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Olympus OM-1 : Specifications and Opinions

foto non disponibile

The Olympus OM-1 is a reflex camera that uses film (non-digital) manufactured from 1973 to 1975 (discontinued). It does not have a continuos shooting mode. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is ;
26 users have given it an average vote of 9.5 out of 10

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 Shutter speeds   1" - 1/1000
 Exp. modes   M
 Metering modes  

 Stabilization   No
 Continuos shooting   FPS
 Pre-Burst   No
 Live View   No
 MLU/SS   Yes, Mirrok Lock Up
 Video mode  
 WiFi   No
 GPS   No

 Camera body and built
 Viewfinder   Optical, coverage 97%, x
 Flash   No
 Weather sealing   No
 Weight   510 g
 Dimensions   136 x 83 x 50 mm


Olympus OM-1, buy on Ebay Ebay


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sent on October 29, 2021

Pros: Small, light, aesthetically beautiful without giving in the eye, functional and practical, it had everything it needed.

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: I was 14 years old when my father stood at home with an OM1 that had been given to him by a shopkeeper of used photographic equipment; that OM1 was of a photojournalist, dirty, battered, and with a scratch on the 50 mm and some dents at the edges of the lens. But it worked, perfectly, always! In any environmental condition, with that fantastic light meter needle and that unique ''sound'' you heard when you uploaded the photo... and the noise of the shot... in short, it was all-encompassing love! Over time, at the same retailer, I bought other legendary zuiko lenses for a few lire and fell ill with photography. She is still here, every now and then I look at her, I try her, I shoot her. The emotion is always the same. In the following years I switched to nikon fmn2.. and then with digital to Canon. Today when I look at the R6 it always seems to me that something is missing, yet it has everything and more. It lacks the charm of that simplicity, that aesthetics and those stratospheric Zuiko optics. One thing is certain: I sell and buy digital bodies but she with her optics will always stay with me.

sent on October 29, 2021

Pros: Easy handling, timing ring on the bayonet, ease of use, indestructible

Cons: It is not easy to find the batteries suitable to operate the light meter, impossibility of exposing to 3200 ASA (I think due to the fact that in the 70s there were no such sensitive films)

Opinion: I only used the OM-1 to photograph for three weeks, pairing it with a mediocre Kodak color film. The galvanometer light meter is very practical to use and accurate enough to trust it 100% if you are not able to guess the exposure. The timing ring located on the bayonet is immediately close to the aperture and focus rings located on the lens, and allows you to set all the shooting parameters at a glance. However, being a machine now fifty years old, it presents two problems: the impossibility of exposing to 3200 ASA, ergo if someone wants to have fun exposing films with high sensitivity (increasing the development time), should calculate the exposure to 1600 and then underexpose a stop by varying times or apertures. The second problem concerns the battery of the light meter, which today is produced only by Weincell specifically for this camera, making it a bit difficult to find

sent on May 31, 2021

Pros: Baby, it always worked, great optics

Cons: Everything that is essential today of digital and that was not there then

Opinion: Small and sturdy, you could stick it anywhere. I don't have the myth of analogs because the extreme convenience of developing your own files at home is priceless. However, I have many beautiful memories and a bad, definitive one: they entered my house and stole it with the OM4 and three Zuiko optics. I had just bought the OM4 mythical machine with an exposure meter that allowed to store up to 8 spot sizes. I wouldn't go back but I'd like to have it on my hands to play with it a little bit.

sent on May 31, 2021

Pros: Mythical Olympus! The OM1 was like a school ship!

Cons: nothing

Opinion: It was owned in 1986 with 135 2.8, 50 1.4 and 28 2.8!!! Sold stupidly after 2 years of use to switch to Nikon fm2... it was a very practical system with the galvanometer needle as a reference of the exposure, the ring of the defeats was in front of the very comfortable targetss to use... it was an essential Leica-type system made of times and diaphragms... robust, mechanical, reliable throughout... exceptional lens quality... the most beautiful memories and photos bind me to this camera... Oly's always made machines that live up to... even now with digital it is second to none... but this om film series has really made its mark in the photographic world!!!

sent on February 23, 2020

Pros: robust, compact, lightweight, manerent, essential, it has what it takes to photograph.

Cons: Nothing

Opinion: I love her crazy and I could never deprive her of it. With her you can not cheat, impossible to lie, ergo: if you are good you will make beautiful photos, if you are a pippa will be the photos to talk. It reminds me of my first car, the legendary Fiat 500 L that if you knew how to drive gave you a thousand satisfactions vice versa the best way to learn to drive well was with only with her. I have 4 Zuiko goals: 135 f/3.5 - 50 f/1.8 - 28 f/3.5 - 24 f/2.8 the last of which really opens the heart! OM-1 is like Linus' blanket.

Photos taken with Olympus OM-1

By the sea......
by Ellerov64
51 comments, 2522 views  
HI RES 31.2 MP

by Lanthanio
9 comments, 1603 views  
HI RES 17.6 MP

1980 at the rides
by Lanthanio
6 comments, 1827 views  
HI RES 16.7 MP

by Lanthanio
3 comments, 1663 views  

Self-portrait 1981
by Lanthanio
4 comments, 2296 views  
HI RES 20.1 MP

Coffee in the square
by Lanthanio
9 comments, 1838 views  


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by Lanthanio
14 comments, 1399 views
Flood 6/1978
by Skylab59
9 comments, 1500 views  
HI RES 39.6 MP

Cavalli selvaggi della Crimea
by Sergei Baronov
14 comments, 513 views  
HI RES 42.7 MP

by CesareCallisto
2 comments, 910 views  
HI RES 24.0 MP

Morning Jazz at Greenwich Village
by Roberto Miniero
2 comments, 1336 views
by CesareCallisto
1 comments, 930 views  

1976 Venice
by Lanthanio
6 comments, 1316 views  
HI RES 19.2 MP

Storm on Lake Malawi from 1979 slide
by Marco Matarese
0 comments, 1756 views  
HI RES 11.3 MP

The swan of Prague
by Roberto Kravos
8 comments, 2322 views
Signals of light ...
by Ellerov64
17 comments, 699 views  
HI RES 13.0 MP

Untitled Photo
by Aliseolo
3 comments, 883 views
Port and city copenhagen
by Antonio Delfino
3 comments, 1126 views
1980 at the rides
by Lanthanio
5 comments, 1672 views  
HI RES 15.4 MP

Road to Castelluccio
by CesareCallisto
0 comments, 478 views  
HI RES 13.4 MP

Bus stop Deshnok
by Ml60
0 comments, 1019 views
Stain and his friend Andrea...
by Ellerov64
11 comments, 990 views
Untitled Photo
by Mauro47
4 comments, 137 views  
HI RES 11.7 MP

by Adolfo Panarello
0 comments, 183 views  

Denali Bears
by Fred Corno
2 comments, 445 views  
HI RES 18.4 MP

Patagonia Fitz Roy
by Champlain
5 comments, 966 views
by Alfredo Medolla
6 comments, 742 views  
HI RES 11.4 MP

Back to the past
by Lorenzonegri
0 comments, 559 views
Imola 1987
by Alberto Gagliardi
13 comments, 2705 views
Nonna Lucia
by Mxardo
1 comments, 1247 views  
HI RES 15.5 MP

by Skylab59
2 comments, 406 views  
HI RES 10.9 MP

August 1986
by Lanthanio
4 comments, 659 views  

Macaone Santa Veronica
by Calogero Ferraro
2 comments, 1300 views


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Mont Blanc
by Mauro47
4 comments, 762 views  

1979 at the rides: two of everything
by Lanthanio
2 comments, 1032 views  
HI RES 13.1 MP

Flood 3/1978
by Skylab59
2 comments, 714 views  
HI RES 39.8 MP

Flood 7/1978
by Skylab59
0 comments, 651 views  
HI RES 12.5 MP

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