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Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS : Specifications and Opinions

Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS

The Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS is a tele lens for APS-C, manufactured from 2007 to 2011 (discontinued). The focus is done by Lens AF motor (non-ultrasonic), it has image stabilization. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 190 €;
23 users have given it an average vote of 7.7 out of 10.

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This lens is available with the following mounts:

Canon EF: this lens is compatible with reflex APS-C Canon EF.

SpecificationsReviewsCompareBuySample Photos

 Focal lenght   55-250 mm
 Angle of view   27.2 - 6.1°  (equivalent to a 89-405mm in Fullframe 24x36mm format)
 Format   APS-C
 Max. aperture   f/4-5.6
 Aperture blades   7
 Lenses/Groups   12 elements in 10 groups
 Min. focus distance   1.10 meters
 Reproduction ratio   0.31x

 Zoom type   Ring, external
 Stabilization   Yes (built in lens)
 Focus   Lens AF motor (non-ultrasonic)
 Internal AF   No
 Full Time MF   No

 Built and notes
 Tripod ring   No
 Extenders   No
 Filters   58 mm
 Lens hood   Yes (not supplied)
 Weather sealing   No
 Weight   390 g
 Dimensions   70 x 108 mm
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sent on December 02, 2020

Pros: Stabilization

Cons: You have to settle

Opinion: I bought this used lens for about 100 euros and I have to say that it did not excite me very much that I wanted to resell it, then, I had an idea to take a certain type of photographs and this optics turned out to be so fundamental that I decided to keep it. You can see the work I've done with this lens in my galleries. Of course it is a very cheap lens so maybe you can not expect much but if you put it in a position to work without asking for the impossible it can be a good optics despite everything.

sent on November 09, 2014

Pros: Price, weight and compactness, IS.

Cons: Contrast and sharpness at 250mm, manual focus ring impractical.

Opinion: Using this perspective with the 550D since its purchase to complete the kit lens 18-55 IS.rnRitengo has an excellent price / performance ratio. Is used at very competitive prices irrisori.rnL'AF is not fast especially in low light but gets the job done; surprising stabilizer is useful in photography freehand for video.rnConsigliabile who began photographing for his handling sporadically or those who need a telephoto. RNLA consider, however, that a more "honest" in the range 55-200 mm.rnDiaframmi Recommended: f / 8-f / 11.

sent on September 14, 2013

Pros: Price, stabilizer, light and compact.

Cons: Hood uncomfortable, not USM.

Opinion: I have always had a great time there! I would say that at the beginning is a really good lens tele-have! Pleasantly surprised by the stabilization. Absolutely uncomfortable the hood! But essential in my opinion. Too bad it does not have the ultrasonic motor which makes it of little use in sports pictures .. But all in all I would say that it is really a very good optics!

sent on July 19, 2013

Pros: price, stabilizer and lightness

Cons: building a little plasticky, low brightness to 250

Opinion: Given the money it offers is certainly an excellent lens for those who have a limited budget or has just entered the world of SLR ... I use it as fully in the 18-55 and I have always enjoyed the ... image stabilizer makes a great canvas for sporting events ... a little noisy and low brightness to 250 mm but most of the pros are advised against ...

sent on October 12, 2012

Pros: Cost, size, weight, stabilizer, the overall quality of the images

Cons: Sharpness and contrast to 250mm

Opinion: Excellent value for money, has a good stabilizer and a focal length over 200mm long sfruttabile.rnPurtroppo loses much sharpness and contrast, the situation improves turning a couple of stops but already part of 5.6 so for sport is not exactly the best . rna part this is a good lens for that price, the quality from 55 to 150mm is more than enough and weight and compact dimensions make it an alternative higher quality than tuttofare.rnL lens' AF is mediocre, not very noisy but on average slower, obviously not USM so you can not expect troppo.rnLo stabilizer works very well: it is not invasive activation and does his duty even if it consumes a lot of batteria.rnIn general can be a good buy in kits or if you need a canvas to use once in a while, otherwise it has more sense to try a 70-200 or a fixed tele maybe in used (with costs at least tripled). rnVenduto for a tamron 70-300 VC, but it's another thing canon is egrav &and, defended well when compared to prezzo.rn

Photos taken with Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS

The Refineria Nico Lopez
by Zuniga Lorenzo Norberto
65 comments, 10846 views  [editors pick]
The eye of the world's most beautiful and warm
by Minutiello Gianluca
60 comments, 3705 views  
HI RES 10.3 MP

Dawn of the upper town
by Massimonava
49 comments, 2865 views  
HI RES 17.9 MP

Silhouette of Mantua
by Francesco.Santullo
204 comments, 6386 views  

I assure you that is not before and after Photoshop
by Eraldo Brunettin
124 comments, 4526 views  
HI RES 14.4 MP

Gran Sasso steaming
by Marco Cola
58 comments, 6082 views  
HI RES 12.2 MP

Liberty Island
by Nahual
89 comments, 5335 views  
HI RES 14.5 MP

Seagull flying
by Roberto Tamanza
120 comments, 2164 views


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Giorgio Faletti
by Marco Brondi
60 comments, 3510 views
Do not touch my son!
by Claudiophotoroma
19 comments, 3291 views
Wild Goose
by Nedellis
66 comments, 3039 views
by Minutiello Gianluca
37 comments, 1767 views  
HI RES 13.9 MP

Red sunset over the Trasimeno
by Lorisb
60 comments, 2076 views  
HI RES 10.1 MP

by Sergio Bartolomeo
168 comments, 3032 views  
HI RES 16.4 MP

Istanbul, Galata Bridge.
by Takayama
36 comments, 4352 views
Untitled Photo
by Massimonava
24 comments, 1043 views  
HI RES 17.9 MP

Reflections III
by Roberto Tamanza
82 comments, 1271 views
Close Encounters
by Pm544
67 comments, 3798 views
Everything flows
by Andrea Pasini
22 comments, 3395 views
The boat
by Cesco.pb
65 comments, 4877 views
Lanterns on the water
by Francesca Doria
83 comments, 5060 views  
HI RES 12.2 MP

by Andre72
27 comments, 2050 views
Geometries of the fire extinguishing
by Damicfra
23 comments, 2290 views
Home unattainable ..
by Franz82
27 comments, 1481 views
Winter morning
by Simon2
22 comments, 2450 views
Mont Blanc, south side
by Simokashi
134 comments, 1540 views  
HI RES 10.1 MP

Liberty Island II
by Nahual
41 comments, 2510 views
Portrait :)
by Pm544
61 comments, 4298 views  

You are Emotion
by Pm544
57 comments, 4755 views
THE amateur
by Massimo Rocchetti
27 comments, 2041 views
Happy New Year!
by Ale27
26 comments, 290 views  

by Eus
71 comments, 697 views  

Playing in the waves 2
by Ale27
64 comments, 2405 views  


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by Dino Torri
58 comments, 3339 views
C: \ \ Users \ \ User \ \ AppData \ \ Local \ \ Temp \ \ SaveForWeb \ \ BrowserPr
by Pm544
89 comments, 3305 views
Borneo, Malaysia.
by Takayama
28 comments, 1349 views
Buzzard on the Rome Fiumicino
by Nedellis
45 comments, 2873 views

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