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Nikon AF-S DX 12-24mm f/4 G ED : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on April 15, 2014

Pros: clear, excellent color rendering, silent maf

Cons: price

Opinion: Purchased with the uncertainty of having chosen an optic that I could perhaps do without, in addition, dear, I changed my mind immediately after the first shots. As a lover of landscapes, I can only speak well of this perspective; it makes quality images, clear and well contrasted. Excellent in the backlight where it does not suffer the suffering of flare, almost absent. Present small smudges at the corners, especially at 12mm, but find me a lens that does not. Autofocus fast and quiet, maybe if it was a bit 'brighter it would have been the best but it's more than good because a f4 fixed by its satisfactions. Excellent purchase combined with the D7100.

sent on April 15, 2013

Pros: Excellent in backlight, with a beautiful starry also f11.rnLeggero and compact, it has the right extension as focal length for a zoomrnnitidezza the center always good, works well at small apertures when others suffer from wide-angle to mount più.rnPossibilità filtrirnBassa vignettaturarn

Cons: @ 12 mm rubbed corners, edges and ends are distorted in a way that sometimes you have to throw the picture. Especially in the vertical, if it happens at that point a construction makes this so distorted that the photo will be ruined. Distortion correction by software is not enough in these casi.rn @ f4 is not that great, and increases its limits if it is well to 12mm as I said sopra.rnQuesti defects are more pronounced with the d7000 that with 12mpx where the least resolution leveled a bit tutto.rnDifficoltoso use it in manual focus to a metric scale in approximate indications and corta.rn

Opinion: More homogeneous on 12mpx that on machines with higher pixel size, though at first I loved it now I find it less excellent, although the backlight rivals are very few still oggi.rnVà so good for landscapes (but not so much for those night) especially if we seek a compact lens, but I would use it for photos of architecture under 14 mm.rnHo tried to use it on film 35mm dia (f100) to 19 (where the vignetting is less clear) to 24mm, but it is an emergency solution and preferable to 24mm for the fall of sharpness at the edges and corners when used on a ff.rnDa purchased only used by very soppravalutato new from nikon in the price fool.

sent on March 05, 2013

Pros: Focus is very quiet - and since this is a super wide angle is very limited in the excursion - to the point that I often wonder if the AF is activated or not. rnNitidezza, coloring and very little distortion (also useable with photoshop and / or lightroom) are his strengths. Flare almost completely absent, so that when intentionally I desire and seek, I struggle to get even the most extreme backlighting. rnAnche it is not cheap, the quality, especially wide open, it allows comparisons with products from other manufacturers. rnFavoloso in photos of architecture, interiors, and in all situations where the prospect (even forced) is at the service of an intensity of expression. rnAbbinato to my D800 images superlative returns.

Cons: It is a lens for all. Managing a 12mm focal length on DX format - ie 18mm on FX format - does not allow indecision or errors. The minimum howler prospective is amplified to the point of making the photo unusable. rnMa is not an issue of focus, it is a matter of perspective and optics knowledge.

Opinion: Bought used three years ago, not only I am satisfied and happy with what he gave me on the D300, but I am astonished that returns on the D800, which offers DX-format images from 18 megs of high quality. rnAbbinato to camera bodies so performance at very high sensitivity, I wonder if photos from the measurement of 100 x 150 FX need a fisheye eg. the 14-24mm f 2.8 I do not own and that will buy.

sent on May 03, 2012

Pros: Compact, Lightweight, Color Rendering

Cons: Price

Opinion: The build quality is good despite the compactness. The focus is fast and accurate even in low light. It has good resistance to flare against the light and sometimes they show up. I find it very sharp and contrasted. The excursion allows to realize also images of impact thanks to the minimum distance of maf. For landscapes, interiors and architecture is fantastic

sent on January 18, 2012

Pros: Sharp, contrasty, excellent color rendering, compact, flexible zoom range.

Cons: Flare in certain conditions and high price.

Opinion: I tried for 7 consecutive days, and in all possible situations this light mounted on a Nikon D90. For a mid-level amateur is a real pleasure. Compact but solid construction with a petal-type hood small and not at all cumbersome. I was impressed favorably for sharpness and contrast. I immediately found pleasing colors. In practice the images made from it do not need pp. The zoom range allows you a good variety of shots and it is almost always remained attached to the machine. The autofocus is very fast and very quietly. Personally I did not feel particularly limited from maximum aperture (f / 4) given the type of lens and its predominant use. In extreme backlight conditions occurs a little 'flare. Nothing to do with what happens with the optics kit but perhaps considering the cost you would expect even better. The price one is perhaps the only real weak point (in fact I rented), however, is a lens that is not repented.

sent on November 06, 2011

Pros: Compact, lightweight, good even in backlight.

Cons: Brightness is not high.

Opinion: Lens designed for DX format, although I also use on my D700 (FX) from 18 to 24 with good risultati.La limited brightness, however, is relative in that it is a super grandangolare.Insuperabile for landscape photography and architecture . In close-up photography seems to be the center of scena.La focus is also quiet and fast.


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