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Fujifilm XP120 : Specifications and Opinions

Fujifilm XP120, front

Fujifilm XP120, back

Fujifilm XP120, top

The Fujifilm XP120 is a compact camera with 1/2.3" (5.6x) sensor and 16 megapixels manufactured from 2017 to 2018 (discontinued). The range of sensitivities, including ISO extension, is 100 - 3200 ISO and it has a continuous shooting (burst mode) of 10 FPS. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 159 €;
4 users have given it an average vote of 6.5 out of 10

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 Format   1/2.3" (5.6x)
 Resolution   16 megapixel
 ISO sensitivities   100 - 3200
 File formats   JPEG

 Shutter speeds   4" - 1/2000
 Exp. compensation   +/- 2 stops at 1/3 steps
 Exp. modes   Scena
 Metering modes   Multi-Area, Semi-Spot, Spot

 Stabilization   Yes
 Continuos shooting   10 FPS
 Live View   Yes
 Dust reduction   Not needed (it is a fixed-lens camera)
 Video mode   1920x1080p @ 60 FPS
 WiFi   Yes
 GPS   No
 USB   USB 2.0

 Built and notes
 Lens   5.0-25.0mm f/3.9-4.9  (28-140mm equiv.)
 Min. focus distance   0.09 meters
 Touchscreen   No
 LCD   3.0", 640 x 480 pixels, fixed
 Viewfinder   No viewfinder
 Flash   Yes, guide number 4 meters
 Storage   SD, SDHC, SDXC
 Storage, Slot 2   not available
 Battery   Li-Ion
 Weather sealing   Yes
 Waterproof   Yes, up to 20.0 meters
 Weight   203 g
 Dimensions   110 x 71 x 28 mm


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sent on April 29, 2018

Pros: Versatile, small, great menu, nice image quality

Cons: Fixed screen, a few extra megapixels.

Opinion: Great for travel, especially at the beach and for artistic photos on a rainy day. The image quality is good. In hand by way of strength. Purchased lime original color. Nice underwater. Panoramic photo opportunities and excellent performance in macrophotos. 16 megapixel camera while being sufficient could be greater.

sent on December 26, 2017

Pros: Good construction, versatility, valid the different shooting modes, pleasant to use, good waterproofing

Cons: quality of the modest image, noisiness

Opinion: Purchased at the end of July before the beach holidays in place of a compact "drowned" the previous year. Pleasant construction, all functions, various video modes, etc. effective and able to provide good exposures. Waterproofness confirmed, its use has been perpetually in snorkeling and apnee for more 'hours a day, I always washed and cleaned according to the directions of fuji honestly very restrictive. At sea the only flaw is that if you bring it in the water for more 'hours, when the camera is totally adapted to the water temperature and then you shoot on the surface you can create condensation inside the protective glass of the 'lens cause strong temperature difference (to note that the external passage --- immersion I did it on several occasions just to avoid the phenomenon but the opposite is obviously not possible). Comfortable controls even during the dive. In short, a rugged rugged, pleasant to use and without operational environmental limits especially if notit is used only by immersion. Pero '.... well the quality' photos with good intensity 'light and' jpeg discrete (you know it's a compact camera) but just go up a few hundred ISO that the situation changes. During the dive, the dedicated modes can only be used if the surface is full and the sun is full. If you go down a few meters or the sky is covered a bit ', you must obviously go up with the ISO. And when you go up with the ISO, but I also speak of a 400, you find yourself in his hands a sensor that pays not only the small size but in my opinion even the old 'project. Of course we must consider the price but the sensor is at the base of its possibility of an effective use in diving or even in snorkeling (considering also that the maximum opening is the one that is). The car costs a little but not much and a BSI CMOS or at least one of the CMOS of the last generation would have made the difference.rnComunque always remains pleasant and fun to use, rugged and underwater there goes without proimpermeability problems. Carefully take pictures in decent diving where I suggest to raise the ISO, do not use the underwater mode and then even if 'a jpeg to correct the white balance sharpness etc in post.rnIf you use it on the beach, at the shore, in the middle of splashes and splashes you will always find it adequate.rnWe say that the sensor of this fuji, fuji has only the name.

sent on June 07, 2017

Pros: Compactness, lightness, portability, possibility to mistreat her without too much fear.

Cons: Image quality is not obviously excellent but at the moment, given the price range and expectations, I do not find big in the.

Opinion: Accustomed to the quality of my Canon 80d and G1X mkII but with always the fear of taking them to the sea to make two decent photos to the kids, I thought to buy this new fuji to use it in those situations where A) you do not want bulk stuff B) You do not want to replace the good cameras C) you are happy with the photo memory..rnEcco, for the hypotheses described above it's okay, of course it's not the best; In light conditions it obviously tends to grip a little.rnIn outdoor with strong light, beach or snow, things are much better obviously.rnThe advantage is precisely the fact that while you take it to the water (a nice dive from the boa or the kids In the pool ...), if it is resting on the deck chair and falls into the sand it is no problem, skiing in your pocket in the suit if it falls and there are no helmets on it if your son takes it and drops it does not break ... Do not It's a little.rnIf you want to make a photo of me on holiday at the sea ok, for the best pictures better than anything else ... For now I've made a few shots but at first glance I would say so.

Photos taken with Fujifilm XP120

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HI RES 15.9 MP

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In Turin This is a "bike"
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HI RES 12.6 MP

by LucadAE
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Inland sea, Gozo, Malta
by Ale Manca
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HI RES 14.6 MP

Ibiza windows
by LucadAE
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HI RES 15.9 MP

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