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Zenit Helios 44M-6 58mm f/2.0 : Specifications and Opinions

Lens photo unavailable

The Zenit Helios 44M-6 58mm f/2.0 is a standard lens for FF and APS-C, discontinued. The focus is done by Manual Focus, it does not have image stabilization. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 30 €;
20 users have given it an average vote of 9.4 out of 10.

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 Focal lenght   58 mm
 Angle of view   40.9°
 Format   FF, APS-C
 Max. aperture   f/2.0
 Aperture blades   6
 Lenses/Groups   6 elements in 4 groups
 Min. focus distance   0.50 meters
 Reproduction ratio  

 Stabilization   No
 Focus   Manual Focus
 Internal AF   No
 Full Time MF   No

 Built and notes
 Tripod ring   No
 Extenders   No
 Filters   52 mm
 Lens hood   Yes (not supplied)
 Weather sealing   No
 Weight   270 g
 Dimensions   x mm


Zenit Helios 44M-6 58mm f/2.0, buy on Ebay Ebay

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sent on August 05, 2021

Pros: Crazy

Cons: nobody

Opinion: Excellent lens that gives the best of itself in the minimum distances of focus with the aperture at full aperture, colors, sharpness and characteristic and enveloping bokeh, a ridiculous price for a lens of this mold and character. I strongly recommend the purchase even to those who do not know how to focus, will learn with pleasure as soon as they discover the capabilities of this wonderful lens

sent on February 10, 2021

Pros: Solid construction all glass and metal, blurry crazy Swirly effect, sharpness, brightness in general clean colors, row back.

Cons: Flare, difficult manual focus at full aperture (f/2.8 f/2),

Opinion: In 1993 and 1994 following a two-month trip to Russia for university study reasons, I purchased 2 zenith cameras two of these 58mm focal lens designed is a rare 35mm MIR (also Russian-made). I was only 20 years old and those two Devices gave me a lot of fun, and helped me escape in moments of discouragement. After the university they ended up together with all the books, in the cellar for over 30 years. Recently (also thanks to the lockdown) I rediscovered the passion for photos and attending Juza Photo I discovered that many recycled these old optics. I wanted to try it, too. Two Sundays ago I went down to the cellar and under a mountain of dust I found them. I bought a Globe-urth adapter for nikon z m42 on Amazon for just over 35€ And now I have tested them. In particular this 58mm of the Zenit Helyos looks really cool as they say. I think it's an Optics to have in your kit. Considering then that it doesn't really cost anything. Especially if you like the vintage effect. Hilarious. It gives fantastic shots ideal for creative effects and if you try to give a little vintage taste to your photos it is just what it takes. Pretty crisp at full opening, great at f/4. Blurry crazy, already at f/4. Excellent sharpness from f/4 acceptable to f/2 (good for portraits anyway). I put test photos in very particular light and reflection lighting floor reflective white gloss and sunlight coming from the balcony. I also put a caption in the photos to allow a quick evaluation.... I hope you will forgive if the MaF is not very precise but it is the first time that I have been smoking in manual (since 1996) Anyway How you can see the lens behaves very well

sent on December 30, 2020

Pros: All metal and glass; sharpness; single boned (bokeh) (swirlii); fluid rings; flares; manual focus.

Cons: manual focus; Flare.

Opinion: Very sharp lens with M42 attachment that with adapter goes on all bodies both analog and digital, obviously also mirrorles and micro 4/3 (in stop down). It works great in manual but only after you have it checked by a photoriparator, at which point you have a lens that is worth at least 7 times. The last of the series, from 44-4 onwards are a little more solving and have a bokeh different from the first, but I am a sick of vintages and especially of these Russians: I love them all ! The blurryness of every lens in the series is truly peculiar. You can find them gifted in the Easter egg, at 30 euros and butzed by a Canary Dogo, the important thing is that they have good rings and glass and that they are controlled by a technician who is able to put them back on their feet: if they are not destroyed. Of series 44 I can't say which one is better, I can only say that the former are a little less sharp at full opening, but it could be an advantage in portraits (or not) and as you go on the others are more solving. The former have a single layer treatment and from 4 onwards have the Multi Coated. This also affects the rendering of the photo (flare). So... it all depends on how you photograph and what you want to achieve. Don't underestimate it: the only limit is the photographer (but also a lens that doesn't work).

sent on December 30, 2020

Pros: Sharpness, construction, swirly effect

Cons: At this price? Ahahahahaha River

Opinion: Very fun optics and built like a tank. It suffers a little in contrast to light but who cares, it is a lens for "special effects" that makes a lot compared to what it costs. In series 44 I also had the 2 and the 7, this is a middle ground, but identical swirl effect. Highly recommended for those who want to start entering the wonderful world of vintage optics!

sent on November 15, 2019

Pros: Compactness, feeling of solidity, sharpness already at TA (to be such an old lens!), MAF precision (to be a full manual!)

Cons: Flare resistance equal to ZERO (but you can overcome it with a lampshade or even "use" the effects and veils that flares create), exposure that changes quite a lot as the diaphragm changes

Opinion: Having an old APS-C Canon (30D) at the moment, this lens, which already has a "strange" focal length (58mm), becomes equivalent to an unusual 92mm. Bought for game at ridiculous price to try a fixed a little bright (f/2.0), I must say that it was a nice surprise, despite all the obvious limitations of a lens of those years (attack m42 with adapter with chip, so marks 50mm f/1.4 always, without "real" EXIF data). It looks like a compact size lens, with a weight definitely not excessive, but that shows what dough is made (glass and metal and that's it). Having an unusual focal length, it takes a moment of setting to compose the images well, but once you take your hand, there is no problem. Having a machine without live view/focus peaking nor broken slide or the like, I was rather hesitant about manual focus at TA (also because taking a bright lens and using it to f/8 does not make much sense, in my opinion!), but for the small expense incurred, I decided to try. Well, I definitely wouldn't use it (at TA) to take pictures of kids playing or a basketball game, but I have to say that for portraits (for now only canines, but I suppose it's the same with the human ones), I had no difficulty in catching the correct fire, both with so much light and with passing clouds (here you can see test photos taken in the first test outing https://www.juzaphoto.com/me.php?pg=282001&l=it ). By the way, as written in the PRO, already at TA has an absolutely good sharpness (in portraits, in the panoramas loses enough), which obviously improves further closing to f/5.6-8. Obviously it doesn't get to the levels of modern lenses, but honestly on old sensors like my 30D I don't think you notice much the difference. Good bokeh, although I didn't get to try it at its best (in the couple of shots made to my dog, the background was quite close to the subject, so it's so blurry, but you appreciate little the effect you can definitely get). Coming against: even with a minimum of shaving light, it is practically unusable, a lampshade is absolutely necessary (unless you like the "veiling" effects). Other thing, I do not know if "guilty" only of my machine body or even of the lens, the display meter tends to overexpose, but not in a constant way, but more and more as you close the diaphragm (to say, if at f/2.0 just compensate 1/3-2/3 stop, at f/5.6 you have to go also to 1.5). As usual, you just need to know, but you definitely lose a little immediacy. I rated 9 obviously referring to what, because apart from the "detail" of the flare satisfied me in full!

Photos taken with Zenit Helios 44M-6 58mm f/2.0

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Secret Garden
by Wildvideo
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by Orietta Godani
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by Dargiu
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HI RES 24.0 MP

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Early attempts to street with sony a6000
by Giuseppe.Cristofalo
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Dawn sull'autosrtrada
by Roby54
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HI RES 12.1 MP


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by Fabrizio Sgrignuoli
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Together we stand.
by Michalr
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Helios 44M-6 test
by Alejandro Colombini
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HI RES 54.0 MP

by Antonio77
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HI RES 13.1 MP

by Artmax70
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by MattewX
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Paphiopedilum american hybrid
by Eugen Frunza
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HI RES 15.9 MP

Spontaneous orchids
by Dargiu
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Untitled Photo
by LucaD93
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HI RES 15.4 MP

by Camillo65
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HI RES 15.8 MP

The guardian ..
by Marco Cristiano
11 comments, 1183 views
The Cloud Tree
by Sangianfranco
2 comments, 414 views  
HI RES 17.9 MP

Untitled Photo
by Dargiu
1 comments, 549 views  
HI RES 24.0 MP

Day tripper's
by MattewX
16 comments, 617 views
Its a Spring time!
by Michalr
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by MattewX
29 comments, 700 views
Swirly Face
by Ombra Grigia
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by MattewX
24 comments, 637 views
The wind in color
by Sergioen
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HI RES 12.0 MP

by Efus
2 comments, 856 views  
HI RES 16.3 MP

Swirly Hazelnut
by Ombra Grigia
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HI RES 16.0 MP

Dans sa bulle (Rainat)
by Sonomoha
7 comments, 383 views  
HI RES 19.0 MP

by Roby54
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HI RES 13.6 MP

My favorite stalker
by Straitouttahell
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Julia and her Dreams
by Nevio Saule
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HI RES 17.1 MP


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by Herucy
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HI RES 12.4 MP

Untitled Photo
by Orietta Godani
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The flowers...
by Soviet77
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HI RES 14.9 MP

by Flaber70
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Peaches in lightpainting
by Camillo65
0 comments, 91 views  
HI RES 16.7 MP

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