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Patona EN-EL15 Premium per Nikon : Specifications and Opinions

Patona EN-EL15 Premium per Nikon

The Patona EN-EL15 Premium per Nikon is a Li-Ion battery equivalent to Nikon EN-EL15; it is compatible with Nikon D610, Nikon D800, Nikon D810, Nikon D750, Nikon D7100, Nikon D7200 and other cameras that use the EN-EL15 battery.

It has 2000 mAh at 7.0V, for a capacity of 14.0 Wh (for comparison, the original Nikon EN-EL15 has 1900 mAh at 7.0V, for a capacity of 13.3 Wh). It is in production since 2014; the current price is 30 €.
26 users have given it an average vote of 8.5 out of 10.

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sent on October 16, 2019

Pros: Great, they cost half and they are spectacular!

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: I bought premium patona for Fuji, Olympus, and Nikon. I just talk about it well! They last a lot (like the originals), they cost a third. No problem with the charge or recognition. I've only been buy Patona (Premium) for a couple of years. Even with the most voracious cameras I solved very well with a couple of patona in my pocket... with a few tens of euros and a few tens of grams you forget about the problem of autonomy. Personally, I consider them to be an essential part of my kits (nikon D7200, Fuji and more)

sent on March 17, 2018

Pros: All, lower cost, -40% and duration, obviously I refer to the Premium 2000mAh

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: After using the Patina EN-EL 14 1050mAh and 1100mAh for my Nikon d5200 with great satisfaction, I decided to buy two En-EL 15 premium batteries for my new Nikon-D7200, I did not have any kind of problem, the machine recognizes the battery Patona and shows the progressive consumption in%, as I use it seems comparable to the original, for now I can not say it is superior because with a battery I exceed 1200 shots and then I have not been able to test accurately, maybe in I will update the review, and given the enormous autonomy with the d7200 I could only buy one. The batteries are also recognized by the original Nikon battery charger and charged to 100%, no problem in this sense.rnOf course I refer to the Premium 2000mAh, on the normal Patona I did not say, but I preferred to avoid them after reading some poor reviews on the internet .

sent on January 24, 2018

Pros: Price, duration of charge, construction

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: Now I have only these batteries, they never gave me any problems and the duration of the charge is equal to the original if not higher, I use them on my 2 canon 6d and have never lost a beat. I also took two for my son's 500d and had no problems even in this case, fully satisfied with the purchase. Amazon as always impeccable

sent on December 06, 2017

Pros: Nobody.

Cons: Totally unreliable, often not recognized by the camera, poor durability (when recognized).

Opinion: I think I made a bad purchase, attracted by an apparently inviting price. Used with both D7100 and D7200 (perfect machines with their original batteries), the Patona EN-EL15 Premium battery proved to be totally unreliable: even if loaded properly, as soon as it was inserted it was recognized by the camera as a completely discharged battery! This problem, however, occurred randomly (roughly once in three) that made me deceive and in the end I did not use the warranty of the seller (among other things only six months ....?! ). After less than a year from the purchase and just twenty uses the battery, although just charged, decided to leave me on foot in an unrepeatable situation causing me enormous damage: trying and trying again to insert it, extract it and reinsert it (as I did at other times to make it work) on that occasion he did not want to know. Totally disappointed I eliminated it. Now I bought an original Nikon, with a two-year warranty, perfect immediately and paid only just ten euros inmore. No more Patona !!! I strongly advise against it !!!


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