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Pentax K-1 : Specifications and Opinions

Pentax K-1, front

Pentax K-1, back

Pentax K-1, top

The Pentax K-1 is a reflex camera with FF (1.0x) sensor and 36.4 megapixels manufactured from 2016 to 2018 (discontinued). The range of sensitivities, including ISO extension, is 100 - 204800 ISO and it has a continuous shooting (burst mode) of 4.4 FPS. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 2099 €;
67 users have given it an average vote of 9.4 out of 10

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 Format   Fullframe, 36 x 24 mm (image ratio 3:2, crop factor 1.0x in comparison with FF)
 Resolution   36.4 megapixel
 ISO sensitivities   100 - 204800
 File formats   JPEG, RAW

 Shutter speeds   30" - 1/8000
 Exp. compensation   +/- 5 stops at 1/3 steps
 Exp. modes   M, S, A, P
 Metering modes   Multi-Area, Semi-Spot, Spot

 Mount   Pentax K (click here to view al compatible lenses)
 Stabilization   Yes
 Autofocus (AF areas)   33
 Continuos shooting   4.4 FPS
 Live View   Yes
 MLU/SS   Yes, Mirrok Lock Up
 Dust reduction   Yes
 Video mode   1920x1080p @ 30 FPS
 WiFi   Yes
 GPS   Yes
 USB   micro-USB (USB 2.0)
 USB Charging   No

 Built and notes
 Touchscreen   No
 LCD   3.2", 720 x 480 pixels, articulated
 Viewfinder   Optical, coverage 100%, 0.70x
 Flash   No
 Storage   SD, SDHC, SDXC
 Battery   Li-Ion (Pentax D-LI90, capacity 13.39 Wh)
 Weather sealing   Yes
 Weight   1010 g
 Dimensions   136 x 110 x 85 mm
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sent on August 20, 2019

Pros: Chromatic Yield, Stabilized Sensor, Ease of Shooting, Ease of Use, Price, Wonderful Photos Even Without PP

Cons: Sometimes uncertain focus

Opinion: I'm not a professional or a photography expert, but I owned Nikon, Olympus, I tried Canon for a long time, I did some Workshops sponsored by well-known brands, then by chance I had my first Pentax a K200 purchased used as a second machine, with two goals and already from there love was born, I then switched to K3 and already it seemed to touch the sky, now I landed at K1 and I finally found my personal camera, perfect for my style, great colors and gorgeous color rendering , to be noted that I do not PP, I do not have the time or the tools. The Pentax K1 is a machine that allows you to take away a shot even in very difficult situations, you can shoot even with times that with other FFs would be impossible and I think it is because of the excellent sensitivity of the sensor associated with the excellent stabilization of the 5-axled machine. Robust and ergonomic in an essential way, lightweight for an FF compared to the competition, easy to use, handy controls for any fast adjustment, great wi-fi without loss of connections and very fast in transfer, excellent gps and compass, a Effective electronic level helps you keep the machine straight, plus it has automatic correction of the pose for the small mistakes that you make in the quick shots. The best effectiveness is obtained from the combination with Pentax 24/70 F2.8 lens, from which I have no longer had any aberrations or distortions, and you make excellent shots even at very slow freehand times that in combination with the systems of the machine produce extraordinary results. The only downside of the 24/70 lens but unavoidable to have a very good quality is the weight. With the K1 you can finally work with F very pushed in all situations or with F very closed for an incredible blurry effect. Working in black and white directly from the machine is a game with extraordinary effects and this feature I have never found in any other machine. Personally I am very satisfied, now I see all my photos all very beautiful. A great Quality-Price compromise. My kit has now been greatly restricted precisely for the effectiveness of the machine, I own a 24/70 F2.8, a 35 F2.0, a 70/200 F2.8 and a very small and light handyman over 30 years 28/105 F4.0. Needless to say, the most used lens is the 24/70 which seems to me even higher than the fixed 35. I wouldn't change this car for anyone else today.

sent on January 05, 2019

Pros: For my photographic Genre: Dynamic range sensor, stabilized sensor, articulated display, controls, price, price, price....

Cons: Maybe the battery life, but maybe....

Opinion: It is difficult to review a camera, it depends a lot on the use. Those who preceded me in the reviews has certainly made a great contribution with his personal experiences, contribution that I share in full content. I would like to limit myself on the dynamic range of the sensor, to say that it has a really extraordinary level, I come from Canon 5dmkii and Sigma (on the latter you can not make comparisons, other sensor). First I had to resort to Braketing to shoot scenes with strong differences in EV, with K1 has become practically useless to use the braketing (if not in really impossible situations), the recovery of Shadows is extraordinary! Accustomed with Canon I was thrilled in the first shots to see how much I could recover without creating noise or aberrations, unbelievable! I chose the K1 based on the data provided by Dxomark, and indeed I did not wrong, this sensor is really valid, and if we do a value for money is undoubtedly exceptional! It's second only (in landscape rating) to Nikon D850-D810 and Sony A7RIII and little, but they are cameras that cost more than double!! And not to mention that Nikon does not have a stabilized sensor. The ergonomics of this machine is incredible, the controls are perfectly accessible (thanks to the 4 ring nuts) so extraordinary, entering the menu is really useless most of the time, you have everything at your doorstep!! For those who do not shoot in Raw with subsequent PP, there are numerous options for really valid on-camera settings that can make JPEG files of excellent quality and ready for printing. ISO compartment: Exceptional, personally shooting essentially at 100 ISO is a peculiarity that I need to little, for curiosity I run shots at 1200 ISO and printed in A2 format, the quality is really good, even without going through software noise-reduction, to 1600 ISO holds fine prints in A3 format, but frankly use the 1600 ISO with a fast lens type f/2.8 and sensor stabilization enabled I can not think in how many occasions it is necessary, perhaps in interiors for photos of architecture with very low light , if you are without stative.... MHA? Construction: Without compromises, a body definitely Pro-level, the articulated display is also excessive, a masterpiece, even less. I do not want to dwell further (although there would be reason) to list all other must, Astrotracer, Pixel-Shift, WIFi, GPS, dual slot, LED body lighting machine, automatic horizon adjustment, the ability to use all the optics Vintage Pentax such as the A SMC (adjustable diaphragms directly from the camera), M SMC, the gorgeous M42 with Pentax K adapter etc, etc...... In short, I think that there is currently a full frame on the market with a value for money that can rival K1, and I think it will be quite difficult to do better.

sent on September 22, 2018

Pros: The price

Cons: The Tropicalization

Opinion: The machine is sold for tropicalized. But what does that mean? The machine pays for tropicalized, but Tropicalization is not guaranteed. So if you enter water you arrangi. The Fowa does not repair it under warranty, you have an absurd quote that is higher than the value of the machine and you are forced to carry it in an external laboratory, and you lose the guarantee.

sent on May 27, 2018

Pros: Image quality, price, stabilization, functionality, double-Slot, handling, size, construction

Cons: Video, Autofocus

Opinion: After 6000 shots we move on to the review. First FF of Pentax and they made a real masterpiece. With a competitive price, they managed to build a handy FF, not big and from the right weight. The image quality and fantastic, 36mpx are perhaps too many, but you can have a great detail. Freehand I never pushed over to 6400 ISO and generally holds it well, but maybe you could do something more. The stabilization helps to avoid wavy shots and the many features are a real gem: ability to save directly RAW in DNG, enter the timer for laying B, GPS, Pixel Shift increases the resolution and detail of images, astrotracer for photos to Starry skies. The construction in magnesium alloy with dust and weather sealing and top class and the monitor with its mechanics exalts it. The better the camera from it on a tripod by snapping landscapes, sunsets, sunrises, long exposures, starry skies; Because the speed of the autofocus is insufficient and very often it snaps without focusing. The videos are enough but it wasn't born for that. Few optics but of excellent construction, quality and price help to have a great shooting experience. Recommended!

sent on May 12, 2018

Pros: has everything I need

Cons: The weight

Opinion: Photographing by candlelight at night and being able to not throw away even a shot: this is the K1. I bought the silver version with the battery grip taking advantage of a promotion and after a hundred shots I'm still wondering what its limit. The focus that should be a sore note on 100 shots has mistaken 2 or 3, the sensor is a monster of definition, the shooting options are redundant and the physical controls are so many that in combination with customizable keys you do not have almost need To access the menu. Aesthetically the K1 with hooked the battery grip looks like an indestructible Carrarmatino, quite heavy but well balanced when used with two hands, the level of construction is very high and, at least apparently, destined to last for a long time. I'm not going to list the features and functions that are arcinote, the impression on the skin is to have in hand the heir of the analogue LX that worked with the films but it was a concentrate of technology, at the forefront of the times. Good Pentax, also to have retained the compatibility of any lens with PK mount (including the APSC) from the 1970s onwards.

Photos taken with Pentax K-1

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HI RES 13.5 MP

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