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Nikon D5600 : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on December 20, 2018

Pros: Extraordinary 24 MPX sensor, touchscreen, Snapbridge, ergonomics, weight, excellent autofocus

Cons: Does not have the depth of field control button

Opinion: APSC Excellent: It does everything it needs to do and it does it very well: the sensor is extraordinary for dynamic range, excellent colors also in Jpeg, excellent definition and detail. I imagine that many have it with optics from kits or economic optics, hence the complaint that would be scarce in detail. All the opposite: with the right optics you don't even need the post production. Af rather fast and reliable, controllable even from the rear touch pad. Perfect and sensitive touch controls, rational menus, perhaps a more function button would have been appreciated. Missing, and it is Gravisssimo, the control button of the depth of field. For the rest, although not having so many direct commands as the older sisters of the series 7xxx, is a camera able to give beautiful images. Snapbridge is a bit tricky to pair at the beginning with Apple devices, but once done it does its job: convenient the function that immediately transfers the images to the phone in reduced format, ready to use on social media. Light, compact and Fruibilissima: For game I tried it with the Nikon 70/200 f2.8 and with the Sigma 35 1.4. Full frame lenses. Well, spells and surprises pleasant to no end.

sent on May 16, 2018

Pros: Weight,24 Megapixel, excellent touch, adjustable display.

Cons: No autofocus motor, low-hold to high (not too many) ISO, connectivity with smartphones through Snapbridge shoddy (not that much amounts, but since Nikon the VA waving it seemed appropriate to underline it)

Opinion: I have this camera for a year. I came from the even more entry level D3000. Given that I am not a professional, I consider this machine a really good entry level, superlight that does not give the feeling of having a boulder in the neck, purse or hand. Excellent sharpness. As for the holding at high ISO, as already said by others is not much and the noise tends to be heard quite early, but despite this allowed me to take great photos at night (starry sky, Milky Way etc.) with single shot. I use live view a lot and it's quick, never encountered any kind of problem. The touch makes the machine management much faster and works great. The connectivity with the phone is good through Bluetooth, poor via WiFi. Gust not very satisfactory. Great videos. In my opinion it is fabulous for those who start, for those who already have a little more experience and to take on the road (see weight).

sent on March 19, 2018

Pros: Weight. Excellent 3D tracking and ability to control the position of the focusing point with the touch. AFP lens with autofocus also in quick and silent live view.

Cons: High estate iso (1600) questionable (with little light, not a low time!) And burst in raw limited despite a sdcard top. In live view there is a lot of (too much) time after each photo.

Opinion: I replace (or intact?) The S5Pro with a light and inconspicuous car, to take pictures of the children. 3D tracking at the level of the d500 (not mine but sometimes I use it at work) even if with a few points. Perhaps the touch that (with the screen off) controls the point of focus is even better than jojstik. Too bad that then the gust dies on the most beautiful (the goal on the rival of the goalkeeper you lose them, so to speak). The viewfinder seems bright to me. With the wheel and the combination of a couple of buttons crushed at the same time you adjust well opening, timing, ISO: I do not miss so much the second wheel. With 35mm the photos are sharper than with the S5Pro, not too much color. With 18-200, the difference between d5600 and S5Pro is not much. With the AF-P I do not know why he does not go to the Fuji. ISO: Already at 800 better than the D5600 of the S5Pro. At 1600, however, the picture does not seem to me already a bit 'noisy in the dark parts. In live view the automatic fire seems to me fast, video ok. Photos in live view for me little usable, because it is blockeda too much after the photo. Connectivity with rapid cell phone. Allows the retouch of the raw already in the machine, a nice pastime.

sent on February 17, 2018

Pros: The weight is its greatest value, 24 megapixel, ease of use, great display and touch screen, endless battery is never downloaded.

Cons: Discreet hold at high ISO and the files do not have a great clarity.

Opinion: I purchased this camera six months ago. I must say that to be an entry level goes really well the only two flaws I found that push you to make a new purchase are the high-ISO seal. Already at 1000 ISO there is the grain and you can see well you have to use all the skills and software to remove it or mitigate it to the detriment of the details. Another problem solvable in post is a lack of clarity of the file that resolves in lightroom quietly but there is. As for everything else, he does his duty brilliantly without problems. I do not recommend this camera to those who like to take pictures with strong contrasts of light and shadows or in very shady places with little light, while it is the Top for those traveling or hiking because it weighs very little like a mirrorless. For the rest a real wonder and you can take it all day with you without ever feeling the weight of the car. To use it to the fullest and enjoy beautiful bright optical board files so you go to limit the problem of high-ISO sealing.

sent on February 14, 2018

Pros: Finally I decided (for the purchase of the Nikon D5600).

Cons: I do not follow the reviews of the latest camera photos feverishly.

Opinion: Today, with pleasure, I have discovered that I can use (in manual) the very bright old lenses of a Nikon FE2 (more than 40 years ago) of my wife, I think I have made a good purchase. They tell me that the comment must have a minimum length of 350 characters, it is usually the opposite ... (still 57 characters) almost force, almost there.

sent on May 04, 2017

Pros: Dynamic range, high ISO seal (for APS-C), small, lightweight and ergonomic machine body, comfortable keys, adjustable display.

Cons: It does not have autofocus motor and end AF setting.

Opinion: A really compact body, almost mirrorless, light and with exceptional ergonomics (even for those who have big hands). The Nikon D5600 goes unnoticed by prying eyes but inside it encloses one of the most powerful APS-C sensors (the heart of every digital SLR). Compared to the "almost" twin D5500 you have the opportunity to crank out excellent timelapse without the help of a PC and connect to the platform Snapbridge. The latter addition, along with a very responsive touch screen, gives him a very "smart" soul... (Perhaps more appreciated by the new generations who do not disdain the touch). Although light it seems sturdy and without loose in the rings/protections in rubber. It is advisable to predirect it with respect to its twin only if it is at a little higher price, as there are no major changes that justify an exorbitant increase in price. Unfortunately, like the whole 5XXX series, it does not have the autofocus motor inside the machine body, it mounts a pentamirror and it is not tropicalized. Obviously you can not expect to have everything, considering its headband, but for my needs I am satisfied; Right from the first moment there was a positive feeling and the only one to hold it in my hand gratifies.

sent on March 31, 2017

Pros: Resolution, manageability, completeness of functions, rotating display

Cons: Motor Lack autofocus

Opinion: A brief premise. After inaugurate my digital photographic life with the mythical D70, I converted to full frame with the d700, passing in a whole other world (dynamic range, chromatic rendition, ISO manageability in low light, etc.). In recent years I have worked more and more with the 28-300, which, however, recently broke me. I therefore found myself in the need to replace it by addressing the relevant expenditure (800-900 euro). Having already a good kit of optics DX (12-24, 18-200, 35, etc.), comforted by reading reviews about the performance of current DX sensors, I decided to-instead of replacing the 28-200-retry the DX format, buying-not without hesitation-the D5600 with the two excellent and lightweight kit lenses (18-55 + 70-300). Well, at the moment, according to a series of tests comparing with the same optics and the same subjects, I must say that as image quality wins across the line the D5600 on the D700. That is to say: The current DX gets better results than the FX of ten years ago. Frankly, I didn't expect that. At this point, at least for me, does not really make sense to break my back with the heavy equipment FX, often left at home: I bought a nice backpack, where I put my wonderful 5600 with all my small, very light and Fantastic optics DX, and away to have fun! Only note, does not work the autofocus of the various 85, 50, 300 etc. who used the autofocus of the D700, but little bad, taken by the enthusiasm I remade them. P.S. Update after a year. In the long run, and after many tests in all light conditions and several hundred prints, I have to partially correct the above judgement on the basis of early initial tests. If you look at the pure and simple resolution, and the results under controlled lighting conditions, the current DX may be higher than the old full frame of the D700; But "when the game gets tough", ie in situations of strong contrast or critical lighting, the old full-format sensor brings home more satisfying results, opening better shadows and keeping the detail in the highlights, all with greater Chromatic fidelity.


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