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Nikon D750 : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on May 14, 2019

Pros: The best machine for generalist use. The best car in its price range. Falls into his hand perfectly. Image quality (ISO seal and dynamic Range) and focus for non-sporting use

Cons: Maximum shutter 1/4000-defective video compartment-Non-complete customization-all inherent defects in an SLR (no electronic viewfinder, no MIF in Live view poor,

Opinion: PREMISE: I write my opinion now that I sold it, moving to Sony, as I can be more objective. I used it with Tamron 15-30 f/2.8, Nikon 28-300, Nikon 35 f/2 D, Nikon 50 F 1.8 AF, Sigma 150-600 Contemporary (hence a medium level kit). Build Quality: 8/10 machine with perfect dimensions, which seems to fall into your hand forever. I find myself much better with the arrangement of ring nuts and Nikon commands than Canon (obviously subjective opinion), as well as I find the ability to customize discrete but not perfect commands. I do not understand why, but for each key the customizable functions are limited, for some very limited (2-3 functions). Objectively I think anyone can find the perfect setting of custom commands, but I think something a bit ' annoying. Feeling a bit plasticky (given by the lightness of the machine), but all in all materials that hold well to use even intensive. Too bad for the maximum shutter 1/4000s which in full light is a bit limiting. AUTOFOCUS: (9/10) I shoot a few photos of sports and challenging birds, so I can not give a competent opinion in this situation, but for other genres, coupled with my lenses, I may only express extremely positive opinions for both speed, accuracy, That for sensitivity in the dark. Even the coverage of the frame from the points of MAF, albeit only partial, has proved more than enough for landscaping, street, portraiture and reportage. Frankly it is a machine that did not disappoint me in 98% of the situations where I had to focus, and the remaining 2% were situations where objectively wondered the impossible. As a good part of the SLR is not made for focusing in live view, setting where the speed is scandalous and usable only for landscaping. Image quality: 9.5/10 Excellent ISO seal, usable up to 1600 and even more in good light conditions. Enviable dynamic range, which sometimes tended to take me to force to open the shadows. Too bad for the lack of image stabilization that took me sometimes to risk the blur (although the number "human" megapixel sometimes I did take too much of the hand). More than satisfactory resolution for non-professional use. Excellent gust. Disappointing on the video industry, for those interested. CONCLUSION only now that I have changed it for the Sony A7R III I understand how good it was, considering the age and the objective limits derived from the structure with the mirror. The faults personally lead them back to the type of Reflex machine rather than to the specific model. Definitely with what costs now a good used it has an incredible value for money, maybe the best on the market. With Sony I have a car definitely better on virtually all fronts, but that are only in slight improvements in everyday use, at a price double. I believe that even today, 5 years after its release on the market, is the best machine for generalist use in the round. Not excels in anything, in each technical specification there is some model that does better even in its own price range, but none with a medium level so high: With the D750 you can do any kind of photographic limited only by your skills and not by those of the machine.

sent on May 10, 2019

Pros: Extraordinary ISO seal for a 2015 machine, very good work files, compact but quality body, adjustable display

Cons: For now if I have to find him a 1/4000 as faster time

Opinion: I bought this machine for a few months to update and support the d7100 that I now use as a second body. The difference in the transition to full-frame contrary to the opinion of some you see all right, especially opening the raw have an incredible detail and cleanliness. From a technical point of view, the D750 has an extraordinary ISO seal, so almost you can forget what ISO value you are taking, often I can barely see the noise in the files, which are excellent and very workable, compact body but quality, since it is magnesium and MONOSCOCC a carbon. The adjustable display that, using almost only the viewfinder to shoot, I always considered a super secondary accessory in so many cases I found it useful or over the crowd or placing the car in the ground for a point of view out of the ordinary in some situations. The only flaw that I can find for certain photographic genres, kind of sporty photography is the limit of the 1/4000 as a shutter speed that I would have preferred to 1/8000 as the d7100 recommended

sent on April 01, 2019

Pros: AF High ISO quality files

Cons: Missing 1/8000 and AF button on

Opinion: Great machine, I replaced the d800 at the time with the 750, no matter how big the D800, I would never have gotten rid of it if it wasn't that high ISO was too noisy.. If then we put that the car was costing on 3000 euros just exit.. All that noise could not be accepted for a machine like that, passed to the D750 I found many points in favor in addition to a high ISO yield really good, AF significantly better than the D800 and a greater reactivity of the machine The 750 is a machine that gave me And it continues to give me great satisfactions, also excellent mechanics, missing 1/8000 as time, many say that it is not necessary, well if you shoot during the day and look for special effects at Open diaphragms and with the Flash in HSS serves.. Absence of the AF button on, which you can reprogram but go to lose that of the exposure block. Are the flaws that surely will not take much to a really beautiful SLR one of the best products of Nikon

sent on February 19, 2019

Pros: Weight, high ISO, image quality

Cons: Sincerely no One

Opinion: I bought from a few weeks the Nikon D750, after over a month ago to decide whether to take her or the D850. What about it? I find the D750 a reliable and versatile model, able to work well with different photographic genres. Excellent quality of raw files and above all light with regard to its weight, especially with fixed lenses. Also proven inside almost light-free places with high ISO, also in this case has returned highly workable files.

sent on February 08, 2019

Pros: Dynamic range, weight, price, portability, overhead screen

Cons: 1/8000s

Opinion: What about, in my opinion the best SLR on the market price/quality. Returns super workable raw, recovery then is a fantastic thing, often allows you to shoot even in prohibitive conditions. It certainly does not have a pro body like the d810, but its advantage is the weight, with only 750gr will not make you think of passing a mirrorless, as often does who has heavy bodies. Only sore note is the limited shot at 1/4000s which in some cases can be a limit.

sent on February 07, 2019

Pros: All

Cons: I don't know

Opinion: I decided to give my opinion after using it for many years and still use it. I state that I used almost all Nikon, from the D200 onwards. Currently I have held those that I think are the best bodies, D750 and D3s. I also have Sony and XT2, but in the end I always take her, the 750. Because? Because it is smaller and lighter than the Admirals, Sony have the targets that cost a blunder, and the Fuji as beautiful it churn out files too heavy and every time I have to do file conversions, etc... If I want to do street with fixed D series remain small and light almost like the Fuji, if I have to push to the maximum with the quality I mount an Art and the and begins the pleasure. It has the right amount of pixels, very workable files, fast and reliable, dynamic range and exceptional ISO. It's not specific to just one photographic scope, but it does anything, and it does it right. For me, the number 1 remains. The videos? I'm not my problem, with the camera I take pictures!

sent on February 07, 2019

Pros: High ISO, durable body, Price (updated to 2019)

Cons: 4k lack, only 1080 60fps, unstabilized sensor

Opinion: Now I have it for 3 years abundant and I used it from travel photography, the wedding to the basketball series, with optics ranging from 20 mm Nikon to 70-200 2.8 The machine is excellent, especially if to date (February 2019) one must buy the price is on 1200/1300 euros (import ). I also use it as a videomaker and it turns out to be a good machine. Obviously on a Pesa gimball (it would be better a ml with read lenses per ml) It is also not stabilized and the FPS only go to 60 (1080p) I thought and I always think of keeping it as a second body and switching to Nikon Z6 as prime (or Sony A7III) , they would give me a big hand in the video and in the weights. But it must be said that as photo quality probably the only true PRO would be represented by a greater number of focus points minimizing the resampling (using only the selector to choose the MAF also on the side parts of the sensor). For weights is to say that the d750 weighs little, 800 gr, one ML (Sony A7III, Z6) Maybe they are a 100 grams less. What changes are the optics (a 24-70 DSLR is almost 1 kg, per ml about half) The problem is the cost of remaking a kit (ml machine + optical ml), the absence of many dedicated optics and the total absence or almost of optical third-party ML , so I'd have to mount today's DSLR lenses with the addition of the adapter. I think, humor aside, I'll wait for the D760 and bear the weight and I'll invest the money in superb optics with the Sigma 85 art or the 105 art

sent on December 19, 2018

Pros: Complete versatile autofocus and dynamic range.

Cons: Fragile body keys and awkward functions for me accustomed to other Nikon bodies.

Opinion: Taken immediately just exit on the card was the perfect complete machine with immense potential, to side with the D800 unfortunately I have never gotten used to ergonomics and the layout of the keys being accustomed to the d200 d300 d700 D800 and Quality of the materials nothing to do with those cited. The image quality and the ISO seal is excellent good the autofocus. Resolute and replaced with d810 (although mine in 18 months and 20000 shots never had any problem) for a matter of filing. In my opinion it is perfect for those who want to move to the FX format and comes from the 7XXX series especially now that price has fallen before it was better the 610 as quality and price. Rated 9.

sent on December 16, 2018

Pros: Dynamic range, high ISO hold, focus, tilt screen, ergonomics

Cons: Focusing points too central, common to almost all modern cameras, battery life

Opinion: I come from D90, of which I am still a happy possessor and that I use as a second body, practically there is a big difference, as it is natural that it is, the high ISO, the huge dynamic range that allows you to recover incredible details in both the low and High lights, fast and precise focusing even in low light, the colors it returns, with the Nikon 24-120 lens are loyal and with a good contrast I noticed being more dull with the Sigma lens 70-200, I presume, therefore, that the cause should be Impute to the lens rather than the machine which, by the way, returns JPG files already usable without the need for PP, the only thing that I noticed negative that the battery seems hard less than it lasts that of the D90, the screen tilting, although In only one direction, it is very convenient. In conclusion I think it deserves a greater vote than it is attributed to him. P.S. my machine was found to be free from any defect, perhaps because I bought it when it had been extensively tested

sent on December 16, 2018

Pros: Dynamic range, ISO seal, focus, tilt screen, small size, interchangeable key functions, almost everything.

Cons: ISO key Scomodissimo.

Opinion: Bought 2 years ago. I come from years of Canon (7) and Fuji (3). I was looking for a small body with a high level of performance. This machine is exceptional, I would say almost perfect. Used in climatic conditions and extreme light, but also in the still life, I was always satisfied with the great. As a value for money, at least until 2 years ago, was insuperable, I can not say now as I do not know the new releases.

sent on December 14, 2018

Pros: Iso, light body, low light auto focus

Cons: Wi-Fi unconvincing, then of other things of little account

Opinion: For many is not a Pro, but I with the d810 apart from MPX I would not change it, problems almost never had, it is a good compromise still today spend less 1000 euros used and make great photos. I would have put a Cf instead of double Sd, and then too many automatic functions, there will be those who spent 2000 Euri, and maybe shoot in manual once a year.

sent on December 03, 2018

Pros: 2 memory Cards settable at will, management of each lens also of old production (ex. 80-200 f/2.8)

Cons: The level is cancelled at every turn off the machine

Opinion: I am fully satisfied with the D750 I have tried in the 4 months from the purchase in various situations. The settings are sometimes very sophisticated and customizing the two U1 U2 you get custom behaviors very comfortable. Some standard settings should be ' moved ' to make it more convenient, such as ISO setting, REC or Fn.

sent on December 03, 2018

Pros: Performance, price-quality ratio, overhead monitor, viewfinder, focus, the being (until the d850 is introduced) the only all around on the market of professional quality

Cons: The sense of uneasiness that puts you Nikon when buying a DSLR in recent years...

Opinion: The machine is almost perfect. Had, sold for Bigpixel mania (read d810), shot when I realized that big pixels need bigexpensive lenses:) MAF very fast, well arranged points (central as all FF SLR but cover every need), the only its limit are the lenses that you put in front! The only thing I noticed, having also had the d600: the latter at 100iso appeared cleaner, less "granosa" and with a greater dynamic range. We talk about little stuff, but I noticed it: it's probably due to the fact that if they improve performance at high ISO (d750 > d600), they worsen performance at low ISO (dynamic range d600 > d750). Too bad for the first specimens with the various recalls, and also sin for those shutters replaced and failed them too. Ah, I beg to say: shameful the quotation of the used, to this day import new ones cost €1000, are offered on the market (but also elsewhere) machines out of warranty (and maybe even import too) at the same price with boatloads of shots... thank goodness That there are chickens, but to this day, in my opinion, the right price for this used jewel is on the 800/850 € maximum, 900 if seminuovi

sent on November 19, 2018

Pros: Price, weight

Cons: commands, ' flat ' images, operational slowness, little bright viewfinder compared to the older sisters, ' Skintones ' who leave to be desired

Opinion: I recently purchased this camera and sincerely are few or points in his favor (maybe for someone also goes well) so I'm thinking of making it or resell it promptly. I matched it to the Sigma 85 1.4 Art and frankly the images seemed to me to be very flat, poor in life and skintone to be retouching in post. Already regret the results I got with the 5dm2 and optics L where in addition to get more alive and three-dimensional images I was happy even with the colors. But you get what you pay for.

sent on October 24, 2018

Pros: Small body, high ISO and dynamic range, overhead screen, autofocus with good performance, versatility for all photographic genres, FX sensor, new price (at the end 2018), must buy, ergonomics, tropicalization

Cons: Layout of some keys (e.g. ISO), limited customizations, good for everything but without excelling in a particular genre, some absences from the older sisters (e.g. only 1/4000)

Opinion: This machine at the price at which you can buy it today is the absolute best-buy of photography. Light body with a sensor still not exceeded. The improvements that must boast the new models are not so "abythe". The autofocus is quick and quite accurate but in some inconsistent situations (i.e. varies the MAF in critical conditions but static situation). I don't know if it depends on the optics I use (Tamron G2) or if it is a defect in the AF system. I took pictures at ISO 8,000 absolutely usable, but as a qualitative "limit" I believe that the 6,400 are the right compromise, the important in any case is to expose correctly avoiding recoveri that go over 1/2 stop at high ISO. At low ISO the dynamic range is naturally better, I would say almost impressive for the amount of information that you can recover and pull out of its files. I was very undecided between this and the D800, in the end I preferred the D750 because it allows me to move from portrait, to wedding, to sports photos keeping the results on good levels. Of course, it will not have the quality of a D810 for landscapes, a D5 for sports etc., but what you can do is all-around and you'll hardly be dissatisfied. It stops the competition (Canon in Primis) with a car that at the price to which you find it today is really a bargain, and I hope that it continues to go down so maybe I can buy a second body of reserve to little. Personally I do not appreciate the fact that with the Fn keys you can not change the ISO, key that is placed as on the series DX entry level, very but very uncomfortable. The absence of the joystick for focusing is not a problem, the directional keys are very good and precise. Just to make a comparison, compared to the X-T2 from which I come (and I sold as not satisfied by the ultra-wide lenses available for landscape), the D750 turns out to be slower at the operational level. If you are undecided whether or not to buy her! You won't regret it.

sent on October 24, 2018

Pros: Light, compact, ergonomic, ISO-proof

Cons: Slight slowness software, latest firmware version 1.1.3

Opinion: Hi all I'm new to the forum. I bought the D750 recently at the modest sum of 899 euros, embarrassing price, I thought there was a rip off when I took it from E-Infinity, I had to reconsider, the serial number is not included in those recalled cause shutter problems, the I use at the moment with a 50mm f 1.8 and I have to say that is fine I did not think, excellent color rendition, definition at the top, I took through the market also other optics, being a FF the quality leap from the D7000 DX my previous machine is remarkable.

sent on September 27, 2018

Pros: Compact and lightweight body for an FX, ISO seal, dynamic range, sensor and versatility

Cons: Operational slowness, disposition of some keys (however reassignable in other positions)

Opinion: I have this wonderful car for 8 months now, and for as many months I have read and rre everything there was to know before buying it. If you do not stumble into the model object of recall, which is now less frequent, is a stratospheric machine. Light and ergonomic machine. Clean and detailed files, even JPEGs are pretty much ready for printing. Remarkable management of ISO, fast and reliable AF, very wide dynamic range already in the shooting phase and practically infinite in the Post succeeding to recover well both shadows and highlights. The only flaw in the slow operation of the software in certain situations, type in reviewing the photos after shooting especially if they are the first after the restart. ISO and Quality buttons too close and especially in the beginning can cause some inconvenience (I happened to switch from Raw to JPEG thinking I acted on the ISO without realizing it) what can still be solved by assigning the button REC the ISO function.

sent on August 10, 2018

Pros: have been in possession of the machine for about 2 years, bought on an online site, the serial was not among those subject to recall, to date no problem.

Cons: Some uncomfortable keys in particular that for the management of the ISO.

Opinion: I came from a D7100 and then on the plan of management, no problem and difficulty. The machine is light and is held comfortably in hand, in some respects it seems an ml, and in fact some ml as weight and size are not very dissimilar. Autofocus at the height of the situation, surely you can do better but for my needs of amateur photographers is more than satisfactory. It requires as all the FF light optics, and in fact I have all lenses Tamron 15-30 24-70 70-200 2.8 and stabilized and the Sigma 50 art 1.4 that didn't give me any problems of front and back focus. The most important aspect of this D750 is the high ISO seal, and the recoveri that can be done from low exposures, is UMA machine that always allows you to bring great shots at home. At the moment I would not change it with other machines, except that the D850, but we are on another planet. Considering the past problems that sometimes as in the comment below you can determine, but this applies to all machines and brands, I highly recommend it and I would buy it back without the slightest doubt.

sent on August 10, 2018

Pros: Machine bought by very little for which I reserve the pros later. Tilting screen (ex d610), precise af definitely. High ISO hold to be checked again

Cons: ERR code on display with machine lock I have it very little and I go a bit against the tide. At 4000 ISO visibilissimo noise.... I would see a moment the praises heard and written x this machine that has had as many as 3 calls phew tilting screen only vertically... mah I would have preferred ISO key left at the bottom to find it immediately to the must tropicalized? What? With a tilting screen? I have my doubts the screen of the 610 was protected by scratches with plastic screen, this No

Opinion: I came from d610 (4 years of use with more than 40,000 shots), I was very undecided whether to change it or not. I find a half occasion ergo I sell the old and I take a 750 still with GAR. Nital per second use on installation B F 8 The machine goes in lock. ERr code on display. Panic. I change the battery that like was charged and the problem remains for which I click and resets everything. Boh. The serial is not among those indicted (even worse in my opinion) today I call ltr and hear what they tell me to verify the enthusiastic comments read about the alleged excellent tightness at high ISO. I shoot at 4000 ISO with noise very clear I would call only a slight upgrade of the 610 but, again, I have to test it more thoroughly and I'm so curious to hear what they tell me in that of Moncalieri

sent on April 23, 2018

Pros: Great seal at high ISO, sensor quality, fast Autofocus and reliable, compact, lightweight body, clear viewfinder view,

Cons: Awkward placement of some keys (see ISO), risk address for the shutter

Opinion: I come from the experience with a D610, I was already happy with that car, a somber D750 admittedly is another planet! The estate at high ISO is exceptional, I tested up to 10,000 ISO noise is still tolerable and perfect color. The handle is very handy and lightweight machine. In addition to the estate at high ISO the sensor excels in dynamic range, recovery of shadowing is very high and also burn the highlights is difficult, and you retrieve easily the overexposure is not excessive. The only flaw of the machine if you really want to find it is the placement of some keys: Fn front sometimes crush it with the ring finger during shooting unintentionally, and the ISO button would be extremely convenient to put it in the upper screen area, as in professional (see D850, D500, D5). It is also famous for the misfortune of this machine about references (ben 3 officers) for various reasons. If I recommend the Nikon D750? Absolutely Yes! The risk of recall is there and is also annoying, but Nital eventually solves the problem and for the capabilities of this machine in my opinion worth taking this small risk!

sent on March 23, 2018

Pros: Compact and light body, file quality, excellent signal / noise ratio, affordable price.

Cons: I received the call for the shutter (but ltr has replaced it despite my 750 imports)

Opinion: When I picked it up I still had the D700, which I loved for cleaning the files.rnWith the D750 I appreciated the same estate at high ISO, with the addition of a sensational range.rnIt is a perfect machine and suitable for all kinds of photos, precise , sufficiently fast and versatile. Going beyond means looking for super speed or great resolution, which at least for amateur photographers are not fundamental features. rnRestate my second body for a long time. rnGood light to everyone!

sent on February 09, 2018

Pros: sensor, versatility, price

Cons: operational slowness (compared to the flagships)

Opinion: I had 4, all without problem shutter (however, now resolved for some time), several tens of thousands of shots made in the most varied conditions. I think I can reasonably state that it is a true "allround", an extraordinarily versatile machine, with an excellent sensor (especially at high ISO), a relatively low price in relation to the product. 24 Mpx are ideal for an appropriate detail in most situations and allow you to crop even moderate, the raw remains light and manageable even in quantity without having to have superconfigured PC. Some faults have it but marginal and evident especially when compared to the flagships I had (D4 D4s), in particular the slowness of some quick buttons, and I refer, for example, to the waiting time between pressing the button of ISO adjustment and switching on the display to read its value. When you work there ... 1 second ... it seems a lot ... rnSpere the production again for a few years to be able to replace others and have a very versatile machine at a pricemodest.

sent on February 09, 2018

Pros: sensor, weight, functions, tropicalization double slot memory, video

Cons: lack of integrated occular cap (it is given as an external accessory), delicate screen, 24mpx,

Opinion: the machine is almost perfect, it works even in almost forbidding conditions, the shutter for now works very well, maybe I have not carried it too much under stress.com and functions in its place even if the shutter mode s-mup dial ect, if one has big fingers and 'a bit small, double crown for perfect timing and aperture and very sensitive shutter button. The video' mode is good, the variable function of audio and format in rec.bellissima nice too! !

sent on February 08, 2018

Pros: Sensor, high ISO, AF, weight, tilting screen, tropicalization

Cons: Too many calls

Opinion: Taken from mediaworld thanks to a mega offer in 2015 (€ 1900 with a 4-year warranty Nital + 24-120 f4 Nikon) .rnThe camera has undergone the first shutter change (was part of the serial) in 2016.rnBased at the base, in 2017 is out of the official recall, mine did not fall but sometimes makes me the famous trick Err on the small display (some say it depends on the battery not original, others by some sd cards) but still continues to do his duty.rnThis makes me understand that LTR are not very transparent, but I know that when I will have to change shutter because of the shots, with € 200 + VAT replace it in Rome (CSA if I remember correctly) .rnrnOn the quality I can say that it is a very versatile camera, that allows me to move on several fronts without giving up the quality.rnIf I had to compare it to a lens, I would compare it to a 24-70 f2.8 because it will not have the quality of a fixed lens (see the cameras of the sector D810 landscaping & stud me, D4-D5 for sports or naturalistic photos, but also many altre things), but in any case has the versatility that allows you to do everything well.rnrnAd today I would not recomprerei for the problems due to the recall.

sent on February 05, 2018

Pros: Sensor, dynamic range, high ISO, tropicalized, grip, viewfinder, articulated screen, autofocus, autonomy, price, precise wb

Cons: 1/4000, I had to send assistance to the shutter problem

Opinion: I have owned it for two and a half years and I still believe it to be the best in terms of price quality, despite the two above written counterparts. Now the shutter problem has been solved and the 1/8000 (which has not) is necessary only in very rare cases, so I think it is a machine that borders perfection.rnVery good for any kind, at the time I bought it for this reason. I made landscapes, sports (even indoor = high iso), portraits and street with this car and has always behaved excellently.rnLa adore and of course the advice even today after almost 4 years since its release.

sent on January 30, 2018

Pros: High ISO quality, sensor quality, tropicalization, full frame, adjustable screen, battery life.

Cons: Few (except for those serial of the famous calls), unjustifiable presence for a professional SLR like this one of the SCENE and EFFECTS menus, instead of which, for example, I would have preferred the integrated GPS and the adoption of a mechanical curtain to close the eyepiece during tripod shots.

Opinion: I use this body for about a year after replacing a D80, my first digital SLR of which I keep a good memory, and I can say that I would definitely do the purchase again. Sturdy body, well done, with the controls in the right place and many customizable internal menus. The sensor is also extraordinary and returns excellent files for color and sharpness, all enclosed in a compact and lightweight shell. Net of the aforementioned counter, in my opinion the D750 would be the "ideal" camera for any user from amateur photographer to demanding professional.

sent on January 29, 2018

Pros: iso, autofocus points, sensor

Cons: for now I have no cons

Opinion: Great body purchased on optimize.net 8 months, with an incredible iso extension and a fantastic autofocus accuracy, this body made me make the leap in quality that I expected so much, thanks to this camera I can shoot anywhere in any light condition obviously all accompanied by a good goal.

sent on September 26, 2017

Pros: Full frame. Excellent battery life. Super convenient. Tropicalized. Can be used up to ISO 6400 without any leakage virtually.

Cons: Price. Call some of the models from Nikon, but just be careful.

Opinion: Socket for switching to REFLEX, after using a MIRRORLESS PANASONIC for one year. I am very happy, I could use it for a lot of photos on our trip to Japan. There is not much experience, so I can not speak of many technical things, but I can say that up to 6400 ISO freehand does not matter. The colors are natural although there is little saturation, which can be achieved through moderate post production. With regard to autofocus, stable, fast and accurate. The videos are not the best, in fact, but whoever takes this camera does not make it for the videos. I bought it with the 24-120 of Nikon 4.0 Focal Point and for now I found it great.

sent on August 24, 2017

Pros: Fullframe. Discrete battery life. Accepts all optics with Fmount Attack including those of the modified Nikon Ft. Clear eye view. Large handle and pen positioned controls. Tropicalized in large part. Very detailed and complete functions. Preview depth of field, complete functions for using flash drives. Stable to slightly higher iso. The sensor also drops to iso 50

Cons: Call me home. 24mega pixel. The uneven or uneven mirror mirrored cmq mechanism. The price could be right, in optimum conditions and without the unexpected.

Opinion: Socket for switching from d5200 Dx to Fx Fullframe. I clicked off manually, and I needed a wide and sharp view of the frame even to focus manually. The battery gives good autonomy, even if one or two batteries are better to have them. RnBack up all versions of previous goals. Goals G, D full-featured, AI goals. It also accepts pre AI and Q-AUTO lenses if modified to pair the diaphragm with the meter. (Modify who knows about mechanics, with caliber and metal file can also do it at home). The machine has a good grip and good position of the controls. With a little patience setting up well and learning a bit, the eye is no longer out of sight. Holding a bigger iso is not infinite but there is. At 400-800 iso still has a decent picture. Well acceptable even at 1000-1600 iso. RnThe fine resolution is discrete, but pixel density is still halved compared to dx 24mega sensors. ThisIt should be said because who like me comes from this road the difference is the note right away, and this difference must be seen with awareness before a purchase. To take advantage of the Fx optics to their entire visual field however, it is a good advantage to put on the scale plate . RnOn less positive notes .. Tropicalization is present, but not complete as the wiring on the screen seems inadequate. Potential risk of shutter blocks seems to be taken into account, and the defects in the interior of the room box are not a problem for the backlights. Although I am not among the serial ones I still have this flare problem that splashes horizontally against the sensor with intense lights even off-field. The hood does not minimally solve the problem. All the while official assistance promises that they will also solve my case. In view of this I think the theoretically good and fair price for the type of product performance, less appropriate for the discomfort I'm having now and that I will have when I send it to help if everything goes for the best. During l% 2In addition to the problem already documented, I will also report excessive unbalancing of the mirror to the lift as it does not limit the free long handouts. I've always been quietly in security, so I'm struggling to stay in it. In this case, the microregion always has a precise direction, and it is definitely due to the counterclocking of the mirror that it feels to touch the hand. Good m-up function in cases where it can be used eg for tripods, but not for normal shooting. RnSpecify a spear about shooting times .. only 14,000 can even go .. For many years they shot with 500 -1000 and 2000 .. There are also ND filters if you need to ...

sent on July 16, 2017

Pros: ALL


Opinion: Perfect machine, very robust body, outstanding quality file, exquisite dynamic range, nothing to do with the canon counterpart that I have owned for several years (5D MK 3) but it does not compare with this nikon. High ISO is also very useful at very high values, in short, it is the top for any type of photography. Do not let it run away.

sent on July 03, 2017

Pros: High waist, great Af, well handleable without being mastodontic, the tilting screen is very useful. Excellent dynamic range of the sensor.

Cons: (IMPORTANT XI POSSESSORS, read the side down in the review) One on all the problem of the shutter block. If the machine is affected sooner or later the shutter breaks with the risk of damaging the sensor. The WB car on some occasions does not convince me a lot. I often miss the dedicated Af-ON button besides the AEL (which is instead).

Opinion: Great machine, reliable autofocus, accurate in exhibitions. You can rely on the lateral AF points (especially in af-c, af-s and with low lights on the sides I can get rid of you not to hook) with eyes closed. Very good tracking.rnA very good Spot Spot Module that preserves high lights (basically helps you to expose it without burning the lights you see in the scene). RnResistive to iso, you can push it quietly at 12800 exposing well, even to 6400 correcting a bit in post.rnrnOra we come to the counter. The machine was quite unlucky, with 3 official calls (Flare, shadows caused by the tendons and shutter block). The only big trouble (and I find it really weird that no - Still wrote) is the tide of machines with shutter problems even OUT OF REQUIREMENT.rnEach serial machine that does NOT fall into the official call (the third and last of the series of calls) .nnPossiedo 2 D750 both bought in June 2016 From different dealers, both do not fall into any richIamo.rnUna has 27 thousand shots and is perfect, the other has 12,000 shots and has the problem with the shutter. Rn What is it and how it looks? RnIn practice the shutter risks blocking and breaking and if you are Unlucky, you may risk scratching the sensor.rnTo check whether the machine is stained you have to do the first click at 1 / 4000s just switched on and with an inactive shutter for a couple of days.rn So leave it a few days and then make the first Snooze time with 1 / 4000s. If the machine goes into the block with the word "Err" on the display then your machine is affected.rnTo unlock it just press the shutter button again.rnOnce the machine will no longer be blocked (at least Start.) The problem is degenerative, it will tend to appear even slower in times of time and even with a hot machine (so in the good while you are photographed) to the final break of the shutter. RnNital replaces, at LTR, the shutters present I asked the question and came backOr in the call though with a European warranty. RnNital replaces the shutters also for serial machines that do NOT fall into the recall (only with Nital warranty). The waiting times are very long due to shortage of spare parts due to the amount of machines that have the Problem.rnFor different guarantees you must contact your vendor or send it privately to replace the shutter.rnNit Nital in the various dealers cover as a guarantee the damage that can result from the sensor from the break of the shutter.rnIf you have the machine that shows "Err "With the first cold shutter and 1 / 4000s, do not delay too much to replace the shutter or risk 800 euro of sensor. RnrnThere is the link to test the serial (only for the shutter block): rnrnhttp: //advisory.nikonrepair .eu / Language_Select_D750_2.aspxrnrnThank you all, I'm very happy about this machine, far less than the "ambiguous" behavior of Nikon that does not extend the serial and does not spin a gene call RnEDIT (18-07-17): Nikon has finalmThe body decided to go out and declare many other serial numbers that are part of the call (this time it is said to be dedicated to the defective shutter) .nn Then if your Nikon comes under the new call, you can replace the shutter free (even from private And then make you reward ;-)) .rnThere is the link for verification of the serial: rnhttp: //www.nikonusa.com/en/service-and-support/service-advisories/ibs1kfdg/Technical-Service-Advisory-for- Users-of-the-Nikon-D750.htmlrnrn

sent on May 28, 2017

Pros: Dynamic Range, Spectacular Sensor, Ergonomics, Weight, Very Nice Holding Do not Speak Spectacular.

Cons: Too bad, it does not seem reliable. The shutter has some serious problems.

Opinion: On the photos nothing to say, the problem is so many, and there are so many, users who complain about the shutter breaking. Be careful, it's a car that has had two calls, but there should have been a third that is hidden. It starts giving ERR with locked shutter and raised mirror. In the long run, if you stop taking pictures when you have the problem I wrote, the shutter may scratch the sensor. And there are sorrows there. Because the warranty does not recognize the damage. It is your fault that you continued to shoot. Many serials are on the official website, but many are not. The block with ERR indication has not been officially certified and I do not think it will ever be. It's a shame, because when it works, it gives you great satisfactions. Nikon, what a pity!

sent on May 22, 2017

Pros: Sensor of wonder, low weight, battery, high ISO, and much more

Cons: WB, ISO and bracket controls

Opinion: I come from the D700 that I love to madness for the superb quality of the shots that it gives and for the ISO high rating. Certainly with the D750 I have a car body that enhances all the features of the D700 with a doubled megapixel amount (certainly not easy to handle D750 is not exactly what happens to the D700 but incorporates all of its features and makes it the best compromise between performance, cost and end result today.rnUnica fails ( But nothing to do, just get used to it) are the white balance, image quality and ISO controls in the D700 that were placed with three keys above the ring while they are now placed side by side on the screen. You can customize the REC button in mode Photo (I've set ISO) but it is still far away and it's not always easy to reach it with the dart while you're knocking. Trying to buy this car body, do not miss it!

sent on May 07, 2017

Pros: Lightweight, versatile, great sensor. Built-in Wi-Fi. Very intuitive. Function U1 and U2.

Cons: Screen not rotating and rotating like the D5300 even if tilted to 90gradi.

Opinion: I get both the D5300 and the D3100 Nikon and have to make a leap of quality, both as a format (from DX to FX) as well as sensor and screen usage, the choice I did in my opinion has been made. From the first shots the difference with the other two is remarkable. Use in Raw. Simply the double sd slot and the double wheel that gives independence to diaphragms and timing.

sent on May 06, 2017

Pros: Sensor to say the least wonderful! RnTotal ergonomics.

Cons: Machine born bad ... Replacement shutter after about 15,000 shots, although not falling in the "inked" serials and tires shuffling after nital.rnDal from the constructive point of view it is not at the levels of its price.

Opinion: There is no doubt about the quality of the sensor; The dynamic range and workability of the raw file are excellent. The autofocus is also great. The 750 is a machine with which you can make and deal with any kind of photography, but that 1/4000 is really ridiculous ... rnThe design quality is not up to its price and the sensor gets dirty with ease ... From these Canon points of view is definitely superior.rn Last consideration on Nital and assistance service ... better than I do not pronounce, I could be banned ... just a question ... but what a way to pay a lot more product, If then the assistance is of this to say no questionable quality?!?!?! Rn So i would like a Nikon sensor (Sony) in a Canon body machine !!!

sent on May 03, 2017

Pros: Af (significantly better than d4) iso seal (comparable to d4 up to 12000) tilting monitor sensor

Cons: Viewfinder, machine body

Opinion: Bought just held out two years later sold to move to d4 and now? Sold d4 to return to d750.rnIl main reason? The F!!!!! In bright light the difference is not noticeable but when he is in shade or in semi darkness there is an abyss: the d750 is never wrong .. like high ISO said the estate is great, fabulous detail without having the file heaviness 810 so a good compromise. The only real flaw (and the reason why I had sold) square viewfinder and less luminous than d4 and body: small (positive side only when you backpack for boarding an airplane). If you did the nikon d750 to d500 dressed probably would not sell more !!!!

sent on April 28, 2017

Pros: High ISO hold, colors, adjustable screen, general robustness, AF precision, U1 and U2 modes

Cons: Square viewfinder, position of some commands (but there are shortcuts)

Opinion: Coming from a D700, the transition was certainly the best: better files (but heavier, paying attention to the computer), very loyal colors, excellent jpeg quality, depth of file. RnrnThe tilting screen does not leave without any doubt: resistance? The machine is given for tropicalized, but the screen does not mean anything else, especially in a way not to change it after a while. But we will see if treated with care should not have any problems. RnrnWord Commands? To get used to it, but worse than expected: at first impact seem midway rather than semi pro, but the set of presonations is very high (for example, iso checking is originally on a button next to the main screen , However, the "rec" button can be set in photo mode as ISO control, making it in fact very similar to the D700 as overall controls). RnrnVery valid (as in all recent Nikon reflexes) the possibility ofCustom U1 and U2 modes, great when you make different shots at near moments rnrn

sent on April 28, 2017

Pros: High ISO hold, colors, adjustable screen, general robustness, AF precision, U1 and U2 modes

Cons: Square viewfinder, position of some commands (but there are shortcuts)

Opinion: Coming from a D700, the transition was certainly the best: better files (but heavier, paying attention to the computer), very loyal colors, excellent jpeg quality, depth of file. RnrnThe tilting screen does not leave without any doubt: resistance? The machine is given for tropicalized, but the screen does not mean anything else, especially in a way not to change it after a while. But we will see if treated with care should not have any problems. RnrnWord Commands? To get used to it, but worse than expected: at first impact seem midway rather than semi pro, but the set of presonations is very high (for example, iso checking is originally on a button next to the main screen , However, the "rec" button can be set in photo mode as ISO control, making it in fact very similar to the D700 as overall controls). RnrnVery valid (as in all recent Nikon reflexes) the possibility ofCustom U1 and U2 modes, great when you make different shots at near moments rnrn

sent on April 23, 2017

Pros: Construction, held at high iso, tilting screen, wi-fi, weight, robustness, satisfactory internal engine

Cons: For now no one

Opinion: I own about two years ago this full frame body and consider myself a professional in every respect, coming from a D90 that I did it quench the AF accuracy, this corspo ff compact and tropical conditions can only be strasoddisfatto, the d750 produces magnificent raw files , quick focus but not lightning on optical af-d but otherwise now used is bought well even if it is not cheap, is a body machine with appropriate give you shots superb optics, I do not recommend using optics from kit with F3.5 aperture, you might be disappointed, another highlight is the battery life which is eternal, then the wifi which nikon with the app on your smartphone allows you to send both photos on the fly and use your smartphone as remote trigger, as written by others met resistance at high iSO is impressive, up to 6400 has very little noise, but worse than what is normal, in the film he had the coarse only with 1600isornIn inclusion recommend buying this camera body, 1 vote0

sent on April 08, 2017

Pros: high ISO estate, tilting screen and xkè no, built-in flash.

Cons: A bit 'all those mentioned by others, but for me no problems, namely: minimum trip limit to 1/4000, flash scincro limit to 1/200 and 6.5 fps.

Opinion: C5-5,6 vr. rnGrazie Nikon x scoring this beautiful full frame SLR that in quality / price ratio, for me has no equal ... good light at all !!!

sent on February 22, 2017

Pros: Ergonomic, lightweight, high iso estate, integrated WI-FI and tilting Display

Cons: Limiting the shutter speed to 1/4000, Flash synchronization 1/200, commands a little uncomfortable if you are accustomed to the series 800

Opinion: Machine in many ways wonderful, primarily weight, ergonomics, and basculante.rnAnche display if I had heard many negative reviews on this machine due to the many calls, I decided to try it ugualmente..rnBè I was pleasantly surprised, the machine has a iso excellent sealing, the display would let me shoot from below with other bodies except in contortionist positions would not have done, and more than a few times I was able to import via WI-FI photo that I had to send away immediately negative email..rnLato the limit the shutter speed to 1/4000, still did not explain except that the Nikon has been a market move, because smaller bodies such as D7100 comes to 1/8000, which is very important if you use optics apertures as F / 1.4.rnPer else I would advise!

sent on February 22, 2017

Pros: Ergonomics and lightness, excellent file is Raw and Jpeg, dynamic range, with ISO quality high, tilting screen viewing experience.

Cons: small body, some functional limitations.

Opinion: After about a year I was waiting for the right opportunity, I possess the d750 from a few weeks, maybe a little early to express an opinion, however ......., I also have a d7000 and d700, so to force majeure I make the comparison and draw conclusions. Because of my hands large ergonomically I prefer the d700, although the handle carved making it safe to hold it much more than the d7000 with which it is comparable in size and weight. I carried out several shooting sessions using all the lenses of which are currently held, confirming the good things being said. Compared to the other two machine bodies obviously the qualitative leap of the image file is remarkable both for definition, for dynamic range and for better sealing using high ISO, since the generated noise is uniform in tone and easily recoverable (provided that over the 3200 / 4000 I have not yet driven). The shutter speed limitations do not see it as a limitation, I have rarely used speeds slower than 1/4000, what criminal feedbackzzante, to me that with d700 and d7000 use routinely is the flash sync speed of 1/250 and 1/320, the d750 stops at 1/200; aspect which I only found out after the last session and found a light to a dark band edge of the frame, something that convinced me to dotarmi as soon as possible, replacing analog ones, the triggers ttl / HSS in order to solve the whole problem . The locations of the buttons though similar to other Nikon bodies, is not comparable creating some confusion going from one body to another, but to assess them in its own right are sorted and easy to locate, someone will lamente failure aspect lighting that actually would have been a benefit. Having seen it used at different professionals (matrimonalisti) confirm that it can be safely used for professional purposes. I think it's cool tilting screen, which, although delicate-looking, is a boon in certain shooting situations. I have a maniacal care of my equipment, in fact, the other bodies appeared to be new and therefore with equal care custoI will say this d750 for so many years. I hope not to be among those few who have had problems, even under the assurance that Europe could lengthen the time of a possible repair. My verdict is: SUPERCONSIGLIATA

sent on February 21, 2017

Pros: Quality files, extremely sharp, detailed. high ISO resistance. Lightweight body. Handle deep "" comfortable and. U1 and U2 modes of phenomenal ring! The "rec" button is customizable, and for me it was amazing to note that you can assign speed ISO sensitivity selection! RnRaffica really useful in the busiest situations, although it is not a D4.rnIl Af module is unbelievable manage to connect the subject also to buio.rnDurata excellent battery.

Cons: For me the tilting screen is in part a pro, in part a counter: is a pro in situations where it is useful to keep the camera low compared to the eyes or higher and can be conveniently arranged for example at ground level shots of flowers or insects . It 'a counter when I think of the device gently and the absence of an adequate coprimonitor as those of the D300 series, D700, PRO D800.rnDisposizione no shortcut keys (the WHAT ISO WB triad placed on the frame-ring) positioned on the left side of the upper display dorso.rnPiccolo, you can not edit for instance WB ISO or just looking at the display (like the D300, or D700), but you have to keep your eye on the rear display. NOTE: correct me, the ability to control ISO, WB and other parameters keeping an eye on the upper display there, comfortable quindi.rnNon there is the ability to shoot RAW uncompressed TIFF.

Opinion: The opinion of this machine'm gradually building using. The I own a little over a month, and I was amazed by the lightness of the body (with a really catchy line) and the excellent depth of the grip, the files are exceptional, even zooming to 100% and more, especially for me I come from D300s and D700, the number of mpixel increased it shows. The B are manageable and not too heavy. The JPG already appear deep and definitissimi. Then ISO, amazing to use sensitivity of 12,000 ISO without noise ... rnMi intend to update the review after a more thorough use, in any case is a machine "of all trades" who can get away very well in all areas.

sent on February 10, 2017

Pros: AF / ISO / Dynamic Range / customizable menus

Cons: forcing myself I would say the screen and keys lighting

Opinion: 2339; The tailored suit of "advanced amateur" or "cacacaxxo" as me.rnLo tilting screen is good, for a while the feeling of fragility and has the limit to move on a single axis. If there was stat button illumination would be the top, even with another system at times one gets confused in situations of very little light but it is to find a nit. Maybe actually pisses you off the shutter to 1/4000 obviously put to commercial choice, but in the end how many times we are the situations, at least I do not like shooting in high light conditions. Finally, if you have to buy a car and if you are here to read the reviews it will definitely not professionals with a capital P (without offending nesun) so it can only be the gisuta choice.

sent on February 09, 2017

Pros: Ergonomics - screen - Wi-Fi - RAW files workability - high ISO seal.

Cons: For me, nothing.

Opinion: Using the D750 for almost a annetto.rnIl my kind is only paesaggista.rnrnCiò that I found interesting: rn- Wi-Fi; rn- tilting screen. rnrnPosso use, thanks to wireless connection, your phone as a remote control (useful if you want to do long exposures) .rnInoltre I can send pictures to your cell phone (useful for those who publish their works on social) .rnrnLo screen is, in my opinion, a really precious gem of this machine. For many it is something "obscene", but greatly simplifies life. Used in uncomfortable situations, it proved very utile.rnrnCi are other carattestiche that make this machine really a good choice! RnNelle views below you can read all this ... rnrnVi wish you all a good light!

sent on January 14, 2017

Pros: Ergonomics, RAW from trashing perfectly workable, small but devastating, noise content and usable files safely up to 12,800 ISO (if you expose it correctly), AF good, Wi-Fi, adjustable screen

Cons: Buttons do not light for night, cover the eye a little 'uncomfortable, the screen that lights unnecessarily when changing the ISO value to mirno, shutter 1/4000 (but not' indispensable in my case the 1/8000)

Opinion: I would do it a thousand times in a row the purchase of this SLR. rnSensore righteous, it too many pixels, or too few, able to exploit even optical not top of the range (eg. range of Samyang, 1.8 or 50). It weighs little and is 'able to give excellent results in any kind fotografico.rnPochissimi flaws, but you can not' even define tali..Si speaks of nit. Who wants to take the step of this FF and 'MACHINE. Obviously if you do not prefer something specific (many megapixels, studio portraits or landscapes with D810 and lens with the ring of gild the end hehe)

sent on January 08, 2017

Pros: Quality and workability of RAW, dynamic range, held at high ISO, autofocus, ergonomics and lightness

Cons: non illuminated button, shutter 1/4000 and lack curtain cover eye

Opinion: Use this fantastic SLR for over a year for landscapes, portraits, sports, architecture, astrophotography, and I will take no satisfaction. rnI files are extremely clean and workable and even forgive evident exposure errors. The noise at high ISO is contained and the autofocus works well even with very low light, at least goals f / 2.8 or brighter. The body is lightweight and well balanced except with heavy abbastenza objectives, such as the 70 200 f2.8. In this case a battery grip might be useful. rnPer night photography would be very comfortable illuminated buttons and drop-down eyepiece cover, but it is certainly not a problem insormontabile.rnPer conclude recommend this camera for the great value for money, in my opinion the migiore home Nikon.rn

sent on January 02, 2017

Pros: Excellent AF even with low light, kept at high ISO, tilting screen, integrated wifi

Cons: shutter sound, only the vertical orientation of the LCD screen

Opinion: After a year of use I can say that I am still satisfied with your purchase of this camera body as the first full frame. The only flaw the noise a bit "plasticky" and too strong shutter ... but with time you get used to it. Optimum efficiency even at high ISO and above all I was very positively impressed by the power-assist even in critical lighting conditions. Another thing that I found very useful, but many feel superfluous, is the integrated WiFi, thanks to which I have often send photos almost immediately after taking them and after a flash editing with Lightroom mobile phone. Ultimately, great body full frame, highly we recommended especially to make the leap coming from a APSC.

sent on December 04, 2016

Pros: High ISO, sensor, ergonomics, dynamic range. Customizing buttons. From a raw that "plate" seems to be out of the world ....

Cons: There are back-lit keys; there is a drop down to close the shutter; flash presence (but you need ??? I would rather save money in terms of price-bulk-weights); on the various effects menu (but they serve ??); Screen that I would rather not just tilting but also adjustable (when I make vertical pictures);

Opinion: I am new and I switched from d750 to d3300 more because it was my birthday (40) that for a real need ... but since the fateful date and the willingness to go to the full frame ... I made a "gift" . That is, monstrous ... maybe too much for me ... But since I have it in my hands I try to exploit it :) The thing that makes' really fear is the quality to high iso / night / low light.

sent on October 21, 2016

Pros: General quality of the raw files, auto-focus, low noise, video quality, flat video mode, ergonomics, tilting screen

Cons: After a long time of no use

Opinion: fantastic camera raw files that churns out are fantastic and very workable, not to mention the truly exceptional quality at high ISO, up to 6400 images with very little noise and are also in the video noise is very poor especially if the movie does not strong underexposure. The autofocus is also excellent with significant underexposure, the flat mode helps a lot in the post production of a video (of course is not an s-log or log-c but does his duty). It has very good ergonomics (much better than the d600-610), and the tilting screen is really a pleasant surprise for videos. Certainly not a a7rii or d810 for resolution or color depth but this car is perhaps the most balanced in terms of the performance of Nikon.

sent on August 24, 2016

Pros: Quality of lofty files, light body, simple menu as usual Nikon.

Cons: At the moment no.

Opinion: Using this "monster" for about two months and almost always with the 50cc, lens super reliable and really amazing. At first I was undecided between this and the D810, but some doubt was caused more by fear of stumbling into a "flawed" model. When in doubt, I focused on the Nikon version and the purchased product is perfect. solid, lightweight body, almost amazed when compared to the D500 or D7100. It is a perfect Full Frame and the 50cc Nikon me out amazing results, rich in detail, even perfect zooming. The price is not cheap but even prohibitive: 2200 eurini required for 4 years Nikon warranty, they are worth to buy it. One can also find less online: matter of taste. Abbinateci a good SD Lexar 1000X and you will see that speed when scattae is instacabile, a monster! Yes just like this. Also I use APSC and Full Mirrorless but there is no history! rnConsigliata to those who want to approach the universe FF.

sent on July 20, 2016

Pros: quality of the files, kept at high ISO, AF and ergonomics.

Cons: non illuminated button, the screen that lights up at each ISO setting, 6.5 fps burst (if you do too little sport or birds)

Opinion: I own this camera for 7 months or so and now I did some shooting. I use it for many different genres: landscapes, sports, macro, bird life and I must say that satisfies me in any situation. For sports and birdlife the only "limit" is the burst, would have been the top have at least 8-10 fps but maybe it would have been too much to ask. The AF is quick and accurate. Too bad that the writing on the keys are not illuminated, it would be really convenient to adjust the camera quickly after dark, thinking that the Nokia 3210 had them makes me want to cry:) rnrnNel complex is a reflex that I would recommend to everyone, really solid and well made. If you are undecided take it, will not disappoint.

sent on July 06, 2016

Pros: image quality, autofocus, construction, battery life.

Cons: Shutter and flash sync castrated for commercial choice.

Opinion: excellent machine, with excellent image quality. Autofocus is fast and responsive, but the AF points in some cases are a little too concentrated at the center of the viewfinder. Great tilting the screen and the feeling of robustness and quality. Too bad for the commercial decision to castrate the shutter to 1 / 4000s and flash sync at 1 / 200s, even the barrage would have benefited from a few shots per second at most. rnUna mention to the absorption of energy management: if you do not often use the live view is quite possible to get through a day's work on one battery.

sent on July 01, 2016

Pros: high ISO sealing, wide dynamic range, very comfortable and ergonomic handle, lightweight, high performance, versatile RAW for the recovery of light and shadow, customizable in the keys and functions (like all pro), bright viewfinder, tilting screen, wi-fi, fast and accurate autofocus, high battery life with reduced power consumption, flash pop up (useful to activate a second flash remotely)

Cons: Maximum shutter speed 1/4000, two SD slot (I would have preferred one CF and one SD), the absence of an inner curtain to darken the eye when shooting in remote, auto / scenes / effects mode (what is the use of a SLR of this band ?!), look not very pro (looks more like a D610 that an evolution of the D700), the pop-up flash (useless, if not to activate a second flash remotely as described above)

Opinion: Highly recommended for all aspects listed above, in particular: rn- 24.3 megapixels, which I consider to be perfect, it too many or too few; rn- tilting screen, mainly useful for shooting video (I happened to make a few marriage and videomaker I must say that it is comfortable); rn- very comfortable grip and that does not tire the hand, even by mounting heavy lenses; rn- high performance in terms of recovery of RAW files, very good images even at ISO 12800; rn- wi-fi useful but up to some point (personally I used very little); rnPer cons refer to what is written above.

sent on July 01, 2016

Pros: high ISO sealing, wide dynamic range, very comfortable and ergonomic handle, lightweight, high performance, versatile RAW for the recovery of light and shadow, customizable in the keys and functions (like all pro), bright viewfinder, tilting screen, wi-fi, fast and accurate autofocus, high battery life with reduced power consumption, flash pop up (useful to activate a second flash remotely)

Cons: Maximum shutter speed 1/4000, two SD slot (I would have preferred one CF and one SD), the absence of an inner curtain to darken the eye when shooting in remote, auto / scenes / effects mode (what is the use of a SLR of this band ?!), look not very pro (looks more like a D610 that an evolution of the D700), the pop-up flash (useless, if not to activate a second flash remotely as described above)

Opinion: Highly recommended for all aspects listed above, in particular: rn- 24.3 megapixels, which I consider to be perfect, it too many or too few; rn- tilting screen, mainly useful for shooting video (I happened to make a few marriage and videomaker I must say that it is comfortable); rn- very comfortable grip and that does not tire the hand, even by mounting heavy lenses; rn- high performance in terms of recovery of RAW files, very good images even at ISO 12800; rn- wi-fi useful but up to some point (personally I used very little); rnPer cons refer to what is written above.

sent on June 17, 2016

Pros: Performance pro cheap, fast autofocus, held at high ISO very good, outstanding RAW, tilting screen viewfinder with customizable point, dual slots for SD, rich with direct and customizable function buttons.

Cons: For now I have not found it

Opinion: A 'good reflex, on the few occasions I've had to use it I have always achieved excellent results in recent years; the quality of the RAW file is outstanding, from a completely black picture I managed to pull out a photo with a lot of well-defined colori.rnrnAnche in video field the results are excellent but of course we must not exceed the sensitivity; above 800 ISO may appear (if the scene is not properly illuminated) of the lines that move to wave from the bottom to the top. rnPurtroppo I have not yet had a chance to test it under pressure so real I can not see the work against effective but definitely a good buy for those who believe wants to take photos and videos with pro-level quality worthy of a cinepresa.rn

sent on June 15, 2016

Pros: Autofocus, high ISO output, dynamic range, malleability of files, ergonomics

Cons: shutter that arrives '' only '' to 1/4000 ''

Opinion: Using this machine for less than two months, but I've got already several thousands of shots (3 works), and I think I can express my opinion. It 'a very balanced machine that allows you to do just about everything and do it well, the autofocus module is really great in all conditions, tracks the subject with no problems even in the dark, the sensor is always live, has an excellent dynamic range and very well also involves a very high sensitivity. The files that churns out are very malleable, even if they have already triggered at fairly high sensitivity, the ergonomics are excellent, the handle does not tire even after a full day of use. That said, it is definitely a very good car, perhaps the only two details a bit subdued than the rest are the burst (not at the levels of the best) and the plug that falls up to 1/8000 '', but for most photographers are unimportant details.

sent on June 05, 2016

Pros: file quality, high ISO performance, autofocus, ergonomics, quality video.

Cons: af scarce in lv

Opinion: Full traditional SLR, excels in all, a less af far from the best in lv, the yield at high ISO is to be applauded, the file is always very clean, the f is ottimo.La machine holds good, weighs the right, the materials do not seem the most 'noble least so far held up well. To note a more 'good video quality, area where nikon than Canon is soo underrated, the evidence shows it is by no means inferior, if not for af.

sent on May 24, 2016

Pros: excellent autofocus, ergonomic, dynamic range, ISO

Cons: when I found none

Opinion: Happy owner of this car, I did recently moving to fx (I come from a good D7100 that I will keep as a second body). My choices were on the d750 and d810, the 36mpx and the use of expensive optical made me change my mind. From the few tests I did, even in the twilight zone it allows recovery, satisfactory dynamic range, the autofocus is fast and high ISO estate is truly excellent. recommended

sent on May 14, 2016

Pros: autofocus worked but precise, ergonomic handle, ability to insert two memory cards, possibility to change the ISO quickly and without having to enter Neille menu pages.

Cons: sense of "plasticosità", very small systems with settings icons inside the service screen (the one on the drive side on / off) if it operates without glasses, it is difficult to recognize symbols.

Opinion: I come from the use of a tank which is the D700, the car that I think is and will be an icon; at first contact, it seems to have in his hands a toy but after a few shots is reevaluated and demonstrates its potenziale.rnla D750, makes the 700 the weight, manageability; I do not know yet whether the inserted BG has equal autonomia.rnbisogna get used to the settings a bit more macchinese, due to the fact that you have a number of inferiore.rnora buttons, only time will tell if the choice is apt, for now the beginning is good.

sent on May 12, 2016

Pros: excellent sealing iso, image quality, dynamic range, user friendly ergonomics, rotatable display, customization buttons.

Cons: For now only a clump of very visible dirt / oil also relatively open to f, since the first shots.

Opinion: I come from an already excellent D7100, which I still have and keep for a long time. similar ergonomics and well-balanced, af more powerful and iso estate that has few rivals for the price range. deliberately machine "castrated" otherwise deprive the market the series 800 ... The only problem encountered and an annoying spot of dirt on the sensor, easily eliminated in pp .... Superb.

sent on April 21, 2016

Pros: excellent resistance to high ISO, dynamic range to FF summits, excellent image quality, very fast autofocus, weight and compact size, overhead monitors, discrete burst, customizable buttons.

Cons: Limit 1/4000, autofocus points concentrated in the central, adjustable monitor on only one axis.

Opinion: I come from a D7100. I doubt, in passing to FF, if you take the D750 or D810. I chose this model especially since the D810 I would have condemned the purchase of expensive optics and equipped with excellent stabilizer, necessary to "solve" the 36 mpx and hold off the blur. The autofocus is very fast, never wavers, even in low light. The dynamic range delivers recoveries of shadows and lights without the image being compromised. The estate at high ISO is excellent, I think few cars can compete with this. The 6.5 fps burst is enough to sport or birds. The "against" have been well calculated by Nikon, it comes to trade policy restrictions to prevent damage to other models, so to speak of defects is not possible. Ultimately, a good car that was born deliberately limited in some respects and that in my opinion has few rivals. Perhaps the best FF (including those from the human costs) on the market today.

sent on April 09, 2016

Pros: ISO, good distribution of the controls, autofocus, in short, almost everything including the pivoting monitor and angers so much who does not possess it.

Cons: Three calls !! tilting monitor only horizontally

Opinion: I have the D750 for more than one year and I am fine. Easily customizable, with all the pros above. The sensor is the sony by 24 and is well known for the recovery capacity of the shadows. The main defect is that Nikon has made a big mess with the shutter that required 2 + 1 calls for an abnormal reflection in backlight but negligible in most cases. Bad shape! Which added to other recent begin to be "a test". A further improvement could be the movable monitor in all directions as the 5xxx series to shoot from awkward positions also in the vertical. I have no proof but I am afraid that the overhead monitor can be the Achilles heel for the perfect weather sealing. I do not care if it rains because I'm under the covers. Recommended (but not with the 24-120 f.4)

sent on February 27, 2016

Pros: high ISO, atofocus held

Cons: loud shutter, tropicalization nonexistent due to the tilting screen, shortness 8000 '; Ocular unclosable except with the cap.

Opinion: The D750 is born unlucky, with fewer than 2 calls from Nikon, which meant I had to wait more than one year and to take it to go to the store with the tablet to check the serial on the nikon site to prevent it were part of a game lacked. Tropicalization? But if the booklet is written to avoid it dry contact that connects the display to the body! For the rest is a good car, but compared to the D610, the better I see a more responsive autofocus, with 51 points still always too distributed in the center, at least without any cut, and a better seal algi high iso; also with battery grip, which nikon always sells more expensive, it improves tilt.

sent on January 28, 2016

Pros: excellent auto focus, fast wifi, build quality

Cons: Imbalance with objectives "important"

Opinion: For passion I passed by a few days from D600 to D750, after months of "discernment" between D800, D800E, D810 and D750.rnPenso just have made the right choice: 5 test shots after the change of pace compared to the D600 was already evident - although this is in my opinion a beautiful machine - in terms of resolution, focusing, of "pasta" of colors, made in low luce.rnMacchina light and handy, with obvious quality construction, has for controaltare, some imbalance, given its size and weight, when they are targets as the 14-24 or the 24-70 f2.8 f2.8.rnComunque: absolutely promoted!

sent on December 31, 2015

Pros: Held at high ISO, autofocus great, perfect resolution to get good file without being overly pesanti.Wi-FI

Cons: Shutter a little noisy even in the most silent, it does not make you go unnoticed.

Opinion: Just bought to replace the D610 with which I found myself very well. I changed to a pure update including the screen rotated and the WI-FI helpful to my favorite photographic genre, the Foodphotography. And it is the WI_FI I want to talk, surely the APP of Nikon for tablets and smartphones is of little value, but still useful to use it as a remote control and share photos quickly. The maximum, however, surprise, I got it with my macbook and application qDslrDashboard with which I can control the camera wifi in all of its parameters as a great Live View so you can better manage my framing of dishes food and see the best results finale.Per now extremely pleased with the change, if I'm being picky I do not understand why Nikon is so determined to enter the key scenes (dedicated button for beginners and useful shortcut for entry-level machines) in a camera so advanced, destined generally those who love to drive if the machine. Instead you could insert additional function keys more in Flash, pis; useful.

sent on December 30, 2015

Pros: autofocus impeccable, held high iso amazing

Cons: maybe the speed 'shutter 1/4000 wrapped are not the best but the problem is easily solved

Opinion: fantastic car, the autofocus does not miss a beat, has a resistance to high iso amazing ', just taken was not so convinced of the purchase, but after a day of trial I changed my mind, only the speed' shutter 'a bit 'slow, but by stopping and lowering the ISO the problem goes away, what good nikon

sent on December 27, 2015

Pros: she is beautiful

Cons: no nothing.

Opinion: It can say that the image quality of the D750 is the best achievable today from a Nikon FX format. D5, in part. If the D700 is a very nice camera, the D750 is better in all, it is its natural evolution. Between D700 and D750 there is no comparison, separate them six years of technological progress. in D750, all the electronics that counts, dall'sposimetro, AF, to the processor, is the same as D810 and D4S. The D750 is not heavy, but it is not so light. It is not big but it is not so small. It has a very deep socket, is sturdy, compact, Tropicalised. And 'safe in all lighting conditions, it's night, it's sunny, it's cloudy, it's backlit, it is always ready to take pictures with excellent results AF and exposure. And then also it has a great name, because the 7xx series at home nikon, has always been a noimportant to me. ;-)

sent on December 11, 2015

Pros: Resilience ISO, dynamic range, auto focus, weight and good battery life

Cons: none of great importance

Opinion: Purchased from a few weeks to replace the Nikon d7000.Ero undecided whether to remain in the right, but having got a great deal I decided to provare.Che say, satisfied with choice especially for the gain in ISO and autofocus.Il body much like that of d7000 but with improved ergonomics triggered immediately a very good feeling!

sent on December 05, 2015

Pros: Dynamic range, very excellent performance at high ISO, image clarity, fast and precise auto focus, strength, ergonomics monstrous, silent shutter and burst very efficient, tilting screen, wi-fi, and produces pictures in jpeg format already high quality!

Cons: maybe if I have to be honest I regret missing the shutter speed 1/8000 but it is a big lack, at least for me

Opinion: I got an entry level D5300, then passed to a d700 to d750 of opportunity and finally ... I've never been so glad of that choice! It is a machine truly excellent, high performance and technology. For those who like the quality of the picture as natural as possible (without going through the post-production) this machine justice, obviously with optical medium high level! Coupled with the nikon 24-120 f / 4 "N" vr and become really a bomb!

sent on December 03, 2015

Pros: held high ISO, autofocus, tilt monitor, lightness

Cons: Shutter noisy, focus area, battery life

Opinion: After nine months of use I want to say my opinion. It never hurts to remember that everyone has their own needs, expectations, and ways of photographing it would be good to check which camera you are coming, which unfortunately too many do not. If you come from a APSC for example, I have definitely a different opinion than someone who comes from a d4. I own the d7000, I had the d700 and d750 if I can say that this eats both at breakfast. For my needs I found excellent sealing iso, 24 mgpx are for me the right number, the monitor pivoting initially thought useless has instead proved useful not only in the macro but also in other genres. Even with the battery grip is not be a brick as instead it was the d700 and backpack for 5.4 hours in the mountains back ringrazia.rnPer my outings hunting traveling photography I find very annoying shutter sound in the silence of forest echoes almost like a shotgun blast, the blast is a silent taken for a ride as the difference with normal shooting is minimal. The area dthe focus in the viewfinder may be more extensive, good having 51 points of focus but would prefer half but cover everything. The battery lasts me half compared to d7000. Currently for my needs I would not trade with any other reflex but would not refuse a d810 for macro and landscapes and d4 for wildlife / bird life :)? Rn

sent on November 24, 2015

Pros: ISO seal of exceptional. Light. Excellent grip. Battery life. Excellent colors.

Cons: Screen that lights up every time you change the ISO, annoying! When shooting with live view in low light has difficulty focusing.

Opinion: I removed the D800 to go to D750. Choice was never happier. Without detracting from the D800, but the D750 is another planet. The problem of high ISO and Micro moved are a distant memory. Hand-held (with the Nikon 24-120 f4) for more than three hours without problems. When using the live view in low light can not focus with ease. Using the viewfinder, however, did not miss a beat!

sent on November 20, 2015

Pros: High withstand high ISO, autofocus lightning, light and compact, dynamic range scary.

Cons: Lack 1/8000 and small upper display and with less information than other models, but it is only a matter of habit.

Opinion: 26egrave; Compact and lightweight to be a full frame, but it is a lightness that conveys solidity and cmq sicurezza.rnConsigliatissima coupled with "his" 24-120, a combo really fenomenale.rn

sent on November 13, 2015

Pros: Ergonomics, quality, weather sealing, ease of use, infinite battery in normal use

Cons: ISO setting from the monitor, or almost unusable wifi (who cares), a video bit 'flickering, battery pack virtually unobtainable.

Opinion: Do not read this review: I'm just a lover of photography, not a professional, and I've never had this level of other cameras in their hands. So I could not tell you whether or not this machine is better than others, whether it is a D610 "sparkling" or whether it as a D700 or not, I just know that if I steal it tonight, tomorrow morning I would run to buy an equal. I also own a D7100 that seems a bit 'pimp color rendition: the D750 is more faithful to what I see with our eyes and more natural in contrast. This machine does more things than I really need, and every time is a fun discovery. Therefore my doubts that I would go to some function even higher performance, such as multiple exposure which stops three shots as the D7100, or WiFi very usable. I'm having fun like a kid with motion accelerated, that this reflex can be much longer than those on the D7100. Speaking of video, I noticed a flicker in those shot at itSSIMA definition. For the rest, I can say that for amateurs like me, the purchase is "highly recommended".

sent on November 05, 2015

Pros: Image quality, ISO held stellar ergonomics and dynamic range.

Cons: For me, nothing relevant.

Opinion: Great car, maybe the best I've owned so far; produces files wonderful and well balanced, being able to shoot at ISO 12,800 as if they were "400". The fire system is impressive and quite specific, I could take in the war tunnels, in the dark, the only source of a candle front, which godsend! RnIl camera body is similar to that of the D7100, first owned, compact and rugged, a joy to hold. As all around the board at all.

sent on October 23, 2015

Pros: Quality and clean image, size, ergonomics, held ISO, AF, dynamic range infinite.

Cons: I find none of that is relevant to that and 'my use

Opinion: I do not understand the nonsense that someone says about the "sense of fragility '' on the body that is not only made of carbon fiber and magnesium alloy, as surely sense of solidity, I do not know maybe someone and 'used to hold a block tuff instead of the camera. For the rest and 'a magnificent reflex while not "pro" coming from the tank d200 I have not encountered difficulty' to re-adapt, maybe I'm missing the pulsande of iso dedicated but is not much (and still am not a professional). The images are extraordinary as well as the colors and the resistance to high iso and 'exceptional but not by a miracle, there are limits, however, unimaginable until a few years ago and at the time almost to the top. Depending on the lighting conditions you can shoot at ISO 12800 and after applying noise reduction, still achieve excellent detail and great pictures. The most beautiful thing that some have not understood and 'that though there is the AA filter on the sensor, a detail we practically superior to sonya7ii, as seen in the comparison of dpreview in crop b / na left in the study appearance. ..... So high, with the advantage of the AA filter. I do not know how anyone can say that and 'a against his presence given the top performance in terms of sharpness-megapixel resolution in the field of 24. L 'and Af' really good, hook everything, always, and especially in low light is flawless. The dynamic range and 'almost embarrassing how exaggerated, basically you can shoot without exposure, so you retrieve up to 4-5 stops without too much trouble !!! Wb The car is pretty good, especially indoors, while the exposure of the matrix is ??not 'always precise but the rest goes bene.Per the straconsiglio, hard to find better or similar in this range.

sent on October 22, 2015

Pros: Ergonomics, responsive autofocus in low light conditions and also on the side steps, holding ISO, dynamic range, sensor iso-invariant, display toggle, video at 60fps

Cons: display that rotates on only one axis

Opinion: The amount of features and the location of the controls, the impression that sent me right away, is how this machine has been designed intelligently transferring all the experience of costruttore.rnCompatta and lightweight to be a full frame but at same time ergonomic: the handle has a lot of grip and "wearing" like a glove. Battery life is very good, I was able to overcome 2,000 shots in one session matrimonialistica before changing Patona, on average the battery lasts it depends 900-1000 shots and kind of selected focus and the use of live view. The burst is adequate to the class of macchina.rnL'autofocus is very fast and responsive, it works even when you put a lens in front of the ND1000. Convenient because it avoids having to assemble and disassemble the filters continuously. There are various modes of focus including 3D traking for dynamic subjects that turn sideways and mode groups. The high-performance mode & agraI; Focusing in continuous mode species with GRP and priority to the issue, but it depends on the type and brightness of the display tilting dell'ottica.rnComodo when you have the camera on a tripod or when triggered by a low shot, too bad that it turns on a single axis but always better to have it fixed. rnOttimo system row of exposures with many options and above the rhythmic autobraketing when shooting from remote or click ritardato.rnLa measurement spot metering is linkable to all points of focus and this is the useful exposure modes with preserves on high lights. The meter is reliable but not infallible. Great car iso advanced but its regulation is a bit 'hidden in the menu, to the aid are configurations U1 and U2.rnLa image quality is very high, the sharpness is a 5-10% higher than the D600, despite the same megapixel, about the low pass filter minimally invasive. In post production the raw file allows you to recover the shadowslucinanti and "save" heavily underexposed shots. rnrnInsomma, this machine is a little monster, a machine tireless, versatile and great for everything from matrimonialismo, concerts, landscaping and also sport.rnrn

sent on October 20, 2015

Pros: Ergonomics, ease use, autofocus, price, quality files

Cons: AF button is missing

Opinion: For me that I come from 700 the feeling was immediate, I bought it mainly for sealing at high ISO that, for me I do Naturalistic, it is crucial. Maybe I dreamed for too long, maybe I was full of expectations but I must say I expected file cleaner. A good all do a really good price! RnMi really miss the AF button and some more info on the upper display would be nice but now I learned that Nikon a perfect machine will not do more.

sent on October 13, 2015

Pros: Featherweight, tropicalization top, iso M car, holding ISO, autofocus, price, monitor tilting useful.

Cons: Battery life, not economical without bg, monitor higher poor (see the white balance and other functions)

Opinion: Car all round, a real handyman lug! Perfect for street, excellent for the sport with 70-200 smooth, very good for photo hunting. Proven in the pouring rain did not bat an eyelid. Compared to d700 regrets only smaller but in favor of a featherweight: neck does not feel tired all day and very little. File quality excellent, very workable LR with PC not exceptional. Highly recommended for those who have a specific genre but goes much and especially for those who want a fx travel. Form af very very good. The only flaw in my opinion the top poveuccio monitor.

sent on October 13, 2015

Pros: sensor, high ISO performance, AF, manageability, battery life, excellent operation with flash SB900.

Cons: lack dedicated AF button, with heavy lenses require the use of BG to improve the balance, inability to adjust the sensitivity in steps of one stop.

Opinion: After a few months of use I feel happy with the purchase. Despite being smaller and lighter than the D700 I owned it holds well and does not tire after long shooting sessions. The 24M Pixell force me to use times higher than those of one-stop security to prevent camera shake. I think right now is the best choice in the Nikon.

sent on October 07, 2015

Pros: Clarity, light weight, ergonomics,

Cons: I have not found any defect

Opinion: I own this car not long ago but in a few shots I liked the big difference compared to the raw file D600.rnLa sharpness is amazing and although with the same megapixel photos are diverse.rnSarà my impression but the purchase of the D750 is more than a step forward but it is a leap qualità.rnColori incredible, focusing with fast optical f-D without motor interno.rnSi holding benissimo.rnVeramente spectacular

sent on September 22, 2015

Pros: superb high ISO estate, sharpness (but this is needless to say)

Cons: when I will see them 'I will tell'

Opinion: after d7100- (which I hold me tight, especially for the use of long focal lengths), is the "leap" was needed, without overdoing it, even according to my ability '. I have strafelice.Inoltre equipped with a battery-grip remote control up to 100 meters, protective silicone cover mimetica..insomma now I solho or try to exploit it to meglio..speriamo!

sent on September 14, 2015

Pros: High ISO, image quality and design strength.

Cons: If we really want: Shutter missing (intentionally) time 1 / 8,000 sec., But to me it is fine even so.

Opinion: I recently this reflex and I made about 4,000 scatti.Devo say that the more and more I find that for me is fantastica.Versatilità, high ISO, autofocus speed, outstanding image quality even in low light scarsissima.Veramente a product TIP OF validissimo.rnLa strongly to all those who want to approach to photography full frame to a more 'high that amatoriale.rn

sent on September 06, 2015

Pros: Un'enorgonimia body with exceptional sensor fantastic, kept at high iso superb build quality, af amazing.

Cons: for my use none

Opinion: I wanted a camera light and compact that you can take anywhere, without having to give up nulla.rnLa d750 is all I wanted, impeccably built and with a heart superbo.rnNon understand how anyone can criticize its construction, who says he does not from the feeling of strength in my opinion should be back to the Stone Age. RNE 'as complaining of a Ferrari built carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, saying that a Fiat Panda is more resistant! RNLA body quality is top, certainly the feeling you are holding a car is not professional, but it is anything but. rnmi fell in love with what he offers immediately, his estate at high ISO is you awesome, until 6400 the noise is practically imperceptible. I have a file that turns out excellent workability with recoveries in PP that I could not even imagine. The exposure tends to overexpose my opinion slightly. The white balance is very valid and customizationIt is phenomenal. The screen has a wonderful Image quality and its articulation albeit not at 360 ° is comodissima.rnLa mine was purchased new in January 2015 and is part of the lot that should have the problem of flare, in 8 months of use I have not NEVER FOUND this fault, so do not think to take her assistenza.rnL'AF is great, the 51 points are arranged in an almost perfect, the central point is infallible and very sensitive in all situations. rnIl dual memory slot and a super battery, make sure to download the file and reload it for a long time. Unfortunately I do not do a lot of video so I can pronunciarmi.rn

sent on September 05, 2015

Pros: Sensor, High ISO, weight, AF, swivel screen

Cons: available AF points a bit 'narrow and small castrations due to marketing, swivel screen

Opinion: After about 8000 shots are increasingly satisfied with the purchase of this machine, the advantages exponentially more small defects deliberately inserted by Nikon to not attack the market D8xx Series, what bothers me the most was the restriction to 1 / 200s with the use of flash (anything that is clear, I was only used to 1 / 250s with D7000). The AF of this body is excellent and the central rod not a shot, I would have preferred a provision similar to the AF point series D8xx (but even this is part of the castrations ad hoc) as that of the D750 is narrower. This machine appreciate its 24 megapixel sensor and files that churns out even at high ISO and is a pleasure postprodurre the files themselves, a few clicks needed to get good results. The swivel screen I entered both qualities that the defects because it is convenient, using the machine with the gorillapod is a boon, but I'm always afraid that you might break at any moment. Do not use theWiFi, in his place I would have preferred the GPS.

sent on August 20, 2015

Pros: High ISO, ergonomics, quality file, robustness, but pro body with "slim"

Cons: I did not understand where you put the coffee pods x .... ;-)

Opinion: I state that I come from a Nikon D5100 Many who gave me satisfaction, I was a bit 'hesitant to switch to full-frame, but now that I use now for over a month, I'm delighted purchase, a jump in quality both as shots that as the body (anke if my good old 5100 I have always gone well at all) but when shooting with the D750 gets dark, demonstrations, parades, or where nn is still broad daylight really makes a difference, I made shots church at the wedding of a friend in ISO 12800 and ISO 800 looked a picture of d5100! Uaoooo guys! Great Machine !!! I highly recommend the purchase! Nikon great! X anything away from Canon that tempted me to the end with the 6D nice, but I think I made the right purchase ;-)

sent on August 12, 2015

Pros: Image quality, excellent high ISO performance, speed and precision autofocus, monitor swingable, weight and ergonomics.

Cons: Lack firm and protection monitor, control panel (small symbols and lack of some information), ring controls awkward, slippery.

Opinion: A great machine that reproduces high-quality images and great video. rnBuona tightness at high ISO that together make it very excellent autofocus performance in low light situations (theater etc ...). RNI 24 megapixel are well managed and a good compromise quality / weight file. rnProvenendo the D300s, I find it a little uncomfortable the mode dial, which together with the lack of some information [for example the selection MODE (M, A, S, P)] on the top control, make it, in my opinion, slow the change of setting and often are forced switch on the monitor in low light ... but I hope it is a matter of habit, vedremo.rnPeccato the limit to 1 / 4000.rnrnrn rnrn

sent on July 27, 2015

Pros: Build quality, impressive image quality, high ISO, ability to use it well with goals for reduced size ...

Cons: Body not too PRO (in a good way, I tried it with a D4S and D810 and seemed almost a toy, almost eh;)) even if lightweight, built in magnesium and carbon fiber, the screen "rotated" does not seem too solid although in stainless ...

Opinion: So I assume that I could use only for a day, where I am on vacation and there was a stand of Nikon did try some bodies ... leaving immediately from the top with the D4S but immediately understand that it is one hundred thousand Sometimes on my skills and taking the D810 back, nothing, this does not convince me for a qualchecosa that I have yet to explain ... well I do the last attempt with the D750 with the 28-300 (handyman from average performance in my opinion) and here it was love at first sight ... comfortable not to mention the quality of the shots * - * will not burst from the machine gun of D4S (really scary) or millemila megapixels of the D810 but has a balance between everything that makes a body fantastic ... so as I think you got the fantastic, and yes, this is the next purchase with a nice 50mm fixed;) I hope to be of help :)

sent on July 17, 2015

Pros: Robustness, weight, distribution keys, image quality, ISO, AF in the dark, ergonomics

Cons: Tilting screen canceling tropicalization, lighting the screen during transmission settings

Opinion: The machine is in my hands for almost a month but I can say with certainty that he had found paradise as far as quality / price. Machine that is now offering a feeling of sicurezza.rnPrevenendo from 7100 I find the button layout similar but migliorata.rnGenera RAW files with impressive recoveries of the shadows at all disturbed and without colors toward blu.rnUnica flaw that did not go down is the screen Tilting: Improving the screen version on d5x00 could maintain water resistance even under the rain battente.rnQuesta flaw in the rating 9.7 / 10

sent on July 15, 2015

Pros: weight, battery life, autofocus very precise, ergonomic grip and deep

Cons: af points too at the center, the upper screen poor, max 1/4000

Opinion: excellent reflex, held at high iso phenomenal, continuous shooting high enough. very solid and strong, not at all fragile. The worst sin is surely the points are af, which in comparison to d800 are much more compressed at the center and are sometimes uncomfortable. the maximum shutter speed to 1/4000 has repeatedly interfered with the use of my 35mm to f1.4 in condition of strong light, which was too bright to about 1 stop, just the stopche it would be to take off with the speed to 1/8000

sent on July 13, 2015

Pros: Sensor, holding ISO, AF low light, ergonomics and balance weight, swivel screen, WIFIrn

Cons: Points of focus unhelpful (like all Nikon), performance AF-C

Opinion: I switched from D750 to D7000 and the jump was obviously considerable. I was torn between the 750 and the 800, but the choice fell on this body because even the type of photography I do (reportage / concerts). I am extremely satisfied with the files that I can pull out of this machine and their processability of PP. I get nervous all these points of MF "accozzati" at the center, making everything slower and concerts there is always time to focus and recompose!

sent on June 25, 2015

Pros: Ergonomics, customization, robustness, iso

Cons: Only up to 1/4000 s

Opinion: I went from d7000 (I came from the d3100) to d750 after reading several forums, reviews, tests, etc ... rnScattata the first photos with the Tamron 70-200 VC immediately was impressed with the purchase ... Even just watching in the crosshairs of a fx makes you realize what a difference compared to a body goes right ... rnRiproduzioni colors faithful and beautiful. Poured pictures on PC, after adjusting the monitor with the Spyder 3 pro, almost I could not believe the difference on the same photo taken on the stand and in the same conditions between the newcomer and the "old" d7000.rnFatti various night portrait with iso 6400 , values ??that I first dreamed of trying, I found myself with the shots perfectly usable, as well it produces noise that does not satisfy me but ... with the d7000 I never went above 800 iso.rnUnica sin not to go beyond 1/4000 s.rnLa use by just 2 weeks but are really soddisfatto.rnConsente also a myriad of customization for the buttons, a display really handy when shooting on a tripod and finally body really strong. Straconsigliata.

sent on June 24, 2015

Pros: sensor, ISO, grip, video recording, weight, lightness, jpeg, white balance.

Cons: mha .. I would say mild discomfort monitor without protection .. and a slight slow loading. The thing that bothers me a lot is the screen light that comes on when you change ISO.

Opinion: I went from a d600 to d750. An abyss. It 'a frightening body, the sensor is gorgeous !!! zero noise, excellent focus, light body .. RNI jpeg standard are monstrous, just a slight curve and post-production is over. Definitely above my expectations. I am really flabbergasted. E 'among the best on the market nikon!

sent on June 09, 2015

Pros: Made at high ISO - speed autofocus - White Balance Excellent - Excellent ergonomics - Image Quality

Cons: A problem that often happens to me and who can 'seem silly, is the involuntary touch of the nose on the small buttons on the left during shooting / focus; where if you work in manual and will turn even the wheels aperture / exposure time is likely to change the white balance or even the size of the image. It happened 3 times had changed the white balance and once the format to RAW to JPEG medium quality. My nose is pronounced ok, but be careful.

Opinion: I sold a D3 and a D610 to D750 buy two. The use and I find it very suitable for wedding photography, reportage, photographs of scena.rnFaccio print wedding album with photos taken at ISO 12800 and the quality is very good with the help of course of a little 'noise reduction (also if at me a little 'grain fascinates more). I do not ever opt for a D4S if I can get the same performance spending metà.rnQualità excellent photo and 24 mpx are perfect if you want to crop a detail remaining with a good picture quality without weighing too hard drives being imported. The wireless connection does not use much but as I'm going to import some photos works very well and is very veloce.rnSono soddisfatto.rnrnX Scorcher: I see that you complained a lot about white balance. I'm sorry but 'tell you that with the D3 is unmatched (I know because I sold it to the D750 and I noticed differences). Maybe you have some problems your, report and support Nikon definitelyThey can help.

sent on June 02, 2015

Pros: Ergonomics, ISO speed, Swivel Screen, Possibility of customization buttons, screen definition, LV, Size and Weight, Construction

Cons: Max 1 / 4000s, only about a Screen Adjustable Axis screen lights up when changing ISO, Top shade smaller and with less information, Noise Shutter

Opinion: The perfect car, excellent dynamic range in low ISO and very good signal / noise ratio at high ISO, comparable to the D4 no need to resize. I got used to the stress and D700, D800E, Df, D610, but this is something else, it is not remotely relative of the D610 and hence of which (in theory) share the sensor. Has perfect ergonomics, do not get tired of holding it and also with heavy optics is well balanced; He feels it is built very well, I tested at -25 degrees and did not bat an eyelid. The mirror does not produce vibrations whatsoever, only the D810, between the FF has a snap softer; the new management of the LV is spectacular and the orientation features is the egg of Columbus: finally to landscapers and macro shooters did the back pain! The only drawback, if you really want to find a nit, is that the screen rotates on only one axis, in case of vertical picture on the easel was back to square one, but perhaps come into play the physical limits to maintain a costruzion high level. As usual Nikon buttons are fully customizable, so I find myself having the REC videos as ISO management and can handle all the parameters with the right hand only. Unfortunately every time you change the ISO comes on the rear screen and you can not turn off. This stems from the fact that they have narrowed the top screen now displays less information: they had to do to make the grip more comfortable then that is fine, you can not have definitive tutto.rnIn undoubtedly the best SLR FF commercially.

sent on April 08, 2015

Pros: yield iso, af speed, ergonomics compactness and lightness, value for money, very good image quality, video and video functions

Cons: shutter 1/4000, buffer size full of 16 shots, cover af slightly narrower older sisters, lack of key af-on dedicated, no increase in fps mode dx.

Opinion: ALMOST perfect, INTENTIONALLY imperfect but overall perfetta.rnE 'a fantastic reflex, close to perfection that Nikon did not reach for pure commercial decision. Son from 7100 to this past and the jump is truly remarkable, did not think there was that much difference. The only thing I regret is the coverage of the 7100 af which goes almost edge to edge while this is a bit 'more restricted d800 and d4. Coverage af arrives where it is needed and does not limit that much, unless its special shots. The buffer, because of the sale of 7100, is sufficient in size to full 14bit and become very good at 1.2X and stratospheric in DX. One thing that makes me a little 'sadness is the choice not to increase fps mode dx as the d810, could easily reach the 8fps and I bet we will put it on the d760. The shutter to 1/4000 is not a problem, but it is right for me citarlo.rnQueste little things make it ALMOST perfect, but nevertheless is excellent, offering excellent and excellent video files, are moltor satisfied. I preferred to d810 for sealing at high iso, for that 1.5fps in more and for those of € 800 difference I spent in optics.

sent on March 25, 2015

Pros: Light, you hold very well, beautiful made up to high ISO, AF fast and accurate even in the dark

Cons: Wi-fi almost useless, buffer a little 'small, lack of protection for the display (because of tilting the display), the absence of the eyepiece shutter built into the pentaprism, shutter improved to 1/8000. Need to change the workflow when using Capture NX2 software such as post-production.

Opinion: The D750 has sostiuito the "old" D700 I had previously. As for others, being the body made partly of carbon, the impression was of machine "leggerina" .rnLa thing does not bother me that much, indeed: the robustness of these composite materials is well known, and for me it means some pound less to bring in zaino.rnMi very favorably impressed the AF, fast and accurate even in the dark, and the quality of raw that can get us out even at ISO alti.rnCiò much that I do not like, but I knew it was so even before you buy it, it is the presence of a wi-fi that is neither fish nor fowl, practically useful only to control the machine with a smartphone (and which, incidentally, I do not use) and the absence of integrated eyepiece shutter in the pentaprism, very useful for long exposures. RNE 'True, there is the special cap, but the use is much more uncomfortable than the D700: first, I have to remember; then to use it you have to remove the eyecup.rnAnche positioning the accessory socket on the side of the body is not happy, especially if you use the machine mounted vertically on the stand with a L-bracket.rnI points of focus, although covering a larger area than the D610, are still fairly close together compared to the older sister D800.rnLa burst speed is very good: 6,5fps. Less of 8fps the D700 with battery grip, but for me already sufficient for most uses. Even the minimum shutter speed of 1/4000 do not find it a huge limitation, but let's face it: the D750 is a great machine, but suffers from some "impairment" artfully made by Nikon marketing to avoid having a super- machine that could affect too much on sales of ammiraglie.rnrn

sent on February 20, 2015

Pros: Lightweight, durable, fast throughout tropical conditions and the resistance at high ISO

Cons: Are two days that I got it, I can not say what he's against

Opinion: I come from a D7000 that I still have, needless to say that the technological leap is huge, I have not yet had the chance to test it, but the early results, I can say that coupled with the 24-70 proved lightning in focus, machine extremely compact and light, but with a sense of great strength. I waited a few months before you take it and I was not wrong, because the problem of the flare, I have been patient and waited for the new arrivals serial 604xxxx. Soon riproporrò a more thorough review.

sent on February 19, 2015

Pros: Lightness, quality raw. AF.

Cons: perhaps tilting display delicate

Opinion: I bought the 750, after selling the beloved 700. The first impression was not good, it seems .... Instead leggerina. No problem with the 70/210 2.8 is bilanciatissima.rnAutofocus instantaneous and precise. Exhibitions always perfect even in automatico.rnAvevo TANTA afraid to regret the 700, instead I made a step forward (small) .rnLa ago my quiet life, I do not know how it can act to reporters assault:) rnInsomma, I'm in love. ............ :)

sent on January 25, 2015

Pros: RAW files, focus, ergonomics, yield high ISO, exposure matrix incongruent

Cons: Slow shutter, focus peaking, tilting display with flat facimente lesionabile and mobvimenti really limited, non-pro body, sensor with low-pass filter, the white balance is not professional (other than D3 / D4, etc.), buffer ridiculous, slow points focus close to the center, grain of images not present on fullframe higher end

Opinion: Another hole in the water of Nikon.rnChiedo Nikon users who have got to try D750, D3, D4, etc, if you have noticed substantial differences in tangible and white balance. Me and my friend photographer we tested the D750 comparing it with the D3s using the same shots, and the result was somewhat disappointing for the D750. The new Nikon camera, the D750, file returns with balance completely wrong, whites reddish and yellowish flesh tones. I suppose it can be not only a problem of balance of white but it depends on the type of sensor / processor / machine software. This makes the machine virtually unusable in situations where it is necessary to shoot in jpg or have a cmq RAW ready for export. If anyone has any info about I would be grateful if the condividesse, thanks in anticipo.rnNikon, seems to ignore the demands of users pro, what is really little gradevole.rnL'esposimetro in Matrix is ??uncontrollable and unpredictable, even worse if we activate the roconoscimento faces. are forced to take theNo spot mode> average to have an expected result prevedibile.rnInoltre there is also the initial bug flare.rnUn disastro.rnNon I regret buying it because I need it, but rationally are not happy with the car nor the policy that is nikon anni.rnNon by implementing the advice, I would say to those who can wait a viable alternative (hoping in God that Nikon see sense and give us a valid successor of the D700), especially if it is a user avanzato.rnProbabilmente I forgot some defect.

sent on January 18, 2015

Pros: Image quality eccellente.rnDisplay high definition and tilting (great for when shooting low shot) .rnTropicalizzazione of everything (including, especially, the SDCard compartment that is often open and closed) .rnGrip nice rough and handle very "deep". rnVelocità CS remarkable (6.5fps nominal, but are slightly more) for an ISO 24Mpx.rnAlti very good (especially considering that they are 24Mpx, so pixels with very small and therefore less sensitive than those of a D4 for example). rnFilmati LiveView and up to date moderni.rnMessa focus with the new option GroupArea: that works very well with a single intrinsic defect; if you shoot a subject like a bird back fire will almost always be on your back rather than on the nose. This is not an error in the AF; is wanted, and then the GroupArea should be used with the head.

Cons: WiFi "pointless" ... I certainly do not put it in the camera RAW download to your smartphone, and if I use a PC without a doubt the SD reader that any computer has. Instead of WiFi could put the GPS, certainly more useful for those who travel a lot with the camera, or they could put a buffer larger; a burst in RAW hard poco.rnJoystick relatively disappointing (small and not very accurate ... at least my) .rnNessuna innovation "shocking" in menù.rnIncredibile that '1/4000. The sea a few days ago (winter sun low but strong, light reflected from the sea as strong) I had forgotten the ISO setting to 400 ... and the portraits at f / 2.8, I often come "burned" by the impossibility of times short 1/4000. That said the NEF are still very recoverable of highlights and shadows.

Opinion: Would repeat almost the same things the review of Alemat73, although I have not used just as intensely. The car I like, despite not having spared in "Against" ... and are not updated, but I do not think that there is an object in the competition compared to the same money, the momento.rnrnHo "measured" experimentally, with the exact conditions to outline its 3 stop less noise than the younger sister APS-C, the D7100 that I owned before this. The D7100 had incredible loudness up to ISO400, also due to the absence of the AA filter, but precisely from 800 ISO up the noise began to eat away the fine details. With 750 this obviously does not happen until 3200.rnrnALTAMENTE recommended!

sent on January 16, 2015

Pros: Autofocus; held at high ISO; auto white balance; image quality; ergonomics; display tilting; tropicalization.

Cons: for lovers of technology, GPS (also because it could use geotag shots); limited buffer compared to Nikon products end a bit 'higher

Opinion: FF good handyman. I took it as a replacement for the D3 to the lower weight and the best performance at high ISO, also having to face a trip to Costa Rica, and I was not deluso.rnPartiamo body: light and handy, good grip, did not give me particular problems of unbalance while being almost always attached to the 300 2.8 with various multipliers. Tropicalisation excellent: we were hit by tropical downpour (who have been there can understand what I mean ...) at Tortuguero, while we were on a boat discovery ... I tried to protect the equipment but the water has completely washed , for about 40 minutes, camera, lens and multiplier. No problem! RnDisplay great for macros, live-view worthy finally, allowed me to easily do the photos to the tree frogs in notturna.rnAutofocus the very top: I almost always used in the AF group, which rarely failed (also considering conditions - objective often multiplied and high iso) rnAgli high iso is great even though beyond 3200 are preferable flagship D4 / D4S (but I did not do the resampling);obviously does not do miracles, so if you use a lens multiplied or duplicated, the loss of quality at high sensitivity is evident. Over 300 smooth 2.8 you can instead take to 6400 ISO without problemi.rnAvevo with me even the D800 so I did a little 'respect but in the end I almost always taken with the D750 because it has a faster burst (even if the buffer is limited), better autofocus and is easier to handle, ensuring greater reliability especially in light conditions not ottimale.rnQualità high picture, white balance perfect even at high ISO. I consider it a small D800; I recommend it to those who do not have the resources to take a flagship but try anyway a good level of quality and reliability and a good camera for any genere.rn

sent on January 15, 2015

Pros: Dynamic range; held high ISO; autofocus; display tilting; ergonomics; image quality at the top;

Cons: Shutter limited to 1/4000

Opinion: Machine truly exceptional, excellent in all respects. Do not call it the heir of D700, because every product has a story to se.rnPer regards the mere performance, you can certainly define a true flagship: excellent viewfinder, phenomenal autofocus (works very well even in difficult lighting conditions), the meter is really good and the sensor a gem. The dynamic range is impressive, the levels of the D800 at low ISO, with the same performance of Df at high sensibilità.rnOffre a handy display tilting the landscape is such a treat to the point of not being able to pretty much do without. The commands are placed in the right place, the possibilities for customization are almost endless. Coming from the D800 was a bit 'hesitant as regards ergonomics and robustness of the product. I had to think again: in Nikon must have studied very well this product from an ergonomic point of view. Excellent grip, insightsthere the various comandi.rnL'unico limit of this machine is the minimum time of laying, equal to 1/4000 second. But you can live happily the same, I believe that he never passed this exposure value in my life, not even in full giorno.rnPromossa with honors, definitely recommended. A true all-round!

sent on December 19, 2014

Pros: Solid, ergonomic, excellent performance at high ISO, versatile, autofocus and white balance perfect

Cons: Personally I do not like the display tilting, lack protection display

Opinion: I switched to FF after an extraordinary, but outdated, D300 which I was absolutely satisfied except for the performance at high ISO, but at the time there were no outstanding equipment that allowed the 6400asa with agilità.rnConfermo that pass from one body D300 / D700 to D750 first impact from negative impression but you have to understand why. The reason is carbon and magnesium used in reality is anything but a body "delicate." If one considers only the initial impression without analyzing the reasons would be like saying that a tripod is a carbon ciofeche because it weighs half of my initial in alluminio.rnL'impatto also involves learning a variety of settings in the menu and for customizable buttons to which I was not used. Some things were settable via other rings were not right on the D300. But taking the hand of the functions and selecting buttons is really all on hand. At first it's just difficult to remember which function you have assigned to which pulsante.rnMacchina robustissimae versatile, that is the amount paid. The limit of 1/4000 is a limit only for those who do not consider that the previous machines did not allow you to set the ISO 50, the end is the same. For me absolutely useless when WiFi and Video (perhaps a Giono take them into account but now I do not care). Autofocus, white balance, exposure latitude I find them amazing, better than I thought reading the various posts. If I can give an example was how to move from a tube TV to a flat LCD. Not a step forward but a walk. The files produced are very easy to work (even already JPEG). Fantastic feature that allows me with a key to use the old DX lenses or to crop my 120-400 having done a multiplier of 1.5x (or 1.2) in the car. Fantastic.

sent on December 15, 2014

Pros: Handle ergonomicarnottima yield at high iso quietly until 6400rnrestituisce beautiful images with subjects in full controlucernautofocus fast and responsive even in critiche.Molto useful face recognition with focus on eye for subjects movimento.rnComodo tilting the monitor and in some situations wifi for the passage of the photos on smartphones and tablets.

Cons: The only point that for now and I found 'that the body and' too light ... in theory should be a virtue but my goals are not just featherweights make sbilanciata.rnProblema easily solved with the use of battery grip

Opinion: I switched from D600 to D750 from a few days and the first tests are made entusiasta.rnIl doubt was ... will be worth 'worth of sell my D600 D750 for this ??? or improvements will be so small as to make me regret the money thrown difference? rnBene, I am very satisfied 'cause complete what I needed that were just the weaknesses of D600.rnL'autofocus and' fast even in low light, coarse defect of D600.rnFinalmente 51 points of fire and no more '39.rnIl face detection and automatic fire on the eyes works fine and can' be very comfortable photographing children or people in movimento.rnUlteriormente improved the yield at high iso for me was already good on d600rnIn backlit subjects are properly exposed, much better than the d600rnMigliorato the monitor now has a higher resolution and more 'and basculante.Puo' be useful in macro or in situations difficili.rnHanno added wifi to quickly jump photos on smartphones and tablet.rnDevo say 'just the camera that does it for me !!! rnrn

sent on December 04, 2014

Pros: 3B.rn

Cons: On a body of prosumer 2014/5 would be nice to start to see the backlight of tasti.rnPossibile that still does not integrate a GPS unit? RNLA D750 after all it does not cost a hurry and the GPS antenna now also owns a smartphone cabbage ... rnOk , with wireless, you can connect the phone and geotag, but the battery consumption to keep the wifi turned on will be well equal to the consumption of the battery unit gps?!? rnSembra bullshit, but when you start to get a lot of shots, remember exactly where you made it becomes difficult and then it would be really nice to find them in a library any mo 'mappa.rnLa electronic first curtain-style D810 or the Canon provides on almost all of his commands to corpi.rnI ring on the left, for me were superior to those in the comfort of D700.rnL'assenza down to obscure the viewfinder, the cap is ok, but in those who slam to make the substitution eyepiece ?? I do not, and it is a peccato.rn

Opinion: The possess a month and have just returned from Iceland, so I could test it for 18 days in all conditions and immaginabili.rnrnLa general feeling is that Nikon has pulled off a great product, but compared to the D700 has wanted to mark more than once the difference between professional bodies and prosumer.

sent on December 04, 2014

Pros: Just beautiful, intuitive controls, a replica of the previous D7100, the touch is a very well-kept and rifinito.il weight appears to be contained, the dimensions are perfect and are reflected in a comfortable trasporto.Non are currently able to make judgments technical, as newly purchased, replacing the 7100, subject as good and pleasant; I think that the 750 will be a great experience.

Cons: Perhaps it would have been more pleasant a secondary display like that of 7100, slightly larger, given that over the years the view falls ......

Opinion: Combined with appropriate optics, will be a product that can give great satisfaction. at this stage to be discovered, the noise of the shot is very sweet and that is, the autofocus is impressive, very preciso.rnE 'a product of the medium - high, the perception of high-tech materials used is immediate; you hold in a natural way, as indeed was already for 7100, in practice it seems to have entered a different world though apparently has difficulty at first to perceive the substantial differences between the two. format obviously apart.

sent on December 03, 2014

Pros: Function wi-fi (shooting and focus on her cell phone through the application of Nikon WMU). Sensor, one of the best on the market. AF, which locks is a marvel species with fixed lenses. Consequently, the yield is excellent. Weight and size for a professional machine. Swiveling display and very handy in certain situations.

Cons: Perhaps could complain about excessive consumption of energy when it is enabled wi-fi and below a certain value (I think they are 10% of the battery) turns off automatically

Opinion: Currently it is the best that you get from an SLR for those who like myself makes it an amateur. It 'true that it is not the machine to make good pictures but you have to admit that this D750 gives you one more reason to try and get the best shots. No doubt with the current promotion with Nikon 24-120 lens is a good deal.

sent on December 02, 2014

Pros: Build quality, performance at high ISO, customization options, white balance effectively, MAF lightning, excellent color rendering, quick burst, swivel screen, wi-fi capabilities, the price of the kit with the 24-120.

Cons: 1/4000 max shutter.

Opinion: The machine is wonderful! I wanted to switch to a FF to accompany the D7000. Taking advantage of the promo NITAL with 24-120 kit I brought it casa.Corpo magnesium and CFRP, built well, the yield is excellent, the photos up to ISO 6400 do not show the slightest grain (over the noise is minimal), works spectacularly. The MAF is fast, the white balance works great, the meter is accurate (overexpose slightly but works very well), the camera body is ergonomic (I provided the BG Nikon and is even better). Pure satisfaction. Without costing as the D810 comes very close to its performance, churning out more manageable files with excellent levels of detail. The D610 provides basic colors more saturated, the D750 more natural. I just did 200 pictures, but if this is a good morning ... I also thought the Df for its sensor, but I do not regret the choice. With 24/120 f4 Nikkor it performs well both indoors and outdoors. Proven with other objectives confirms the qualities of the sensor andel processor.

sent on December 01, 2014

Pros: MF resounding can focus veramnte in any lighting situation, excellent yields at high ISO structure solid wifi very convenient to photograph and see real external media. Monitor tilting

Cons: It looks like a vampire 170 shots ranging between shots of normal light with additional flash and night! battery grip obbligatoriarnmonitor top choice too small! Slow to store photos in low light and calenda Greek for notturne.rn

Opinion: Immediately from the feeling of being able to control everything! Menu very intuittivo tilting the display and really good for me that I like to take pictures in perspective, it gives me the opportunity to exaggerate .provengo by d5000 D7100 and still in use! I think the 750 and 7100 are the two best machines built by nikon ! rnuniche differences are 1/4000 and 1/8000 for d750 for D7100 but I do not think it's a big deal, are both 24 mega pixels and produce a mass Crazy file.rnprovate field machines are able to take with you wherever the absence of the filter for the 7100 guarantees stunning clarity, but agi high iso creaks d750 works fine on high iso rn

sent on November 05, 2014

Pros: Autofocus, high ISO performance, endless menus, easy handling, light weight, swivel screen, wifi

Cons: Only 1/4000 (the D7100 does better, 1/8000)

Opinion: B bright and resolute, the wifi a little less for the type of product (I use it and I will use it very little), but still acceptable. The burst of 6.5 fps find it good, some not great but not particularly slow. In conclusion I must admit that Nikon has produced a reflex really nice and very powerful, clear ... only fly in the ointment 1/4000 !!!

sent on November 04, 2014

Pros: Construction, autofocus, dual SD slot, held at high ISO Grip.

Cons: Protection Lcd.Uno stuck pixels on the monitor terminated at the first calibration.

Opinion: I come from Nikon D5100.Un leap in the dark, abysmal, a car from the "war" .I took a lot to even with a Nikon D300 that already 'seemed perfetta.Invece no.E' a huge step avanti.Attacchi still the lens and it seems from your sempre.Non light as you would have credere.Certo in spite of the bigger more 'dated, and' that meglio.Doppio SD slot with the ability 'to devote the second slot in a backup, a copy jpeg, or direct it to riempimento.Sfiori lever and accende.E you turn yourself 'cause it makes you immediately understand that there will' be sweat spremerla.Un menu 'Titanic suggests that the peggio.Ma' you need and 'all them in a few pulsanti.In mode' changes with silent shutter seems a tank in ciabatte.Lo see but do not feel too arrivare.Precisa and dinamica.Velocissima.Non to show the preview of the photo you just took, but you forgive him now .A burst 6.5 fps which I do not serve.Ma makes you realize that this may 'tanto.Wi-fi perhaps a purist can' turn up their noses, but just let dormire.Ci shots around the arm giorno.Il starts pesare.Ma she is not 'tired.Leaning against the easel seems vetrina.In reality 'the day is not' over 'cause the D750 and' like an animal notturno.Ad high ISO gives a yield pazzesca.Allora use it freehand and understand that 'to become a leggenda.Per my habit, selecting the ISO is not 'like at all, but is only set up a new way of mentally fotografare.Manca adequate protection to the brand new LCD screen basculante.Ma are inezie.Devi follow if you want to show you what know fare.No Kits with 24-85.Le me break bones with 50 1.8.Poi will be 'the time of wide-angle and there will be' a new tale.

sent on November 01, 2014

Pros: Construction, held high ISO, Video, Sharpness, Dimensions, AUTO FOCUS, ADJUSTABLE SCREEN, WiFi, dual SD card and many more

Cons: Me that l have stolen em 'is touched buy it !!!

Opinion: I come from a Canon 60d Nikon .... I do not know why Canon currently offer all the trinkets I was looking for in a FF .... for me the orientation features is imperative. The D750 has a screen ..... serve exceptional optical high level .... otherwise better to go on bodies cheaper. the price is commensurate with the quality. I would have liked a better burst maybe 8 .... but if we bring even that .... the other machines can even throw !! Coupled with the 24-120 churns photos very valid. With the Tamron 70-200 2.8 usd vc goes which is a beauty !! The more you use becomes more rewarding !!! The keys now find them with your eyes closed and then step from one mode to the other in a second !!! Maybe I would have liked a 1/8000 but to be honest I do not l ever used !!! The wifi did not use it for now. Council to equip it with 600x sd cards. I am satisfied ?? Absolutely ... so much so that I have the stolen and I bought back !!! so my d750 costs 5000 Euros !!! ;-)

sent on November 01, 2014

Pros: AF, estate at high ISO, Depth 'colors, sensation of solidity

Cons: No one

Opinion: From the D7000 I noticed the difference in terms of build quality. Try starting it at home the 'other thing that I jumped to the' eye was the extraordinary tightness of the ISO (I used to stay at ISO 1000) not to mention the extraordinary AUTO ISO function that always manages to get me out of trouble. AF really phenomenal. As for the cost of having it taken from Hong Kong was not so high and the menu 'in English is not a problem. It is worth it? Definitely yes!

sent on October 30, 2014

Pros: All

Cons: Trifles ...

Opinion: I bought recently to replace the D3100, now I found it amazing. Focus, exposure, depth of color, non-existent noise even at high ISO; using very manual mode, you always have everything on hand, except for the ISO if you do not want to customize the Fn key. Spend more than € 2,000 for a camera leaves you flabbergasted especially when you realize what you have done, not being a professional and not sailing gold. It 'just the first step to overcome any "remorse". The swiveling display is what made me take this step. I had been on another camera and I could not do more to help it, move to a full frame still rolling on the ground would have been a stupid, at least for me. Now you'll be spoiled for choice: Adjustable monitor or shooting with a Smartphone? Brava Nikon.rn

sent on October 26, 2014

Pros: Portability, configurability (such as PRO), excellent dynamic range and engraving, better than the already excellent D600 / 10, last but not least AF amazing.

Cons: Management of the small secondary monitor, being smaller in size than the other Nikon FX had to work around the problem by enabling the details to the main monitor when you change a parameter, for example if we want to change the WB on the secondary monitor you will only see "0 "the key change to yellow / blue, while the main monitor will keep all the details on color and type of WB choice at the moment, for me it would be better to keep the main settings in the small screen much faster in the view. (This setting is also for selecting the flash mode) rnComunque not worry many other settings such as ISO and AF COMP and ESP are all visible from the mirino.rn2) slowness in the preview of the photo you just took, as I am the D800, just a click single frame, you turn the hourglass on the screen and does not go away, very annoying but not constant (using SD by Transcend 600x, 90MB / s).

Opinion: What can I say after all he has already said Kame? and the thousands of pages about it? rnPosso only reiterate how perfect the grip of this machine completely redesigned, is the only Nikon to have the battery in the same direction of the camera body, this has reduced the thickness and create a new grip in the hand makes it much better than all the other machines I avuto.rnCPU: what about this EXPEDIT 4 by the best of the small D750! rnAE: MATRIX mode at the top, Scene Recognition and faces very reliable and have implemented the new way "WEIGHTED HIGH LIGHTS ON" in situations with strong backlight and automatic active with the right takes out the whole range of the scene! rnAF is amazing not never hesitates in AF-C mode and the new group from f2.8 is very valid as not to lose the subject (with larger apertures I noticed not be precise) .rnWB I do not do much about it because I always tend to change during post production so I would not consider it but it is much more accurate than my D800 much more from fileu faithful and less dominant, especially in low illuminati.rnISO a stop better than the D600, especially visible in the shadows, with D600 I stopped in 3200 with this shooting quietly in 6400 and I have to file 12800 usabilissimirnVELOCITA '6.5 FPS a good compromise (I remember the 8fps of the D700 seemed to have a ak47 in hand) as the buffer becomes full 3 seconds and then goes to 2 FPS, then 19/20 sequential shots without stopping by my standards, insaturabile! rnHo a slow response in the preview of the photo you just took, as I am the D800, just shooting a single frame, you turn the hourglass on the screen and does not go away, very annoying but not constant (using SD by Transcend 600x, 90MB / s ) .rnMONITOR: very solid, but not very intuitive as tilting with a sense of durability, the contacts are accessible but can not shear them by mistake, for the protection I trimmed a film of my SAMSUNG S3.rnALIMENTATORE: MH-25a different from the others, included with D600 / 10 and D800, the D810 I do not know if it's the 25th, but it's the fact that fto a full charge in less than 1 ora.rnrnCONCLUSIONI: I already had the D600 and it was perfect, like noise at high ISO, AF, was not at the level of PRO but I adapted Myself to the lower cover, the D750 as soon as I heard what you proposed I had snubbed bad, so why I have done the change? rn1) Smania of nuovorn2) Best customization level of the D800 as programming buttons (REC rimappabile ISO, OK rimappabile in 3 situations: CLICK PLAY LIVE VIEW) RN3) MONITOR for landscapes but also to operate in situations where you do not see the scene inquadrata.rn4) AF and AF groups in generalern5) EXPEDIT 4RN

sent on October 08, 2014

Pros: Leggereza, AF perfect, perfect WB, grip, IQ and the rest of the spec

Cons: Honestly, I have not yet received.

Opinion: In my opinion I've long exposed here: http://www.juzaphoto.com/me.php?l=it&p=1027rnrnPer the rest ... the d750 is not the ultimate machine. There will always be room for improvement or major turning points. RNE 'a machine honest, practical, lightweight and efficient. It is sold at a sensible price in an industry supertrafficato, as it is currently one of the FX Nikon. rnNon is a replacement for the d700, already the D610 as IQ is better in everything and the d810 as a whole. The d700 was a legend. The d750 will be the new. rnIl as I see it a success. rnNikon has made a series of epochal innovations followed by a series of oversights and blunders, often badly remedied. rnOra pulls a line out the d750. It starts the competition looks, climbs on the glass and it will be called upon to respond as soon as possible.


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