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Jupiter-3 50mm f/1.5 : Specifications and Opinions

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The Jupiter-3 50mm f/1.5 is a standard lens for FF and APS-C, discontinued. The focus is done by Manual Focus, it does not have image stabilization. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 150 €;
3 users have given it an average vote of 9.3 out of 10.

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 Focal lenght   50 mm
 Angle of view   46.8°
 Format   FF, APS-C
 Max. aperture   f/1.5
 Aperture blades  
 Lenses/Groups   7 elements in 3 groups
 Min. focus distance   1.00 meters
 Reproduction ratio  

 Stabilization   No
 Focus   Manual Focus
 Internal AF   No
 Full Time MF   Yes

 Built and notes
 Tripod ring   No
 Extenders   No
 Filters   40 mm
 Lens hood   Yes (not supplied)
 Weather sealing   No
 Weight   140 g
 Dimensions   x mm
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sent on September 06, 2019

Pros: Size, price, light points, blurred

Cons: sharpness, flare

Opinion: I have the M39 LTM version in polished aluminum, the object itself is beautiful, they are still in very good condition on ebay from Ukraine and Russia, prices are usually low but I spent a little more and it was worth it, the lenses are clear despite being over 50 years old. The yield is lower overall to a similar helios 44 13 blades always m39 that I own, soft to TA with a glow effect that disappears if you close just a moment, the detachment of the central subject and accentuated by the blurred and a loss of detail that extends towards the edges, edges that to have a uniformity with the center is necessary to close to f11, still remains an unclear lens while closing a lot, its greatest value is precisely open diaphragms to bring out the magic due to aberrations and absence of treatments contrast and flare, a glass that is at its best in environmental portraiture and as a particular interpretation of reality

sent on November 04, 2017

Pros: Colors, blurred, compact size

Cons: poor sharpness at the edges, minimum focus distance, materials.

Opinion: Born for Russian camera Fed, Zorky and Kiev, the Jupiter 3 exists in two types of graft: The M39 (the old Leica screw graft, also called LTM) and bayonet for the old Contax telemeters (of which the Kiev cameras were a copy). I have the M39 version, the dimensions are perfect for a small mirrorless; the construction quality, on the other hand, is affected by the somewhat fragile materials (aluminum). It is a very suitable lens for portraits and all those situations in which you have to highlight the subject by blurring the background. The bokeh is particular, a little swirling and with perfectly circular light points even closing the diaphragm. If you want to have everything sharp but it is not very suitable, and it is a shame because the lens saturates the colors and makes them very pleasant for landscape photos. Another flaw is that to use it in close ups you need to use extension tubes, since the minimum focus distance is one meter.

Photos taken with Jupiter-3 50mm f/1.5

Florence from Piazza Michelangelo
by Alessandro Agrati
7 comments, 850 views  
HI RES 14.2 MP

In the circle
by Alessandro Agrati
4 comments, 552 views  
HI RES 10.7 MP

The turning point
by Alessandro Agrati
2 comments, 693 views  
HI RES 13.9 MP

by Marino24
0 comments, 938 views
But when does it fly?
by Ulisse Di Bartolomei
2 comments, 363 views
Colored lights
by Alessandro Agrati
0 comments, 558 views  
HI RES 16.2 MP


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Flight missed
by Ulisse Di Bartolomei
0 comments, 353 views
Not all of them though ...
by Ulisse Di Bartolomei
0 comments, 306 views
Happy Holidays !
by Marino24
4 comments, 968 views
House flower
by S.Olivier
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