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Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM : Specifications and Opinions

Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USMCanon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

The Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM is a standard lens for APS-C, manufactured from 2009. The focus is done by Ultrasonic AF Motor (Ring-USM), it has image stabilization. The average price, when it has been added to the JuzaPhoto database, is 719 €;
143 users have given it an average vote of 9.1 out of 10.

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This lens is available with the following mounts:

Canon EF: this lens is compatible with reflex APS-C Canon EF.

SpecificationsReviewsCompareBuySample Photos

 Focal lenght   15-85 mm
 Angle of view   83.1 - 17.8°  (equivalent to a 24-138mm in Fullframe 24x36mm format)
 Format   APS-C
 Max. aperture   f/3.5-5.6
 Aperture blades   7
 Lenses/Groups   17 elements in 12 groups
 Min. focus distance   0.35 meters
 Reproduction ratio   0.21x

 Zoom type   Ring, external
 Stabilization   Yes (built in lens)
 Focus   Ultrasonic AF Motor (Ring-USM)
 Internal AF   Yes
 Full Time MF   Yes

 Built and notes
 Tripod ring   No
 Extenders   No
 Filters   72 mm
 Lens hood   Yes (not supplied)
 Weather sealing   No
 Weight   575 g
 Dimensions   82 x 88 mm
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sent on October 08, 2017

Pros: Great lens, very versatile,excellent IS, sharp in all aperture and lighter.

Cons: Rarely some inconsistencies.

Opinion: I'm been using this lens with my Canon 7d as a kit lens, compairing to 24-105 f4 L, 28-135 as my other lenses its very versatile and much sharper. Built quality of this lens is excellent. 15mm wide up to 85mm can shot any types of subjects from portraiture to landscape. This lens is capable of shooting a macro shot with superb sharpness,contrast and color rendition.

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sent on July 17, 2019

Pros: Versatile, build quality, sharpness.

Cons: Weight, barrel drift.

Opinion: Purchased used for .400 in an online store including lampshade and warranty about 6 months ago. For aps c I think it's a must. Quality jump compared to the sad 18-55 kit. The 15 mm is very useful. At 85 is an average canvas. My specimen is giving me satisfaction; it certainly doesn't have an exaggerated opening, but I think it's a well thought out and built zoom.

sent on January 27, 2019

Pros: Sharpness, focal range, 4-stop stabilization

Cons: I would have preferred was F4 constant

Opinion: When I took this lens, I came up with APS-C from Standard 18-55. Another planet, especially for those three mm from the wide side that I absolutely sought. This allowed me in time to use it as a handyman in many situations, especially the holidays. On the tele side instead allows shots that otherwise would have forced the change of optics, in many cases impossible. I do not regret the 2.8 because in that case the optics would become huge or with less focal excursion. In fact I tried a 17-55 2.8, but used to this it was tight on both sides. I finally switched to FF and I'm sorry to sell it. Compared to 24-105, the only difference is the constant diaphragm. Not known substantive qualitative differences. As someone pointed out this lens could be an L EFS but Canon has decided not to brand it like that (better for the price).

sent on October 15, 2018

Pros: sharpness, Focal range, Stabilization

Cons: Barrel drift, APSC Only

Opinion: After years at my service now that I sold it I can say that it is a nice lens for apsc, my switch to FF decided our separation otherwise I would have kept a few more years. The only faults I have found is the drift of the barrel and perhaps the weight, for the fact that it is not very bright I do not consider it a defect for the price range where it is placed, I hope not to regret it in the Future.

sent on May 06, 2018

Pros: Lightweight, focal range, stabilized, lightning-fast AF, colors and sharpness, lightweight

Cons: Zoom Drift

Opinion: I have this lens for several years and I know it well enough, it comes in many situations, great to take on the road. The Af is really fast the chromatic rendering very high and the stabilizer does very well his work in short a quality lens; Sure it's not f 2.8 but if it had been it would be much heavier. Of cons can suffer from the drift of the zoom that in certain circumstances can be annoying, chromatic aberrations contained that are easily eliminated in post production and does not suffer particularly the flare. For APSC recommended.

Photos taken with Canon EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM

Ears of Fire
by Mbr
99 comments, 24965 views  [editors pick]
A look at the Val d'Orcia
by Carla Tirasso
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HI RES 10.6 MP

HK so is Life 1
by Bennyumbo
184 comments, 6559 views  [editors pick]
Stardust 2
by Rosamaria Bidoli
109 comments, 8606 views  [editors pick]  
HI RES 14.8 MP

Beautiful flattering and ancient
by Carla Tirasso
130 comments, 3462 views
Desire for the sea 3
by Carla Tirasso
113 comments, 3051 views  
HI RES 19.6 MP

Bernina Express
by Marco Moretti
62 comments, 5904 views


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Three Indian women and an elephant
by Marco Misuri
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A love long 50 years
by Lastpeanut
102 comments, 7946 views  

Portrait 4
by Sohrab-gh
40 comments, 15284 views  [editors pick]
Fusine lakes
by Marisa Giordano
72 comments, 2692 views
Light in to the fog
by Rosamaria Bidoli
98 comments, 6060 views  
HI RES 24.0 MP

Desire for the sea 4
by Carla Tirasso
81 comments, 1532 views  
HI RES 13.6 MP

by Sguazzo
45 comments, 3974 views  
HI RES 16.5 MP

Desire for the sea 1
by Carla Tirasso
72 comments, 1861 views  
HI RES 19.0 MP

Once upon a time in New York
by Vincenzo De Paola
112 comments, 2764 views  
HI RES 18.5 MP

Comacchio by Night
by MariangelaT
125 comments, 1582 views
Before flowering
by Marco Misuri
21 comments, 4099 views
Val Clarée
by Murri
45 comments, 9498 views
Oven Stassano
by Mbr
30 comments, 10261 views
The ghost town
by Vincenzo De Paola
69 comments, 2431 views  
HI RES 20.7 MP

The Sea meets the sky
by Vincenzo De Paola
101 comments, 1950 views  
HI RES 17.6 MP

Waiting for the big apple Khumb of 2013 ...
by Photoexplorer
17 comments, 6962 views
A door on the grand Canal
by Vincenzo De Paola
84 comments, 1717 views  
HI RES 17.1 MP

Colored rain in Rome
by Franco.f
45 comments, 2631 views
In light fog
by Marco Misuri
35 comments, 3399 views
You hurry or not?
by Lastpeanut
71 comments, 3696 views
Ghost coffee
by Blixa
84 comments, 2697 views
Bruschetta time
by Bambi's Revenge
101 comments, 3220 views  
HI RES 12.3 MP

Desire for the sea 2
by Carla Tirasso
36 comments, 931 views  

Montalbano di Zocca (MO)
by MariangelaT
108 comments, 1133 views


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by Mapik
36 comments, 5305 views
Inglese Countryside
by Dominiqs
7 comments, 6710 views
by Bambi's Revenge
90 comments, 2138 views
Sunset in paddy
by Beppeverge
22 comments, 8226 views
In the Wave
by Vincenzo De Paola
92 comments, 1156 views  
HI RES 20.0 MP

Wall painting
by Carla Tirasso
70 comments, 1001 views  
HI RES 18.9 MP

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