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Pentax K-30 : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on June 13, 2015

Pros: Tropicalizazzione, grip, weight, internal stabilizer which stabilizes a bottle screwed to the body, just megapixels, jpeg baked good, .iso, shutter speed, video quality, beautiful esteticamente.rn

Cons: Sound obvious (for those who are accustomed to a perfectionist and body FX) already at 800 iso, optical costicchiano, DNG files to be converted with special software (which is cumbersome and boring), no USB, to put photos on the PC must extract SD and put it into an adapter, too many settings, controls put really bad, poor battery life.

Opinion: The advice to those who want to make the settings figo.rnHa many, many ways of programming and personalization, which can be both an advantage for those who love to fiddle around instead of photographing, that a failure for those who want to photograph seriamente.rnLa sceda technique of this camera is great for its location, but then ... that makes this noise iso piangere..rnPenso that as camera is suitable for those who want a handyman cool, absolutely not a professional photographer (I come from unsurpassed Nikon D700) .rnSe tomorrow Pentax will release a full-frame, so I hope to have the foresight to position well the controls and remove all these settings that are losing tempo.rn

sent on June 10, 2014

Pros: Yield at high iso-sealing-colors-solid body that safety-intuitive menu and easy.

Cons: Battery and autofocus loupe.

Opinion: The K-30 is really a fantastic apc-s, a Mr. reflex. In my opinion differs from all the other brands in build quality and colors. He left me really surprised, too bad it is not billed as "Canon or Nikon" and has no FF in the catalog, because in many respects has much to offer to più.rnPerfetta especially for those who love landscapes like me and for those who are in the midst of rocks and rivers caring about what can succedere.rnInteressante the HDR option, the electronic level and the yield at high iso.rnChe say the council vivamenternrn

sent on May 27, 2014

Pros: Made up at high ISO, Autofocus very precise and quick, stabilized sensor (also stabilizes "old" hand lens) color range very wide, files to DNG (Digital Negative), cover 100% viewfinder, pentaprism instead Pentamirror, Tropicalisation serious megapixel right, a quick shot up to 6 FPS and 1/6000 s, Electronic Level included, double ring, exceptional ergonomics (subjective). Pixel Mapping efficient in case of need. Sensor used in the "higher" K-5II

Cons: Battery short-lived for those who make a lot of shots (530 shots made personally before the shutdown, which are not few), video recording maximum 25 minutes (defect subjective). Aufocus slightly slow on optics without engine (better optics with internal motors are equal to the other makes)

Opinion: An excellent machine for me, photos with saturated colors (so mild and pleasant) and with a remarkable range of colors (23,7bits) .rnUtilizzo the machine for sports photos, still life, street shoot and nature photos, although with the basic objectives of "limits" the quality of the machine, but just take a good aim higher and ... no remorse for anything and everything about guadagnato.rnMacchina superb for athletes, 6 FPS second or 3fps choosing mode, if the board do sports or take photos in very high frequency, a memory of at least 400x of velocità.rnrnI DNG files that churns out are excellent. I took to the High ISO for lack of Objectives bright and you can tell that the effect may be slightly granulated pleasant although photos of little use (10-16 thousand ISO) over 20 000 ISO photo unusable, the only use and only for photos that are then in b / w in a newspaper of this sensitivity, ISO 4000-8000 usable photos moderately below 4000 perfectly utilizzabili.rnObiettivo 18-55 base is very good for egbe basic, much greater than that of Canon (model II do not know III) and to Nikon.rnrnVolete know more? Find her and provatela.rnrnP.S .: it is not true that it has many optical Pentax, Pentax has only 109 optical and cover everyone and everyone needs (how many goals you have for SLR? Do you own canon all 169 Goals? I do not think Thus important reason with the question: what do I need?) rnI brands compatible objectives are: Tokina, Tamron, Vivitar, Sigma, Schneider-Kreuznach, Cosina, Carl Zeiss Lenses, Ricoh, Voigtlander, Quantaray etc ... rnrnSenza forget that is compatible with all the goals from the 60s onwards with stabilization and confirmation of focus! About 800 targets "classic" no longer in business and about 1/5 have the AutofocusrnrnAggiornamento March 9, 2015: RIDING A CMOS SENSOR TYPE (+ BSI). this type of sensor, much more expensive to produce compared to traditional CMOS, is mounted only on Semi Professional of other brands such as Sony and Canon NIkon while Pentax in all din mid-year 2013. have the benefit of better capture the incoming light, this means less chromatic aberrations, greater dynamic range and huge range of color (in fact even exceeds this many of the FF of the same year!), then a three-dimensional unique, high details and a great naturalness of the picture, that is a loyalty shooting very close to the reality closer to the sensors Foveon (which still remain the best in this) and a good seal at high ISO high despite a size "small" sensor. (OF COURSE AND 'IMPORTANT OPTICS ATTACKED MAKING THE BEST THAT MAKES THESE PROPERTIES' IMPORTANT) rnrnInoltre boosts the mpx available without losing quality in the ISO (up to a certain limit, miracles do not make them any more) .rnrnEcco explained the duration of shots total with a battery with a full charge that is lower (but not low) in comparison to other brands. Officially 420 shots (while I make about 580 with active options: [+ activated stabilizer], [+ Maximum noise reduction] [+ reduction aberration] [+ reduction deformation photo] [+ reduction shadows maximum] [+ AF motor car]) against 750 of about 800 Canon and Nikon in the same band or in the upper one at least talking about price, non-performance (theoretical, I think there is a car for every type of photographer, there is NOT the worst or the best) rnrnVi like this beautiful discovery? That's why love snapped just proven the machine

sent on January 25, 2013

Pros: Yield at high ISO, dynamic range, electronic level in the room, 100% viewfinder, solid feel, double nut and tropical

Cons: Limited duration of the battery, incompatibility with some editing software (if not the latest version)

Opinion: I went from a couple of months with this Pentax K-30, and I can only give a very positive view, is clearly a step ahead of the entry-level SLR Canon / Nikon SLR and you have as mid-range, the first thing that is noticed is the colors and very wide dynamic range, vivid colors and well saturated, be careful to use the correct color profile (bright, brilliant, etc.) because color can sometimes come out too fired. Excellent performance at high ISO perfectly usable in 3200 (a little less in 6400), some very interesting features such as HDR on camera that is very effective and also the electronic level is very handy especially to people like me who love landscapes. The battery lasts a very short sometimes advisable to have a second available. Also very good performance with targets set, though not exceptional I found the best WR 18-55 eponymous Canon. Another pro is the tropicalization (eye to also have the objective tropicalized) I've used it in the snow without any problem and the double ring for shutter speed and aperture!


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