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Nikon D7000 : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on June 02, 2018

Pros: Image quality, semi-pro body, ergonomics, solidity, reliability

Cons: Autofocus with low light, ISO button position

Opinion: The D7000 was my first reflex, taken at the beginning of 2013, which I have now for over 5 years that, technologically speaking, is so much. At the time it was a gem, one of the best APS-C in circulation. Excellent image quality, medium hold up to 1600-3200 ISO (I shot even at 6400, but you have to compromise, it is not ideal but can make it), sturdy body, good ergonomics, second display... The only real negative note of the D7000 is the AF module: by day it has no problems whatsoever, but in the evening in low light it really makes a hard time and it is easy that some shots will be blurred just because of her, a problem that successive SLRs has been solved , but on this remains his Achilles ' heel, unfortunately... For the rest in 2018 is still able to give satisfaction, to those who start and want something semi-professional, or simply to those looking for a second body. I printed pictures up to a maximum resolution of 70x100, the 16mpx were more than enough. It's a trusted partner, the only real reason why I would change it is its AF system or to go directly to Full Frame

sent on February 11, 2018

Pros: Image quality, size, second screen, command layout, internal autofocus engine, double slot memory, mirinorn

Cons: yield at high ISO, autofocus on some occasions improved tendency to overexpose

Opinion: I owned this camera for years and was the first machine to make me completely abandon the film, the ISO is satisfactory up to 1500, the double slot also always helps to divide where to allocate the different types of files. l exped2 works well even if it seems to overexpose a bit, the auto focus at 39 areas works well if you use light optics and the central point. very good build quality does not have a real tropicalization but it resists all the bad weather. It's a real all-around room

sent on February 04, 2018

Pros: Image quality, size, second screen, command layout, internal autofocus engine, dual memory slot, viewfinder

Cons: yield at high ISO, improved autofocus

Opinion: I love the Nikon 7xxx line, as it offers high performance at a more affordable price. Optical park of course vast, for all tastes. The body is almost PRO, the double screen is fundamental, you can not do without it! Excellent yield if used with good quality lenses. Good also the RAW coming out of it. Comfortable customizable front buttons on the front. I signal the presence of intervallometro to program intervals intervallati.rnIl weight is not negligible but inevitable with a similar body, excellent grip. Obviously the yield at high ISO is not that of a ff but up to ISO 1000 the files are still of good quality. Autofocus not at the top, probably one of the (few) things improved in the following models. The double memory slot is very convenient.

sent on January 13, 2018

Pros: Very resistant body, both at different weather conditions and impact, and high quality sensor that allows me to print A4 300 dpi without resampling

Cons: Tendency to overexpose and, on some occasions, autofocus a bit slow

Opinion: I have owned this body for more than four years and I can not but be satisfied both for the ergonomics, the presence of a large number of keys on the body, also customizable, and the robustness of the body, both for the quality of the image, which allows to print easily in 30x20 cm format. A possible defect could be represented by the weight and the encumbrance, which tend to tire during trips or long excursions; however these "defects" are natural consequences of having made such a solid body. The viewfinder, although unfortunately does not reach the size of that of an FF, is not bad, especially with regard to coverage, which comes to 100%. As for the ISO, the car holds very well up to 1600, while it tends a little to lose quality due to the noise.

sent on September 21, 2017

Pros: Construction, image quality, used price

Cons: I still have not found it

Opinion: Bought used, with about 40000 shots, to 230 euros .. and I thought it a bargain. I started to use it right away and responds well to my needs. In addition to the body I bought a battery grip with a drum battery ... and I still have to pick them up after 3 weeks (discontinuous use, ok, but the indicator is still charging full!) RnrnI can only say that i missed the quality of nikon and having a reflex in your hands!

sent on September 06, 2017

Pros: Sensor, body, controls

Cons: for my use none

Opinion: I went from D80 to D90 and now to D7000. The sensor has a very good yield and if you snap in 14 bit raw the colors are very deep. Many complain about the AF a little dancer for my use never gave me any problems! Large with 20 x 30 prints that can be used at 3200 without too much poppy. Semi-pro body with all controls in the right place. It arrives at 1/8000 which is definitely comfortable with f 1.8 / 1.4 lens. I recommend purchasing this used reflex (it is on the 350 with very few clicks) for amateur use and even more has everything, give it good optics and return it to level files. It also has fine AF adjustment in the room.

sent on July 19, 2017

Pros: General ergonomics, sensor yield, raw machinability, 16mpx

Cons: AF and constant exposure meter, slow Live view, color profiling and noise recovery in the machine, dirt on the sensor

Opinion: It would have been the best APS-C made by Nikon if it were not for the unfortunate choice of the AF module 39 points (especially with little barrel light at least half of the photos and tends to back focus with all the D-series Optics I tried-to be calibrated in the car-) , AF as constant as the same light meter and profiling color that does not do justice to the excellent sensor Sony 16MPX anyway with a raw good to work in post production; The ergonomics are good and from what you tried better than the next (at least for me); Another sore point the sensor tends to get dirty easily, so it is better to learn to clean it yourself; Machine that I recommend anyway compared to any Nikon entry series D5x00 or D3x00 and anyway if you want a modern sensor (and ISO invariant) that will squeeze less optics (less AC than the 24mpx).

sent on May 01, 2017

Pros: Rugged, all within reach of fingers and use commands in easy manual

Cons: At times it tends to keep the subject in focus, holding the ISO unusual

Opinion: I switched from D90 to D7000. Used for the first few months with kit lenses (18-105) and later with Sigma Sigma 10-20 and 17-70. With the change of optical you notice a difference in color rendering. As for the use i click only manually (except autofocus) and I must say thanks to the double wheel all functions aperture, time and ISO are really at your fingertips and once stored functions in less than two seconds you are able to set the resistant macchina.rnCorpo, he feels that it is solid and well constructed. It must be said that during some trips (as well as day trips) is felt on the neck, especially if attacks before us a goal not too compact but this fact is completely normal using certain bodies macchina.rnNel complex are extremely satisfied and I think if I ever will change in the future, will be to go to the neo FF.rnUnico: over 800, the estate of the ISO begins to leave a little 'to be desired. At ISO 100, 200 or 400, the sensor does its job andThe yield is really great.

sent on January 15, 2017

Pros: A very robust body with a flow rate control of the fingers, battery life, excellent color rendering.

Cons: A af which sometimes makes a little hard to keep up with the subject.

Opinion: I own this camera for two years, he never missed a beat, with kits objectives does not make the most of, but with something more 'performance are outside his qualities. Today is used in very good condition at very low prices, from entry-level, but it is not, ergonomics and performance are well above and with a modest expenditure brings a nice camera, recommended home.

sent on February 05, 2016

Pros: semi-pro body, strength, construction, AF setting, viewfinder, etc..

Cons: ISO sealing perhaps, iso button not on hand.

Opinion: I have this machine for about ten days and I'm liking enough. The body is well-built, robust and solid as a real semi-pro. The viewfinder is nice and big with 100% coverage. A quality level of the file nothing to say, maybe I expected something more on high ISO seal, but not much, the key to change the iso is not very easy, you have to press it to remove the left hand from under the lens . However coarse defects I still have not found it. For now satisfied completely.

sent on October 21, 2015

Pros: price, weight, quality files

Cons: held ISO, is ff, it tends to overexpose

Opinion: the d7000 is a great camera, and frankly I do not know who to go to replace the D7100 D7200, if I have to change it step by ffrnla held ISO depends on the ambient light, if there is good lighting also ISO 1600/2000 keeps them perfectly, if you shooting in twilight or arenas different matter and grain is felt significantly (then if one takes pictures 13x15 or thereabouts, the thing you do not notice) rnl'af not sembre engages and forces to use live view (which I do not love ) rnper portraits travel I learned to keep to ev - 0.3 0.7 because the car tends to overexpose and files are like this, not very contrasted (lightroom adjusts all obviously) RNLA low resistance at high ISO, as for all DX affects when you try to open the shadows, they noise is heard quite rnnel is complex, and remains the top in the DX format .. I think if I will change 'will be with d750

sent on July 18, 2015

Pros: Good customization commands. Light and practical. Good resistance ISO. Good dynamic range. Possibility of fine adjustment af in case of BFFF

Cons: AF slow and sometimes inaccurate. It needs good optics. It tends to overexpose. Yield colors.

Opinion: I landed in this reflex after years of D60 which are in love. The first impact was tragic. Accustomed to yield the CCD found myself with files from color rendering unfaithful to reality and then forced to having to work more on pp. I was surprised once the good yield ISO, up to 1600 and 3200. In addition it must be acceptable to settle. The picture quality is good, provided you do not use optical kits. The af she was often disappointed. Unfortunately it has never taken the spark, and after two years I sold. I consider it a good reflex for those who have no need for af the top, for portraiture and landscape.

sent on July 05, 2015

Pros: Fantastic car with a sensor super !!

Cons: To be honest for me AF a bit slow, but now that I use for astrophoto I would not need as shooting everything in M ??!!

Opinion: When I bought the nikon d7000 APSC was the best on the market and was stunned by the performance of this machine, then unfortunately I can no longer use it for normal pictures ch is given a year ago I changed to astrophoto, and also on this field d7000 from the most with high ISO to remain very satisfied with extended exposures !!

sent on May 28, 2015

Pros: Iso held high, solid, is used at a good price, just mega pixels.

Cons: Absolutely nothing if you do not do sports photos and bird life, as everyone knows AF a little slow.

Opinion: SLR beautiful, everything in the right place, double wheel and screen, you have to understand it well before you get what you can give, that is very, fantastic colors, excellent for landscaping, holds very well the ISO, up to 1600 is not noticed almost no noise , 3200 aancora buona.rnMacchina which I highly recommend to those who will not spend the money for a FF.rnRoss

sent on May 18, 2015

Pros: Robust, ergonomic, viewfinder with 100% coverage, dual slot card, the machine fulfilling rn

Cons: Nothing

Opinion: Hi, RNE for a year that I have this machine, and to me that I've gone from one of 5100, I must say that the leap is remarkable, not only for the result, but because of how you change the level of management the machine and especially the ability to have all the functions at your dito.rnpenso that the D7000 is still a good compromise between entry level and professional rnl'obbiettivo that I mount a 18-140 rnUn Greetings to all !!

sent on March 13, 2015

Pros: Solid, double slot, body, good sensor,

Cons: Af not exciting in some situations, the need for optical quality

Opinion: was my first car, I used to 4 years (now I switched to D750) and I was fully satisfied. The body is solid though for a better feel you need the battery grip, the AF module gave me some problems only within sports arenas leaving some shots on the street but it is extremely true that his 39 points are effective in most situations. The burst in my opinion is good as long as the machine is equipped with the best SD (see sandisk extreme pro 90 mb / s lexar 600x), is a body demanding as to the fact the lens 18-105 did not satisfy me at all; already with 35dx 1.8 and 50 (which are located at a great price), the music changes dramatically. Now both new and used is at great prices and I think an excellent choice for those who are beginners like I was four years ago.

sent on March 08, 2015

Pros: handling, Double SD slot, handle (with battery grip), super sensor, resistance high iso, body semi-pro

Cons: af few occasions slow and imprecise, sensor gets dirty very easily

Opinion: Using the D7000 for about 3 years (I come from D3100) and are partially satisfied. The handle without battery grip is too small and with my big hands seem to have a compact between the hands XD. I settled with BG. The sensor is a bomb, really wide dynamic range and resilience of the shadows in post truly superb. Unfortunately I'm blessed form af was born bad and sometimes (especially in low light) becomes completely blind and mad. I had set two lenses (Sigma 120-300 and nikkor 12-24) for problems b / f focus. Leave a bit of a bitter taste because it could do much more. If not for the f, would surely be the top among the dx. rnConsigliata to gain experience; with just over 500 euro you have a semi pro, with all the controls in place, double ring, dual display and a large sensor !!!

sent on March 02, 2015

Pros: Comfortable handle, excellent sharpness. Very comfortable double sd slot. Low noise at high ISO. Battery eternal !!!

Cons: The sensor is often dirty, autofocus is not always accurate.

Opinion: I owned two of these babies and I have repented twice to have them sold. I used them in nature and the crop factor has always been an ace in manica.rnLa better aps-c never proven. Set almost professional, excellent grip and feeling of solidity and lightness at the same time. Recommended for those who want to start without fainting.

sent on February 15, 2015

Pros: Camera body, dual SD slot, display info for shooting, quality sensor

Cons: AF little handsome

Opinion: I write my opinion at the end of the season spent with photographic Lei.rnSi She, with the capital. a great means, purchased after reflections, comparisons and that allowed me to undertake and start my journey into the world of photography. I have always felt comfortable, is that during the early courses, seminars and outputs fotografiche.rnUn bodied, well balanced that made me divertire.Ottimi file baked, ISO sensitivity and wonderful sensore.rnConsigliata strongly to those who want a camera serious, comprehensive and duraturo.rnConcludo this my description sentimental lamenting a moment of autofocus, improved ... but if you buy now, at the end of career forwarded, its value / price will make you forget this little flaw.

sent on February 03, 2015

Pros: Compact, light, well-sized sensor, dual SD slot, battery life, solid construction, good performance at high ISO average. Used price affordable.

Cons: Autofocus a bit 'slow and the sensor tends to get dirty quite easily.

Opinion: Excellent for hunting camera, handy, honestly I can not fault. The autofocus apathetic struggling a bit 'in the light conditions are not optimal but recovers always offering excellent results. I prefer the D7000 16.3 MP to 24 MP of the D7100 that in some situations become a bit 'too "dense". In good summary, together with the D300s, an irreplaceable piece of my equipment APS-C.

sent on January 27, 2015

Pros: Well built, light, handy, double slot, good seal ISO, not too many megapixels.

Cons: AF improvable, lack CF slot, general slowness, burst miserable

Opinion: The D7000 was my first SLR seria.rnComprata at a great price with a little over ten thousand shots, churning in my view raw files of discrete qualità.rnAdatta both the neo amateur amateur who evolved, is a bit 'complicated to' and beginning to be understood but especially well settata.rnrnCome flaws has the AF a bit 'lacking, lack of CF slot, the slowness to store the Raw (although equipped with SD quality) and, above all, for people like me who devotes hunting camera, the flurry misera.rnrnA that price anyway faticherei find un'apsc better.

sent on January 14, 2015

Pros: It 'a unit of medium-high in APSC however, is not enviable to any other for me is better than 7100 sensor as opposed to as many say does not get dirty easily I make many changes in objectives and my external sensor after almost a year do not see dirt, af very precise and even here I deny what I read earlier should not be broken down at all when the light and little, I have personally tested at night with the 16-85 which is not bright and gave me photos in perfect focus, is robust and also semitropicalizzata.

Cons: nothing to report except for the fact of being a little too small for large hands.

Opinion: Excellent machine performs a full work in all fields from sports to the landscape at night etc. jpeg files are ready and good to the 16 MP sensor can sodiisfare without any need to hide the advantage of multiplying 1.5 all tele advantage for those who do photo hunting, I have joined the D800 and I say that looks good at all and as a surrender that as construction.

sent on October 16, 2014

Pros: speed, resolution, great for all uses, double slot and very light body. The battery lasts a lifetime or maybe two.

Cons: AF short-sighted, video module a bit 'dated, held high ISO nothing spectacular, the sensor becomes a latrine in a short time.

Opinion: The only adjective that comes to spend on this machine (and I've owned two) is UNLUCKY. Born under a bad star, sucker short. It could do so much more but due to several problems tend to do much less: the autofocus is absurdly blind, no longer sees anything as soon as the scene gets a hair darker or looking for a point of fire more difficult. And the great thing is that it does not focus at all, focuses on other things or bust completely. It 'a shame, because as shutter speed and storage behaves very well. I have had problems with back and front focus with at least 3-4 different lenses, which are mounted on full frame instead they never raised issues. Now I use it mainly for work battle (local and holidays) and the paradox of the paradox is that I found it very powerful with a scrausissimo 18-105.

sent on September 23, 2014

Pros: Body machina, Iso, size

Cons: no one

Opinion: Immediately gives the impression of robustness keys doors etc. well built .the seal iso is outstanding up to 1600 without loss of detail, exposing well defended even after the ISO 1600, the 16 Mp allow me to make 40x60 prints are really wonderful and beyond, the d7000 is really an excellent machine I make an amateur I chose to have goals af d because the maf internal and fast, I know canon because the passion was born years ago with a 50d and I had the pleasure / displeasure to even try 6d but the d7000 has nothing to envy to rivals like 7d or 60d, is very pleased with the top of the range in the segment nikon aps-crnproblema front back focus solved by ltr Service under warranty in a week with updated firmware and cleaning sensor perfect

sent on September 17, 2014

Pros: Reliable and robust machine, keep the good high ISO, white balance is always accurate and the photos are natural and lifelike colors

Cons: nothing special, only negative as reported by others, the sensor gets dirty easily

Opinion: I use this machine for about 2 years and I must say that I am satisfied in full, I like the AF system to 39 points shooting is always fast and accurate. I think it is a machine well designed and well built, the 18-105 kit is not the best for this body as a machine, but everything to do with shooting and walks away I'd say it can go, using optical higher performance machine brings out the best se.rnUsando of the machine for the 'whole day I find that the' handle is a bit small (you must consider that much use a 5D MkII which is bigger and the 'generous handle, then it is subjective) .rnSono surprised by excellent white balance always accurate in any condition of light source, taken with the D7000 is always a pleasure;-) rnBuona light tuttirn

sent on July 15, 2014

Pros: So many pixels, perhaps too many (pr point for HDR). Sturdy, solid, very reliable. Dual slot. Yield high ISO.

Cons: Sensor dirt repellent, requires high-level optics for better pictures (the 18-105 is very narrow), lightning-fast autofocus on professional lenses such as 70-200 2.8, requires familiarity pp file to have really valid, machine rather difficult even for those who are not novice.

Opinion: I own the d7k exactly three years and was my first SLR, which is a difficult horse to tame. Strengths and weaknesses are all listed above. With the 70/200 2.8 is a completely different story, af-megapixel lightning and exploited to the bone. Another point in favor of the d7000 is a good yield at high ISO. Do not forget that it is not a FF. Excellent as a second body to be trusted blindly.

sent on May 03, 2014

Pros: Color gamut and dynamic range. Contained enough noise at high ISO.

Cons: Af a bit 'disappointing for the end product (to all holders: the chronic back focus is re-vi-sol-bi-le! Have not yet understood how it AF.S Auto mode is perfect and in mobalità af-9-point high)

Opinion: If it were not for the f, dancer too, would be perfect. Compared to end products has a greater dynamic range surprising. The pictures are full of detail in both shadows and highlights. Terrible jpg from the camera (NIKON mysteries of the house); Raw very workable and perfect at the first conversion! Full menu and full of options.

sent on March 27, 2014

Pros: AF System with 39 points, including 9 cross; Double SD slot; Exposure meter; Recovery of the shadows; Mirror Lock-up; Good ergonomics; Holds up really well up to ISO 3200; Good dynamic range; The 16 Mp. are perfect for a DX; Micro-AF adjustment.

Cons: AF sometimes lentuccio, especially in conditions of low light and moving subjects (maybe it's me who does not know "tame"); The sensor gets dirty easily; Many specimens suffer from back focus.

Opinion: I had two beautiful D300 used for various types of shots (landscapes, macro, street, glamor). After you have decided to change the body, the choice fell on the D7000 and if it were not for the problem of backfocus found on many specimens would be PERFECT (though I sent it in for service and it came back in a little more than a week, thanks Nikon!) . No problem in taking up to ISO 3200. The AF on the other hand it seems a bit 'ups and downs, I think a little' less than that of the old D300, but it is still more than acceptable. Let's say you do not feel the lack of a real alternative to the D300 (D400 future short), because the D7000 does its dirty work and has an excellent quality / price ratio. Let's say that I have not regretted the choice and I believe that I would recommend to everyone.

sent on February 27, 2014

Pros: None

Cons: Maf does not specify, at 1600 ISO files are already unusable

Opinion: Hello, rnih about the Nikon D7000 express my total disappointment, about 8 months ago I bought this machine and I have to admit that I aspetavo much, much più.rnHo tried to take in various conditions and at first I thought that the problem was mio.rnScatto Photos at ISO 1600, file unwatchable for noise presente.rnQualcuno has the same problem? can show me some of your pictures in low light? rnSto thinking of slamming a close muro.rnGrazie

sent on January 11, 2014

Pros: is a reliable and comprehensive

Cons: is not a fullframe

Opinion: Making the switch from film to digital, my first car was (and still is) the D7000.Cosa say? Buy the pen again other 7000 times! And 'comprehensive, robust, semitropicalizzata, intuitiva.Non I never found flaws and I have never had problems. I used it in every situation and it is perfect. His only flaw? Do not be FF!

sent on October 23, 2013

Pros: Double adjustment ring illuminator to focus, autofocus 39pt, quality at high ISO, intuitive menu, internal af motor.

Cons: Sometimes hard to read the Sd, simply replace the batteries and everything magically back to work.

Opinion: Past by the d3100 d7000, is a totally different planet, you can raise the ISO without too much fear, you can mount optics dated and maintain auto focus, has a manageability comparable to the d3100 with the characteristics of a d300. perhaps only the speed of focus is a little lower than the d300. The right compromise for who wants a very good machine without fainting with Full Frame.

sent on June 11, 2013

Pros: Quality / price ratio, resistance to high ISO, good burst, good quality files

Cons: AF is not really accurate, especially in moving subjects; many Mp. The sensor tends to get dirty quite easily.

Opinion: I photographed for over a year (landscapes, macro, marriage, birds) at the same time with the D300 and D7000; when it's time to take only one of the two, the choice fell on a D7000 for keeping really good at high iso. .. no problem in taking 800 iso and also (but I try to avoid) at 1600 iso. The AF performance is not like that instead of the old D300, but it's more than acceptable. The controversial issue of megapixels in this camera is an interesting synthesis, in fact if the subject is close and with good light, the detail is enhanced it (the file is qualitatively optimal and you can crop and also a lot), if it is far away and with hard light on the contrary it is the typical "mixed" (even at low ISO). In the field of aps-c, I hope always nell'erede the D300 that still do not see the horizon ... However, the D7000 does its dirty work in any condition (I brought her in the mud, in the desert and in the rain) and has an excellent value & agrave ;/ price, which is why I recommend it highly.

sent on March 29, 2013

Pros: Robustness, ergonomics, high ISO performance, dual SD slot, high image quality, rich functions.

Cons: Problem of back focus. The machine allows fine adjustment of the AF, but I honestly saw the price, I did not think to find this defect. Sent to guarantee LTR, back perfect.

Opinion: I bought the D7000 last November, and immediately gave me the feeling of being very robust and "thick" completely different than the D3100 still good, where I come from. I decided to take it because after about 2,000 shots taken with the little sister I realize I increasingly need to be able to change the values ??of exposure, AF, ISO, etc. directly from the camera body, not necessarily bound to the menus. I was torn between the D90 and D7000, but in the end I made an extra effort and got it. Is giving me huge soddifazioni and not being a professional, I realize that I will not change any more, except to go to a model FF.rnLa yield at high ISO has been the biggest surprise. I did some shooting handheld at a concert mode by selecting the Auto-ISO and I must say that I got the shots to 6400iso absolutely passabili.rnL 'only problem (and from what I read is unfortunately very common) is the back focus .I tried to correct the error with the fine adjustment available in the menu, but with the zoom I became really hard to get a successful result, so I decided to send her to LTR for adjustment. Returned after about 15 days, now that the weather systems perfetta.rnSpero early to go out to shoot.

sent on March 16, 2013

Pros: Yield at high ISO, great sensor, dual memory slot, good layout of controls, af fast and accurate, very solid.

Cons: Maybe flurry of "only" 6fps for the rest there are none.

Opinion: I have this camera for almost two years after moving from d3000. The iso are good up to 2000 up to 6400 and discreet, the controls are well placed and easy to reach, body and 'very ergonomic, autofocus 39 points and' precise and fast, dual-slot for the sd card and ' really handy even if it 'for sd and not the CF, I think the only flaw is the "only" 6 fps. Honestly 7 or 8 fps with the battery grip they would not have done male.rn

sent on February 28, 2013

Pros: Perfectly built body, tropicalization, 3 "display bright, quick burst, AF 39 points, a missile in the calculations, dual memory slots useful, main controls within easy reach. Exceptional high ISO (TRUE REFERENCE CLASS)

Cons: Nothing to report. Advice to limit the purchase of BG (original if possible) that improves performance and usability being burst on the body is not very big (but I do not have the big hands and therefore often use it without).

Opinion: I come to the D80 and before the FE analog I made about 50,000 shots. The digital was impossible for me given the high cost of professional equipment. This is why I put in the standard by waiting for prices to come down hobby on second. I took a d80 used trying to figure out if I had liked the digital. It was love at first sight. That's why I decided to switch to something serious and I oriented d7000 which is the best on the strip prosumer although the quality and performance is professional. The line between amateur and professional is in fact canceled with this model that does not cost the earth (with all due respect for money) and allows uncommon results on other competing models. The Nikon d7000 is a classic that will last many years if well maintained and whether forward in time can easily become the second body. Very useful if the BG is original then the better it is weather sealed and the frame magnesium alloy as the body macchina.rnUltima note: on second if they are not many and those on sale are very expensive. It means that those who have notsells easily.

sent on February 13, 2013

Pros: - Value for money -Good dynamic range and held high iso compared to machines of his own categoria -Dual slot, custom menus U1 U2, various customizations operating very comode -body machine is that as good as a potential improvement over the D90 which replaced

Cons: - AF does not always live up to expectations mainly on points laterali AA-filter "heavy" -Risk shake accentuated by the high density of pixel -Files that need good post-production capabilities in order to be "ready."

Opinion: well I have told you all the pros and cons, good car compared to its predecessor, although already high, D90 ... Un difficilina little early (even those who are not their first experience with digital SLR cameras and is familiar with the basics of photography), but by the time we take her hand. Advice to those looking to purchase a home Nikon DX very general ... from every day.

sent on January 07, 2013

Pros: Great body, robust and ergonomically acceptable weight, it lasts the ISO a little higher, dual slots for memory cards, internal level.

Cons: A slot between the two CF cards would have been great. Live view a bit slow and not reclining

Opinion: I upgraded from a Nikon d3100 and I really opened up a new world from the first moment I put my hands on this camera body. It's all at your fingertips, you change aperture, ISO, time, compensation, exposure and another in the blink of an eye. I tried shooting at high ISO and the performance is spectacular until 6400. In hand with a sense of compactness and excellent build quality, good and firm presa.rnÈ a camera body that allows you to experiment with photography from A to Z and is fully compatible with all optics (unlike the d3100 that do not was for those of the full frame format). Has an internal level that indicates the angle of the machine, either in vertical or horizontal position (very useful to shorten the setting). I found a live view is not very fluid, yet precise in focus for pictures in macro. I admit that I would have liked that it was reclining, I think every model should now have this variant. The double slot for memory card è useful if you are away from home for days, although in my opinion one of the two slots accept CF cards. Nothing negative, however, in general, very good compromise as a whole. RnNel Overall a great purchase, which I'm proud of and that I would do it with your eyes closed. Consigliatarn

sent on November 25, 2012

Pros: Good overall yield. Excellent shooting mode silenzioso.Una machine 360 ??with which you do a little of everything, has no major limiti.rn

Cons: It is not the 'heir to the D300 .. rn 1) Does not have entry cards cf, sd only ... a little lentine ... RN2) The body is a bit small indeed, little ergonomic, or rather the fingers close on the wrong grip, which is too narrow and in addition, the 'target is too close to the lentern3) sin not the lcd adjustable, Olympus has since before the D 300, in macro and extract video seems very comodo.rn

Opinion: Well, it was said a little everything, but I think I can add something not yet said. For me it was a bit a "reverse" I've got the D 300 and D 7000 for 7-8 months I used them together, the body is a bit too small for my taste and does not fit well in the hand, then there get used to it .. then .. then ... but no .. rnNon has the CF that are faster and I already had, and maybe a sd cf was not bad, up from 12 to 16 mp is irrelevant, the af a little lower, but basically on par with the old body. RNLA first thing I noticed from the first day of the colors and shading are generally ready files, but basically nothing unattainable with 300 in PP. The yield at high ISO up to 1600 is very similar but now I miss a little bit the exposure and the picture is good ... in addition, it is further obvious improvement, both of noise that malleability of the file, the whites do not burn as soon as you try to recover 1/3 ev ... sometimes the files I look good even in 3200, certainly not for everyone genres,or macro photos, but have a good margin of workability ... rnrnInsomma the real jump in quality for me was the dynamic range! another planet! and it does not stop at the lowest iso .. and from there remains a good degree of intervention in PP, well good Nikon.rnrn

sent on July 16, 2012

Pros: Proper management of Iso, controls well laid out, good overall compromise weight / quality

Cons: the sensor gets dirty easily, swivel display, jpeg very "soft"

Opinion: After 8 months of use I think it's time to express my feelings on this Nikon SLR at home. I state that this is the first SLR that I used (and use) in my life and of course I can not compare it with others of the same category. The body of machine is strong enough, it's nice to look at and if it is also mounted battery-grip buy much thicker and eases its grip in all situations that may arise. The controls and buttons dedicated to various functions are well laid out and give you the security to set it up as soon as possible so facilitating the speed of composition. The viewfinder is bright, flaw, however, in the case of night photography and the display falls under this point of view in the composition and focus precisely when working in low light conditions ... Excellent management of 'Iso and the ability to use two SD memory cards. Very bland instead Jpeg file "baked" by the machine that forces you to spend so much time in the post to retrieve useful informazions from Raw tripped. Shortcut alternative would be to set the Picture-Control in order to "seek" a compromise between sharpness and contrast are already being taken, useful for all those who do not want to bother with software, however, complex and tedious. Another sore point is the ease with which the sensor gets dirty with relative loss of time and downtime due to the fact that you have to leave the camera to the service center. In conclusion, the D7000 is a camera that you have to take reasonable measures initially and that can give you great satisfaction once you get to "tame" ... a little underrated, deserves more attention as even on this forum is relegated to fourth position and very distanced from direct competitors of the other Japanese brand ... We hope for its future development, especially in order not to be forced to change the system and the change of the goals that are still in possession of the yellow-black loyal to the brand. Recommended by me, as long as they provide it with good targets andappropriate accessories. Thanks for your attention to my mini-review.

sent on February 23, 2012

Pros: Ergonomics, ISO sensitivity of the sensor, internal engine af, AF fine tuning

Cons: immediately highlights the limits of less offering performance objectives

Opinion: The machine is very ergonomic design fits perfectly in my large hands, the keyboard layout and selection of functions is always instinctive and easy. The sensor is the strength but also the weakness, very sensitive and stable at high ISO, for its part does not hide the limits of less-performing targets. Whereas there is indeed at a PRO has the advantage (only in the category) to have the AF fine adjustment to correct front-back focusing objectives, the internal motor for AF allowing the use of AF lenses (although dated) without internal motor, the compact and lightweight (if referred to a PRO). The dual slot SD is a rarity in the segment that allows for some flexibility rescue. The body finish very high in most of the magnesium alloy and tropical conditions make it very robust and suitable in all conditions of use. Autofocus very fast, precise exposure and vision 100% viewfinder mean that this machine can fully enjoy the title of Semi-Pro. Surely it is a machine that can be very rewarding and advanced to expert photographer but also for the novice who has plenty of space to grow. I'm entusiata and therefore highly recommend it.

sent on August 30, 2011

Pros: performance, customization files, double slots.

Cons: many MP

Opinion: is the car I wanted, has everything I was looking for from the pentaprism to the magnesium body, with BG becomes perfect for my big hands, not the machine for those who want to point and shoot, it forces you to think about the shot especially with optical length, the sensor does not forgive anything, at the same time, for those who want ready jpeg offers endless possibilities for customization, from WB or car can be adjusted (A1-6, B1-6) to the PC and loaded with customizable custom settings, good burst well with NEF-Jpeg, with memory performance for those who do not want postprodurre every shot (like me) offers the possibility of print-ready files to Jpeg already excellent, provided you adjust the settings very well on camera . With certain settings, it is easy to use, but go-known and tamed, which takes time, the beginning is difficult and can be confusing. The shots, judged by van prints, and so dense sensor needs special attention at the time, asks both the optics and sometimes we diaphragm, but holds exceptionally high iso, exceptionally up to 3200, the 6400 are usable in a position to understand how us out files usable.

sent on July 30, 2011

Pros: A step forward, a car is probably the bench development for a new generation of cameras support flagships casa.Mi explain, for example, I think the D300 will soon put "retired", despite being a machine of the highest level, but in comparison to the D7000, shows signs of a project "oldest", which no longer justifies the more than 400/450 € more it costs ancora.Quando a D7000 confronted with the full frame D700, provides performance superior sharpness, and comparable performance at high ISO! (PHOTOZONE) So I think the next lineup will be: D7000 (perhaps with the addition of a S), D400, and finally the semipro FX D800/900.Dove the D7000 becomes a second body of respect for those who want a "mule" for good performance without the cost of the first machine.

Cons: Honestly, the "cons" I can hardly find them, even if the use of less than a year, if you really want to find him a failure: the swiveling display, ehh I like you a lot, used to bridge the Canon Powershot .... If he This, for me and for my ability to pay, the D7000 would be the "perfection"!.

Opinion: Part of my opinion I have already written above, but I want to add that although coming from very valid D5000, I found this model in such a quantum leap performance, which almost made me doubt that the Nikon was wrong to put on the market this machine at a reasonable price (NOT mean low!) convenient, at least according to the standard Nikon, who has never "given" anything. I have to say at the moment that I am enthusiastic about this camera, which lacks only .... 'is not the word ... but a display type D5100! Reaching the maximum possible for me of course. Waiting for the "perfection", greetings to all. Get ... and .... I'm 'gift, the D7000 is a gem.

sent on July 11, 2011

Pros: fabulous at high ISO, also good 6400. AF accurately and quickly. solid and durable.

Cons: nothing to say.

Opinion: I consider it the best machine on the market for natural .... together with the canon 7d .... Unlike the latter, however, with little light behaves considerably better. The sensor is great ... what is surprising, in addition to the noise content is the wide dynamic range that allows the recovery, especially shadows, excellent. The AF module multicam 4800 to 39 points .. along with the new EXPEED 2 processor and the new RGB metering sensor of 2016 pixels, the precise and fast, even in complicated situations. Structurally, magnesium and special anti dust there, so even maltrattandola not bat an eyelid. Consigliatissima.

sent on July 06, 2011

Pros: Sensor sensitivity, ease of use, main controls within easy reach.

Cons: Machine body of modest size.

Opinion: I went from a few months to putting D7000 retired my beloved D50. Just picked it up I was struck by the size of the body, less than the older machine. We say that the D50 seemed stronger if held in one hand. After a while, however, this feeling disappeared with use. What left me speechless was the sensor. To test I photographed my son while he slept at night, with only the light bulb turned on the bedside table. In ISO 12800, with a little 'of PP and of course it was a no flash photography accettabilissima. Even at church, at my sister's wedding (making the utmost care not to obstruct the work of the official photographer), I shot exclusively with 18-200 no flash at different ISO. The photos are great. Surely if combined with professional goals is an exceptional car.

sent on July 06, 2011

Pros: At high ISO is fantastic ..., double memory slots useful (for more space without having to change memory, or to allocate separately photos and video). Autofocus 39 points

Cons: still no ...

Opinion: Purchased by 2 months, I find it far superior to d90 I already had. The ISO sensitivity of Nikon D7000 has an extension that goes from 100 to 6,400 with the possibility of reaching, in mode Hi-2, the value of 25,600. It has two slots for SD memory cards, which can come in handy especially if you often use the movie mode. In addition, you can skip to "Room" back-up data from card to card. Like all Nikon, photos appear slightly soft, but if this setting does not like, it is possible to modify settings. Digital noise is not a problem, it is practically non-existent at low ISO sensitivities and even higher numbers is never intrusive to penalize excessively fotografia.E 'can record movies in Full HD 1080p. The Nikon D7000 is exactly half way between two categories of reflex. This could be your only limit, because if you are buying the first DSLR, you might want to choose a cheaper model, but if you want to take a step forward, trying something evolved, you might want a camera top. You should therefore carefully consider whether the Nikon D7000 adequately respond to their needs. The advice!


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