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Fujifilm XF 27mm f/2.8 : Specifications and Opinions


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sent on February 27, 2020

Pros: Sharpness, lightness, price of used

Cons: F2.8

Opinion: It's the ideal companion of my XT20 when I leave the house without planning a photo shoot: I can put everything in my pocket, or purse, and I have everything I need for quality shots. The focus is a little out of the norm, but you get used to it. Great for the street and occasionally also for the landscape. I recommend it to all those who miss opportunities to take a shot because they did not want to carry bulky equipment. Unfortunately it is only F2.8, but it still remains sharp even at the maximum opening.

sent on January 06, 2020

Pros: Small footprint and weight, sharpness

Cons: Missing diaphragm diaphragm diaphragms

Opinion: Goal pancakes taken expressly to have a very light machine/lens body paired and little clutter. Fantastic sharpness from f4 onwards, more than good to TA. I wrote in the cons that the diaphragm diaphragm diaphragm diaphragm is missing, let's say that if they had put it would have been a perfect goal, even if it would have bought in size. I used it both to make street and even some views, until now it has never disappointed me. Buy it used if you can, for 150 euros you will not regret it, and you will use it more than you think. Precise and quiet autofocus.

sent on October 14, 2019

Pros: Price, lightness, comfort, sharpness.

Cons: Nothing

Opinion: Bought at 150 euros new. Convenient to go around the city and have fun doing street, but it's also great for views and portraits. Sometimes I came out only with this lens inserted in the X-T20, they look good in a wide pocket. What more do you want from a goal? This has everything you need, even a great sharpness. The lens attached to the camera gives an even more retro look, it looks like a compact. Definitely to recommend.

sent on October 03, 2019

Pros: Size, sharpness, focal versatility

Cons: If it had been f2 it would have been PERFECT

Opinion: A new optics bought for less than 200 euros, surprised me by the versatility of the fixed focal. You can do everything: street photography, landscape, portraiture. Lately, during the photographic outings in the city, I always carry it in escort and, once on site, ends up being the only one I use. I think it's a very interesting purchase for any fuji user: little expense, a lot of yield.

sent on September 07, 2019

Pros: Sharpness, non-existent distortion, small and light.

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: Great goal; I have already expressed my views on this in the headlines. For me the lack of distortion that causes the falling lines and the maximum sharpness are already all for an optics. We add the minimum weight and the minimum footprint and therefore the lens is to be considered very valid if not perfect. As for the lack of the diaphragm diaphragm diaphragm diaphragm, I did not find it great difficulty to vary the opening with the rear wheel of the camera, indeed I find it comfortable. You have to adapt, you can't get everything. The rest must be done by the photographer.

sent on May 07, 2019

Pros: Size, lightness, sharpness, angle of field

Cons: Lack of aperture ring, maximum opening

Opinion: A real blade, very sharp (at least on 16mpx). So light and compact that it seems absent. The angle of field is very "natural", especially in those cases where you want to photograph something "as it appears and strikes us" as a whole (especially landscapes in my case), without the "pacchiane" forcing of wide angles or the excessive "focus" of normal 50mm equivalent classics. It is a lens for those who have aesthetic discipline and know how to compose well, otherwise all the photos will seem "blah" (but that is a problem of the photographer, not of this objective), not for compulsive snaps. Too bad for the lack of the aperture ring, which sometimes makes it annoying to change the aperture through the wheel of the camera body. Too bad for that f/2.8. Already an F/2 would have made it an almost universal goal, but it would have gone too far to overlap with the x100 and Fuji series did not want to step on the feet.

sent on March 16, 2019

Pros: Very compact, very good price, very good definition and sharpness.

Cons: Lack of aperture ring, highly scomodissimo optical cap,

Opinion: Optics used both with the XT1, Xpro2 and XH1 and has behaved very well both for the compactness, does not seem to have a lens mounted as it is small, that for the very good quality especially closing already to F. 4.0. Equivalent to about a 40mm has an ideal angle for photos made between a normal 50mm and a medium wide angle 35mm. Bought a few weeks ago and gave me good satisfaction both in portraits and landscapes. The street is a perfect perspective. Too bad it was not made with the aperture ring would have been excellent managability. As for the purchase price I found it new in the store in super offer at €145 a super bargain given the price list.

sent on February 22, 2019

Pros: Size, weight, sharpness

Cons: Minimum focus distance

Opinion: I place my opinion only after selling it in favor of the 23 F2. We read about this lens in all colors, but I can only talk about it well. In my opinion the sharpness is more than excellent and, compared to what some say, I also consider it fast in focus. Mounted on the X-T20 it made it look really compact. Point against the focus distance and consequently also the blurred, but it is not a glass designed for this. I was looking for something more versatile so I reluctantly gave it up. I hope that with the new lens I remain the desire to photograph that I had with this. Edit 27/08/2019: disappointed by the 23 f2 (which I gave up), I found an unmissable offer and bought back on the 27th. I love it

sent on January 05, 2019

Pros: Image quality, size, price, AF

Cons: Nobody

Opinion: Optics delicious, with a lot of personality, TA works very well, F4 is a blade, really small and well built, clutter of zero, without diaphragms on the body, I find it more immediate to select them on the front wheel. I find AF a bit noisy but very fast, due to the smoothness of the optics, very close focus, since you can make portraits very tight. It has to be in a Fuji kit, because it is not a normal 50, that you often stay long, or a 35 where you can find yourself wide, maybe the 40 is a real street optics.

sent on December 10, 2018

Pros: compactness, Absent distortion

Cons: Imprecise and Slow MAF

Opinion: I bought this lens (used) basically for the street, genre I prefer. The compactness made me throat, and actually mounted on a xt20 "transforms" the machine into something really small. Unfortunately, beyond the compactness I find no other positive elements; The MAF is slow, inaccurate, even using various focusing configurations, unfortunately many of those shots that you make for the street are practically trashing. Then I sincerely do not like the files that produces the 27... Even opening all the shadows in PP you see no result, the colors seem to me mixed... In short, let's say I'm in the process of selling it to take a 23 of which I heard about a great good. A proposed, there is another positive side namely distortion virtually nothing.

sent on October 20, 2018

Pros: Lightness, portability, solidity, simplicity. Focal as the human eye.

Cons: Lack focal length ring brightness limited.

Opinion: Very fun lens that in good light churn out great photos. Very light and very small, perfect x a walk down the street. The focal length is equivalent to 40 ff, which is the human view. For me the ideal in some contexts. It is at very low prices. Obviously it does not replace the 23 F1. 4 but anyway to have and great choice if you can't spend it.

sent on August 19, 2018

Pros: Build quality, compactness, brightness.

Cons: Distortion, price, minimum focus distance.

Opinion: Among the landlines of Casa Fuji I think is the least performing goal. Its strength is its compactness, combined with a Fuji XE3 does not protrudes so much making the setup light, not cumbersome, to carry always with it. Qualitatively it possesses a solid construction, there is no aperture ring and the one for the focus is very thin, but with the Fuji XE3 rarely is used the manual focus given the very high efficiency of the automatic (manages to focus Even the stars). Good sharpness especially if you close the diaphragm a bit, deforms at the edges and it is not very easy to correct in post production especially if you choose daring shooting points. The minimum focusing distance of approx. 40 cm does not allow a lot to approach the subjects (photo still life of small objects). A little pricey for what it offers. A lens that should not be underestimated and that can give unexpected satisfactions.

sent on July 06, 2018

Pros: Optical quality, compactness, impression of solidity

Cons: Really unmanageable cap

Opinion: Honest optics on my xt10, although I have it for very little I think it is very good value for money. The pre-composition is intuitive, with a field angle very similar to the human vision, you will have no forced and unnatural perspectives bringing the eye to the viewfinder.. I do not know how much I will resist without losing the stopper, is really wanting to use the tweezers to remove it and put it:) objective, in any case, beautiful the feeling of being able to put in your pocket a qualitative system of respect..

sent on May 30, 2018

Pros: compactness, quality of files, price.

Cons: For now nothing

Opinion: I use it by very little but I have to say that I found a high quality especially compared to the 18 that I bought and resold after a month. Excellent quality also at TA., but excels from 5.6. I do mostly Street, I come from x100s and I think with the xt20 I have got a nice couple.. I was hesitant on the focal by 41mm but frankly it doesn't differ much in 35 of the 100. I think it is a lens for those who want especially compactness, portability with a good quality. Do not compare it please at 35 1.4..... Other focal, other quality, other weight, other encumbrance. I confirm the ridiculous cap. The solution adopted for the 100 series is the best in my opinion.

sent on May 18, 2018

Pros: very small size, image quality, practicality of use

Cons: noisy, build quality not on top, bad cap

Opinion: Bought from a few days but already quite satisfied with the quality of the images it returns. Sharpness, depth and detail that you do not expect at first impact from a lens that honestly looks a bit like a toy. The blurry is good but not excellent. Unfortunately I found an AF movement a little too noisy that you hardly get used to (I don't know if others have verified the same thing). The lack of the diaphragms' ring, on the other hand, replaced by the management by the rear washer to me sincerely does not mind at all, indeed I find it even faster and more practical. I don't think I'll ever make a habit of using the cap really of bad quality and so easy to release that every time I have to make sure two, three, four times that it's anchored well to the pre-arranged seat. A real stress. And then, sorry if I dwell too much on such a detail but it really looks like the plastic cap of a sink! The quality of Fuji optics surprises me more and more, but the accessories... let's spread a veil for now... We hope Fuji will give us a little thought to review the lampshade, the caps and other small or large plastic components. For the rest, very recommended lens especially for practicality and its portability. At the 27, my X-T20 is practically the size of a compact. And it doesn't seem like much to me.

sent on April 06, 2018

Pros: Compactness, Price

Cons: No aperture ring, Improved autofocus

Opinion: Optical output without infamy or praise, it is only f / 2.8. Diaphragm ring is missing. Build quality in average.rnOttimo the price, especially if used.rnDa evaluate if you look for compactness and you want to have a body + lens that makes portability its strong point.rnFor all other needs, among the fixed house Fuji is better.

sent on November 08, 2017

Pros: Compact, lightweight, economical

Cons: File quality. Lack of diaphragm ring.

Opinion: Taken used and resold immediately. For charity, does his honest work in his compactness and lightness. But nothing more. For the quality of the files, I must say that I am used to the beauty of the 35mm 1.4 (another planet) shots. So my comparison meter was pretty high compared to the real 27mm. nm rating and I only have fixed lenses, but the lack of aperture on the lens was the other reason why I gave up, without regrets, the 27mm. for those who want to travel lightly and make good shots. But I'm too much in love with the 35mm 1.4 .... too!

sent on September 18, 2017

Pros: Compactness, materials and construction.

Cons: MAF is not always accurate.

Opinion: Bought as a Fuji X-T20 kit, it has a solid and compact object. A pancake to make good street pictures and not be "targeted". rnEasy opening is acceptable for a view of this size. Once assembled it is difficult to change it; will be for its lightness or for its 27mm (41x35mm) that allow you to capture frames with a "human" field angle. Good peripheral definition also at T / A.rnMi has been shot unplugged, perhaps for scene conditions at that instant; however, being a standard optic does not always let you put the pictures in the trash. I would recommend it to the Fujian audience and ... look not to overwhelm it into your purse ... you would find it hard to find it again;

sent on September 21, 2016

Pros: Compactness, adequate brightness

Cons: Arrived yesterday, I tried quickly, but I would say no ....

Opinion: It was a bit 'that followed him, attracted me the fact of having a compact coupled with XT-10. So at first glance it seems a very good lens, AF is fast enough for my shots, fun to play with the wheel to adjust the iris (the barrel would certainly have undermined its peculiarities, ie the compactness). Taken on Amazon to 283, good I would say, in relation to waste. I would be highly recommended for those who want good quality photos as an alternative to the "usual" compact. I did not put among the "against" the lack of the stabilizer because this focal do not find it essential to the nature of my shots

sent on March 02, 2016

Pros: Dimensions-Aesthetics-quality

Cons: Unstabilized-AF absolutely unreliable, especially at the side points.

Opinion: Taken used for the X-E1. First impression: I won't break it down anymore! It should be sold in kits only for the size and aesthetics it gives to the machine. It will not be the excellence of Fuji lenses but among the best for generic use. The yield is comparable to that of the 18-55 XF, brighter at the same focal, the autofocus a bit noisier and maybe some fraction of a second slower from maximum to minimum excursion. Practically the same, but less precise. The aperture ring is not there, but, being however an electric command and not mechanical, for me that is on a ring or on a wheel is the same, even better if you earn the size. By trying it out I took pictures moves, my fault, but I put among the cons the lack of stabilization. Front cap with weak joint, uncomfortable.

sent on May 20, 2015

Pros: Compactness, lightness, definition, sharpness, etc. etc.

Cons: overcharge the new (buy 2 pancakes canon at this price)

Opinion: B, but ragazzi..potersi pocketable its mirrorless output for Sunday family, a party of children or any occasion where an SLR or a mirrorless lens protruding .. it would be cumbersome for me is priceless. The 27mm turns any mirrorless fuji in a compact! Seen in this light (pardon the pun) for me is a purchase that does not repent! But if we consider the list price of the new .. I were you I would look used! ;)

sent on January 05, 2015

Pros: Compact, lightweight, good image quality

Cons: feeling to have in my hands a toy, but just feeling ...

Opinion: This is my first lens for fujifilm system, purchased together with the X-M1 is giving me excellent photo opportunities, are satisfied with the image quality that gives, then coupled to the X-M1 everything becomes very compact, so for outputs family I have always with me a system of excellent quality. I took also backlit para no light, without getting flare, exceptional !!! For the rest I confirm everything that has already been written before of my review. Suitable for those who want quality and firmness at the same time.

sent on December 26, 2014

Pros: Small small but big as lens quality, lightweight and well-built.

Cons: The list price seems excessive to me.

Opinion: I 23 1.4 then also buy the 27 seemed like a c ... I wanted to take just to appease the desire to x100, then I found € 250 used as new and there are fallen. I am very satisfied, my XE1 is always with me, takes up little space and everything is in your pocket (the jacket winter) and does not affect at all the 23 who also have use when I want / need to brightness.

sent on November 25, 2014

Pros: Resolution, light weight and relative portability ..

Cons: For now only the lack of a small 18mm lens hood like that does so much "Leica"

Opinion: ..it Was time that covavo uncomfortable with my Nikon and objectives for their size and weight. The other morning, intrigued by the positive reviews of Fuiji I went to a well-known store in Florence. The shopkeeper very helpful, made me feel a XT1 with the objective in question ..... and ... I was struck in the positive light in the first place, then for the quality of this small 27 mm. I must say I do not regret at all my expensive, heavy Nikon optics. The detail I was stunned, without loss at the edges. It seemed to be back to the early 80s at my glorious Olympus optics and bodies of the series M, still made with the metal and in spite of all read. Well they are about to buy 14, 18-55, and 6th micro along with a body XE2 alongside the XT1, and I will contribute to questre reviews as soon as I have tried .....

sent on March 29, 2014

Pros: Size-Weight-quality image-bokeh-speed AFrnrn

Cons: price currently a bit excessive in relation to the magnificent 35, which is more compact and a valid substitute, if he had half a stop more light would be perfect as her brother 18

Opinion: Purchased for a week, I've got to put it to the test conditions as the key backlight in low light and in the studio ... the lens is exceptional, purchased about 200 € for a highly successful bid at a store in New York, I could not hope for better ... the lens ideal for most everyday situations, focal perfect for street ... the minimum ingobro allows you to put my XE1 comfortably in the tray of the machine (far large) or even in the pouch ... makes the machine discreet and lightweight ... cosigliatissima to people like me who find the 35 a bit narrow in common ... rnbokeh more than pleasant, I would say very good in view of the relatively small opening compared his brother 35 ... a lens to have in the kit ... rnih against the lack of lens hood is not felt, and the result is excellent, with the sun in the middle of the shot flare generated is nice and manageable without ruining the picture or invade the scene ... rnal moment I can not find him obvious flaws if you do not overcharge the common market (my offer was the most unique rara)


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