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Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12-100mm f/4.0 IS Pro : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on July 23, 2019

Pros: Solid construction, tropicalization. Incredible Qi.

Cons: Size and weight.

Opinion: I was very hesitant about the weight and size important to the mft system. Once I tried it on the field I was thrilled. The versatility of a wide focal extension is added the ability to make incredible closeups with incredible sharpness, very beautiful colors. In my opinion it lacks a bit of microcontrast but it resolves to pp. Ephestation to f4 towards the longer focals makes it better at f5.6. On my recent trip I never regretted the pair lumix 12-35 f2.8th 35-100 f2.8. If weight and footprint are not an insurmountable obstacle this lens is practically perfect. I'm recommended.

sent on May 07, 2019

Pros: Versatility, stabilization, image quality and construction, tropicalization

Cons: Vignetting at 12 mm

Opinion: All-purpose lens of extraordinary build quality. For the trip is unbeatable, I pair it to 8 mm 3.5, 17 mm 1.8 and 45 mm 1.8. Excellent image quality even at full aperture, vignetting at 12 mm, very impressive stabilization. Surely the weight is felt on the micro 4/3 bodies but on the WCO em1 is well balanced

sent on March 19, 2019

Pros: Really awesome image Quality for a zoom.

Cons: Lightweight Extensible Part Play

Opinion: I'm an amateur, so my needs are pretty limited. I needed a fast, portable machine that did not give too much in the eye and at the same time ensured a high quality; For this I switched to the MFT, buying an Olympus OM D1 MII, Equipped with the 12-100, taken as a lens all to do. Tested at Carnival I was thrilled with the quality of the images and the overall color rendition. That Said I realized that the extensible part of the zoom has a slight game. I contacted Olympus and was told that it is normal, having the lens to endure any climatic changes, even critical. But who has this optic has encountered the same problem? Or if it is not a problem, feature? Thanks for any answers, Hello Old (John)

sent on January 18, 2019

Pros: Practicality, sharpness, tropicalization and stabilization.

Cons: Nessuno...si maybe the weight but it's a lens that you do almost everything

Opinion: As many I approached the format M 4/3 because tired of carrying around so much weight and this thing has slowed me down a bit on the purchase of this zoom because coupled with the M1 seemed heavy and cumbersome. Well I rethought the first exit and hyper convinced on the first trip. Because you basically have 3 lenses in 1 with Fovale from 24 to 200 mm! (format 35 mm) to f 4 fixed and you do almost everything with a picture quality to say the least fantastic and an incredible sharpness already at full aperture. If you are traveling is the ideal optics that you appreciate especially in extreme conditions cold, humid, snow, you must never change the lens and even the tripod, thanks to the double stabilization, is no longer indispensable. Go hiking or traveling with a body and a lens.. It's not bad at all. I personally recommend it.

sent on August 12, 2018

Pros: Super Versatile F4 constant, stabilizing by fear

Cons: F4 constant

Opinion: Lens really well made versatile and constant at all focal lengths, with only one lens you carry a whole set of F4 fixed, it is undoubtedly the best zoom I have ever tried. F4 I put it both among the pros and cons, because if you stay in the usual F4 photographic schemes may not suffice, although sincerely after months of use this problem I have not yet found. The double stabilization coupled with the em1mk2 really makes an impression, if you do not feel it in person you do not believe. Yield and colors at very high levels speed and high precision of fire.

sent on April 01, 2018

Pros: Excellent all-round lens. I combined it with the em1 mark2 and I found a beautiful clarity and super colors. In short, it is OLYMPUS.

Cons: Nothing maybe a little weight, but try a Canon or Nikon kit and bring them around your neck or in your hand for a day and you'll see the difference

Opinion: I had in hand the combined omd em1 mark 2 and this lens in January of this year at the exhibition in Montecchio Emilia and I had impressed, then the friend Lazaro showed me superlative shots so I decided to buy the combination . I travel long and I also have a Canon kit with an EOS 5 III and, despite being of excellent quality and excellent performance, they have a heavy weight to carry. Last year on the runways of Iguazu was an incredible effort and I could not wait to get back to the hotel to get rid of the weight. Then looking at the results I can say that the light weight combines excellent sharpness and the body enhances it with an incredible speed of focus.

sent on January 31, 2018

Pros: versatility, sharpness, construction, weight, Stabilization

Cons: dark, weight

Opinion: I have this lens for about 1 month, and what struck me the most was the frightening sharpness. Olympus on this one confirms to be one of the Supreme BRANDS. The stabilization... what about guys? On EM1 old, I snapped at 1/2 sec and the image is virtually motionless, microcontrast and sharpness at the edges across the focal range. The robustness and the quality of the materials is really top, the knurling of the zoom ring I find it perfect despite not being rubber. The grip is also perfect with gloves and the size is just for small hands as big as Mine. Usable without too much difficulty unlike microlenses like the 45 or the 17 (which I can not really use with gloves). The weight for me has a double face, as it is both a pro and a cons. It's not too much to curse every time it gets around your neck, but it's also superior to the classic prime lenses that Olympus has used Us. All the pros converge on the versatility, from 12 to 100 mm with constant opening make it the perfect combination of travel. You can do almost 99% of the shots without worrying about anything (tropicalization impeccable), you should not constantly change the lens, you should not worry about carrying several lenses and change them if necessary. The only downside that I would like to emphasize a little is the fact that on M43 an F/4 diaphragm is a bit too little, also given the ability to maintain a dynamic range acceptable to high ISO Sensor. Although there is a small pro on the diaphragm, and is that TA this lens splits the hair in 4, is already sharp at f4, to give the maximum (noticed empirically on my photos) to F 5.6 as almost all lenses Olympus. But for me it is a relative problem because as I click (almost always between 4 and 7.1) I always close it on the 17 f/1.8. I hate the #supermegasipersfocato EDIT: after 1 year of use, the lens is terrific in travel. I don't think there is such a versatile lens and so great optical and constructive quality.

sent on January 29, 2018

Pros: Sharpness, professional construction, optical stabilization, tropicalization.

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: A fantastic goal. Incredible sharpness at all focal lengths, stabilization in optics that allows you to recover 1 and a half stops and professional construction make this a lens "must have" for professionals and non.rnE 'a lens to do everything, a lens that can save in certain situations (reach 100mm - 200mm equivalent FF). rnIngrombre and weight in my opinion correct that well balance the use of a professional with E-M1 and E-M1 Mark II. rnPrice, perhaps, a little altino but it must be considered that this lens is equivalent to having 2/3 lenses in one.

sent on January 24, 2018

Pros: A travel all-rounder ... Pro!

Cons: The weight ... but is normal in a zoom that is like three lenses.

Opinion: Great goal as all those of the Pro line. Although already having many fixed, I was looking for a quality all-rounder because I was sick of carrying around many lenses and to disassemble them all the time. Even the solution of having two bodies with two different optics did not convince me ... rnI've tested and with the stabilizer integrated with that of the EM-1, I reached long times unthinkable freehand. The sharpness is at the top at all focal lengths and this, in my opinion, is the characteristic that makes it truly a jewel. The weight can initially seem a lot but then you get used to it. Even the minimum defaramma to f4 is not a bad thing for me, taking advantage of the stabilizer is easily compensated for the stop in less.rnLo strongly recommend those who want an "all in one" of what to always have with you.

sent on August 12, 2017

Pros: All in one !!!

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: Stunning lens with spectacular sharpness and excellent focal excursion. A 24 200 in 560 grams? Do not talk to me about the size and weight not even compared to 4/3 please buy otherwise light panasonic and plasticosis. The olympus constructs lenses with great materials and such a zoom could certainly not be smaller and lighter. I when I had the FF only the 50 sigma 1.4 weighed 800 grams. Someone says he did not even blur it. Well try it and you'll be amazed. I highly recommend buying. It's a travel goal then I have enough 2.8 to approach if I want but I know already that one of my three olympus does not detach it anymore !!!

sent on May 27, 2017

Pros: Versatile, a handsome handyman! Fast, accurate, pro lens. It feels like it.

Cons: To date, nobody lacks F / 2.8, but it would be much bigger. Some say it's too big and heavy, but as far as I'm concerned, it's not too big and not too heavy.

Opinion: I've got this lens for a few months and I have to say I was literally wretched! I do it all, I take it with me everywhere! I am surprised every passing day: fast, accurate, incredible autofocus, high image quality, and faithful colors to reality. I would have liked F / 2.8, but you can not have everything in your life, especially because it would be much bigger and heavy, which I do not find it difficult to do now. It's big? When is it enough. Heavy? When is it enough. It does not bother me, it does not matter to me. I just know that I can not help it anymore. Anyone interested, try it out of your own trust store and go home with her again. The fact that it's a f / 4.0 is not fit in low light conditions, so for this reason, bring with me its "cousin or sister (as you want to define it)" 12-40 f / 2.8 to shoot stars or Take pictures in closed and unlit environments. A lens does not rule out the other one, I keep them both because they all together. Not% 26egrave; How to have two doubles, at all. Anyway, coming back to this mythical 12-100, it's really what you hear around. Everything then relates to the use made of it and to the photograph we are looking for, but really let us think about it.

sent on April 26, 2017

Pros: Sharpness, convenience, general quality.

Cons: Dimensions, weight (all compared to the m43)

Opinion: The typical lens of traveling; When I'm around I love taking pictures of everything, I can go from photographing a butterfly all'inquadrare a seagull flying. The facade of a Baroque church it can draw, but then the eye focuses on the canopy or other particolari.rnPrima I used a 14-150, but 14mm were often too long and the quality of the unsatisfactory edges; now with 12mm I have a field that is able to cover the majority of the photos, 100mm enough to detail and quality is to massimo.rnA all this is added the possibility of making discrete close-up.rnRispetto to 12-40 I did not notice differences in quality, and the integrated stabilizer, which works with that of the machine, allows to recover a large part of the stop differenza.rnSe you search for a handyman lens for m43 this is the alternative to the PRO 14-150; if you go back the buy back.


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