bass had an exaggerated noise... I realized then that it depended on the lens, which by the way, being dated also needed a firmware update to work well with my camera. He also suffered from front focus before calibration. Fast and precise focus, although the stabilizer is quite noisy. I didn't find sharpness even at f11... for birds in Italy I do not forget, only if you are in Africa on safari and have abundant light can work, but still with distant subjects you can not think remotely of croppare. I was beginning to think that I had become unable to photograph. I saved about 20 photos out of 2000 shots. made after three troubled months and passed to the Nikkor 200-500 I realized that the sigma was not really for me.

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